True Blood Season 5 – My Musings So Far V””V

Well here we are about to see Episode 4 tomorrow and so I thought I would take a few minutes to have my say about what I think about the events that have taken place so far.  Unlike the synopsis posts these are purely my random musings.

Let me start by saying I am very pleased to see that the trailers we saw leading up to Season 5 have in fact produced a very vampcentric start to the season with just a little splattering of “other” supernatural stuff.  This definitely works for me as I have felt that for the last couple of seasons the vampires have almost been forced to take a back seat to the rest of the creatures they felt the need to introduce and at times there were so many stories in play it seemed that a lot of them got shafted with rushed conclusions and forced endings.

This season has started with the introduction of the “Authority” characters.  A team that has been floating around since Season 3 but now we actually have faces to put to them.  Sadly I think they may have been better off NOT doing that.  Even the much anticipated vampire screen debut of Christopher Meloni as the Guardian has failed to elicit much response from me.  The people that they have cast just do not seem to have the “presence” that I was hoping for, in fact that is really required, to play ancient, all ruling vampires.  They have tried to introduce a child, which under the proper circumstances can be chilling, (Kirsten Dunst as Claudia in Interview with the Vampire was positively haunting), but in this case the actor cast comes across AS a child.  I find myself constantly waiting for one of the other members to tell him to go to his room while the grown ups talk!

Saying that it isn’t just the child casting that seems rather lackluster.  The “Authority” idea was a good one and with the right people on-screen it could have been compelling but NONE of the cast has any of the presence that can live up to 1, being a vampire ancient, and 2 even holding their own against the current screen actors.  Even Bill outshines every Authority member in any scene they are in.  Salome comes across as a pale imitation of Lorena despite the fact that she is supposed to have been around since biblical times.  With all the money and resources Alan Ball and his team have access too I fail to believe that this was the BEST cast they could come up with.

The only beacon of hope seemed to be Nora, Chancellor, double agent, Eric’s Sister, and in her debut appearance produced one of the sexiest scenes of the season so far.  I must confess I was hoping for a lot more Eric / Nora action but since that episode the only thing they seem to be using Nora for is torture *sigh*.  Hope they rectify this soon because with the possibility of a Sookie / Alcide hook up we need some serious sexiness back in this show!!!!

I will say that the whole idea of the Sanguinister movement, vampire bible, Lilith, and the other history that is being revealed is definitely my cup of tea.  Although it amazes me that Alan Ball and team can do brilliant research and creativity such as this whilst at the same time completely re-writing the laws of vampire turning!

Yes you guessed it, I am talking about Tara!  What happened there just simply does not fit into the laws of vampire life (unlife?) in any way shape or form.  When she was turned with that amount of head trauma one of three things would have happened. 1, she simply failed to raise.  The damage was too extreme and there was no hope of even vampire blood saving her. 2. she raised completely healed.  She could have been as mad as she wanted and hated everyone (as in episode 3) but she would have been “fixed”.  Or finally 3. she raises but as a slightly “damaged” vampire with more animalistic tendencies than humanistic thoughts.  What Alan Ball and crew seems to have decided is that she was so damaged that the first night she raised she wasn’t quite healed and thus we had episode 2 Tara, animalistic and apparently unable to communicate other than smashing stuff up and then after another death sleep she raises and is coherent again. Ummmmm NO ALAN BALL that is NOT how it works *sigh*!!!! Yes this is really aggravating me. He is even changing his OWN rules!!!

So with that being said the whole Tara thing is annoying me and for a change not just me.  Polls on Twitter opted for her to fry in that tanning bed but we know that Pam is going to save her.  I hope Pam can sort her out, either sort her out or stake her!  But talking of Pam I have to say that whilst I am not at all on board with the whole Pam/Eirc being on the outs thing, I am enjoying the flashbacks to 1905 and when Pam was made.  I am not sure I adore the back story itself per say but I do enjoy the whole period set and the relationship between Pam and Eric is amazing.  It was also great to see Lorena back then too although could have done without Bill and I am still not happy that technically Bill is Pam’s elder although I think this was mentioned before (I do tend to zone out with Bill related facts as they have little interest to me).

So that pretty much sums up the vampires, oh apart from Steve and Jessica.  Steve Newlin, turned we now know by the Authority (which I had already suspected) is excited to be in their inner circle.  Honestly I could pass on the whole Steve and Authority stuff and just have him interacting with Jessica and Jason.  They have definitely provided some of the funniest moments this season! I vote to see more of that in the upcoming weeks.

Talking of Jason he has gone through rather a lot in the last 3 episodes with this week us learning about how he became the sex crazed guy that we have come to know and love.  Anyone else wondering if those cats are more than cats in that crazy teacher’s house?  Perhaps it is just me trying to overlap the books with the show but it seemed a little bizarre.  Just going to put that to the back of my mind for now and let it circulate the idea for a bit.

And in the rest of Bon Temps we cannot forget Sookie and Lafayette.  Sookie is almost a secondary character at this point dealing with the aftermath of Debbie and Tara but little else.  Now that the whole murder is about to come out maybe we will start to see a little more of her, after all in the previews it looks as though Bill and Eric plan on using her to help with their pursuit of Russell.  On the plus side she certainly seems to have mastered her microwave fingers this season!  Oh and poor Lala, not coping well at all and that Demon Jesus left in him has reared its very literal ugly head and wanted to feed the Bon Temps residents bleach!!  Hey may not have been the worst idea they have had :D.

So finally we have Russell.  They have been teasing us and taunting us and after episode 2 I felt for sure we were about to see his emergence but alas not yet.  I think they know we are all waiting for him!!! He will certainly bring some life to the screen although for the rest of the Authority this may not be a good thing as they are getting lost up there as it is, add Russell to the picture and we may just fail to notice them at all! We are still no closer to finding out who dug him up.  I, for once, have no clue at all! For all we knew there were 4 people who knew where he was buried and it doesn’t seem to be any of them which means I am missing something.  Whether this is something that we will be able to look back in hindsight and say Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh Damn it we should have caught that, or whether it is another Alan Ball making up the rules as he goes along we will have to wait and see.

Either way one thing is for sure …. I am along for the ride!!!!




2 responses to “True Blood Season 5 – My Musings So Far V””V

  1. I couldn’t agree more! In regards to Russell I read we will find out who dug him up on episode 5. I hope that’s true. Also I have started to consider who ever dug him up maybe someone we haven’t met. I guess we will see. I’m looking forward to his return and hoping his presence will spice up the show!

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