True Blood Waiting Sucks …. Season 5 Terry / Patrick Clip … The Evil Is Coming!! V””V

Wow Alan Ball and our friends HBO must have heard us all wanting more Sneak Peeks from Season 5 and they have supplied us yet again.  Oh wait Alan Ball doesn’t LISTEN to us fans so forget that …. well thank you HBO anyway!  Sadly no Vampires making an appearance but at least no shifters either (at least that we know of) lol.

So that is the whole clip including the extra from HBO Go.  Obviously we see that Terry is having problems but not with Patrick who we met at the end of four but my some other crazy he served with.  They really needed to get his platoon some serious counselling by the looks of it! At first glance it looks like classic PTSD but wait, suddenly the reason for him having them about to be killed is spoken …. The Evil Is Coming!!! Anywhere else we would put this down to general schizophrenic ramblings or possibly a psychotic break but here in Bon Temps we all know that Evil comes in many forms …… from crazy witches to an almost unkillable Maenad so who knows WHAT will be coming this season.

Whatever it is I can’t wait.  As I sit and watch from Season 1 again I just hope that they bring back some of the rawness that originally drew so many of us to it in the first place. Give me the vampires, give me the sex!!!   Whilst I of all people love nothing more than a blood soaked vampire can they PLEASE at least  remember how to feed without half of it running down their faces.  These vampires are up to thousands of years old and when not on a fighting / killing spree I know they are MORE than capable of drinking without losing half their dinner with it dripping off their chin! NAPKIN PLEASE!!!!!!

Oh and whilst on that thought let’s ease up on the blood all over the floor! If a vampire is feeding to kill they are going to DRAIN THE person …. and 3 vampires feeding from one girl … yes there will NOT be a huge puddle under the car  *Rolls Eyes*.  OK OK I’m done … if I start down this road I may still be typing when season 5 finally airs lol and we all know that despite my caustic comments I do adore me some True Blood!!!




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