True Blood Season 5 – Clips From The Premiere!!! (Spoilers) V””V

True Blood had its Red Carpet Season 5 Premier this week and the stars of the show were out in force … check out this clip from HBO The Buzz on YouTube.

Whilst a lot of the clips shown have already been seen in the various trailers there were a few new hints.  Alcide hints that “what he has wanted for 3 seasons” is going to happen so that can only suggest he is going to sleep with Sookie .. hmmmmm well I guess it was bound to happen at some point.

Russell is shown looking a little the worse for wear presumably before he has healed after being incarcerated in concrete for over a year (and remember he didn’t look that great going in!!) and the early Trailer 1 clips where someone is being dragged into a room suddenly are a lot clearer and Russell appears to be the body being dragged.

Eric and Bill are yet again being shown in their “Them against the Authority” scenes.  Really am not looking forward to the whole “bromance” idea!

Steve Newlin is obviously enjoying being a vampire and his wife apparently doesn’t seem to bothered by it either … “let me touch your fangs”?? Ummmmm no thanks, I’ll pass!!!!

So we have just one week to wait until we get to see all our favorites (and some of our not so favorites) on-screen again.  Waiting SUCKS but at least the wait is almost over!!!




More Pictures Added V””V


So over on The Vampire Loving Dorks Facebook page I have been posting a countdown to the new Season 5 of True Blood featuring cast characters and have been getting requests for various other cast members.  As the VLD Facebook page has a “No Shifter” policy I figured I would post the collection here and people could snag the characters they like.  Please note ALL pictures are ScreenCaps and Posters from the TV show True Blood on HBO and I make NO CLAIMS that these are my own. V””V

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