True Blood Season 5 Sneak Peek 2 (Including HBO Go Extras) V””V

Last night, as hoped for, HBO DID release another Sneak peek for the upcoming Season 5 of True Blood.  What they didn’t warn people was that they were only going to show 1/2 of it on HBO then the second half exclusively on HBO Go (Their special internet extra package free with subscription).  But fear not those who do not have such access for here at Vampire Loving Dorks we are obsessed and so have them for you already :D.

Sneak Peek 2 (Alcide and Sookie April 8th 2012 – part 1)

Sneak Peek 2 (Lafayette, Alcide and Sookie April 8th 2012 – part 2)

Well then there you have it …. what exactly have we learned from this little clip ….. quite frankly not a whole hell of a lot.  For the love of Cain does anyone really have any interest in this whatsoever??  Ooooh Russell is coming back … yes anyone with half a brain figured that out at the end of Season 4 ….. and just in case you didn’t ALL the hints so far have led up to BURIED things coming up so doesn’t take a real genius to figure that one out.  Alcide wants to play hero (YAWN) …. he would be more interested running around as a pet wolf if you ask me!! …… the only redeeming factor here is that Lafayette is his old spunky self throwing in even more curse words than I can manage in a typical sentence and summing up the fact that he is all done with the supernatural weirdness.  Sorry LaLa …. unless you plan on moving far far away that supernatural weirdness will  be around to stay because let face it none of us would watch otherwise.

Biggest let down is that not ONE vampire shown in this clip *sigh* … and the other preview looked so promising.  This is how they hook us you know …. promise us vampire filled goodness then show all sorts of random shifter based nonsense with nothing we didn’t already know!!!! Grrrrrrrr!!!

Here’s hoping that they show a vampy based spoiler next week ….. preferably after Thursdays season 4 rerun but until then vamp fans I leave you with a picture of Eric and my hope for a return of the dark, emotion hiding, viking vampire from earlier seasons…..



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