The Blood, The Calling, and The Difference ……… V””V

Looking around Facebook I found that whilst there were many fan pages dedicated to “Vampires” and various “Vampire Characters”, over and over again these pages kept coming back to the actors that portrayed them and that was not what I was looking for.  So together with a couple of like-minded friends the  Vampire Loving Dorks  page was born.  An over 18 site where people could post and come and see news, pictures, discussions, videos, pretty much anything vampire related but with a darker take than most of the pages already out there.

We wanted a place where we could say and post what we wanted without fear of having our thoughts deleted.  Now don’t get me wrong, we knew this would not be a page that appealed to the masses and indeed we have had our opinions berated on many an occassion , with people having left and even reporting us but we have stood strong.  We do not delete the posts that disagree with what we say, tell us we are doing things wrong, accuse of us bias and misunderstanding …. we say bring it on!  We are called to the darkness that represents the true vampire.  We want the blood, the carnage, and the loss of control! We crave the seduction, the thrill, the danger and we will not apologize for it.

As any of you that follow me regularly know, this is not the first time this has been addressed.  My blog about how people have been seduced into the vampire den by their love and obsession of actors and hollywood (Original Blog Here), rather than a true appreciation of the real vampire has sparked many discussions.  And yet as I look at the page statistics it is the generic “pretty” pictures of the actors that tend to get the most likes, the most reactions, the most shares, whilst the pictures and videos that I consider to be the heart of the page are appreciated mainly by those of us that created it.

Is it that we are darker than the others that visit the page or that we are more open with our love of the macabre? Surely real vampire lovers would embrace more of the darkness and less of the Hollywood glamour?  Perhaps not, perhaps as I have often suspected, there is a very elite group that comes close to understanding the obsession whilst the majority will once again return to their safer, prettier world feeling brave and daring that they dabbled in the darkness for a spell.

And that I guess is the real difference.  For me the darkness is not a place I visit, it is where I live.  Bordering the boundaries of reality sometimes only anchored to it by those closest to me.  But those that flirt with and just dip their toe into the pool of shadows will never know the true thrill of answering the call and emerging totally in its magical embrace.



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