Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost – My Review (Warning possible spoilers) V””V

As June 26th hit I was very excited for the much-anticipated release of Jeaniene Frost’s new novel!  Once Burned, whilst set in the Night Huntress World , is in fact the first book in a new “Night Prince” series about Vlad Tepes who many fans of the series, like myself, have come to know and love during previous Cat and Bones escapades.

With my fascination of all things vampyric it will probably not be much of a shock that reading all things Dracula related has often been a consuming passion but this isn’t Dracula as you know him, this is Vlad Tepes and he doesn’t appreciate you forgetting it.

Jeaniene Frost has woven yet another amazing book with a story that is such a page turner it makes you cringe to think you have to wait a whole year for the next installment.  She has managed to do what I thought would be impossible and find a woman worthy of Vlad’s devotion.  I never thought that anyone would be able to dream up a character comparable to Cat but Jeaniene has managed it.  Leila is feisty, and strong, and has powers so unusual that even Vlad has to stop and take notice.  I loved that she already had experience with vampires so that wasn’t an issue that had to be addressed, and the chemistry between them sparked as hot and bright as Vlad’s burning fingers.

Murder, mayhem, threats, and torture are just par for the course with a vampire novel but this has an edge to it that will keep you guessing with every turn of the page.  The passion is electric ,(in more ways than one), and the drama concludes with just enough of a cliffhanger to leave you wanting more without leaving you so frustrated that the book gets thrown across the room.

I would imagine that with a basic vampire based knowledge you could read this book as a stand alone but I guarantee that you will enjoy it a whole hell of a lot more if you read it AFTER reading the rest of the Night Huntress tales.





8 responses to “Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost – My Review (Warning possible spoilers) V””V

  1. We generally agree on all things Night Huntress, but I have to respectfully disagree with you on this one. I found it hard to hold my interest. Right from the start, the character of Leila reminded me of Harper Connelly by Charlaine Harris, with her abilities brought on by electrocution/lightning. Also, this wasn’t the Vlad that I’ve come to know and love from the other NH books. Where was the sardonic, funny Vlad? I *did* prefer the format of this book to the other books in the NH World, where the POV jumps between characters, but again, I found it difficult to hold my interest. Also, the other NH World books featured *some* involvement of Cat and Bones, whereas this one just barely mentions them – less than a page. As they are the key characters in this series, I found the lack of ANY involvement of them frustrating. And the ending – what a cliffhanger! There was NO resolution whatsoever. It’s like the book is literally stopped in the middle of the story. Vlad’s character isn’t further developed, and Leila holds my interest even less than Kira – and that’s saying something. As far as NHW books go, this one ranks below Eternal Kiss of Darkness for me. I’m not really looking forward to the next in the series, except to move things along to the next Cat and Bones book.

    • Interesting Heather. I found this was indeed the Vlad that I had come to know and love but just with more implied, internal comments and facial expressions. I am totally hooked. I hadn’t twigged the connection to Harper until you mentioned it but having read the other series I can totally see why you would feel like that. I felt it was more resolved than the first Cat and Bones book which had me throwing it across the room in frustration that it would end that way. Nice to hear your opinion as always though *Mwah* V””V

      • I’ll read it again to see if I pick up more – I usually do with JF’s books. Right now my brain is focused on Halfway to the Grave since I’m writing the Bones fanfic, maybe when I’m not so distracted I’ll catch more details and enjoy it more. I know I had to do that with First Drop of Crimson and now it’s a fave. One thing i did find unusual about this book was Leila being a virgin – you don’t see that often in books these days, and I think it will help her break through vlad’s emotional barriers. As he said, you can only give it once, and giving it to him was an honor. I just wish writers would write it a little more realistically – it hurts like hell, and not JUST For the first time, either. But that’s a soapbox issue of mine. The playing of the affections of Maximus vs Vlad was interesting – I’d like to see how it plays out between the two men, since it’s pretty clear who Leila will choose.

      • Will be interested to see what you think after the reread. It has become an immediate favorite of mine but I wonder how much of that was pre-destined with my love for Vlad already and that I have been waiting for this book for forever. The whole Maximus thing has been resolved for me as Vlad already removed his right to court Leila after they shared blood. There was no spark between them anyway lol V””V

      • Its true that Leila doesn’t have a spark for Maximus, but he has one for her. I see a potential Tate situation developing…

  2. It’s true that Leila doesn’t have a spark for Maximus, but he has one for her – AND she feels strongly toward him for protecting her. I can see another Tate situation developing…

      • Yes, but this would be different since Vlad knows and trusts Maximus… Unlike whereas Bones met Tate as a rival straight off. What do you do when you’ve given someone you trust permission to pursue a woman you’re also interested in, and he doesn’t truly back off even after you’ve staked your claim?? Something to think about…

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