True Blood Waiting Sucks …. Season 5 Vampyr Tease V””V

So no new sneak peek this week for Season 5, instead HBO released what they are calling “Vampyr Tease” which is a short clip featuring Christopher Meloni who we know is joining the True Blood case as part of The Authority.

Whilst it is a very interesting historical style clip other than showing us that Vampire’s have some cute little blood-letting gadgets (Wonder if HBO will be selling them lol), and that vampirism is often treated almost as a religion we don’t really get to see very much that will help us other that Christopher Meloni is going to be playing an older vampire, which judging by the fact he is supposed to be a member of The Authority, is not really surprising.

I can only hope that this is a sign that this is indeed going to be a vampire based season! Let’s face it, it is the reason most of us watch True Blood in the first place! The last thing we need is more new supes to try to keep track of!



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