True Blood Season 4 Ep 3 – If You Love Me Why Am I Dying? SPOILER Note V””V

Blog Originally Posted in Vampire Loving Dorks June 2011 – Reposting as Season 5 2012 Blogs will be here

Well here we go with my thoughts on last night’s episode “Of you love me why am I dying?” and can I just say did anyone else notice they played the song for the episode title DURING the show but not at the end …. hmmmmmmmm not sure why I found that relevent but hey it’s my review so just go with it.

So after almost 2 weeks for most of us because hey if you had access to it well done to ANYONE who avoided the temptation of watching Episode 2 before last Sunday and lots of spoiler clips leaked during the week we finally got to see what we have been waiting for … AMNESIA ERIC!!!! and he didn’t disappoint!!!!

The whole dynamic this episode between Eric and Sookie was phenomenal.  Alexander Skarsgard bought so much to Eric this week that it was impossible for him not to completely steal the show.  He flip-flops so easily between cheeky and crestfallen as he slowly gathers information which he interprets one way but then learns is actually something different. 

Anyone who knows anything about American TV right now would have to laugh at the Snookie comment as Eric gets her name wrong and that just starts a whole string of hilarity which to be honest I could have watched a whole hour of and skipped pretty much everything else that happened.  Much as I love Pam it was just hilarious when she burst in the house and got smacked down to the rug (DON’T STEP ON THE RUG!!!!)  So hilarity and cuteness aside he did kill Claudine which was bad (or not … I personally found her rather irritating) so Sookie’s fairy godmother is gone ….. but it did show that the portal is definitely still open.

In other parts of Bon Temps that crazy spooky doll is freaking out Jessica and Hoyt …..  as we know in Ep 2. Jessica went off and did a bad thing at Fangtasia feeding on some little fangbanger and after a quick stop at King Bill’s to get the Advil she went out for and some weirdly sweet paternal advice (you need to confess) she comes home to find Hoyt cuddling the creepy doll on the couch.  It transpires that Hoyt has taken it to the dump, Jessica has thrown it in the lake, and yet it has reappeared on the bed.  Later in the episode Jessica gives the doll to  Arlene’s creepy baby and he loves it (weird) but back to Jessica and Hoyt.  After a big fight with Jessica confessing to “feeding” on another man she decides to glamour her way out of it.  Poor Hoyt sees it coming too and tells her she better not dare … but she does …. BAD JESSICA!!!!

Jason is in dire straights out in that freak show of a town Hot Shot.  Whoever is writing that stuff has some serious issues.  To be honest the whole Jason getting raped and kids watching (and ummmm did anyone else think those girls were lining up for a turn???) scene I could have totally done without and you know what they eat rare meat …. we get it!!!

Marnie and her coven are all up on their high horses thinking they are in the right and at the beginning they have no idea what they have done to Eric but they are determined to stand their ground despite warnings from Lafayette who knows all too well the kind of punishment Eric is capable of.  Later we see Marnie trying to make a deal by herself with the spirit that helped her but she seems to be having no success no matter how many times she slices her arm although we get to see a strange woman sitting in the back observing her.

Lafayette decides he is going to go and try to save his own ass and heads to Fangtasia after giving Jesus and Tara the slip only to run into Pam who is none to impressed at what has happened to her maker.  Tara and Jesus rush in with Tara brandishing her gun loaded with wooden bullets to which I have to say Pam looks totally unimpressed with.  The only thing that seems to interest her is the fact that they may be able to undo what has been done to Eric and gives them 24 hours to bring Marnie to her.

King Bill is still on his power trip and claims that HE IS THE AUTHORITY …. hmmmmmmm channelling a little Russell there Bill because I tell you right now you soooooooo do not have the power or the personality for that but apparently he does have the power to sentence some poor stupid vamp who was obviously framed by extremists to the true death.  He also has a little triste with Portia Bellefleur … lets hope THAT story is going to go in a different direction from the book otherwise can i saw right now EWWWW!!!!!!

Finally things that seem totally irrelevant to everything …. Alcide is back .. with shirt on .. and is living with a totally (apparently) reformed, made-over Debbie Pelt  and they live in Shreveport.   YAWN!  and Tommy Mickens has learned to read courtesy of Maxine Fortenberry and is now planning on ripping her off as she phone orders more creepy dolls he answers the door to someone offering to make Maxine rich by purchasing gas rights on her land.  Tommy pretends to be her son and gets the information, takes it to Sam who basically reminds Tommy that he is a bad person .. again YAWN!!! This time could have been better spent on more Sookie Eric time!!!

Memorable Lines From If You Love Me Why Am I Dying??

Eric – “I know I’m a vampire Snookie”

Pam – “I will personally eat, fuck and kill all three of you.”

Eric – “Are You Mine?” Sookie – No!

Eric – “Do You Belong To Another Vampire?”

Sookie – “No” ….Eric – “Would You Like To be Mine???”

Sookie – “ummmm not really .. but thank you for asking”

Sookie – You killed my fairy Godmother!!!!

And the episode ends with Eric saying sorry … but smiling in such a way that you know he is not sorry at all!!!! Oh roll on next week .. this season ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(M V””V)


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