Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris – My Review (Warning possible spoilers) V””V

So May 1st was the release of Book 12 in the well-known Sookie Stackhouse Novels by Charlaine Harris which the hit show True Blood is based around.

A couple of years ago I would have been first in line to get this, counting down the days until it was released, much like I now do with the True Blood show.  Last year my feelings towards the books had paled with pre-released clips from book 11 just not grabbing my attention the way that previous books had and leaving me deciding to wait until I could check it out the library before committing to a purchase. (At this point I should probably add that whilst I read it, it is still not a part of my collection).

But onto Deadlocked (Book 12) which is what this review is supposed to be about.  Let me start by saying those of you looking for a little Eric / Sookie action are going to be sorely disappointed.  Nevermind hot and steamy shower scenes, there is not even one lukewarm, dip your toe in the pool of lust type turn of events *sigh*.

Secondly, I personally was very irritated by the “time continuum” issues that yet again have raised their ugly head as so often seems to happen in Sookieverse.  At the beginning of this book Tara is still pregnant.  Not a big deal unless, as many of us did, to fill in the time between the yearly novel release you went out and read whichever short story that was released in various anthologies.  This year was a total time waster piece in the book “Home Improvement” about the haunted house Tara and JB were living in. Having read said short story, I thought at the time perhaps it would yield some information that would be useful in the upcoming book 12.  Well I couldn’t have been more wrong with book 12 obviously occurring at least a couple of months prior to the short story. Annoying!!!

That being said Deadlocked was definitely an improvement on the last instalment with a lot of resolutions especially involving the Fae and that mysterious Cluviel Dor found hidden in her grandmother’s old furniture even if you did have to read about 3/4 of the book to get there.  Murder, mayhem and mystery were definitely the main plot although I did feel that the vampires were sadly lacking throughout making what often seemed a lackluster appearance almost as if someone said “Hey we haven’t mentioned the vampires in about 50 pages”.  Eric and Pam especially probably had maybe 20 pages in total between them (not that I counted but trust me vampire fans are going to be saddened by their absence). Perhaps the lack of vampires featured on the cover should have been a BIG clue!!

This, in my opinion was definitely the book of the Fae (although from the ending that is about it for them as far as revelations go) with a good amount of Were/Shifter politics thrown in.  I think the Fairy chapter is now well and truly done (which with only one installment left to go is probably a good thing), but I have a feeling that the final book may not take us in a direction that vampire fans are going to be happy with.

Bill is still floating around professing his undying love as the opportunities arise, and he even manages to make himself far more useful than Eric in this book (which I can just add to my list of grievances – It is bad enough we have to suffer through Alan Ball’s obvious Bill infatuation without having to read about how “great ” he is too!!!

And finally there is the ever-growing presence of Sam.  Not that I have much against Sam, I mean for the most part he has been a loyal friend with just terrible choices in girlfriends (yet one of the many facts we have to be reminded of in this book ….. on a side note I have to wonder if Ms Harris adds so much repeated history in because she has forgotten and had to look it up, or if she thinks her books are forgettable and thus the reader needs the prompts), but at the end of the book Sookie makes a decision that is obviously a game changer in their relationship and right now having just put the book down I am not really sure how I feel about it.  Do I think Sookie made the right choice? Probably, although I think the long-lasting consequences may make me feel somewhat different. 

I think that the Sookie Stackhouse fans have come this far and will stay with it now until the end.  After all we only have one more book to go.  Do I think they will be happy? I for one am pretty sure my answer will be no!  I loved the Southern VAMPIRE mysteries also known as the Sookie Stackhouse novels but now the vampire storyline seems to have been pushed further and further away from the forefront and it is all about the shifters …. and we all know how I feel about them lol ………………………



4 responses to “Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris – My Review (Warning possible spoilers) V””V

  1. Well Mel, I got my book yesterday and gfinished last night /this morning. It did answer some questions like Barry is Mr. C great- great grandson so the telepathy question was answered. We all knew Claude was a dickhead from the start. Even Soookie herself said it many many times. Now he proved it. I beleive Claude set the Hellhounds on Mr. C. The title came from last part of the book where he tells Sookie he is locked in the contract to the Q of OK. DeadLock. Vampire being dead and locked as in the contract. Personally I am glad Sookie used the CD for Sam. I think Eric wanted the CD for his own use. Since he was a viking he probably thought that because Sookie is married to him the CD was part of HIS property but Sook took care of that. Marrying Eric gave her protection- once Eric is married to the Q of OK- I think the protection will be gone and she will be “fair game”. The Will- well- why not? She does have property and that should stay in the family somehow. since it has been handed down for years and years.
    Bill finally got a “day guy”. Eric will marry Q of OK and Pam will become sheriff or some kind of leader since to me I think she would make a good one. BUT it was mentioned yet again about Eric’s other child. I wonder if in the last installment we will get a chance to meet her.
    Overall- this was a Fae book. The Vamps did make an appearance but maybe in the LAST installment we will see more action from vamps. Not necessarily from Sookie and Eric as lovers. I think they are through. I am glad Niall gave Sookie and her property protection. I believe by doing the magic thing over her head but he could have been sealing the portal to all but her for communication purposes only as well as protecting her.

  2. I liked this book more so than the last two but I have grown very tired of the fae storyline. In the beginning of the series I had always hoped Sookie would eventually choose to be turned. How ever after reading this with all the emphasis on babies I have a feeling she may end up with Sam or perhaps Quinn will comeback. I am turned off by the lack of vampires. I started reading the series after the first season of True Blood. At that point there were 7 books and I read them in a little over a week. I loved them but as the story started to lean more towards the fae I was disappointed. I don’t mind the shifters at all as long as the vampires get equal time.
    I guess after reading this I felt like Sookie’s biological clock is ticking. She will want to raise a family and after all the mentioning of fairy blood being so irresistible I think she would always wonder if any vampire would truly love her without the fae blood. I hope it turns out differently but that is the impression I got from the direction of this book. Even though I am a little disappointed I will absolutely read the last book just to see. I really hope Charlaine kicks it up a notch and sends these characters we have grown to love (and the ones we hate) out with a bang.

    • I totally agree. I absolutely loved the first few books and like you quickly tore threw them. I will finish the series but I am rather sad at how it all got wrapped up. Definitely not what I envisioned when I started the series. I feel CH lost her way when the real stardom hit 😦 V””V

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