True Blood Waiting Sucks …. Season 5 Pam / Eric Clip … Spoilers!!! V””V

Well Alan ball and the team at HBO seem to have heard the pleas we have been making to release a vampire based Season 5 Sneak Peek and last night rewarded us with a clip of Eric and Pam (who are normally my 2 favorite vampires from the show) … so here is the extended clip complete with the HBO Go Footage and then I will tell you my thoughts (Or you can just watch the clip and sign out … your choice).

Right then where to start.  Obviously this is all over the “escape” of Russell Edgington from his concrete prison.  Now I mused for about 5 seconds that perhaps Pam had been involved in his being freed during the Season 4 finale, but because I know the character so well, (or at least I thought I did), I immediately recognized that this would just not be an option for her. She would never betray Eric like that even though Eric seems to be totally messed up over Sookie and her stupid fairy vagina!

This “Eric” is ridiculous! I don’t believe on ANY level he would really think that Pam would betray him!  Where is the Eric from Season 3 that was so devastated when the Magister had Pam in his nasty self-righteous clutches? What happened to the Maker who was willing to risk everything to get back and save his child? And most of all BILL COMPTON THREW YOU in a concrete pit when you both sunk KRE?  Have you forgotten that Eric?  What has Pam ever done other than try to deal with the witches and accidently (OK Maybe on purpose) endanger little miss Sookie who as it turned out was FINE anyway *Rolls Eyes*. 

One little Nan Flanigan killing and you are suddenly a Bill Compton fan?  Hmmmmm no I don’t think so!  Eric carried a grudge against KRE for over 1000 years carefully plotting, planning, waiting for the perfect time to execute his revenge but he is going to threaten Pam with NO evidence when all she has EVER done is look out for his best interests. Not kewl Viking Vampire … not kewl at all!!!!!

I have said it before and I say it again! Bring back the REAL Viking Eric!!! The one with the total disdain for humans and their pretty much anything to do with them.  The one that will “use” a human for his needs but sees them as a decidedly lower rank on the food chain. This “feelings” Eric doesn’t work for me at all. Eric, Bill and Alcide the Werewolf? Is that what we have to look forward to? Oh for the love of Cain I hope not.

Which brings us to Pam (Who looked beautiful as ever). Pam asking to be released as a last act of desperation. Pleading, crying, not understanding? Where is the snark? The witty one liners? The Pam I love tells Eric a few facts of life even when he doesn’t want to hear them?  The Pam that killed Eric’s best assassin when Bill sent him after her. That is who Eric needs right now, not crying, scared, remorseful Pam.

As we have all been warned be careful what you wish for, I was so desperate for a vampire sneak peek and now I have to say I am disappointed with where it seems to be going.  Oh fear not my fellow addicts I will still be watching … I am still obsessively counting down the days, watching old episodes, and scouring the net for new spoilers, but I feel the snark level rising….. like a starving newborn babyvamp forced to drink Tru Blood ……


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The Blood, The Calling, and The Difference ……… V””V

Looking around Facebook I found that whilst there were many fan pages dedicated to “Vampires” and various “Vampire Characters”, over and over again these pages kept coming back to the actors that portrayed them and that was not what I was looking for.  So together with a couple of like-minded friends the  Vampire Loving Dorks  page was born.  An over 18 site where people could post and come and see news, pictures, discussions, videos, pretty much anything vampire related but with a darker take than most of the pages already out there.

We wanted a place where we could say and post what we wanted without fear of having our thoughts deleted.  Now don’t get me wrong, we knew this would not be a page that appealed to the masses and indeed we have had our opinions berated on many an occassion , with people having left and even reporting us but we have stood strong.  We do not delete the posts that disagree with what we say, tell us we are doing things wrong, accuse of us bias and misunderstanding …. we say bring it on!  We are called to the darkness that represents the true vampire.  We want the blood, the carnage, and the loss of control! We crave the seduction, the thrill, the danger and we will not apologize for it.

As any of you that follow me regularly know, this is not the first time this has been addressed.  My blog about how people have been seduced into the vampire den by their love and obsession of actors and hollywood (Original Blog Here), rather than a true appreciation of the real vampire has sparked many discussions.  And yet as I look at the page statistics it is the generic “pretty” pictures of the actors that tend to get the most likes, the most reactions, the most shares, whilst the pictures and videos that I consider to be the heart of the page are appreciated mainly by those of us that created it.

Is it that we are darker than the others that visit the page or that we are more open with our love of the macabre? Surely real vampire lovers would embrace more of the darkness and less of the Hollywood glamour?  Perhaps not, perhaps as I have often suspected, there is a very elite group that comes close to understanding the obsession whilst the majority will once again return to their safer, prettier world feeling brave and daring that they dabbled in the darkness for a spell.

And that I guess is the real difference.  For me the darkness is not a place I visit, it is where I live.  Bordering the boundaries of reality sometimes only anchored to it by those closest to me.  But those that flirt with and just dip their toe into the pool of shadows will never know the true thrill of answering the call and emerging totally in its magical embrace.


True Blood Waiting Sucks …. Season 5 Sam / Luna Clip … Spoilers!!! V””V

Shifters, and Brujos, and Weres … Oh My!!! Or should the question really be OH WHY??? Why is Alan Ball and HBO deciding to torture us after such an AMAZING first Season 5 Sneak Peek Clip (Click Here to see both the clip and my obsessive second by second thoughts about it) which was packed full of delicious, vamp filled action.

So this is what we got for this week ……..(Thanks to TheTrueBloodSource for the merged clip including the HBO Go Extras)

Sam and Luna sitting on a couch discussing who would want to hurt them … hmmmmmmm let me think …. I am going to go with the WHOLE PACK OF WOLVES left after you killed their Alpha Marcus, (not really a huge loss – smarmy little man he was), ex lover of Luna and father of her daughter.  Yes overall I am going to say they are probably not too happy with you.  So we see Sam going out and there is a gunshot.  Big Deal.  Chances are they either 1 – shooting it in the air to get attention or 2 they shot him in the leg / any other non fatal area, because they aren’t going to kill Sam off oh and if they do … well one less shifter storyline to follow lol.

What I want to know is WHERE ARE THE VAMPIRE CLIPS!!! True Blood used to be referred to as vampire porn.  If nothing else the storylines were vampire-centric and most of the focus was around them.  I want THAT True Blood back!!! I am a vampire lover and I need my vampire fix!!!!  The sneak peek promised us new vampires, leaked spoilers have talked about “The Authority” coming to town and the vampires involved in that.  They still need to sort out Pam and Eric (Them being on the outs is not working for me and just doesn’t make any sense!), oh and talking of Pam …. is she cured now?  Are they going with the old – the witch died and the curse died with her back up plan?  Since Ginger started giving her the “cosmetic” injections which Dr Ludwig herself assured us all would not CURE the curse just fix the cosmetic issues we have heard nothing about it.  An Oversight? Something else to just add to the list of things we will never know?? Annoying!!!

Then of course there is the whole issue of King Russell coming back!! I for one would be happy to see a clip of what he is going to be getting up to!! Will he team up with Bill and Eric with their new hatred of all things Authority?  (after all they are going to be wanted Vamps now having staked Nan), or will KRE be after them as well making it more a Bill and Eric against them all kind of feel?  Either way there is obviously a cornucopia of vamp storyline to come so why oh why HBO can you not throw us out just a LITTLE treat and instead of showing us Terry, Alcide, Lafayette, and now Sam and Luna (Or yes Sookie was in there too … big deal), CAN WE PLEASE SEE A VAMP!!  ANY VAMP!!! At this point I don’t care which one.  Yes your video on “Mistakes Vamps Make” (See video HERE) was hilarious and I have watched and laughed over and over, but let’s be honest … you could have released that several months ago as an aid in the whole long True Blood Hiatus that we all suffer every year. That doesn’t count as a Season 5 sneak peek and that’s what I want.

And that is where we are … the countdown is on … under 7 weeks to go … and WAITING STILL SUCKS!!!!



A Passion, An Addiction, And A Total Distraction! V””V

Well then followers of the page … I was in the middle of writing up this weeks summary of One Foot in the Grave for the Night Huntress Series page on Facebook when I was totally distracted by a discussion on another page I belong to about Being Human (the UK version).

The discussion started with somebody saying how they had put in Season 1 to get some screen grabs and then gotten totally distracted and ended up watching the whole thing. Which I totally understood having stopped everything just because a certain episode was on the television.  So everything was fine and then the comments started about how the show should have stayed more towards the light and that they took the “easy route” making the vampire blood thirsty.

And that was all it took to get me going.  I am always on the look out for “Wrong” opinions I can correct … be it the latest episode of True Blood (followers of mine will know that I LOVE to obsess about that), or a discussion about the history of vampires and where the legends began (Of theories there are many), What the vampire rules are (depending of course on author, legend or show), or the differences from books to TV/Movies .. I DO love to share my thoughts whether people want to hear them or not! 

Now why you may ask is this important and I have to confess in the grand scheme of things it probably isn’t but like a woman with a purpose, not understood by many I might add, off I went with a few little “thoughts” of my own.

What do they expect vampires to be like?  If they paid attention they would be aware that even as early as their happy Season 1 the vampire in question (John Mitchell) had a very dark and dangerous path having killed too many people to list before settling down to play “house” for a while.  The friendship he shared with George the dog, I mean Werewolf, was not something born out of Mitchell never having been a “bad vampire”.  Quite the opposite in fact.  It was the darkness he knew was inside him that allowed him to appreciate the smaller things in life – like watching the Real Hustle for example.

They argued that with the desecration of human life in the Box Tunnel 20 Episode they gave in to people’s expectations of what a vampire should be. Hmmmm let’s think for a minute … the humans ATTACKED his coven, KILLED one of his best friends, he was betrayed by a woman he cared about who was only using him from the very beginning, so what was he supposed to do? Sit back and say awwwww stupid humans??? WHY would ANYONE tolerate that yet alone a creature born from darkness that has been trying to justify the mistakes humans make only to have it thrown in his face?

No he does what any predator would do if you backed them into a corner and then just kept poking at them with a stick.  HE ATTACKED!!!!  He attacked, and he killed, and if you ask me, he should have been allowed to get away with it and to this day I believe that had the actor playing him not already given notice that he would be leaving they would not have gone in the direction that they did in Season 3.

Of course the big question is why does this bother me?  Why can I not just look at it and say well they are wrong but so be it.  Well ever since Dracula and then the Anne Rice novels I have been in love with the darkness that is the vampire.  I read everything, watch everything, and have done since long before the “Trendy” vampire was introduced.  My vampires are dangerous, obsessive creatures and killing is but a part of their lives whether they choose to acknowledge it or not. With over 20 years of  an adoration that has done nothing but grow and expand as time has passed (and it continues to do so ), why do people suddenly want vampires to be light and goodness.  Isn’t this really a complete contradiction of all that the true fans love?

And with that I will leave it, rant over, thoughts shared and now I wait for my true love to return to me, a man who adores me despite my over whelming obsession, who’s daily absence makes me long even more for the night as I know that then he will be by my side.




True Blood Waiting Sucks …. Season 5 Terry / Patrick Clip … The Evil Is Coming!! V””V

Wow Alan Ball and our friends HBO must have heard us all wanting more Sneak Peeks from Season 5 and they have supplied us yet again.  Oh wait Alan Ball doesn’t LISTEN to us fans so forget that …. well thank you HBO anyway!  Sadly no Vampires making an appearance but at least no shifters either (at least that we know of) lol.

So that is the whole clip including the extra from HBO Go.  Obviously we see that Terry is having problems but not with Patrick who we met at the end of four but my some other crazy he served with.  They really needed to get his platoon some serious counselling by the looks of it! At first glance it looks like classic PTSD but wait, suddenly the reason for him having them about to be killed is spoken …. The Evil Is Coming!!! Anywhere else we would put this down to general schizophrenic ramblings or possibly a psychotic break but here in Bon Temps we all know that Evil comes in many forms …… from crazy witches to an almost unkillable Maenad so who knows WHAT will be coming this season.

Whatever it is I can’t wait.  As I sit and watch from Season 1 again I just hope that they bring back some of the rawness that originally drew so many of us to it in the first place. Give me the vampires, give me the sex!!!   Whilst I of all people love nothing more than a blood soaked vampire can they PLEASE at least  remember how to feed without half of it running down their faces.  These vampires are up to thousands of years old and when not on a fighting / killing spree I know they are MORE than capable of drinking without losing half their dinner with it dripping off their chin! NAPKIN PLEASE!!!!!!

Oh and whilst on that thought let’s ease up on the blood all over the floor! If a vampire is feeding to kill they are going to DRAIN THE person …. and 3 vampires feeding from one girl … yes there will NOT be a huge puddle under the car  *Rolls Eyes*.  OK OK I’m done … if I start down this road I may still be typing when season 5 finally airs lol and we all know that despite my caustic comments I do adore me some True Blood!!!



True Blood Season 5 “Mistakes Vamps Make” and How To Celebrate A Birthday In A Gothic Family …… V””V

So as you can tell from the title my vampyric mind is more scattered that is even normal for me.  I blame my insomnia!  I have a thousand thoughts flying through and trying to organize them seems to be slightly unlikely but no one is forcing you to read so feel free to leave now ……

Still here …. well then let us begin!….. and what better way to start than with the latest HBO True Blood promotional clip.  No Sneak Peeks yet this week for Season 5 but instead a quirky “Mistakes Vamps Make” video compiling of a collection funny moments from the last few season’s including what I called the “water cooler” moments from both seasons 3 and 4. (Twisty neck sex and the shocking “Killing” of Hoyt that was without doubt a truly inspired piece of writing!)

If this is an idea of what we have to look forward to then I am in more than ever! The countdown is ON and we have just 8 weeks left to wait… and WAITING SUCKS!!!

So how to spend the time while you are waiting.  Well if you have a birthday in the near future I would suggest a gothic photo shoot in a local graveyard for the whole family. (Yes I did warn you this was going to be a little all over the place but fear not as my distracted little mind has already remembered other things it needs to do and so will be keeping this short).  As my husband celebrated his birthday yesterday that is how we spent it.  Admittedly, I have to confess it seemed more like a birthday present for me as we donned our clothes (and made a stop at a costume shop to purchase a top hat) and headed to my favorite cemetery complete with my teenage children and one of their friends. Over 200 pictures later (and several strange looks from other people visiting the graveyard) we headed home to review our results, which were, if I do say so myself AMAZING!!!  The pictures all shot with nothing more than our cellphones could easily have graced any number of gothic magazines.

Whilst I will not share any pictures of my children here I have included 3 of my favorites of me and my husband, and there are 3 because out of these I could not pick just one. Each of them call to me for a different reason and hey I figure if you have stayed though this much I may as well inflict some more on you.  As I am sure you can imagine reactions have varied greatly to the pictures although I never quite understand the “Creeped” out reaction to graveyards having been drawn to them for as long as I can remember.  For me the peace and beauty here is unmatched and I just feel blessed that my husband not only understands that but shares that passion with me. My children and their friend had a blast, from directing various shots to climbing trees and no electronic stimulation in sight (apart from the phones being used as cameras). Perhaps not a traditional way for a family to spend time together but for us …… it was magical!



Bloodlust, The Thirst, and My Obsession V””V

Most vampire lovers have an image in their head when they hear the word “Bloodlust”. In fact with vampire movies gaining mass market popularity and the many television shows that feature serial killers (both fictional and real), I would imagine that almost anyone you talk to would have some kind of image that they could conjure up if they had to. From hungry newborns tearing through people to sate their unquenchable thirst to a human killer on a mass murdering spree, bloodlust is generally, I would suggest, synonymous with death and carnage.

Well what about a person who loves nothing more than to see vampires rip through a train full of perfectly innocent passengers?  Where does she fall into that spectrum? When is the obsession out of control? When stopping and re-watching a YouTube video over and over because it gives you chills as for once the darker side of vampire nature is being shown and embraced rather than the glossy, sparkly vegetarian version? (YouTube Video – The Thirst).  When thrilling in the fact that for once the vampire doesn’t have to “change” into a humanitarian version of themselves to be adored? Because, let’s be honest here … 95% of movies and books where the vampires aren’t either killed off, or chased into the darkness, those vampires had given up most of their vampyric tendencies and “lost” any resemblance to the creature that they really are.

So I ask you this …. am I suffering from a form of bloodlust?  My cravings for all things dark and dangerous have never been stronger.  For almost 30 years now I have immersed myself in everything vampire related that I can get my hands on. My husband frequently having to listen to comparisons and “facts”. Amused by the never-ending sources I seem to find and arguments I have about things that can never be proven and yet I will swear until the end of days that my answers are the way things are and not just my opinion.  The re-watches and re-reads of television shows, movies and books.  The scouring on the internet for anything new that may be known about the newest season of True Blood. Complaining when vampires humanize and lose the very vampire qualities that I crave.  Why do they feel the need to fit in and be “accepted”?  They could rule everything and yet over and over the story is created that the majority want nothing more than to live happily among their food source and the few that see the potential are labelled outcasts.

Where does this leave me? Well I am one of the lucky ones.  My husband loves me with a vampire ferocity second to none, despite my tenuous grasp on where the veil of reality is. He is my anchor but do not misunderstand.  He is almost as far from the light as I am.  He may not immerse himself in the supernatural in the way that I do, but pain, domination, and graveyards are as soothing to him as they are to me.  We have a connection that is as strong as any vampire mates and the continuous turmoil in my mind can often be soothed by a simple touch. Add to that he is stunning, in that classic vampire way, (I have a friend who has a picture of him adorning their wall along with more well-known vampires actors), and turns the head of almost every woman we see when we are out, (although he would deny it) because he has a power about him that is intoxicating, and you are blessed with just a glimpse of what I get to live with.

Then recently (well in the grand scheme of things anyway) I have come across other’s who to some degree or other have the same feelings I do.  Perhaps in some cases they hover closer to the lighter side than others but they are there.  While my husband works I can discuss all things dark to my heart’s content. Be it a random post on Facebook or several hours of texting and phone calls, I feel surer than ever about who I am.  I am darkness, I am pain, I am me!


 YouTube video linked is The Thirst by Various Vampires set to the song “The Thirst Is Taking Over” by Skillet