Yes I Am In Love With Fictional Characters – No It Does Not Mean I Love The Actors – And Yes My Vampire Obsession Lurks In Every Facet Of My Life! V””V

So this is something that after watching a True Blood Panel at the June first event 2010 was lurking around in my mind and was originally written back in October of 2010 …. and rewritten and edited for the Vampire Loving Dorks page in April of 2011 and now here it is again, re-edited, revamped, and still very much a topic in my everyday musings.

A lot of us here would probably agree that we love vampires.  Many, such as myself , find that vampire links are possible with everything … even a trip to Chuck E Cheeses!  Characters appear on-screen and are referenced to various portrayals in previous vampire based shows, for example we were watching “Amy Burley” from True Blood on Fox’s show “New Girl” …. I recently spotted “Spike” from “Buffy” (Or Angel) as the camera guy at the beginning of the movie House on Haunted Hill … “Daphne” from True Blood was in “CSI Miami” …. and so the list, and the connections would seem to me to be endless.

So where does the character end and the actor begin?  Many who are into True Blood or the Sookie Stackhouse Novels would probably consider themselves either Team Eric or Team Bill to some extent or another, but is it Eric the character that people adore or is it the way Alexander Skarsgard portrays him??? What if the original talks had gone ahead and Alexander Skarsgard played Bill???? Would there be more Team Bill fans now with the same adoration for all things AS or does the character create the buzz???

For me its easy … I love Eric from the books and adore the screen Eric and feel that AS really embodies him but I do feel that as long as the portrayal was similar I would probably have felt the same devotion to another Eric. Would I have paid more attention to Bill with Alexander Skarsgard playing him??? Quite probably as he is certainly very easy on the eye lol but would I be a Team Bill player??? Somehow I can’t see it.

My latest “Character love’ is Mitchell from the BBC UK Show “Being Human” (Not to be confused with the poor attempt American copy of the same shown which had a vampire named Aiden – Possibly a nod to Aidan Turner that plays the UK vampire Mitchell?? and pale insignificant versions of the same stories … anyway .. I digress …..  As I was saying Mitchell is possibly one of the darkest portrayals of a vampire on television I have seen EVER.  And yes I adore him.  I love the darkness … I get excited when he vamps out and goes murdering people .. and I especially like it when he decides humanity has wronged him and along with a friend totally destroys a train full of perfectly innocent passengers in the most gruesome way you can imagine.  Rather than being shocked I embrace this side of the vampire. I prefer it to the twinkling tortured “vegetarian” teen vamps or  love-sick, pining to be human again creatures trying to fit in.  But now that Mitchell is no more (makes me want to sob all over again just typing it) I see a lot of fans now looking to see what he is going to be in next just as many “Eric” fans watch everything that Alexander Skarsgard does.  Not me ….  mine is definitely entrenched in the “character love” category.  It is Mitchell the vampire I am in love with and not Aidan Turner (sexy and gorgeous though he might be.  If I ever met him I would only be thinking Mitchell).

This “Character love” can be applied to many other vampires such as those in the Twilight Saga.  Team Edward is “alive and well” (yes I don’t understand it either but just look around and you will see that it is absolutely thriving).  Take my mother for example, she, who has never understood my love for all things vampyric is suddenly Team Edward in the largest way almost to the point of being delusional.  She refer’s to “Edward” as the main part of Robert Pattinson’s being, for example a recent phone call involved her berating the English Press because of how they portrayed “Edward” in the papers as drunk and uncouth.She is constantly telling me that she is going to watch, or has watched the new film that “Edward” not “Robert” is starring in.

So when does the fictional character take over the actor that portrays them?  For me it’s never! I love my fantasy book vampires and whilst I enjoy (for the most part) seeing them portrayed on the screen and it certainly allows me to discuss them more with my husband, who might die rather than read one of my vampire novels, never do the actors portraying them quite match the image in my head.  That is one of the best things about Mitchell from Being Human ….. he has never had to live up to an already living vision in my head.  He was always Mitchell as portrayed by Aidan Turner.  Even though I watched a couple of the US version episodes with basically the same character he was never him!!!

A perfect example dates back to when Interview with the Vampire was being made and Tom Cruise was cast as Lestat.  I was devastated.  How could this actor, whom I had never really liked (although I will confess to enjoying some of his movies), possibly play my blonde hair, blue-eyed devil?  Anne Rice apparently shared my concerns but I must confess when I went to see the movie he had done an admirable job.  He was Lestat, just not my Lestat, but it does however, remain my favorite Tom Cruise movie to date. Then came the Queen Of The Damned.  A mish mash of the next 2 vampire chronicles with none of the actors from the first attempt and a slaughter in the casting department when it came to the lesser vampires.  Stuart Townsend definitely embodied the darker, sarcastic side of Lestat but again fell short from my vampire lover from the books.  This is more relevant now than ever with the question of who will play Lestat being thrust front and centre once more as the movie rights to “Tale Of The Body Thief” have recently been picked up.

So I ask you all …… are you in love with the vampires, or is it the people who play them.  With many books out there waiting to hear about movie or tv deals I am sure there are more fictional vamps just waiting to be bought to life by actors who I am sure dream that their character will become such an obsession that the lines blur between the character and them, and they find themselves stalked to the point of insanity.  As for me, I will keep my love affair with the vampires in my books and my new vampires on the screen, as I am lucky, in the real world I have found the one person to share my darkness and my eternity with.



9 responses to “Yes I Am In Love With Fictional Characters – No It Does Not Mean I Love The Actors – And Yes My Vampire Obsession Lurks In Every Facet Of My Life! V””V

  1. It’s definitely the character. I am lost in love with Mitchell and Eric too! I read the Sookie books before the show and was drawn to Eric in book one from the start! When I saw pictures of Alexander Skarsgard, I was unimpressed. Alan Ball (or whoever) seemed to release purposefully unattractive pictures of AS. Then I saw the the actual show. I was startled how very much Aleander was the Eric of my imagination.

    Back to Mitchell. He is everything a vampire should be dark, tortured, lusty and his pure abandonment when in full vamp mode is more erotic to me than any sex scene ever could be. The arousal comes from this undead creature being both so in command of the situation and losing utter control turning himself over to his id.

  2. I also feel that it is the character as I babe seen many photos of AS not vamped out and am completely unimpressed where as when he is in “True Blood” mode he is completely sexy.
    I must also agree about Mitchell as I have been shown shots of him out of Being Human and as you said he still remains sexy but the desire is not there.

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  4. For me, it’s like this. . . I am in love with the characters (though, in some cases, I may like the actor for their acting skills: for instance, I love Aidan Turner’s acting skills, and Joseph Morgan’s and i’d like to see them branch out into other things). . . But when it comes to the characters, I feel like it’s the characters that I bond, and sympathize with. Whether, I am reading about them, or watching them on television, it’s the characters that I grieve with, or laugh with, and watch/read them go through their lives, not the actor. It’s the characters that we see on screen, not the actor. And some people never learn to differentiate characters from actors. I fall in love with the characters because I know them better then I know the actors. Unless, you are personal friends with the actors, you don’t know them at all. They are just strangers. You can like them as actors, admire them for their looks and talents (which, I do with numerous people) but you don’t really know them. It’s the characters they portray, and bring to life that I love.

    And as far as casting is concerned, i’ll use Askars as an example . . I think he brings Eric to life, like you said. Would I like Beehl better if he was played by Askars? Not really. I’d like to look at him, but i’d still hate the character. And yes, I think casting plays a major role in my love of the characters. It takes passion and talent to really bring characters to life, and if the actor doesn’t have that, then no amount of good writing and camera play can ignore that. Take for instance Kristen Stewart and Bella Swan, I don’t like her Mary Sue character anyways, but Kristen makes me downright hate her. Her acting in the movies is atrocious, and she makes Bella just so . . . wooden and boring. Would I feel differently about movie Bella if the casting had been done differently? Maybe a little. She’d still suck, though. So yes, I think actor portrayal has a lot to do with character love on the big screen, or your television screen, or whatever. I hate Tom Cruise, but I loved him as Lestat. I love Stuart Townsend, but I hated him as Lestat. Then again, I am very very very critical of book characters translated to screen. They have to fit look wise, and personality wise. If they don’t, just toss out the whole thing for me. It’s shit. Alex is a flawless Eric in both aspects. Tom Cruise fit with looks and personality. Stuart portrayed one aspect of Lestat’s personality, the darker side, but the looks just didn’t do it for me. He looked nothing like my Lestat. And while we are on the subject of QOTD, they completely butchered Marius! That’s why I completely despise that movie. It was remade and molded, along with all of the characters that I love. If you can’t get the characters right, don’t f^ck it up for those of us who love it the way it’s supposed to be.

    • OK I Love this “You can like them as actors, admire them for their looks and talents (which, I do with numerous people)”. That had me lmao!!!! I garee Marious was destroyed. I love the QOTD soundtrack but I try and think of the movie as something “separate” and in no way related to the books ar all. I too am far too critical of transformations from books to screen …… I think it is because of the love we have for the characters that if they are not done properly it is heartbreaking. V””V

      • I can’t even watch QOTD to think of it as something differently. I did love the soundtrack, but with the movie i’m just, wtf are you doing to these characters that I love so much? I was looking forward to it, and then I saw it, and was totally pissed. I’m getting that way with True Blood also. I have a hard time separating them from what they started as, and what they are making them become.

      • It is let down all around. Charlaine Harris sold out the books, The Vampire Chronicles were changed for the movies (Did you hear Tale of the Body Theif has been picked up for a movie) and now True Blood is weirder than ever *sigh* V””V

      • I did hear about, Tale of The Body Thief, and I am hoping it stays truer to the books. But I don’t really see how considering, it is one book part of a whole, and you need those character introductions and delevopments from the other books to understand and really get the story.

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