True Blood Season 4 Ep 10 – Burning Down The House SPOILER Note V””V

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RUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNN Sookie screamed as all hell broke loose at the end of last weeks episode and that’s right where this week picks up with Antonia/Marnie ordering her vamp-bots to KILL THE KING!!!!  Eric tries to rip Bill’s head off but Sookie distracts him by jumping on his back and in the time it takes Eric to throw her off Bill produces a gun with what I assume is silver bullets ….. I can only assume he planned on shooting the witches because Tara’s wooden bullet gun would have been more useful.  Bill shoots Eric (Much to Sookie’s dismay), and then 2 of the other vamp-bots.  Nan grants the true death to another vamp-bot with … A PENCIL!!! LMAO …. Sorry but that amused the hell out of me….. Sookie tries to reason with Eric but to no avail and with Bill being no match for Eric’s strength it looks like Bill is about to meet the true death at the end of a flagpole ….. but Sookie ZAPS him!!! Is it me or is she getting rather good at this zapping stuff????  Anyway her zapping Eric is like a power surge breaking the spell and flooding back all his memories …INCLUDING THE TIME THEY WERE TOGETHER 😀 … Oh this should be good!!!!  On the bad side Nan now knows that Sookie has powers, Antonia it appears is feeling guilty … and Nan goes into “Image mode” and lets all the injured humans know that help is on the way and she herself is a caring, certified helper … hmmmmmmmm yes OK Nan… you are a real girl scout!!

While chaos is being dealt with over at the tolerance rally Jason and Jessica are busy having a heart to heart in the back of Jason’s truck and Jason is racked with major guilt … to the extreme that he wants Jessica to glamour the memory out of him.  Hmmmm Jason I am not surprised Jessica leaves to go find someone to eat!

It’s drama all over as Alcide is rushing Tommy to the emergency room where apparently duct tape has become one of the treatment options lmao…. and I thought our local hospitals were bad!!!  Tommy on the other hand knows that something has gone seriously wrong between the skin-walking and the beating and it is not looking good.  “Shifter to Werewolf” he says he is dying and just wants to go back to Merlottes to pass there.  Alcide is not convinced until Tommy is hit by some weird bone cracking convulsions that have him puking lcopious amounts of blood all over the windscreen… and then its straight to Merlottes.

Over at the Moon Goddess headquarters the imprisoned witches are torn between the idiots playing with their cellphones “Magic is not stronger than technology” (Well obviously as non of your phones are working IT IS lol) … and then you have Holly who is convinced she along with Tara can undo the spell with their rage.   Antonia /Marnie return and all is not well in Marnie’s body…. bit more on that later.

Back at Vampire Headquarters (Also known as Vampire Bill’s Mansion) … Nan is not happy that Bill has been keeping the “little milkmaid’s lightening trick” a secret.  She has sent “Glamour squads” out all over Shreveport to wipe memories of what happened tonight but Bill has had enough and is finally going to take charge.  Oh he does have a backbone it appears as he finally stands up to Nan and tells her that they are going to take down the necromancer no matter what and she has no say in the matter.  Nan really doesn’t put up much of a fight because I think deep down she is all for the killing really lol.  Eric and Sookie are in the other room having a heart to heart because Eric remember’s everything but Sookie is now not sure as she says she loves both him and Bill.   Eric claims that she is his but Sookie says she never agreed to that .. hmmmmmmmmmm under my understanding of vampire law Sookie you slept with him … let him bite you … and willingly drank his blood … yes that pretty much means you agreed to be his and you have been in this world long enough to know that so stop claiming ignorance!!! Really .. what does everyone see in her *rolls eyes*  Eric on the other hand has no such problems and says he loves her.  Pam bursts in full of concern for Eric and is thrilled until she finds out that Sookie was responsible for breaking the curse and then just grudgingly thanks her.  There is a beautiful tender moment between Pam and Eric which vanishes as soon as Eric leaves the room and Pam is back to her snarkish self.  Bill announces they are going to war and they plan on blowing up Moon Goddess complete with Tara in it (which does not amuse Sookie) the next night and the plan is for Eric, Bill, Pam, and Jessica to go take care of it … hmmmmmmm lets see how well that works out!

Over at Merlotte’s Alcide has arrived with Tommy and Sam is there to greet them and his first thought is to get him some V but Alcide stops him explaining that Tommy has chosen.  Cue a very sweet scene I guess with them all talking about what happens when you die until Tommy says he doesn’t believe that shit he says he just wants to disappear but not be forgotten.  If you are a shifter fan then this is probably a tear-jerker of a scene …. it was well written and fairly moving but for a girl who cries at everything there were no tears for the loss of the shifter even as sad as Sam was.

Daytime strikes and Hoyt has come to visit Jason and ask to stay for a while.  He is not coping without Jessica there and is alternating between anger and tears and poor Jason just doesn’t know how to deal with this at all so he waits until Hoyt gets totally drunk and heads over to Sookie’s house to escape and asks he if can stay there for the night lol.  Sookie agrees but wants his help first as she goes off on a crazy rescue mission to the Moon Goddess headquarters.

Over  at the Bellefleur mansion Terry has found Andy’s stash of V and is planning on sorting it all out once and for all over at the Bellefleur fort.  Yes you read that right … the Bellefleur Fort which is a tree house / camp that they made when they were kids and apparently Terry lived there for a bit after the war. After much fighting and arguing and a very bad shooting contest Andy eventually realises that Terry is only trying to help him and agrees that he has messed up and is going to straighten up.  Terry is thrilled and says he is going to start right now … and leaves him to walk home.  Not sure how far it is but from Andy’s face it is not a short walk.

Back to the crazy rescue mission and Jason and Sookie have gone to pick up reinforcements in the guise of Lafayette and Jesus. Lafayette is not amused by any of this but after much grumbling in typical Lafayette styling they all agree to go.

At the Moon Goddess headquarters Holly and Tara are still trying to work on their spell to break down the defenses and you would think that Antonia/Marnie would notice but it appears she has her own problems.  In the back room to spirit leaves and we expect to find that Marnie has finally forced her out after last night’s blood shed but this is not the case.  Quite the opposite in fact … Marnie is loving the power and it is Antonia who is now not convinced that this violence is the way to go.  Well that is going to put a whole big dent in Jesus’s plan that Marnie is being used without her consent.  Marnie eventually convinces Antonia back into her body so that they can continue so it looks like Marnie is on a major power trip after years of being judged and picked upon for her beliefs she has finally got control and she is LOVING it!!!

Daytime over in vamp headquarters shows all our favorite vamps (and Bill) chained with silver and Nan is silvered down and handing out the true death to everyone …. True Death for Bill, True Death for Eric and True Death for Pam too …. yes not very threatening when she is all chained down.  Even Jessica is bored by it all and just wants to KILL something.  Nice to see Pam back to her snarky self although the spell should still be in effect but no one is mentioning it ….. Dr Ludwig’s fix was purely cosmetic … did Mr Ball forget that??? And what about the fact that she needed 6 injections a day???? Her supply is certainly not at Bill’s house but she is looking as sexy as ever … hmmmmmm sorry its bugging me … but back to the story ………

Jesus, Sookie, Jason and Lafayette are trying to get Jesus into Moon Goddess but Antonia as a very strong Stay Away spell in effect ….. think  invisible electric fence.  Antonia says that if Jesus can force his way through he can come in and calling on some demon power he manages to do it (Lafayette explains the demon head to Jason as a Latin thing lol).  So Jesus goes in and the other 3 stay hiding behind a car.

Over in Shreveport Marcus is trying to find Alcide and pays a visit to Debbie Slut .. I mean Pelt and it is pretty obvious that those 2 are about to jump into bed.  Damn animals!! They just need to learn to behave.  Shock collars anyone????  So Alcide is with Sam looking for Marcus at his garage and they are beating on anyone they find there (which is just one, not very intimidating wolf from the night before) and Marcus is at Alcide’s house making moves on Debbie … hmmmmmmmmm maybe some more were blood will be spilt soon 😀 … we can but hope.

Back at Moon Goddess Jesus is inside and has discovered that Antonia seems to be in control and that no one is going to be leaving … not even for a little while so he asks if he can speak to Marnie.  Antonia surprisingly agrees and Jesus is shocked to find that Marnie is actually happy with what is going on and is not under a forced possession as he had thought.  While all this is going on Jesus lets Sookie know that outside things have changed and Marnie is actually in control … at the same time Tara and Holly manage to get their spell to work and make a break for it and Marnie/Antonia along with Jesus running after them …. Sookie, Jason, and Lafayette come racing to meet them and Marnie/Antonia causes a huge flash of light and they all vanish except poor Jason who is left standing all alone outside wondering what the hell is going on. 

Night Falls and Eric, Bill, Pam and Jessica are all kitted out heading in a van for Moon Goddess.  They exit the van like a vampire hit squad all dressed in black and looking (apart from Bill) FANGTASTIC!!! Armed with what looks like a rocket launcher and they all walk in slow motion towards Moon Goddess and … AND THAT’S WHERE IT ENDS!!!!!!!!!  GRRRRR ALAN BALL!!! SUDDENLY YOU REMEMBER HOW TO DO A DECENT CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!

Overall I really enjoyed this episode .. its sad that it has taken this far through for things to be really taking off and now we only have 2 episodes left.  I still have a few questions like could they not find ANY other vamps to go help them????  Why did the combination of the skinwalking and the beating take such a toll on Tommy …… Alan Ball has been talking of major character deaths for the finale … is he counting Tommy as one???  Not many really stand out lines this week but a great script and I think possibly my fav so far apart from Eric and the crocodiles .. that was just so much fun but its good to have the REAL Eric back!

Memorable Lines From Burning Down The House

Jessica – “Fucking Humans!!! I’m gonna go find somebody to eat”

Alcide – “Few stitches, a little duct tap, a pretty nurse and you will be good to go”

Jason – Hoyt drank 11 of my beers, passed out and started farting ….. continuously!!!”

(M V””V).


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