The Taming Of The Vampire V””V

Today’s musings are a culmination of many thoughts and discussions that I have had with my lovely Lauren. I simply want to know this …. what is with society and it’s obsession with taming, or fixing, vampires?

Looking around at vampire culture as it stands right now I am amazed at how widely appealing vampires seem to have become over the last few years, and then I look again and see that it is not vampires as I love them, but rather a pale imitation of the darkness I fell in love with. Many people may say that Twilight is to blame with its broad appeal to young and old, and the beautiful love story beneath it, although if you ask me Twilight itself can definitely be read from a darker angle and really it is a tale of obsession that ends with the human being turned into a vampire….. but to be honest I usually stick Twilight and all its connotations in a separate pocket marked “not bad story idea”, and keep it out of my vampyric thoughts.

Twilight, however, is not really to blame as this “fixing” issue has been around for many years.  Probably first really noticeable in the Buffy series with Angel (who was always so much more appealing as Angellus) and then Spike who was the quintessential “Bad Boy” vamp until he fell in love … and “died” to save the world …. YUCK!

Then of course with TV you have the latest 3 incarnations, True Blood, Being Human (2 versions) and The Vampire Diaries.  True Blood emerged 5 years ago on HBO and was different and gritty and even referred to as “vampire porn”.  What started out with really little more than a cult following has become a huge success over the last 5 years launching careers and Alan Ball trying to push the boundaries but sadly sometimes missing the mark as boundaries are being pushed just for the sake of pushing rather than with a purpose.  Do not get me wrong though I will be there, glued to the set on June 10th, along with several million other people, a statistic that I would have thought years ago would never be mentioned in the same sentence as a vampire show.

Then you have Being Human, a small UK show that (at least for the first 3 seasons) was dark, different, and in my opinion compulsive viewing.  Of course the USA had to copy it but the remake is a pale imitation of the original which is so often the case and this will no longer be mentioned.  Back to the UK version and you get to meet some “Real” vampires.  Ivan and Daisy who I adore and who love being vampires and all that it involves, they kill, they laugh, they fight, and they dote on each other.  They love the adventure that being a vampire brings and have no love lost for humans.  Then there is Mitchell, who at his best destroys a train full of people because he has been betrayed by a human. The rawness, the loss of control, the complete abandonment to their nature, THIS is what I want to see.  Oh and we can’t forget Lauren, my lovely Lauren who rips out the throat of a pretty young blond outside a pub … because she can!

Oh and a very brief mention to The Vampire Diaries, mainly because I don’t really watch it but in the clips I have seen at least Damon seems to enjoy being a vampire so props for that but at the end of the day it is a show aimed at teenagers, so sadly I feel it will never compel me to view.

And so we move to literature and the complete flooding in the marketplace right now of vampire based fiction.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love that there are so many options out there and yes I do read pretty much all of them, including the Young Adult books which often have some of the more interesting historical ideas. But when it comes down to it I want the darkness.  Give me Laurell K Hamilton and the darkness that lives in her head, Give me Jeaniene Frost and her vampires that embrace who they are, Give me Anne Rice and her beautiful brat prince, but please, please so not ask my vampires to change.

I do not want them “Fixed”, I do not want them “Tamed”, I want them DARK, and VIOLENT, and I don’t want them being sorry about it afterwards.  I don’t want them to pine for their humanity I want them to embrace the darkness that is in essence for me what a vampire is.

Am I wrong? In reality the point it mute as society will at least move on to new things when they tire of this “fad”.  I have already been told that “Zombies” are the new vampires.  Well then little sheep go chase a zombie, although what you are going to find sexy in that is way beyond me.  Perhaps you are just looking for something to kill? Perhaps in fact society is darker in its thoughts than I am ….. now THAT is something to be scared of lol ….



10 responses to “The Taming Of The Vampire V””V

  1. I totally agree. Lestat de Lioncourt is my very first vampire love. I think that is what I love about Klaus & Damon from TVD too. They embrace what they are & they don’t apologize for it. I prefer my vamp dark & dangerous, not whinging & broody like Louis from Anne Rice’s Vamp Chronicles. Why be sorry for something that is in your nature???

  2. I totally agree. Lestat de Lioncourt was my first vamp love. He was bad & he loved it! I think that is why I love Klaus & Damon from TVD, they embrace what they are & they enjoy it. I don’t like my vamps whinging & broody like Louis from Anne Rice’s Vamp Chronicles. Why shouldn’t you embrace something that is in your nature???

  3. Vampire crazes seem to ebb and flow in popularity and always in each incarntation there are the people that want to tame them. It’s like “Rebel without a Cause” with fangs. I want to call the “fans” Rebels without a clue! They want to pretend they are cutting edge, against the norm, but in the end they want the truly unique and gifted vampire to turn into the everyday boyfriend. Where’s the challenge in that?

  4. I actually think Anne Rice started the whole, vampire redemption/soulful vampire. Lestat isn’t as wishy washy as some of the vampire nowadays, but in the end, he was seeking redemption and curbing a lot of his darker tendencies. Rice romanticized the vampire for an entire generation. And whether or not the teenagers of this generation know it, she still has an influence over the trend today. Laurell Hamilton’s vampires are darker, but in the end, their story still revolves around love also. Same for True Blood, and Vampire Diaries. Vampires aren’t about bloodshed and vampirism now. They are about appealing to the mass audience that wants to see their vampiric heroes defanged and ‘neutered’ so to speak.

    • Whilst I agree Anne Rice did romantacize a little as the series continues it circles back to the fact that Lestat refuses to live by the rules and he still kills. Laurell K Hamilton’s vampires whilst they love they have no problem with killing anyone or anything that gets in their way and they don’t apologize for it. I hate that the audience want to see their vampires tamed …. I want mine dark and primal and unapologetic and I imagine I always will V””V

      • Oh, I’m not saying that Lestat didn’t embrace what he was, because he did. He did. He will always be the eternal brat prince. And Laurell Hamiltons vamps, sexy beasts that they are, never apologize for it either. They are vampires. I was just pointing out that in the end when it comes to vampires, it isn’t about the fear anymore. They aren’t feared. If we’d put them into two categories: Ones you’d like to meet in an alley and ones you wouldn’t, nowadays more of the vampires would fit into the first category. Put me in the alley with Asher, Lestat, Marius, Eric, Jean-Claude anyday. Put me in an alley with the vampires from 30 Days of Night and i’d crap my pants.

      • Now that is hilarious!!!! I think the 30 days of night vampires remind me more of the zombie mentality that i personally don’t associate with vampires, even rogue newborns that have total blood lust. I have to agree thought, as much as I am up for meeting pretty much any vampire I think I too may have to pass on them! V””V

      • Oh, and Mitchell would be in the first category, i’d just be more worried about missing a sizeable chunk of my neck the next morning, or waking up dead with him.

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