True Blood Season 5 Ep 4 We’ll Meet Again Synopsis / Review V””V

Well my fellow True Blood Fans, Firstly let me apologize AGAIN for the delay in this weeks posting.  Life here has been a little hectic with it being the 4th of July week (not that I personally celebrate) and my husband being home ….. But I am here now and ready to go with Episode 4, We’ll Meet Again! (For those you of new to my spoiler reviews there is a LOT of detail as some people read them from other countries that can’t get to see the episode yet.  I also list my favorite memorable lines at the bottom (feel free to tell me any you liked that I didn’t use), and new for this year as HBO Go has added online extras while you watch I have added in the time stamps for each of them : Listed after the memorable lines)

At the end of last week’s episode we had Tara trying to cook herself to death on a tanning bed and we saw Pam being very unimpressed by everything going on.  that doesn’t stop her from rushing down to the tanning parlor to save Tara through making very good use of her “maker” powers to overcome Tara’s desire to do herself in.  Even as she issues the order she is dripping with sarcasm and I love it!  Pam this season is her best so far and as many of you know I have been Team Pam from the beginning!

Back in Shreveport and Bill and Eric have been released by the Authority to go and search for Russell and as they quite accurately remember the list of suspects is rather short with only 4 of them (that we know of) being aware of Russell’s burial spot.  So they head to the most logical (in their eyes) person on the list Pam, and they take up residence in Fangtastia to await her return. When she does she is none to happy that everything is locked up as she yells at Ginger that they are still meant to be open!!!!   She quickly changes her tune when she walks in to see Eric there although recovers quickly to say that she doesn’t expect an apology and they should just forget all about it … let Bygones be bygones .. and bi girls be bi girls …. LOVE PAM!!! (Did I say that already??)  Especially love Pam’s face when she sees Bill and can barely force out a civil “Hi” and then has to explain that Tara is now hers and congratulations on being a Grandfather 😀

Tara leaves with Bill to go to the office so Pam and Eric can chat and we get to see a little more into how Tara is dealing with everything.  Is it me or has her accent become ridiculous since she became a vampire? Bill tries to empathize (Yawn) but Tara points out she can’t do it again anyway because Pam played the maker card and for once I agree with her … I am surprised they don’t use that more often.  I do however, see it becoming a theme with Pam and Tara.  Maybe Bill should have tried it a few more times with babyvamp Jessica in the beginning when she was such a brat.  As the parent of a teenager I can assure you if I had that available it would be used CONTINUOUSLY!!

While Tara and Bill have their little conflab in the office Eric is out in the main bar trying to extract information out of Pam about whether she was involved with freeing Russell.  Poor Pam is devastated that Eric would suspect her like that and begs him to release her if that is what he really thinks.  I agree!! Trusting Bill and a werewolf over Pam?  Not kewl Eric … and honestly not really very true to the character if you ask me.  Too much has been put into this whole Eric / Sookie thing for me.  It rang much truer when he was all for ignoring Sookie’s cries and looking out for himself.  Him and Pam, even by show criteria have been together over 100 years with nothing but loyalty and devotion from Pam.  Even when she fired the Rocket Launcher she was really only looking out for Eric’s interests and getting back to this episode Eric obviously sees this because the next thing after Pam’s outburst is Eric entering the office telling Bill that Pam is not the one. Bill questions whether it could be Nora but Eric claims he didn’t tell anyone anything.  They bounce around the only other obvious one (Jessica) but decide ultimately they will have to go to ground and cast the net wider tomorrow.

At Authority headquarters Roman is in bed watching Nora’s torture with Salome prancing around in her negligee again.  (She is really irritating if you ask me).  Roman has decided that Salome will be the one to try to break Nora as he is sure there are other traitors in their midst.  Nora agrees claiming that everyone breaks eventually.  True to their word they are keeping tabs on Bill and Eric with their little iStakes ap and annoying bratty child vamp is commenting that they are just hanging around at Fangtasia.  That little brat needs a time out!  Sorry but he is probably the most annoying of all the Authority members with Rosalyn the Redhead right after him!  There is some pointless banter about what is really going on with everything, did they in fact kill Russell, is news of his possible escape out? blah blah blah no one cares.  They switch to spying on Nora who is praying to Lilith and gets UV rayed for her prayers.  Dull Dull Dull.  Honestly at this point unless they are going to give us some USEFUL information as far as I am concerned they can just skip the Authority scenes altogether … they are just eating into perfectly good story time!

Over in Bon Temps Sookie has decided after her little run in with Alcide that she has to tell the truth and heads straight to poor Jason’s house to lay it all on him.  You can tell that all Jason really wants to do is put his fingers in his ears and say “NO NO NO Can’t hear you” but Sookie refuses to get the message and just continues to confess anyway.  Having kind of been in a similar situation before (Remember Eggs??) Jason is actually pretty calm about the whole thing and tells Sookie to go home and act normal and he will sort things out. I am really impressed at how much Jason has matured over the last 4 years and in a very believable way.  Jason is most shocked about the fact that Tara is a vampire and Jessica overhears the same thing and she looks non too impressed by this fact … but I have to give her credit …. actually no I don’t … not yet anyway …. will give her credit a bit later when that scene comes up :D.

Daytime comes and Andy is at work (although not working, he is having some annoying phone flirting with Holly …. yes another storyline I am pretty much done with lol) but he gets interrupted by the corrupt Mayor who wants to take Andy and Jason out to celebrate their corruption (the letting off of his son’s speeding ticket) at a very secret club that he goes to.

At Merlotte’s Sam older shifter friends have come to pay a visit.  It seems with Luna and Sam on the outs they want Sam to come back and come running with them.  You know that something is up but it doesn’t become clear until much later on.  Sam agrees to go meet with them but I am betting that he wishes he hadn’t.  With all that going on we flip over to Sookie who is hearing how everyone is not impressed that she saved Tara by turning her into a vampire and one of the loudest voices in her head comes from Arlene and poor Sookie can’t take it so runs to Sam’s office to cry.  She may have wished that she ran straight out into the parking lot because Lafayette pulls up and when he see’s Sookie’s car he casts some seriously bad Demon mojo on it causing far more reaction than we ever even saw in Christine.  This car looks SERIOUSLY possessed ….. and you KNOW that isn’t going to be good.

Alcide is at that very moment over confessing all to Debbie’s parents. And when I say all I mean his version of all. He has very cleverly managed to come up with a story to cover all the bases without implicating Sookie at all.  he blames it all on Marcus who as Alcide has killed him already is not exactly likely to come back and correct him.  Saying that with all the ghostly goings on lately there are no guarantees.  Alcide and the Pelts have a good cry yada yada yada I really could care less!!! Alcide needs to read the rules on what Abjured means!!! Bored of this whole story!!  The only good thing to come out of this is when Andy and Jason are talking about it before they go out to the bar and Andy is worrying that he is missing something and it is Jessica to the rescue glamouring Andy into forgetting ALL about all of it.  Oh she has turned out so well (No thanks to Bill)!!!

Sookie has decided she has had enough for the day and leaves in her possessed car.  She takes off down the road and soon finds out that her ugly little yellow car now has a mind of its own!  Picking up speed at an alarming rate and becoming impossible to control (it sounds like the car may fall apart at any moment!) she finds herself at close to 80 miles an hour and heading for a tree so Sookie bails.  Now Mr Ball I don’t care HOW good your stunt people are there is no way that someone is going to jump out of a car going that fast and land with just a couple of scrapes and bruises!! It may be better for your story but that doesn’t mean it can happen! Did Sookie develop some extra Fairy power to help her here?  i don’t think she has had any vamp blood recently to account for it?  Hmmmmm?? Just wondering!! Anyway Sookie is alive if not happy and heads home to do what anyone would do after a day like that …. Get absolutely blind DRUNK!!!

Off on another stretch of road Terry and Patrick are off on their road trip to find the crazy person and we get a series of flashbacks to give us some idea as to what happened in the past to set all of this into action.  A combination of drink and drugs and bad choices end up in a gun fight that shouldn’t have happened and a whole lot of dead people that could have been avoided.  It all started with a bad decision from the guy that they are obviously tracking down.  This turns out to in fact be the case when they find his little hide away which looks like someone expecting the end of the world.  What Terry and Patrick didn’t expect, although in hindsight they probably should have given the clues, was that crazy guy was waiting for them with a gun … and now they are hostages.  Oh great, so no one knows where they are, or what they are up to …. this does not look good!

Night falls and Pam is looking at Tara sleep when Eric comes to talk to her and gives us one of the most moving scenes to date.  Eric tells Pam that he has to release her so that if anything happens to him their bloodline will go on.  It is so touching, and so sad.  Pam know’s that what he is saying is right but it doesn’t make it any easier for her but as always she will do whatever he wishes.  They hold each other and Eric tells her that she is still his child as he was the child of Godric and whatever happens their blood will thrive.  Poor Pam, Poor Eric, oh makes my heart break!

At Bill’s mansion Jessica and Bill are tearing the place up looking for possible bugs although Jessica would love to know what they are supposed to be looking for.  In between moments Jessica says Bill should go see Sookie as Sookie is not coping with things and is falling apart.  Bill is no amused and stresses that Jessica should really take care of herself first.  Bill then takes credit for having raised Jessica well …. but I still go back and agree with her very early statement about him being the WORST MAKER EVER!!!  

At vampire Authority headquarters Nora is being tortured yet again and seems to be holding up pretty well until Roman brings out the iStake ap on his phone and threatens to end both Eric and Bill with no warning to them.  That is all it takes for Nora to confess that there is indeed more traitors within the Authority.  We don’t get to hear what she says but it is not looking good for one of the others!  They head to their little meeting room and we get a little lecture about the Judus tree and betrayals. Roman is wandering around and you know that someone is going to be in a whole lot of trouble very shortly.  Alan Ball keeps us guessing with the focus shifting between the various authority members all of whom look as though they are feeling a little guilty about something but he finally settles on the annoying child vamp and shows him the video that has been leaked, by the child himself, of him feeding on humans and saying some very anti Authority type things.  Annoying little brat that he is he responds in much the same way a child would trying to argue his way out of things but Roman has had enough and one little “Pop” with the stake and the child vamp is gone for good.  Hmmm maybe Roman has a touch of potential after all.  At least this is the last week we will have to deal with the brat!

Sookie meanwhile has been steadily working her way through all available liquor in the house and has gotten herself well and truly wasted and we get to hear a very interesting rendition of the Pina Colada song with new lyrics courtesy of Sookie herself.  She is interrupted by a phone call from a concerned Lafayette who has found her car wrapped around a pole “like a giant banana split”.  She assures Lafayette that she is OK when there is a knock at the door.  In her drunken state she at first thinks it is Lafayette but it turns out to be Alcide.  Alcide confesses that he has cleaned up all of her mess because he didn’t want her to go to jail. Sookie suddenly seems a lot more sober than she should be after all she has ingested but she seeks to rectify that by drinking some more with Alcide for company.

So they drink, Sookie creates some awful sounding cocktails and then they kiss.  Oh shock horror .. NOT!.  Everyone knew it was coming it was just a matter of when.  Then only blessing is we didn’t have to see TOO much of it … well this week anyway!  Oh and Bill and Eric show up outside just in time to see this going on.  You would think Alcide would be able to sense that they had company but either he really sucks as a werewolf or he was way too distracted, after all he has only had Debbie up until now and we all saw how that went.  Bill’s plan now seems to be let’s get Sookie to help find Russell whether she wants to or not.  Wonder if he would have felt that way if he HADN’T seen her making out with Alcide.

Quick flash over to Sam who is meeting his shifter friends from earlier ….. only he finds them dead, both shot in the head while sitting at the table eating and waiting for him.  Uh oh .. you know that will be trouble in the weeks to come!

Pam is dealing with Tara and her eating disorder over at Fangtasia.  Now remember when Jessica was having issues (Of course that was Bill’s fault for not letting her drink from humans, obviously Pam has no such issues) …. well Bill could have solved things very easily by just commanding her to drink! and that is exactly what Pam does.  When Tara doesn’t want to feed Pam threatens to use it and then does what every good parent knows you have to … Follow’s through and Tara is soon happily (or unhappily) feeding from the donor. We get a great monologue from Pam while Tara devours her dinner (breakfast?).  Pam is by far stealing the show this season!

Night also brings And and Jason’s big night out with the Mayor.  I have to say I was unsurprised when they were blindfolded and taken to a secret fairy club (which could have passed for something out of Cirque Du Soleil).  I was surprised to see Hadley there who was giving Jason a lot more information than the surrounding dancer fairies seemed happy with and Andy got to see his one night stand from last season. Hmmm wonder what is going on with that.  Hey Claude said last week he had 16 sisters … wonder if she is one of them.  Anyway upstart to all this was Jason learned that maybe vampires were responsible for killing his parents .. hmmmmm not convinced on that, and that Hadley is there in some kind of “hide the Fae from the vampires scheme” because of Hunter her son.  She urges Jason to get Sookie to come there too but Jason and Andy end up in a fight and getting their asses thrown out through the shimmering light into the big open field with no signs that they can get back in but before they can even assess that fact 2 fairies appear and blast them with light just like Sookie’s microwave fingers.  And that is where it ends!!

So what does this light mean for Andy and Jason?? (My guess would be that it is supposed to wipe their memories but not really sure)

How far did Sookie and Alcide get to consummating their relationship, and do we really care (I don’t), and can we avoid any sexy scenes with him in it … PLEASE …. ugh he just does nothing for me at all.  I am totally not a “Furvert!” lol

And finally …. will we EVER get to see Russell!!!!!  They have been dragging this out now long enough.  no more Authority .. WE WANT RUSSELL!!!

Until next week my fellow trubies ….. when I will try and be a bit more on time with this …. but no promises lol


Memorable Lines From We’ll Meet Again

  • Pam – “Let Bygones be Bygones …. Bi Girls be Bi Girls”
  • Tara – “Pam went all ‘As Your Maker I Command You’ on me which is a car I am surprised you all don’t play more often”
  • Eric – “You are my one progeny, my one legacy, I need you to live when I’m gone”
  • Bill – “As prescribed by the one true vampire Authority i am the King of Louisiana until I meet the True Death …. or until they change their mind”
  • Jessica – “So I had a few friends over … no one got eaten, no one got drained!”
  • Sookie – “Bar’s Open … and it’s Fruity!”
  • Pam – “Do it or I’ll say it”
  • Sookie – “The whole world hates me .. but they can just go bite me .. those that haven’t already!”

HBO Go – Extras

  • 00.51 – Pam The Parent (Video)
  • 01.01 – How To Kill A Vampire #1
  • 01.16 – How To Kill A Vampire #2
  • 01.31 – How To Kill A Vampire #3
  • 01.46 – How To Kill A Vampire #4
  • 02.01 – How To Kill A Vampire #5
  • 03.11 – Relive : Angel Of Death
  • 03.52 – True Trivia : Only 4 Of Us
  • 03.57 – True Trivia : Only 4 Of Us
  • 06.46 – Sookie’s Confession (Video)
  • 06.58 – True Secret :Eric’s Throne
  • 08.02 – Relive :A Common Problem (Video)
  • 13.18 – Authority Problems (Video)
  • 14.37 – Now Playing : Pocket Change performed by Alabama Shakes
  • 15.26 – Relive : Wild Horses (Video)
  • 16.34 – First Draft : Simpler Times
  • 18.44 – A Real Psychopath
  • 20.34 – Now Playing : Line on the Road performed by Kristin Diable
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  • 21.08 – True Trivia : Stunt Sookie
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  • 22.15 – Now Playing : Bring It On performed by Slurp – P
  • 22.50 – What the hell is Patrick talking about?
  • 27.17 – Relive : Glamour Don’ts (Video)
  • 27.24 – True Secrets : Pam’s Coffin
  • 31.29 – So Long, Sucker (Video)
  • 34.24 – Loving Jessica (Video)
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  • 53.41 – Relive : Shared Traits (Video)
  • 54.56 – Now Playing : We’ll Meet Again performed by Los Lobos

4 responses to “True Blood Season 5 Ep 4 We’ll Meet Again Synopsis / Review V””V

  1. Well done again! Is it bad that I have no interest in Terry’s story unless it has a supernatural connection? I would also like to add that I love Salome’s clothes, so for that I will tolerate her announce.

    • Terry when around Arlene and having his little crazy moments there is fun. For some reason they seem to have felt the need to go into his back story which I personally feel we could have done with out. My only hope is that the “ghosts” connection may come back again because obviously the fires that started had some kind of supernatural element.

      I agree that some of Salome’s clothes are pretty kewl but they could just package them up and send them to me and I would be just as happy lol V””V

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