Soul Mates, Psychic Connections, And A Little Black Cup V””V

If you had asked me 15 years ago if I believed in Soul Mates I would have answered with an emphatic NO!  The idea that there is one person out there that you are destined to be with always struck me as ridiculous, especially when my best friend died just after I turned 16 leaving me on a downward spiral which probably ended up at least in some way adding to my love affair with darkness that I so easily embrace today.  That being said growing up being so different never bothered me but I never dreamt that I would find the other half of my soul living over 3000 miles away.  A connection that was so immediate that after I saw him I knew I had to be with him forever.  Not only does he accept me for who I am, he embraces my darkness and completes every fibre of my being.  When I am feeling lost and overwhelmed a simple touch from him helps ground me and reminds me that I am not alone as I stand precariously close sometimes to losing touch with reality. 

This wonderful man has helped me understand that the commercial concept of love that I abhor with all that I am is not the only way despite what Hallmark would like to have everyone believe.  An antique poison ring for an engagement ring, a trip to a cemetery for my birthday, a random vamp inspired jewellery box picked up at a gas station, and sitting through hours and hours of various vampire based musings from tv shows, books, and movies just because he knows I adore them is just the tip of the iceberg.  I cannot even list everything that he does to make my life complete. That is real love.  The shared look, the laughter, the tears, a feeling that your life would end if you couldn’t be together. And he is MINE!

Which leads me to a slightly different connection.  A connection in fact that was initiated by my wonderful husband who had been talking to a lovely woman called Meagan for months and suggested that we should in fact talk to each other rather than the odd message passed through him.  I am pretty sure that he never dreamt that the simple suggestion would lead to a connection so strong that from the other side of the Country we type the same thing at the same time, buy the same things without realizing it, and can often read each others thoughts despite never having physically been in the same room.

People may want to pass things like this off as coincidence, my husband for example used to laugh until even he had to face that something was weird as I was in the emergency room one day and he got a frantic text from Meagan as she “felt” something was wrong.  Now she could have easily have sent me a message and then contact my husband when I didn’t answer but she was so sure something wasn’t right that she went straight to him. And this is not a one-off occurence.  Things like this happen on almost a daily basis.  There are so many things that if I was to begin listing them I would probably still be here several hours from now and not have written them all.

So I will just say this ….. Little Black Cup …. a seemingly innocuous little phrase except that when looking for a name for her coffee company Meagan and I both came up with exactly the same name at the same time, one posted to Facebook as one sent a text.  The time stamps are within seconds. There is no explanation for this it just is what it is.  Take from it what you will but I know that I must have done something really right at some point in my life to have discovered both my soul mate and through him a friend that I would be lost without.  Sometimes life is not so bad after all ………



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