True Blood Season 5 First Sneak Peak Trailer – And My Obsessive Thoughts About It V””V (Warning Possible Spoilers)

So as promised HBO aired its first proper True Blood Season 5 sneak peek last night 4 minutes before the Season 2 Premier of Game Of Thrones. I watched, glued to the screen, looking for clues and have been analyzing what I saw ever since …. so watch the video and then scroll down for my thoughts and speculations about what we may be seeing.  Warning these are just MY thoughts!! I make no claim to their accuracy, and obviously there will be possible spoilers!! (Well these days you just have to cover that stuff *rolls eyes*)

2 Seconds in we see Sookie and ??? somebody obviously burying a body. She looks more concerned than upset so I am going to say either they are burying Debbie Pelt (what you thought they might actually call the police???) … or … AND I REALLY hope this is not the case, they are putting Tara to ground so she can rise again as a vamp.  Rutina Wesley has already confirmed she WILL be returning in Season 5 but I am hoping is it as a ghost.  A Vamped out Tara would not be a sight I would want to watch.  As to who is helping Sookie …. Well they kept him pretty hidden.  I am going to go with either Lafayette, or possibly Alcide although the latter is slightly unlikely if the body  is Debbie Pelts I would have thought.

3 Seconds an a new voice that we don’t recognize starts his voice-over.  Obviously a vampire but not one that we have been introduced to yet.  I am going to go, based on the accent and the fact that from the way he is talking I am going to guess that he is Kibwe, a slender, middle-aged African gentleman vampire who we are destined to meet in episode 2 “Authority Always Wins”.  He’s an Authority council member who believes in rehabilitation for prisoners over stricter punishment. Well at least his voice is pretty sexy!!

( Words From The Voice Over As Clip Plays “We were created in God’s image, not humans, and their flesh shall nourish yours.Their blood shall flow within you, for as the beetle nourishes the lark – so shall human nourish vampire.”)

4 Seconds – Quick flash of  Bill, Eric and a Brunette female (all in what I referred to last year as V Sqaud clothing) and then quicker flash of Bill alone (Which told us nothing so could have left that out lol) … More speculation on that Brunette vamp under the Eric Lip Locking frame …..

6 Seconds and a frightened Arlene appears on the bed and we quickly see a sleep-walking, not too happy looking Terry.  Now remember Rene (*Sigh* Wish they would bring him and his sexy Cajun accent that he kept even as a ghost) popped up at the end of Season 4 to warn Arlene that ghosts from Terry’s past are coming to get him.  Well right now looks like they got him, possessed him , and he is going for her!!!

8 Seconds and we have BabyVamp Jessica with her hands all over a new person so guess she is going all out with the lets not be monogamous thing.

10 Seconds in and we have Eric locking lips with????? Well she’s a brunette an I am hoping a vamp (Surely he wouldn’t go after another Human (Not that Sookie is really a human) …. but anyway I guess YAY at least it’s not Sookie after how she treated him?? *Mutters unflattering things about Sookie and her stupid fairy vagina*.  My guess for the brunette is either Nora – a female vampire sired by Godric or Salome – an ancient vampire who was the daughter of King Herod.  Either of these could be the mysterious power he was alluding to at the end of Season 4 when he talked of a power higher than The Authority.  At the time I thought he was referring to the escape of the wonderfully insane King Russell Edgington .. but maybe not ……

11 Seconds and Sookie is naked doing the classic traumatized sitting on the shower floor with water pouring over her *Yawn*.  I am going to assume that this is after the burying of whomever she was burying and throw in a nice slice of guilt for 1 – Getting Tara Killed and 2 Killing Debbie. Double dose of guilty will probably translate to double dose of screen time when it airs …. the only good thing is this will give us a chance to hear some Nathan Barr music I am sure.  Maybe we will have a “guilty theme” this season.  seriously thought I think Nathan Barr is a GENIUS!!!

13 Seconds and poor Jason (Shirtless) opens his door and as we know from last seasons finale find Steve Newlin there.  Now we know Steve has flashed his fangs so why oh why Jason are you letting him in??? You are playing around with the BabyVamp and by now WE KNOW you know the rules …. are you really that stupid?? Oh wait we are dealing with  Jason … and he just had sex…. so forget that.  We could give him the benefit of the doubt and say that Steve glamoured him but I am going to go with he probably just invited him in.

15 and 16 seconds are single screen captions of Lafayette looking so sad and worried in front of his voodoo shrine, Sam backing away from ?the rest of the wolf pack who’s alpha he killed???, Pam having been crying – oh no Pam don’t cry …, and Eric, shirtless, outside Fangtasia looking rather sad .. oh where is Viking Eric .. bring him back oh and I think that might be Bill in the background dragging the screen cap down even more lol.

17 Seconds brings us a big bad man??? Vamp??? dragging another man (possible Andy Bellefleur) into a room where we hear screams, and see blood flash on the other side of the door accompanied by a male scream.  Another possibility is that it is the scene with new vampire Dieter Braun who is described as being of  average build  but nevertheless extremely intimidating.  Spoilers have leaked that he has a scene where he uses innovative methods to torture a prisoner during an interrogation. Presumably his prisoner is Nigel, a grotesque, scarred, burned and deformed vampire being punished for his predilection for eating babies.  Perhaps this is a clip from that???

22 Seconds and Steve has his fangs out about to chomp on Jason …. oh Jason we knew letting him in was bad.

23 Seconds Jessica flashes her fangs by a door at what appears to be Bill’s house (we don’t see who she is flashing them at but she looks good)

24 Seconds Alcide trying to intimidate someone …. who cares and Sam rips his top off … who cars but a little less than with Alcide lol

25 Seconds A clearer shot of Eric, Bill and the brunette vamp from the 4 second mark walking like the vamp squad from season 4

25 Seconds some kind of punch out (possibly Sam getting decked) in what looks like Marcus’s old garage

26 Seconds and Sookie is screaming hysterically at who knows (and quite frankly who cares) what

27 Quick shot of Lafayette with a big old knife .. come on Lafayette … access your inner juju … that is going to be a whole lot more use than that knife.  Also a shot of Bill in trouble, fighting something .. who cares .. sadly we know he is going to be alright.

And finally … a big car explosion and the screen flashed up TRUE BLOOD COMING IN JUNE.  No official premier date yet.

So there you have it …. What do YOU all think?????


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