Welcome To My World

So it’s 3 am and as usual I am awake and so I made the decision that I would create (mainly for my amusement) a blog where I can share my thoughts and strange musings about my vampyric obsessed life with anyone who cares to read it (Probably me and a couple of friends, my Lovely Lauren for example I know will join me here!).  Whatever happens I will know that my thoughts are out there even if it is for very limited enjoyment…. I will enjoy it and that works for me!

Who know’s how often I will feel the need to come in and share things.  Maybe a couple of times a week. maybe everyday if I am feeling good, maybe never again.  Writing is freedom.  I don’t pretend anyone will understand this or even care but for anyone choosing to join me – I thank you and welcome any comments.

For those that don’t know me, as the illustrious Vampire Lestat would say, let me introduce myself.  I am a self confessed, totally obsessed Vampire Loving Dork.  I am a geek and I am strange.  I live in a world that my friends would argue perches precariously on the edge of not being connected to realty.  On some days I would say that it even crosses into delusional.  But I care not.  I am happy here.  It’s dark and chaotic and feels like home.

My tastes and thoughts run deeply into the macabre.  A lot of things I say should probably remain inside my head but this rarely happens.  I am very blessed to have found a man that not only accepts this insane side of me but actually loves me because of, rather than inspite of it.  He recently told me that he knew I was weird when he married me and he never expected me to change. Between him and a couple of amazing friends I am lucky to live supported in my musings with discussions that would probably make most people very uncomfortable if not a little afraid but that’s OK.  I don’t bite … unless you ask me too ………………………………….



12 responses to “Welcome To My World

  1. Your so lucky to have found someone who understands you and accepts you for who you are. I just hope i find someone too who understands all my weirdness and my love for vampires. If they cant deal with my obsession and love for vampires they will be kicked to the kirb. You sound very interesting to me and we seem to share the same views and interests, i will enjoy reading your thoughts.

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