Insomnia, True Blood In July, Waiting Sucks …. And The Amusement I Find In Facebook Postings V””V

*****Edit Note …… April 2nd 2010 ….. Since writing this note I have discovered True Blood Season 5 will in fact be airing in June … Game Of Thrones Was Only Picked Up For A 10 Episode Run For Season 2 V””V *******

So yesterday was a flood of posts as I trasferred all of my Season 4 True Blood reviews / spoiler notes from the Vampire Loving Dorks   Facebook page, I realized as I re-read them that I really am a sarcastic, snarky reviewer.  I complain about almost everything and want to change approximately three quarters of what I see on the screen and yet I STILL count down the days until my Sunday night ritual is back in place for the paultry 3 months each year and I STILL obsess over every little detail and twist and turn that Alan Ball throws at me.

I try to view True Blood as a separate entity to the Sookie Stackhouse Novels as let’s be honest, by this point there is very little resemblemce left.  I say try because comparisions are inevitable.  I adore the arguments with friends, family, and most improtantly my wonderful husband (who really knows how to push my buttons).  I LOVE Sunday Nights on Facebook with the banter and thoughts flying thick and fast on more walls than not to the extent where even non watching friends have SOME idea as to what is going on.

The “Watercooler” moments that occur each season when EVERYONE knows about it even if they have never watched an episode in their life.  Of course I wish for a return to the almost vampyric porn nature of the earlier seasons and I moan constantly that there is not enough R-Rated action anymore (much the the amusement of my husband).

I crave the first episode where we can see which of the previous seasons cliffhangers we guessed correctly and which I obsessed over for no real reason (Can you say Creepy Doll???).  HBO knows this and releases just enough to make you beg for more without releasing anything that REALLY helps.  They also know how to maximse their viewing by linking shows together.  For example the first proper sneak peek of Season 5 will be shown tonight, RIGHT BEFORE GAME OF THRONES!! Ensuring that people will be tuned in to watch. 

Which brings me to my insomniac revelation last night.  With Game Of Thrones premiering tonight ….. with a 12 week run …. that means the finale will be on June 24th (the last Sunday in June).  HBO until now has kept their True Blood Season 5 air date as SUMMER 2012, not unusual as they have done that for the last couple of years but last year it moved from the middle of June until the end of June with Game Of Thrones being allowed to run out first.  So unless they plan a double hitting G.O.T. Finale / True Blood premier (Which you know is not goign to happen ….. 2 hard hit ratings guarentees in one night?? I don’t think so), it means that True Blood will not premier until July 1st!!! *Sigh*

So with insomnia firming entrenched and this revelation I took to hitting my Facebook wall at about 2 this morning as I watched True Blood S3 rereuns and warned that wall flooding is only going to get worse as thigns get closer.  I invited people to hide me, or even delete me, (for a memebr of a social network I am surprisingly unsociable) and posted about Warm Blood Bisque infused with Rose Petals.  I have a select little group that understand me and my dark ravings and actually enjoy them but it is always fun to see the new people that added me react. Of course one may question why I add people in the first place if I just want them to delete me.  Well the answer is in general I don’t.  People can find me here at my blog ravings or on several FaceBook pages but from time to time friends of my husbands will keep requesting and at that point I usually give in.

I then proceed to just be myself and usually the darkness that my little clique adore freaks the new people out.  I was told last night by one person that they would like to delete me but they were too scared taht if they did they would worry about where I was.  Joking? Perhaps, but it amused me.  I love that people aren’t quite sure how to take me.  Of course it is fairly easy to right off what I write as crazy dark musings of a goth girl hiding at her computer …. and you are within your rights to do that … but you would be wrong.  People that actually know me that what you see here is me.  I live, breathe, and embrace my darkness. I am weird.  I am the one that people can’t help but stare at knowing something isn’t quite right but not quite knowing what.  I am an enigma. People try and laugh it off but deep down they see there is something dark behind my smile, the smile that doesn’t always quite reach my eyes. That self-preservation instict pings their attention but they aren’t sure why.

Well that is just fine.  I do not search out new friends. I struck it lucky when I met my soul mate who knows all my weirdness and darkness and loves me BECAUSE of it.  I have my little clique that I adore and I would kill for each and every one of them ….. and I think they know that ….. and that as they say is just fine!!!




5 responses to “Insomnia, True Blood In July, Waiting Sucks …. And The Amusement I Find In Facebook Postings V””V

  1. I love you as you are and wouldn’t change a hair on that macabre head of yours! Yes, I can attest to what we see is what we get and it’s a bountiful feast! More bountiful with the newly impressive boobs, but that’s another blog for another time!

    • Oh yes … not sure that my newly impressive boobs deserve a blog of their own … maybe I can team it with my cell phone trying to steal my husband??? People would think i have lost touch with reality for sure then ….. Yes that is sounding more and more like a plan for later this week *Mwah* V””V

    • Bountiful Breast, Slutty Samsungs ……… I LOVE IT!! …. am just imagining people looking at the title and thinking well this is a little different … That my darling is a GO … look for it either tomorrow or Wednesday depending on how long it takes to formulate ….. V””V

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