Lestat, Blogging, and My Failure To Communicate With Technology V””V

So I sign in today and see that noone has read what I wrote yesterday …. which is fine ….. until I realize that I didn’t actually PUBLISH what I had written *Sigh*!!! Yet another example of how me and technology fail to communicate on a regular basis. 

Another example of such failure occurred when I asked a friend to create a vampire collage with a collection of pictures I sent her to decorate the lovely blog I was creating only to discover that the “template” I had selected doesn’t allow for a banner to be posted.  Luckily she is going to do the “research” part for me and work out what I should change this too and until then it will just be me, my musings, and whatever pictures I choose to post within the various blog posts (Thank you Jaime *Mwah*).

Now to my main focus of today. Lestat.  The Original Brat Prince, and my first true vampire love.  With Anne Rice’s announcement this week that “Tale Of The Body Thief” has had the movie rights picked up my thoughts of who should play Lestat on the big screen have once again been harnessed and yet again I have failed to come up with an answer.  Previous renditions by Tom Cruise and Stuart Townsend have failed to fully embrace all the aspects that I imagine when it comes to my beautiful, blonde haired vamp.

A scouring on the internet found an article where Anne herself suggested Robert Downey Jnr for the role but this is not working for me.  A suggestion on a fan page where I posed the same question resulted in the question of possibly casting an unknown?  This so far seems to be perhaps the best option in my thoughts as no actor for me seems to complete the full package.  I wonder if sometimes as much as we all scream for screen adaptations of our beloved characters it would be more gratifying in the long run if they remained trapped in their pages and our imaginations.


Image found on Vampires.com – Monsters vs Aristocrats


4 responses to “Lestat, Blogging, and My Failure To Communicate With Technology V””V

  1. No worries 🙂 Will let you know as soon as I find something to your liking! I have been in bed sick all day, but will look this weekend for sure!

    • I can see why that would be a problem …… Obviously you don’t REALLY want to pay it so why do they ask??? When you put in pay it shoulkd just accept it … give me chance to change my mind … and I will 😀 V””V

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