True Blood Season 5 Ep 2 Authority Always Wins Synopsis / Review V””V

Well my fellow True Blood Fans, here we are at Episode 2, Authority Always Wins! (For those you of new to my spoiler reviews there is a LOT of detail as some people read them from other countries that can’t get to see the episode yet.  I also list my favorite memorable lines at the bottom (feel free to tell me any you liked that I didn’t use), and new for this year as HBO Go has added online extras while you watch I have added in the time stamps for each of them : Listed after the memorable lines)

This week’s episode picks up right where last week’s left off with crazy new vampire Tara attacking Sookie while Lafayette screams at Pam to DO SOMETHING!!!! To which she replies in typical Pam fashion ….. “I am … I’m laughing!!” Hilarious! She does, however, step in once it looks like Tara is about to drain Sookie dry and grabs her off all the time complaining that she has better things to do and can’t be dealing with Tara all night.  She tells Sookie her part is over, she “made her” and now it is up to Lafayette and Sookie to deal with her.  Pam does issue a maker command forbidding Tara to bite either of them so that might help a little.

After throwing her in the house and telling her to stay there Pam takes off and Tara reacts like a caged animal smashing up everything in sight with her new-found vampire strength. Poor Gran’s kitchen is never going to get a break is it!  Sookie and Lafayette decide they have to go in and talk to her which is going to be easier said than done. When Tara takes a break from totally destroying the place to perch like a predator on the sink, Sookie tells Lafayette to “Grab Her!”.  The look on Lafayette’s face is just priceless!!! Oh Nelson Ellis is a GENIUS!!! LOVE HIM!!!!  But anyway grabbing her is a failure and she takes off upstairs to find new things to smash leaving Sookie and Lafayette to wonder what to do next.

This next part actually takes place much further into the episode but I am going to keep it all in blocks together this week because that is the kind of mood I am in lol (That and Mr Ball actually has just a couple of stories going on so it is a little easier to do at the moment).  Sooooo Sookie realises it is getting near dawn and they need to get Tara down into Eric’s cubby.  At this point it is pretty clear that reasoning with her is not going to be an option so instead they concoct a crazy scheme where Lafayette goes in and cuts his arm to distract her and then Sookie catches her around the neck with a silver chain.  Amazingly enough it actually works and they manage to get her into the safe place for the day.  

Over in a yet undisclosed location (We learn later it is in New Orleans) the “Authority” is arriving at their headquarters with prisoners Eric, Bill, and Nora.  The outside looks like a huge abandoned warehouse but once we go inside we see that it is in fact a fully kitted out secret vampire headquarters complete with secret doors that open with a “blood key” and technology that looks as though it may belong more in a mission impossible movie than in True Blood.  Once through the “cover” part of the warehouse you get to see a vast underground operation complete with reception desks, people milling about trying to look important with various files, in fact it reminds me a lot of Wolfram and Hart from the old episodes of Angel.  We get to meet Salome (one of the Authority) who thought Eric would be taller *Rolls eyes* and she is unimpressed by Mora’s claims that she would never betray them calling her words fairy tales.

The three “traitors” are tossed in to vampire prison cells where we get to meet a very deformed looking vampire who apparently likes to eat babies (so probably a good thing he is in there then).  It soon becomes clear that the reason for his deformity is an overhead UV light that they Authority throws on when it wants information that the vampires may be unwilling to give up.  Oh and it isn’t just your personal cell that gets zapped, oh no they zap the whole block as we find out when Bill tries to take the blame for everything on himself.  The Authority isn’t buying that at all (probably because it is a total lie) and everyone gets zapped a couple of times (not that it seems to do any good … they still aren’t talking and baby eater looks like he has been zapped so many times he can’t even heal anymore).

Back in the woods where we left Alcide last week with the crazy wolf pack eating Marcus’s body things are not going well because Alcide doesn’t want to be pack master and he sure doesn’t want to join in with the eating.  Martha thinks this is totally disrespectful and Alcide really couldn’t care less.  He just wants to leave.  Despite many insults he refuses to be goaded into a fight. Luna takes Sam home and we see them later that night at Luna’s house as she cleans him up.  When Luna goes to check on Emma Martha appears at the door and claims she just wants to talk.  Luna comes back and is unamused especially when Martha reminds her that she is Emma’s grandmother.  She points out that when Emma turns she is going to need a pack because she is a wolf although Luna is holding on to the hope that Emma will be a shifter.

They make Martha leaves and Sam becomes Luna’s point of attack when Sam suggests that he is looking out for what is best for Emma too.  Luna has obviously taken some psycho pills and totally flips out and tells Sam to leave. Later that night we get to see that Emma is in fact a wolf … as she has turned into the cutest little wolf cub and is sitting there as a cub in Emma’s PJ’s!!!

Over at Fangtasia, Pam has returned to find Ginger upset that she had to open by herself but Pam is more worried that there is no news at all from Eric and she calls to leave him a voicemail. This cues into a flashback to Pam in San Francisco in 1905 where she is working in a brothel.  We get to see a little of Pam’s former life with her finding one of her fellow “girls” dead in a room before she heads out into the streets.  There she gets accosted by a man with a knife who doesn’t want to wait until the next day to sample her pleasures.  Eric rushes to the rescue looking very dapper in a top hat and Ascot and promptly slashes the man’s throat with his own knife splattering Pam with blood in the process (not that she seems to bothered).  A quick comment from Eric about Pam not being scared and Pam replying that she has seen a lot of death and Eric vanishes into the night at super vampire speed leaving Pam alone looking on with wonder.  I was hoping we would get more of this story tonight but I guess Alan Ball know’s he has us hooked and so will be dragging this out!

Over on the other side of town there are problems of a different kind for Terry and Arlene.  Now that Patrick is back it seems to have triggered some kind of major PTSD breakdown for Terry who we find just standing in a trance by the bed until Arlene finally manages to get his attention enough for him to then lay down and go to sleep and then later he attacks Arlene while they are at work before he realises what he is doing!  Arlene can’t take it and goes to see Patrick and ask for his help which Terry is very unamused about but it sets us up for Terry and Patrick to go off on a little adventure to try to sort out “ghosts from the past”.  I imagine over the next couple of weeks we will get to learn more about what we saw in the sneak peek.  Hmmmmm would be nice if Rene felt like making another appearance!

Daytime hits and Jason and Andy are investigating an abandoned car .. which turns out to belong to Debbie Pelt. Oh you know that isn’t going to work out well!!  Andy finds “V” in the car but does the right thing and gives it to Jason rather than drinking it.  Looks like he really is trying to change.  Back at the station Andy deals with that little “ticket” issue from last week and Jason gets a visit from “Crazy Sharon’s” son who informs him that because Jason slept with his mom their family is now splitting up.  This obviously gives Jason pause for thought, well as much pause as Jason ever has, and Andy takes the kid out with a warning to Jason to stay away from Holly.

Sookie is taking the opportunity to visit the “Stake House” and stock up on various “Anti Vampire” supplies.  The best of these looks like one of those air fresheners that sprays as you walk past, only instead of spraying some nice smelling scent actually sprays colloidal silver guaranteed to cause severe burning to any vampire that comes into contact with it. You also get a glimpse at the “old Sookie” powers coming back into play with her reading  the shop clerks mind and making him uncomfortable by mentioning what she had heard.  So she goes back home to set it up and is just finishing when she has to stop Lafayette from staking Tara while she is at rest for the day.  Sookie promises that it will get better and that they will make it work and explains how bad Jessica was in the beginning.  Lafayette  doesn’t look convinced but does leave Tara alone and hands over the stake.  At the end of the day he may end up regretting that because when Tara wakes for the night she informs them both that she hates them for what they let her turn into and then she takes off running but not before she sets off Sookie’s new security silver getting her nicely burned.  So Tara has run off into the night going who knows where… that can’t be good

Back over at the Authority Headquarters the prisoners have been split up and it is interrogation time.  We get to learn that the Vampires have a bible and believe that they were in fact made in God’s image when Lilith was created and that Adam and Eve were created for food.  They have Bill and Eric strapped up to a device similar to the injections used on death row but in this case it injects silver.  Bill’s interrogator (Dieter) reminds me of a misguided priest and their whole discussion was at least fairly interesting and Bill didn’t fall for the old “Eric already told us everything trick” so ended up in complete agony from the silver.  In the other room Eric has the “pleasure” of Salome for his questioning.  She reminded me of a very poor imitation of Lorena and Alexander Skarsgard completely dominated the scene with perhaps more pain being felt when he thought that they had killed Nora than from the silver being injected into his veins.  Either way the whole process was rather futile and the prisoners were returned (somewhat damaged) to their cells.

Over at last years vampire headquarters (Also known as Bill’s Mansion) Jessica is in full party mode although is looking rather bored with it all as she holds a keg above a college students head as she “chugs” away.  Perhaps more amusing was when she dropped the keg to go and usher a girl who is about to vomit out of the house with a look of pure annoyance.  As she opens the door to throw the girl out there is Steven Newlin who invites himself in and joins the party.  Oh he is hilarious!! The dancing, the high fives, all totally ridiculous but enjoyable to watch.  Jessica quickly gets to the reason Steve is there and they head into the office to talk.  It turns out that Steve wants to “buy” Jason for $10,000.  Jessica finds this rather amusing and ups the price to $20,000 with negotiating skills debating Jason’s butt!!  Steve is eventually convinced but then Jessica laughs and says that she doesn’t sell her friends.  This annoys Steve and he tries to attack her and pulls her hair (yes he fights like a girl) but Jessica is stronger and throws him out with his parting remark that Bill is no longer the king!  Jessica then throws all the annoying humans out too!!

Jason goes to visit Hoyt who is back at his mother’s house which apparently means Hoyt has to prove he is a man by dropping the fuck word as many times as possible in the shortest space of time.  Maxine is unamused but makes a show of sticking up for Hoyt and throwing Jason out all while secretly thanking Jason for splitting Hoyt and Jessica up and promises to bake him a pie …. as she yells at him and throws him out the door.  Personally I am over Hoyt moping around and his whole sulky attitude and am I the only one that remembers in Season 1 Jason and Hoyt  weren’t that close with Jason yelling at him for calling him Jay?  It was only after Rene died that they suddenly became best friends and then a whole new back story seems to have been invented.  Hmmmmm just a thought …..

Finally we finish the night back at the Authority headquarters where we finally get to see Christopher Meloni’s debut as the leader of this strange organisation (Roman).  They are conducting some kind of “vampire mass” which incorporates a lot of very interesting vampire law but sadly in my opinion this new vampire leader just doesn’t really work for me.  With so many powerful performances he really needed to have an “edge” to him that i felt was lacking.  I just didn’t believe him in the role.  Actually almost all of the Authority was kind of just blah.  The child seemed like a child rather than an ancient trapped in a childs’ body, Salome, as I already mentioned comes across as a pale imitation of Lorena, and over all I feel this was an opportunity lost.

Eric and Bill let it be known that whether they meet the true death or not Russell is out there and overall the Authority agree that they might need to use them to try and get this little problem sorted despite Roman’s overwhelming desire just to stake them.  For a governing body that seems to have so much access to everything you would have thought they would have been tapping Eric’s phone at least so that they would already know this but I guess this was seemed a little more dramatic.

Oh and right at the end we see Russell, still a little dried and crispy with bodies strewn on the floor around him but he is healing ….. and when he does … LET THE FUN BEGIN :D!!!

On the plus side the vampire theme is definitely continuing to be a governing force so far this season (although we are only 2 episodes in) and I have hopes from the previews that this will continue.  I am glad that Nora wasn’t killed and I am hoping for some more Eric / Nora action in the future!!! … Until next week ……………….


Memorable Lines From Authority Always Wins

  • Lafayette – “Do Something!” Pam – “I am … I’m Laughing!!!”
  • Sam – “She just lost her son”   Luna – “She just ATE her son!!”
  • Jason – “That’s getting to eat the pie without having to pay for the cow … it’s a win win”
  • Redneck Clerk at Stake House – “It Burns It Burns … I’m gonna leave you alone and go eat your neighbour”
  • Steve Newlin – “I’m here to tell you, Jesus loves vampires. I mean, anyone who’s been dead for three days knows where we’re coming from.”
  • Jessica – “Hey Idiots, you’re boring me …. .go back to your human lives before I eat you!”

HBO Go – Extras

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  • 01.24 – Learning To Vamp (Video)
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  • 02.14 – A Maker’s Power :  Releasing
  • 02.34 – A Maker’s Power – Sixth Sense
  • 04.00 – True Secret : Made to Order
  • 07.26 – Base Instincts (Video)
  • 09.47 – Best Scene Ever (Video)
  • 10.19 – Now Playing – Hat and Cane performed by Adam Saunders and Mark Cousins
  • 11.30 – Before She Was Turned (Video)
  • 11.48 – Call Me (Video)
  • 16.25 – Hothead Lovers (Video)
  • 17.31 – True Story – Tara’s Brain
  • 19.17 – Relive – Only Good On The V
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  • 24.39 – Power Hungry (Video)
  • 24.51-  First Draft : Airport Bait
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  • 32.28 – Bible Thumpers (Video)
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  • 35.13 – It’s Complicated (Video)
  • 35.24 – Now Playing – Hang It Up performed by The Ting Tangs
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  • 50.47 – Trouble With Authority
  • 52.12 – True Secret : The Near Stake

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  1. I wasn’t sold on Meloni either. Personally, I love him as an actor, but he just didn’t click with me as a vampire. I’d hate to say forced, but it just seemed like he was trying to hard to ‘vamp’ it out, and it just came across as rather dull.

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