True Blood Season 5 “Don’t Cry, It’s Back” PromoV””V

So HBO didn’t give us any new clips last night but rather a video to tie in with their whole “Don’t Cry, It’s Back” theme of promotions.

All of the memorable “crying moments” are there and I am sure that like me many of you can name exactly what episode each and everyone appeared in but I have to say that Eric crying over Godric, well that episode gets me each and every time.

On the plus side it is great to see so many vampire based promotions coming out for this season.  It gives me more hope that Alan Ball may be about to deliver a real vampyric season, which let’s be honest, is what MOST of the fans want.  Yes I know there are those of you out there that do love those pesky Weres (don’t understand it but I do acknowledge it lol), but what I want to see is vampires …. lots and lots of vampires!!  But I would like a witchy answer to one question … HOW DID PAM GET FIXED??? Or is she even fixed??  The last couple of rotting comments came one from Tara as Pam was about to kill her telling her she smelled rotten and then Antonia/Marnie threatening to make her lips fall off.  Other than that it just seems that Alan Ball is going to ignore it.

Is this bothering anyone else or is it just me ….. Hmmmmmm oh well ….. Enjoy the clip fellow True Blood Fans …. only 20 days to go!!! Yes Waiting Sucks … but the wait is almost over!



4 responses to “True Blood Season 5 “Don’t Cry, It’s Back” PromoV””V

  1. I suspect it’s the whole “Spell dies with the witch” take, which is fine by me as I found the whole degrading the vampires thing insulting. In the books, the witches fear the vampires as they should.

    • I am assuming that is what it is … but I wish it had been clarified …. I need to rewatch again but I am pretty sure that when they had marnie in the cell someone said just killing the witch wouldn’t work …. as most of the witchcraft stuff was fairly inaccurate I must confess I tuned out a little …. now I have a reason to watch another episode again …. oh won’t Greg be happy :D. V””V

      • I remember that too. They did say that it would NOT fix Pam. However in a lot of books the spell does die with the witch. Unless The good Dr. found a way to fix her. Who knows on the show they can walk in the sun from Sookie’s blood maybe it breaks spells too. I will have to rewatch because now I am wondering if I missed something. Perhaps it will be addressed this season.

      • It is often the way that “magic” etc is protrayed in books but I know Charlaine Harris had it differently in the book and I am pretty sure they did in the show too. I need to watch Episode 6 again to be sure. I have a feeling Mr Ball and the crew have just forgotten all about it with the myriad of other stories going on *sigh*. Just another thing for me to obsess over lol V””V

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