True Blood Season 4 Ep 6 – I Wish I Was The Moon SPOILER Note V””V

Blog Originally Posted in Vampire Loving Dorks June 2011 – Reposting as Season 5 2012 Blogs will be here

Sooooooo before I start my review of last night’s episode I feel that I have to give full props to my husband Greg who actually caught something BEFORE I did. I am so proud of him …..He is now officially a True Blood Addict lol.  Right at the beginning of last night’s show where they showed the flashback to Luna and the Skin Walkers lesson he said Tommy is going to be able to be a skin walker … he killed both his parents…. and He was SOOOOOOO RIGHT!!!!! So irritated that I didn’t pick up on that LAST WEEK when it happened … I must be off my game …. but anyway full credit to Greg …. and now on with the show …….

As I am sure you all remember Pam blabbed (Still irritated and claim that would never happen) … and Bill was rushing over to play cockblocker and ruin the wonderful moment Eric and Sookie were having *sigh*.  As expected Bill rushes in and it is almost worth the interruption to watch Eric get all fangy and throw the evil King Bill across the room.  Just more evidence of how Bill would never really survive as King without the whole authority interference!!!.  Unfortunately Sookie reminds Eric that Bill is actually his king and we see a real resurgence of Amnesia Eric complete with being on bended knee calling Bill “My Liege” and poor Eric willingly goes off to vampire jail with Sookie trailing after them begging Bill to let him go.

Well King Bill is riding high on his major power trip and not only has Sookie thrown out of his house but says that they are to call the police on her if she ever comes back. To top it off as soon as she leaves he has a little conference with Nan and explains that he has both the necromancer (Marnie) and Eric in custody and claims Eric is infected and therefore a danger to them all and needs to be dealt with by (you guessed it) receiving the True Death.  Whilst Nan doesn’t look to happy about this she does agree to put it to the authority and makes a little dig at how upset Bill isn’t about all of this.

Down in the vampire jail Eric complains that it smells like death and we get to see he has been placed in the same cell as Pam who continues to slowly rot and is extremely pissed about the whole matter.  Eric sadly is still in amnesia land and actually sticks up for Bill pointing out that Pam is committing treason with the things she is saying.  Pam tries her best to get Eric to “snap out of it” and remember who he was but Eric is having none of it.  He LIKES this newer version of himself (probably because he is finally looking to be able to get into Sookie’s pants lol) and claims that he doesn’t want to remember all the bad things he has done.

Bill gets his warrant of execution and out comes Eric on his knees in front of Bill willing and ready to meet the end as his king sees fit.  With a beautiful speech that gets Bill to free Pam and a heartbreaking monologue about how Sookie has shown him what love is and he will be forever grateful as he meets the true death.  It’s so touching that even Bill looks confused …. but he turns around and raises the stake anyway ………..

Moving over to the other side of town Arlene and Terry wake up in time to avoid burning to death from the fire that started all by itself but as they are getting all the kids out they realise they can’t find Mikey.  That little baby is nowhere to be found.  Terry eventually drags Arlene outside just before the house explodes only to find that baby Mikey is out on the lawn with the creepy doll.  No one has any idea how he got there but when Arlene picks him up he see’s a strange black lady in a dated dress waving at him and the crazy baby waves back.  Hmmmmmmmm obviously she is connected to the doll but other than that wtf :S.

Talking of crazy while Sam is over trying to sort out the mess at Arlene’s place he calls Tommy (who is not coping well with the double murder he committed) and asks him to go open the bar for him.  After they get off the phone Tommy does some creaming at himself in the mirror and starts smacking himself about his head and suddenly HE SHIFTS INTO SAM!!!  Now of course any normal person (shifter?) would probably call their brother freaking out as to what is going on …. but not Tommy.  Tommy decides he is going to spend the day in a Sam suit.  First stop Merlotte’s where he fires Sookie telling her that he doesn’t understand why everyone puts up with her anyway (You would think that seeing as Sookie can tell something is wrong now might be a good idea to use that little gift of hers) and off rushes Sookie all upset.  Next in the bar he tries to be nice to Maxine but all he gets to hear is how awful he (Tommy) is (well what did he expect after how he treated her) so now he’s upset and when Luna comes around to play with Sam he decides that seems like a very good idea and so sleeps with her. Hmmmmm not sure how she is going to feel about that when she finds out especially as Tommy basically just throws her out afterwards.   As Luna leaves Tommy shifts back into himself and gets really sick and thats where Sam finds him a few hours later passed out on the floor in puke.

With Sookie not having to work she goes off in pursuit of Jason to help with his little problem and finds him handcuffed to the bed.  Jason working with his normal brain capacity hadn’t worked out that once he shifted the handcuffs would be no good.  So uncuffed they sit out front until Jason sends Sookie in to get a couple of beers and when she returns she finds just Jason’s shirt on the ground leading us all to think that he has shifted and Sookie takes off after him in to the woods.  Must be a pretty small set of woods as Sookie runs into Debbie and Alcide who are on their way to a pack meeting (Yes Debbie wants to be part of the pack …. surprise surprise … how long till she tries to sleep with that packmaster do we think??) and Sookie gets a quick lesson on how shifters cannot be made only born.  So let’s get this straight … we have had 5 weeks of story leading up to Jason being a Werepanther only for him not to be a Werepanther …. well that was worth it …… actually with Jessica and Jason now being linked it kinda was worth it.  She was totally adorable feeling his fear and coming rushing through the woods to save him only to find out what the problem was and then just sit and comfort him.  They both know that although nothing happened “something” is going on so they agree not to tell Hoyt.  Poor Hoyt I do feel sorry for him but how cute were Jason and Jessica .. I mean really!!!!!

Down in Mexico Lafayette and Jesus are dealing with the crazy grandfather issue.  Very little happens this week with them other than the grandfather setting Jesus up to be bitten by a rattlesnake and leaving him to die with Lafayette who somehow draws power from an unknown source to save him.  I think this is one of those examples of too many storylines and not enough time.  They crammed this in because obviously its important but not enough time to develop and sink your teeth into it.

Same can be said for the whole Tara thing.  Naomi has come up to find her and blah blah blah is willing to forgive her but the only really interesting but was when Pam came looking for Tara at the end.  Was nice to see Pam back to her snarky self telling the dykes not to worry as there was plenty of her to go around as she rushes to attack them …… and again we will see what happens next week!

Marnie is still trapped in vampire jail and is trying over and over to connect with the spirit that has caused her all the problems to start with.  She eventually makes contact and we get to see a big history lesson as to how why the spirit is so mad about vampires and it looks like she has completely taken over Marnie’s body now and the vampires could be in trouble as she turns one of her jailers (who happens to have been at the possessed spirits original burning … what are the odds) into a zombie (and not just in the Pam rotting style) …. oh next week should be GOOD!!!!!.

But before we can get there poor little Sookie was still running lost in the woods hunting for her brother but instead she finds … ERIC!!!!!!!!!!! And FINALLY there is no one around to stop them!!!!  It may not be in the shower but we got to see some naked Sookie and Eric in the moonlight and oh it was so worth the wait!!!!! Of Course Alan Ball has to give us Bill’s perspective too and it shows him on the porch all alone with his drink looking sad … awwwwwwwwwww  NOT!!!! Get off the screen and let us see more Eric and Sookie!!!!!!

Oh I Can’t Wait For Next Sunday ………


Memorable Lines From I Wish I Was The Moon.


Pam – “He’s a self-loathing, power-hungry pompous little dork and you hate his guts … You are a Viking god. You bow to no one.”.

Eric – “Tell Sookie I was born the night she found me, because of her I went to my true death knowing what it means to love. Tell her, ‘thank you.'”

Bill – “Believe it or not, your entire existence does not revolve around what or who is between your legs.”

Jason – What the hell did you think that meant … clean my kitty litter???.”

Maxine – “Boy’s dumber than a bucket of spit, and just as useful”


(M V””V).


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