Hush, Hush: The Graphic Novel #1 – A Review V””V

So today’s post is something a little different.  I was offered the opportunity to see an advance copy of the new “Hush Hush” Graphic Novel by Becca Fitzpatrick , illustrated by Jennyson Rosero, due to be released towards the end of March from Sea Lion books in return for writing an honest review of what I thought.

Seeing as this covered 2 of my loves, vampires (actually they are dark angels … thanks for the correction Polly…. I often see vampires where there are none ….) and stating my opinion, how could I resist??? Really it was a no-brainer!

Let me start by saying I had previously read the book “Hush Hush” and so had a perception of how I thought the characters should be, and this is where graphic novels and I often have disagreements. They generally like to take images and run off in a direction that normally makes me yell and scream and want to pull them all kicking and screaming back the other way.  (For those that haven’t read the story without giving too much away this is a typical YA story of high school girl and immortal vamp masquerading in high school for whatever reason is deemed appropriate this time.)  Whilst the depictions are not exactly how I imagined them (let’s be honest they are never going to get my fictional characters exactly right), I have to say for me this wasn’t bad.  Patch definitely hit the right notes of sarcasm and confidence and would definitely be the bad boy who most high school girls would be drawn too even when they don’t want to be.  Nora is a typical confused teenage girl with the slightly “frumpy” best friend and you know that no matter how much she pretends to protest that her and Patch are destined to be drawn together.

I felt that the black and white images kept more to the feel of the original story than many adaptations often do although I did feel the drawings weren’t quite sure whether they wanted to have an anime feel or something with a little more bite and sometimes felt a little “soft” in relation to the story.

Overall I think this was a good YA graphic novel that would appeal to both previous book readers and pure graphic novel enthusiasts looking for something a little different.  It cut off JUST when it started to get into the story making the reader wanting to grab for the as yet non-existent book 2.  Always a good plan!!



4 responses to “Hush, Hush: The Graphic Novel #1 – A Review V””V

  1. Uhh… I’ve read all the books in the Hush, Hush series and far as I know none of them have vampires in….. The books are about fallen angels….

    • Thanks Polly …. I apologize … I often see vampires where there are none … I read how I would like things to be … I have corrected the review and credited you for the corection. Thanks fot eh input 🙂 V””V

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