True Blood Season 5 “Mistakes Vamps Make” and How To Celebrate A Birthday In A Gothic Family …… V””V

So as you can tell from the title my vampyric mind is more scattered that is even normal for me.  I blame my insomnia!  I have a thousand thoughts flying through and trying to organize them seems to be slightly unlikely but no one is forcing you to read so feel free to leave now ……

Still here …. well then let us begin!….. and what better way to start than with the latest HBO True Blood promotional clip.  No Sneak Peeks yet this week for Season 5 but instead a quirky “Mistakes Vamps Make” video compiling of a collection funny moments from the last few season’s including what I called the “water cooler” moments from both seasons 3 and 4. (Twisty neck sex and the shocking “Killing” of Hoyt that was without doubt a truly inspired piece of writing!)

If this is an idea of what we have to look forward to then I am in more than ever! The countdown is ON and we have just 8 weeks left to wait… and WAITING SUCKS!!!

So how to spend the time while you are waiting.  Well if you have a birthday in the near future I would suggest a gothic photo shoot in a local graveyard for the whole family. (Yes I did warn you this was going to be a little all over the place but fear not as my distracted little mind has already remembered other things it needs to do and so will be keeping this short).  As my husband celebrated his birthday yesterday that is how we spent it.  Admittedly, I have to confess it seemed more like a birthday present for me as we donned our clothes (and made a stop at a costume shop to purchase a top hat) and headed to my favorite cemetery complete with my teenage children and one of their friends. Over 200 pictures later (and several strange looks from other people visiting the graveyard) we headed home to review our results, which were, if I do say so myself AMAZING!!!  The pictures all shot with nothing more than our cellphones could easily have graced any number of gothic magazines.

Whilst I will not share any pictures of my children here I have included 3 of my favorites of me and my husband, and there are 3 because out of these I could not pick just one. Each of them call to me for a different reason and hey I figure if you have stayed though this much I may as well inflict some more on you.  As I am sure you can imagine reactions have varied greatly to the pictures although I never quite understand the “Creeped” out reaction to graveyards having been drawn to them for as long as I can remember.  For me the peace and beauty here is unmatched and I just feel blessed that my husband not only understands that but shares that passion with me. My children and their friend had a blast, from directing various shots to climbing trees and no electronic stimulation in sight (apart from the phones being used as cameras). Perhaps not a traditional way for a family to spend time together but for us …… it was magical!




6 responses to “True Blood Season 5 “Mistakes Vamps Make” and How To Celebrate A Birthday In A Gothic Family …… V””V

  1. Love it! You guys are two of my Fave people, because you are you and screw what others think! The photos are beautiful.

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