True Blood Season 4 Ep 7 – Cold Grey Light of Dawn SPOILER Note V””V

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So after last weeks episode ending with some interesting batches of action this weeks episode had a much slower almost fill in the gaps informative trend.

We start by seeing that Antonia has now totally taken over Marnie and she starts by having the traitor Katie killed when she comes to see what’s going on ….  but with no blood….. and then Antonia sends the guard off with a message for the king that sheeeessss baaaaackkkk (poltergeist anyone??? lol)

Next we skip over to where Pam has Tara and girlfriend totally trapped and is obviously about to kill both of them with no problems at all until a group of tourists turn up complete with video to ruin Pam’s plan.  They then have some debate over the fact that Pam may or not be a zombie much to Pam’s disgust and she has to settle for the threat that she will come and find Tara be it 10 minutes or whenever ….She is coming.

Flash over to Lafayette, Jesus, and crazy grandpa who claims he only wants to help.  Yup feel free to throw poisonous snakes at me anytime :S not!!

Back in Shreveport a totally ecstatic Debbie and a somewhat reluctant Alcide get initiated into the new pack.  This is obviously not going to be a happy night as Debbie agrees they can spend 5 minutes looking for Sookie just to make sure she’s safe …. and they find her safe alright … safe and sounds and nakedly linked with Eric lol so they tactfully head home where later in bed this causes some bedroom problems for Alcide and Debbie … awwwwwwww and they made such a great couple too :S ……I am sure it won’t be too long before Debbie is getting her satisfaction from the new creepy packmaster.

Necromancer controlled crazy vamp tries unsuccessfully to kill King Bill and unfortunately for him ends up as a pile of dust (what no exploding goo? ….. maybe something to do with the “resurrection” final words …. maybe he was now a zombie while controlled by her???)

Jason gets an unexpected visit from who he obviously expects to be Jessica but it turns out to be Hoyt who has obviously got some kind of clue that all his not happy in Jason land.  Claiming to be worried about Jason’s state of mind the talk starts with Jason’s problems but they drift over to the fact that all is not well with Hoyt and Jason and that Hoyt will do anything not to hurt Jessica because he needs her ..awwwwww

King Bill in the meantime is trying to explain to Jessica how dangerous this Antonia is and how she can make vampires walk out into the sun against their bidding.  Bill decides that all vampires need to be chained in silver when they go to ground.  Whilst they are not happy about it non of the other vamp sheriffs seem to have a better idea.

Nice break from the whole vamp drama for some naked Sookie and Eric action which has moved itself into the house and then we see them laying peacefully in the bed when Sookie realises she left her clothes in the woods … not that anyone seems to worried about that. This leads to a lovely discussion about ow Eric is worried Sookie won’t still want him when he gets his memories back because he will be so different again.  Sookie is hoping he will remember some of how he is now because she is obviously totally smitten with this Eric … oooohhhhh how will this all end u lol

Pam in the meantime is getting some treatment from Dr Ludwig.  It takes face and body peeling to a whole other level.  She explains that she is not a witch so cannot remove the curse but can remove the rotten outter skin and provide injections that will at least give her the appearance of the beauty that she had before.  Hmmmmmmmmmmm Pam looked as about as impressed as I would be lol

Sam has Tommy at the hospital getting treatment for what happened and at that point Sam is still on Tommy’s side.  This doesn’t last too long as Sam realises what exactly Tommy had ended up doing and yet again disowns him and throws him out on his own (hmmmm recurring pattern here)

King Bill brings over lots of silver chains to restrain Eric during the day to keep him “safe” from the sun and explains that all the vampires will be doing the same thing. Now here is my problem with this .. they are just draping the chains over the vamps … did it not occur to anyone to tie them down somehow???  Take a trip to the Home Depot and get a few locks to fix them to things??? They manages to work that out when they wanted to tie Russell to a pole??? Just my thought …….

Anyway while Eric gets his sleeping lesson from Bill Marnie/Antonia is out trying to convince Tara to join her band of crazy witch people which seems to be going pretty well.

So poor Jessica is getting chained … any idea why it has to be on naked skin??? Surely they could be just as effective over their clothes??? Do they have to be in pain??? Bill decides due to Jessica’s pain that they have enough chains on her .. they might regret that methinks ……

Pam is in her pretty pink lined coffin already looking slightly better as Ginger administers the healing injections and then covers her completely with a silver net and Eric is in Sookie’s Hidey Hole getting his chains lovingly places over him by Sookie … again no one seems to be tying any of them down…. must be reserved for King Bill and his matyrdom … note NEVER get stuck in Bill’s Kindom!!!

Tara and Antonia and anyone else they have gathered together go to the store and prepare for their magic to begin.

While that is going on, Jessica and Bill discuss love and how Hoyt and her are not working out. All the time suffering from the bleeds.  Jessica can’t understand why they don’t just go and kill this Antonia before it goes any further and decides that if they survive the day she will eat the witches face off.

It is after midday and Eric wants free and there are some soppy sentiments exchanged between Sookie and Eric and you can see how much Sookie has come to love him in such a short time and she will do anything to save him.  And Eric decides he doesn’t really want his memories back.  He thinks he will be quite happy how he is with her.

Meanwhile things are getting weird in Merlottes.  holly is having a weird kind of date with Andy (who is suffering from V withdrawal) and in the kitchen Lafayette is seeing the strange black woman who seems to be hovering around Arlene’s psycho baby… wonder when we are going to find out what is up with her and her pretty singing.

So Marnie/Antonia finally calls all her witches together and they start chanting away and Antonia floats up from the floor and the winds start to blow and you just know that things aren’t good.  Jason is over at Sookie’s house when it starts and whilst his first thoughts are of helping Eric he soon realises Jessica is just across the way.

All the vampires start going totally insane screaming about the sun and one of Maxine’s neighbours obviously didn’t get the message about the silver and she walks right on out into the sun to Maxine’s comment of I KNEW IT! lol

Jessica breaks free of her chains … oh good job Bill … and grabs the keys from one of the human guards and gets free and heads  for the front door.  All the time we see Jason running at full speed across the graveyard towards bill’s house knocking guards out-of-the-way as he does so …… with beautiful church music playing she throws open the front door and is flooded with the pure white  deadly rays of the sun ….. AND THEN IT ENDS!!! … Do you think this is it for poor young Jessica or will Jason get to her in time.  She is a baby vamp and so should take a while to burn if they stick to their own storylines …. Oh next Sunday needs to hurry up!!!!!!!


Memorable Lines From Cold Grey Light Of Dawn

Pam – “I am not a zombie!!!” – Tourist – “that’s is exactly what a zombie would say!!!”

Eric – “Once I know who I am – Everything I have done – I couldn’t possibly  be the same”

DR Ludwig – “I can make you look pretty again …. well at least how you looked before whatever that was”.

Jessica – “When we survive the day, I’m going to eat that fucking witch … starting with her face!!”.

(M V””V)


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