Bitten, Box Tunnel 20, and Bad Late Night TV V””V

Have you ever had a night where you go from one extreme to the other?  Well that was my tv viewing last night!  Things started off great when I randomly flicked through channels to suddenly come face to face with Mitchell in Being Human on my gorgeous 60 inch flat screen completely annihilating a train carriage full of innocent passengers and then heading home covered in the remains of the carnage to have bloody sex with his partner in crime, and my alter ego Daisy.  Fangtastic in the extreme!!  Of course I own these on DVD and this episode is available any time for streaming on Netflix but that didn’t stop my squeals of excitement and immediate texting to Lauren to share that IT WAS ON TV.  Hmmmmm obsessed much???  Luckily for me my husband was not home from work yet because whilst he happily embraces my dark vampyric love ,even down to being able to participate in some very random and strange discussion, he has, for some reason, an absolute hatred of the Vampire Mitchell, referring to him constantly as a crying, whining, poor excuse for a vamp.  Well what can I say … he’s not perfect …. but he’s hot, sexy, and he bites …. oh and yes that is my husband I was talking about although reading it back  it could be easily applied to Mitchell too!

So with that over and done with it was an evening of generally uninteresting tv until about midnight and I decided I wanted to watch a movie.  Well movie, midnight, and cable equals a basic mediocre soft porn equivalent of a vampire movie.  It was BAD but yes I watched it all because it had the word VAMPIRE in the description.  The movie, should anyone care to avoid it (or watch it if you want to see a REALLY bad boob job), is called Bitten.  It stars (if you can call it “starring”)  Jason Mewes and Erica Cox with the former being a paramedic who “rescues” Danika (Erica) the “Victim” who actually turns out to be a vampire.  Cue some poorly lit soft porn type scenes and very messy feedings – seriously – if this girl tried DRINKING some of the blood when she bit these people maybe she wouldn’t be so hungry all the time and spend at least half the movie looking like a junkie going through withdrawal. Between that and the bad, very distracting I might add, boob job this was not a good movie ….. and as my husband rightly said it was cheesy and pathetic even taking into account my love of vampires and naked people in general.  Even after some pretty heavy girl on girl action he decided he couldn’t stand to watch any more and turned over to go to sleep.  In hindsight I probably should have done the same thing but once I started watching I felt compelled to finish it.  Well the end SUCKED too so other than giving me something else to talk about today it was really pointless.  Hmmm on second thoughts just the fact that it gave me something to blabber on about may have made it worth while 😀



7 responses to “Bitten, Box Tunnel 20, and Bad Late Night TV V””V

  1. “if this girl tried DRINKING some of the blood when she bit these people maybe she wouldn’t be so hungry all the time and spend at least half the movie looking like a junkie going through withdrawal.”

    you do realize that was like a major theme of the movie. shes supposed to be a junkie.

    • Dear Hal, yes I understand that ….. perhaps you don’t realize that my writing style is sarcastic and that even junkies normally manage to use their fix when they get it. However, thank you for taking the time to point out something you obviously thought I had missed. V””V

  2. Hal, darling, you do realize you are “like” a bit of a tool. Reread, slowly, paying attention to commas and periods, before feeling the need to weigh in.

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