True Blood Waiting Sucks …. Season 5 Sam / Luna Clip … Spoilers!!! V””V

Shifters, and Brujos, and Weres … Oh My!!! Or should the question really be OH WHY??? Why is Alan Ball and HBO deciding to torture us after such an AMAZING first Season 5 Sneak Peek Clip (Click Here to see both the clip and my obsessive second by second thoughts about it) which was packed full of delicious, vamp filled action.

So this is what we got for this week ……..(Thanks to TheTrueBloodSource for the merged clip including the HBO Go Extras)

Sam and Luna sitting on a couch discussing who would want to hurt them … hmmmmmmm let me think …. I am going to go with the WHOLE PACK OF WOLVES left after you killed their Alpha Marcus, (not really a huge loss – smarmy little man he was), ex lover of Luna and father of her daughter.  Yes overall I am going to say they are probably not too happy with you.  So we see Sam going out and there is a gunshot.  Big Deal.  Chances are they either 1 – shooting it in the air to get attention or 2 they shot him in the leg / any other non fatal area, because they aren’t going to kill Sam off oh and if they do … well one less shifter storyline to follow lol.

What I want to know is WHERE ARE THE VAMPIRE CLIPS!!! True Blood used to be referred to as vampire porn.  If nothing else the storylines were vampire-centric and most of the focus was around them.  I want THAT True Blood back!!! I am a vampire lover and I need my vampire fix!!!!  The sneak peek promised us new vampires, leaked spoilers have talked about “The Authority” coming to town and the vampires involved in that.  They still need to sort out Pam and Eric (Them being on the outs is not working for me and just doesn’t make any sense!), oh and talking of Pam …. is she cured now?  Are they going with the old – the witch died and the curse died with her back up plan?  Since Ginger started giving her the “cosmetic” injections which Dr Ludwig herself assured us all would not CURE the curse just fix the cosmetic issues we have heard nothing about it.  An Oversight? Something else to just add to the list of things we will never know?? Annoying!!!

Then of course there is the whole issue of King Russell coming back!! I for one would be happy to see a clip of what he is going to be getting up to!! Will he team up with Bill and Eric with their new hatred of all things Authority?  (after all they are going to be wanted Vamps now having staked Nan), or will KRE be after them as well making it more a Bill and Eric against them all kind of feel?  Either way there is obviously a cornucopia of vamp storyline to come so why oh why HBO can you not throw us out just a LITTLE treat and instead of showing us Terry, Alcide, Lafayette, and now Sam and Luna (Or yes Sookie was in there too … big deal), CAN WE PLEASE SEE A VAMP!!  ANY VAMP!!! At this point I don’t care which one.  Yes your video on “Mistakes Vamps Make” (See video HERE) was hilarious and I have watched and laughed over and over, but let’s be honest … you could have released that several months ago as an aid in the whole long True Blood Hiatus that we all suffer every year. That doesn’t count as a Season 5 sneak peek and that’s what I want.

And that is where we are … the countdown is on … under 7 weeks to go … and WAITING STILL SUCKS!!!!




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