True Blood Season 5 – Trailer 1# And My Thoughts About It V””V

So as promised HBO aired a new trailer on Sunday night  before Game Of Thrones.  What I don’t understand is why they are calling it Trailer 1 when they already released a previous one but hey it’s their world … we just visit it … A LOT! 

I have watched, re-watched, and then watched a few more times just  looking for clues about what we can come to expect in Season 5 …. so watch the video and then scroll down for my thoughts and speculations about what we might have to look forward to.  Warning these are just MY thoughts!! I make no claim to their accuracy, and obviously there will be possible spoilers!! (Well these days you just have to cover that stuff *rolls eyes*)

Firstly let me start by saying YAY!!!!!!! It looks like the vampires are finally back in town … and by town I mean they are the main focus of what is after all supposed to be a vampire based show.  I feel the last couple of seasons Alan Ball and team seem to have lost sight of that whilst they bring in all the other supernatural elements.

I love from the clips that it looks like the vampires are embracing their real selves (or if nothing else we will get some awesome vampy flashbacks …. Eric in that suit?? Yes please!! We will take a bit more of that!!!)  Pam and Eric in bed?? Now what was that all about?  I would say maybe another flashback but hairstyles are looking rather current.

Humans should be farmed like cattle … hmmm that is a little turn around from the ex Reverend.  Hope we get to find out who turned him.  Just goes to show you though asshole in life makes for an asshole vampire!  Even then an asshole vampire is always more interesting … especially on a killing spree.

Sookie is generally not on anyone’s good side ….. oh well suck it up cupcake! Lala calls her the angel of death (Perhaps over Tara being dead … please stay dead Tara … dead dead, not undead …… Alcide bitches at her for always being in trouble (I am guessing that even though he abjured Debbie he still wasn’t too impressed by the shotgun demise at Sookie’s hands) and even Bill has decided that maybe using Sookie rather than giving her a choice is a good idea.  Ooooh ….. Alan Ball are you finally letting Eric show us a glimpse from the books???  On that I won’t hold my breath but it would certainly be amusing.

The new “Authority” look like they enjoy their vampire status so that is good but what is not clear is whether they are teaming up with Bill and Eric to go after Russell (Oh I do love a little KRE … he is just so unhinged), or whether it is more of a free for all with everyone against everyone.

All I can say is that having seen this June 10th cannot get here soon enough for me!!!!



6 responses to “True Blood Season 5 – Trailer 1# And My Thoughts About It V””V

  1. This season HAS to be better than last, with the whole Narnia shower scene & the dumping of Eric (boo Sookie, you are brain dead!!!). I do love Eric in that suit & top hat, the blood on his hand just finishes the look 🙂 And KRE! Squeeee! I am looking forward to his psychotic appearances, loved his pulling out the spine performance from last season. As for Tara, uck, I find her character very annoying. I know that they don’t follow the books closely, as she was not a big part of the books-just popping in here & there. All in all, this season has the looks of being way better than the last. Definitely looking forward to June10th!

  2. Eww at the tara statement. She may not have been well liked but i as a black women appreciated having 1 character that represents me on the show however stereo typically maybe nobody understands her angst, and anger. Yet Arlene and Andy live on! !. I love your musings but i challenge your vision to widen its perspective on a few things. Much love hon

    • Thanks for the reply. I loved Tara in Season 1 and thought that she was really well cast compared to the previous “Tara” from the pilot. I just feel as the Seasons have gone on she has becoming rather annoying for me. I would haved liked to see her drive off at the end of S3 and have her leave on that defiant, strong note rather than come back having been lying to her g/f, living a fake life. I would be quite happy for Andy and Arlene not to live on either. I adore Terry but Arlene and the S3 and 4 Andy drive me up the wall so I share your pain there. V””V

      • I agree. They seemed to have rewritten the whole casts personalities and left Tara n sanitys outbox. I have high hopes for my fellow looney tunes so I root for the taras and lindseys hoping in the end WINNING is not just a sparkling rant of pop culture but for us outcasts its the true death of close minded idiots! 😉

  3. I loved Tara at the start of the show, the first couple of seasons. It just seems that they have made her angrier & angrier & sometimes for no other reason than to be angry. Arlene *gag* I can do without her, especially if they follow the books closer & she goes all FOTS on us. Terry has a bigger role in the show too, whereas in the books he does not. I like that they have gave some characters bigger roles (Lala, as he is kill in book 1) & I like some of the newer characters they brought in as well.

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