An Apology To Subscribers …. And The Flood Of Reviews From Today …….. V””V

To all those that are subscribed to my blog please forgive, what I know to be an annoying influx on email pinging (my husband is subscribed) this afternoon.  As True Blood season 5 sneak peeks are going to start appearing on HBO this weekend it got me to thinking about my reviews from Season 4 and how it would be easier for everyone to access them on my blog.

After a large glass of wine it seemed like a very good idea to transfer them from their original home at The Vampire Loving Dorks Facebook page to here on my blog at WordPress where my season 5 review / spoiler posts will be.  As I already had a category for reviews my wine addled mind assumed that people subscribed to “My Vampyric  Musings” would be safe.  4 Email pings later on my husbands phone I realized that this was an error but by that point I was a transferring fiend and would be stopped for no one.
So if, like him, you were grinding your teeth and the constant invasion please rest assured this was a one-off occurrence, not to be repeated EVER.  I adore each and every one of you that take the time to read (and occasionally comment) on my little vampyric thoughts and my crazy dark musings and would hate to lose a single one of you.

With that said I will leave you to enjoy whatever part of the day it is where you are (Saturday evening here) as I pick up another glass of red wine and head to play Guitar Hero with my husband and son.

Until next time …..



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