50 Shades And My Seemingly Ever Increasing Desire To Lobotomize The Sheep!! V””V

As I flick through this week’s copy of Entertainment Weekly I was disgusted to see that the 50 Shades Trilogy is taking up the top FOUR spaces on the New York Best Selling paperbacks list.  How, you might ask is this possible with only 3 books in the series but wait, they are counting the “All 3 books in 1” volume as a separate book!! Ridiculous!

Add to that pretty much every other status and picture on Facebook seem to have something to do with either the book, what they would like to do with characters in the book, or who they would like to play the characters in a movie, I am about to explode!  Perhaps watching From Hell (with the gorgeous Ivan from Being Human playing a crazed Dr lobotomizing people) was not such a good idea because I am finding the idea more and more appealing!

It is being described as “Mommy porn”.  Well what does that even mean?  There are no mommy characters in it?  Is it because the main character needs a smack? Oh wait he likes to do the smacking, except when he doesn’t.  The scene’s that are supposed to be so shocking pale in regard to many books that I have read over the years, Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy, any of the later Laurell K Hamilton Anita Blake books, Jeaniene Frost, Yasmine Galenorn.  The list could go on but you don’t see libraries threatening to pull them from their shelves or comments everywhere about their effect on people’s sex lives.

What is this mass market appeal that is totally mind washing even people whom I have known for years and would normally have considered that their taste ran to far superior writing.  So I ask again, what am I missing?  There sure as hell isn’t anything that I consider even mildly erotic in there.  I feel that it is poorly written and from a woman who I doubt has ever had anything other than missionary position, vanilla sex in her life and from the raving going on neither have the people who are expressing such ravishing praise about it.

A friend recently told me that they would be scared to be in my head and discover what goes on in there.  They actually said that they wondered if my bedroom would put the infamous red room to shame.  Well my readers whilst I can assure you that this is not the case I can also let you know that real trust in a partner does not come written on a piece of paper but from shared desire and experience and if it doesn’t fit in with the majority view of what is “normal” well that is just fine with me.  Normal has never been a word that would work to describe me anyway.

I live in a darkness that few will ever understand and many would rather not think about but that is OK .  I like it here and I have my husband who stops me taking that final step that may plunge me ever downward so far from reality that I would never find my way back.  I have my select friends who know the real me and don’t find it strange that I would take them to a shop where whips and chains are just the beginning and that I would fall in love with a beautifully crafted whip made from the softest elk hide to the extreme that I must have touched it 100 times whilst there (sadly the $259 price tag insisted I left it behind).

And so to all the sheep out there with their constant reminders to me about how great this book is …… is it really? or are you being shepherded along with the masses sharing the opinions that to me make no sense, because it is easier than forming your own?  Do you really find that erotic and compelling? If so I go back to my heading and would like to offer you a lobotomy.

*Mwah* V””V



10 responses to “50 Shades And My Seemingly Ever Increasing Desire To Lobotomize The Sheep!! V””V

  1. Please take a bow!  I went to EL James booksigning because I am a book signing whore, but was disappointed by her lack of intraction with her readers.  It was an assembly line of fans.  I went to the Sherrilyn Kenyon one a month before and had sat though a wonderful lecture and Q and A!  She even took pictures and spoke with every fan!!!  

    Irregardless of that, her books are like so many romance and erotica out there.  Demon Lover is a good SMBD and if you like the BDB series Vichious has it Jane tied up 4 ways til Sunday!  I can appreciate a good book!  I can appreciate an even greater story.  What I dont likr is that this series is now the gateway for moms and non readers to have their love for books grow!  Especially since there are so many wonderfully great books before them!  Like te Sleeping Beauty Series by Anne Rice!

    Let there be light!  My friends keep telling me to keep reading the second book is better, but my TBR is filled with so many other great wonders!  

    Anyway… Going to take a nap. I see you in the darkness Mel and I salute you!

    • thank you hun. You are not the first to tell me how ungracious she is. I have no interest in reading the 2nd 2 when, like you I already have an abundance on wonderful literature I am trying to get through *Mwah* V””V

  2. In one way you are lucky you don’t have to look at all the things that are said on line or on Facebook about these books. I however work in a supermarket on the switch board and the number of calls that i have to take in a day from people asking if we have the books in stock is crazy. I must admit to wanting to ask people if they are really so much like sheep that just because others read it they can’t make a decision of there own they must read as “everyone is reading it”. What really gets on my nervous though is that people know i read on every break i have in work, i either have a book or my Kindle with me every day yet people can’t seem to resist asking me “are you reading that dirty book every one is going on about?” and when i say “no” they look at me like i must either be lying or have something wrong with me. I like you read Laurell K Hamiltons Anita Blake, Shelly Laurenston Jeanienne Frost and others why with so much great choice in my TBR pile would i want to join the flock?

    • That would drive me mad too. All these people that haven’t picked up a book in years acting like it is the only book in the world. My FB list is actually fairly small but i still find every other post / status / picture has a reference. I love erotica and was actually excited to read it after so many reviews but can not find one redeeming or erotic feature in there. Glad you have lots of GOOD books to keep you going!! Thanks for the feedback 🙂 V””V

  3. Amen! I refuse to read it & I have turned others from it as well & sent them to your review. I will stick with Laurell & Anne, etc. Much classier & way more erotic. As far as you, you know I love you in all your dark, snarking glory! Looking forward to more posts!

  4. Glad to know i’m not the only one. I swear, if I see another one of those who would you cast in fifty shades? Or fifty shades blah blah this or Christian Grey can spank my monkey any day or whatever, I am going to scream! First off, i’m not seeing the appeal. Spanking, so what big whoop. If someone needs that much excitement in their life that reading about spanking gets them all hot and bothered, i’ll go over to their house and spank them for $50 and save their brain from poorly written fan fiction. Second of all, well it sucked. I rest my case.

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