True Blood Season 4 Ep 1 – She’s Not There SPOILER Note

Blog Originally Posted in Vampire Loving Dorks June 2011 – Reposting as Season 5 2012 Blogs will be here

Greetings and Salutations!!!! If you are reading this note today (Saturday June 25th) then congratulations lol you are probably as bad a spoiler whore as I am 😀 lmao.

BUT I don’t actually have any spoilers to post today.  I am posting this NOW in preparation for Sunday’s premiere and hoping it will help keep spoilers off the wall.

I will post my review on Monday but everyone should feel free to post their reviews / comments/ questions about episode one below.

Edit – Monday 27th to add MY REVIEW

So after almost a year of speculation and anticipation the night of the premier finally arrived.  As many of you already know from the spoiler videos season 4 starts out with Sookie trapped in a SyFy channel movie special … no wait its Fairyland (sorry the TERRIBLE special effects confused me for a minute there!).  So Sookie is in Fairyland and quickly works out all is not as it seems and that it is its own little time zone where her Granddaddy Earl has been for the last 20 years even though he feels it has only been a couple of hours.  Cue 8 mins of total yawnville stupidity which thankfully ends with Sookie plummeting back to the cemetery.  LOVE the moment she arrives and you get a quick flash to Eric and Bill and they suddenly become aware she is back.

Once Sookie is back (complete with Grandaddy Earl but not for long …. he ate the fairyfruit)….. she discovers that she has actually been gone for over a year!!!!!  Now in many shows this for me would be the kiss of death …. anytime you skip great big chunks for me is normally a cop-out but in this case it REALLY works.  It allows for a lot of changes and developments that could not have been accomplished any other way.

Well then what has happened in the year Sookie has been gone.  Jason has become a cop and sold Sookie’s house to a mysterious initialed company (more on that later).  He seems a lot older and more confident and we later learn that he has continued taking care of the creepy hotshot freak show by taking them food and trying, unsuccessfully, to get them to be a little closer to normal.  On top of that he seems to be having to handle a V addicted Andy Bellefleur who continues to obsess over the silliest things (in this episode he is mad he lost out on this plaque for safest streets just because of Sookie).  He continues to provide me with some fun comic relief and distract me from some of the less appealing storylines.

Sam continues to run Merlottes but we are definitely seeing a harder side to him than in the previous seasons.  We get to see that he didn’t kill Tommy although he did cause some major damage to Tommy’s leg.  Tommy for his part has become a good little Christian boy apparently and for some reason yet to be revealed he is living with Maxine Fortenberry … yes weird!!!!  Sam alludes to an anger management group he has been attending and we actually get to see this group a little later in the episode and it turns out they are either “true shifters” like Sam – or – they are Were-Horses.  Yes you read that right ….. HORSES!!!  Dear Mr Ball ….. WTF are you on?????

SO …. onto the witches that have been highly advertised as being this years villains.  Lafayette and Jesus are going strong and Jesus is responsible for bringing Lala to the crazy coven that Holly is already a member of and we get to meet crazy Marney.  On the first visit Lafayette feels that Marney’s show of power is just a trick but when he returns the next day and they bring a bird temporarily back to life he just knows that things are about to get a little insane in quiet old Bon Temps.  Lala seems to have triggered this new power surge in Marney and we all know that this is going to be a bad, bad thing for the Louisiana Vamps.

Talking of bad, bad things …. Terry and Arlene have had Rene’s evil baby and with the skip in time we get to see  the little creep at about 7 months old having just pulled the heads off of a bunch of Barbie dolls.  Just “boy” behavior as Terry thinks or the first signs of Rene raising his little psycho head??? I am sure we will be seeing more but either way this baby looks creepy IMO!!!

Before we get to the vamps, which lets be honest is them main reason most of us watch this lol … I feel the need to briefly mention Tara.  *sigh*   To me this was the “Mickens” story of this season.  Is it just me or would this episode have been just as complete with just a reference to the fact that Tara has gone.  Instead we get to see her in her new life as a fighter called Toni in New Orleans complete with fighter girlfriend.  I honestly have no idea what the point of this story is and I don’t think I care either.

Onto the vamps …. Jessica and Hoyt are living in not so much happy bliss.  There are definitely cracks starting to appear in that relationship …. cracks that Pam is more than happy to point out when she finally stops laughing at the whole idea of being monogamous with a human.  Talking of Pam she was in fine form in this episode with her reluctance to do a vampire PR commercial to her spot on analysis of Jessica’s relationship.  It’s great to see they are keeping her edgy and as disdainful of things as ever!!

So finally onto Eric and Bill.  There are many clues early on that things have changed in the dynamic of their relationship but it isn’t until the very end that it is revealed quite how drastically things have changed.  At the end of season 3 we saw Bill fighting the Queen.  Well its obvious right at the beginning that he survived but what we find out at the very end is that not only did he survive … he is now THE KING and thus Eric’s BOSS!!!!  For me this was just a complete travesty and I cannot for the life of me work out what Alan Ball thinks he is doing but I really hope his plan turns out not to be as stupid as the whole Maenad thing from season 2 ….. can you say giant egg anyone?????? The ONLY plus  for me was that Eric was the only one not to have given up on Sookie to the extent that he bought the house so can now come and go as he pleases …. and he seems to be more than happy to take advantage of that fact claiming Sookie as HIS after appearing in her room as she emerges naked.  Oh Eric how we have missed you!!!

Cliffhangers for this week ….. sneaky witch for Lala’s new coven is actually a spy for Evil King Bill …. and crazy hotshot panthers have shoved Jason into a freezer and locked him in.  Poor Jason had been doing so well too lol ……..

Memorable Lines (nothing as outstanding as Conscience On Dick off from last season’s premier)

“It smells like where old air fresheners come to die” – Lafayette

“It’s just boys ….when I was a kid I used to put squirrel heads on lizard bodies and create new animals” – Terry about his possibly psychotic baby lol

“I have proof – scientific – that people are far dumber than they realise” – Nan Flanigan

(M V””V)


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