True Blood Waiting Sucks …. Season 5 Pam / Eric Clip … Spoilers!!! V””V

Well Alan ball and the team at HBO seem to have heard the pleas we have been making to release a vampire based Season 5 Sneak Peek and last night rewarded us with a clip of Eric and Pam (who are normally my 2 favorite vampires from the show) … so here is the extended clip complete with the HBO Go Footage and then I will tell you my thoughts (Or you can just watch the clip and sign out … your choice).

Right then where to start.  Obviously this is all over the “escape” of Russell Edgington from his concrete prison.  Now I mused for about 5 seconds that perhaps Pam had been involved in his being freed during the Season 4 finale, but because I know the character so well, (or at least I thought I did), I immediately recognized that this would just not be an option for her. She would never betray Eric like that even though Eric seems to be totally messed up over Sookie and her stupid fairy vagina!

This “Eric” is ridiculous! I don’t believe on ANY level he would really think that Pam would betray him!  Where is the Eric from Season 3 that was so devastated when the Magister had Pam in his nasty self-righteous clutches? What happened to the Maker who was willing to risk everything to get back and save his child? And most of all BILL COMPTON THREW YOU in a concrete pit when you both sunk KRE?  Have you forgotten that Eric?  What has Pam ever done other than try to deal with the witches and accidently (OK Maybe on purpose) endanger little miss Sookie who as it turned out was FINE anyway *Rolls Eyes*. 

One little Nan Flanigan killing and you are suddenly a Bill Compton fan?  Hmmmmm no I don’t think so!  Eric carried a grudge against KRE for over 1000 years carefully plotting, planning, waiting for the perfect time to execute his revenge but he is going to threaten Pam with NO evidence when all she has EVER done is look out for his best interests. Not kewl Viking Vampire … not kewl at all!!!!!

I have said it before and I say it again! Bring back the REAL Viking Eric!!! The one with the total disdain for humans and their pretty much anything to do with them.  The one that will “use” a human for his needs but sees them as a decidedly lower rank on the food chain. This “feelings” Eric doesn’t work for me at all. Eric, Bill and Alcide the Werewolf? Is that what we have to look forward to? Oh for the love of Cain I hope not.

Which brings us to Pam (Who looked beautiful as ever). Pam asking to be released as a last act of desperation. Pleading, crying, not understanding? Where is the snark? The witty one liners? The Pam I love tells Eric a few facts of life even when he doesn’t want to hear them?  The Pam that killed Eric’s best assassin when Bill sent him after her. That is who Eric needs right now, not crying, scared, remorseful Pam.

As we have all been warned be careful what you wish for, I was so desperate for a vampire sneak peek and now I have to say I am disappointed with where it seems to be going.  Oh fear not my fellow addicts I will still be watching … I am still obsessively counting down the days, watching old episodes, and scouring the net for new spoilers, but I feel the snark level rising….. like a starving newborn babyvamp forced to drink Tru Blood ……


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2 responses to “True Blood Waiting Sucks …. Season 5 Pam / Eric Clip … Spoilers!!! V””V

  1. I seriously wish the writers would read the books. Not so much to follow the story line chapter and verse, that Demeter has sailed, but to get to know the characters! Hats off to Kristin and Alexander for trying to recite the lines given them in character, however, when the writing is that far off base, there’s not a lot they can do!

    • For me it isn’t even how far they have strayed from the books, they are even straying from the way Alan Ball has portrayed the characters on the show. It just doesn’t really work for me. The difference in their relationship from Season 1 – now is ridiculous. They have been together for over 100 years and within a couple of years EVERYTHING has changed? That just doesn’t ring true! V””V

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