Chaos Is What Killed The Dinosaurs Darling!!!! V””V

“Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs Darling” is possibly one of my favorite lines from the cult classic, dark comedy, Heathers featuring a young Christian Slater as a bad boy from a severely dysfunctional background that kills off the popular kids in school making it look like a series of suicides.

Whilst this in itself amuses the hell out of me the movie does, in spite of the fact it is 20 years old, address issues that are all so relevent in today’s schools.  Bullying.  Although now it is all about cyber bullying and how “words can hurt”.  Now I am probably going to upset a lot of people, but really if you ask me this is a situation that schools themselves have created.  All children ARE NOT EQUAL any more than all adults are and the sooner they learn this and deal with the fact the better adjusted they will be.  Schools create this “everyone is a winner” philosophy with no competitions so they have no losers and then wonder why as teenagers these children suddenly feel rejected and unable to cope with the world.

Well my readers the world in general SUCKS!! Life is NOT fair ….. you are not going to get everything you want and people are going to be MEAN.  At least with this cyber bullying you can just TURN OFF THE COMPUTER and not have to see it.  Instead of pandering to all these crying children we should be teaching them that it is OK to be different.  I went through school revelling in the fact that I was an outcast.  I never cared what people said, I never dressed how they wanted, or listened to what they thought was “IN”.  I lived in my vamp obsessed world long before popular culture dragged vampires kicking and screaming, sparkling into the daylight.  I dealt with mean comments by being so different that people were scared of me.  Yes they whispered in corridors and made their little jokes about how weird I was but each one I took as a compliment and they had no idea how to deal with that.

In many ways I have my father to thank for this.  He raised me to be me. To understand that I would not be the best at everything and sometimes I would lose but I should always go down fighting and to this day that is the mantra I live by and it is how I raise my children.  To not be afraid if their opinion doesn’t match those around them but to stick with it even if sometimes they are going to be wrong.  At least they HAVE their own opinion and will not be raised as sheep!

Which leads me nicely to my next little observation that was drawn to my attention by a long time friend who also lives in the weirdness that is outside the norm.  American TV and its insane censorship laws.  The land that has the biggest porn industry has the most ridiculous censorship laws ever.  Perhaps the most ridiculous being the censoring of the word “God” in the context of “God Damn it” …… do they really think that leaving that second of muted space fools anybody?  In fact it often has children asking what they are censoring with them being far more accustomed to much stronger cuss words being removed.  I really question why some channels even bother showing certain movies as they are edited to almost beyond recognition.  If they are not appropriate to show at that time then show them later, or leave them to cable channels where the odd swear word is acceptable…just make sure anyone having sex remembers to keep their underwear on ;).

This is why I love my vampires so.  Try as they might to hide who they are (or in their better cases they don’t try at all), their true nature always wins out in the end and it is that nature that I love and I always will.  How Very!! *Mwah*


Heathers Screen Cap


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