True Blood Season 5 Ep 6 Hopeless Synopsis / Review V””V

Greetings and Salutations fellow True Blood fans!!  Can you believe we are  half way through Season  already???  Insanity!!! So without further ado let’s get on to this week’s Episode 6 – Hopeless. (For those you of new to my spoiler reviews there is a LOT of detail as some people read them from other countries that can’t get to see the episode yet.  I also list my favorite memorable lines at the bottom (feel free to tell me any you liked that I didn’t use), and new for this year as HBO Go has added online extras while you watch I have added in the time stamps for each of them : Listed after the memorable lines).

At the end of Last week all hell was breaking loose with Alcide being dragged off and Russell not as incapacitated as he was leading people to believe and this week picks up right where it left off (with the 10 minutes we SHOULD have gotten LAST week!!!) Wolves attacking from everywhere, jumping out of the morgue drawers (note Alan Ball must have felt right at home … anyone else recognize the 6ft under set??), distracting Eric and Bill while Russell confronts Sookie (sadly only to get blasted with her microwave fingers yet again).

With the wolves taken care of (a couple dead and one running off into the night), Eric prepares to stake Russell only to be stopped by Bill who reminds him that Russell may be their only chance for survival.  Eric doesn’t look like he cares but the Authority squad turn up (Lead by Kibwe)  and take over.  As the Authority drags off a very unhappy Russell other Authority question Eric and Bill as to why the human and the wolf (Sookie and Alcide)  are there and eventually they decide to glamour them.  Now we all know that Glamour doesn’t work on little Miss Fairy Fingers but is Sookie really so stupid that it takes a signal from both Bill and Eric for her to act like she is going along with it? *Rolls eyes*.  I have to say though that Eric Glamouring Alcide was awesome! Especially when he added that Alcide would die to protect her but would no longer find her attractive … in fact he would find her repulsive.  Oh Eric you are so naughty!! 😀  Bill on the other hand gives Sookie this long drawn out story about having her life in the light blah blah blah and the tears fall (from Sookie) … Oh please let’s move on already!

The Authority is busy dealing with the room full of “food humans” and Doug who just want to forget that it all happened.  They want to be glamoured and are assured that this will be the case once they have all been interrogated about what they know.  Now personally I would be feeling a little nervous at the idea of interrogation but they all seem quite happy with it. Stupid humans!

Alcide and Sookie head home with Sookie sobbing her little heart out (yet again) and Alcide very confused as to 1 why she is crying, and 2 where the hell they are.  Stupid wolf! Eric and Bill on the other hand are getting into another van to head back to Authority Headquarters when they are informed that no one actually expected they would be able to capture him.  Bill becomes a total suck up and joins in the whole Lilith decreed it crap *rolls eyes* but Eric makes me laugh because he simply says that Lilith can blow him! Oh Eric it is so nice to see you not being a sheep! Of course if the Authority guy had overheard he would probably have had his iStake activated but he didn’t so all was well.  Kibwe was too busy dealing with yet another van this time filled with the “food” humans and Doug.  After making sure they are all strapped in safely with their seatbelts he kills them all!  Blood everywhere! Oh we weren’t expecting that.  This was my first clue that all is really not well in Authority World with first Nora, then the Alex kid and now Kibwe?? and that something big is going on… and I was right .. as we see later!

Back at Fangtasia the Tara  / Jessica girl fight is in full flow with Tara clearly winning (can I stress AGAIN how wrong this is!!! There is just NO WAY that Jessica would be losing even by Alan Ball’s own rules Grrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!) ….. until the fight moves into the main bar and Pam puts a stop to it after Tara tells Jessica not to come into HER house.  Wow Tara, getting a bit ahead of yourself there???  Pam drags Tara off by the hair for a couple of lessons in reality, namely it is PAM’S house and Tara just works there.  She does let Tara know though that she is proud of her …. just like people are proud of their dogs. 

Hoyt sadly saw the whole thing and he seems to have taken this as proof that Jessica is still in love with him.  Jessica takes this opportunity to point out that he looks ridiculous and that no matter what he says they are never going to be back together,  Hoyt does not take this rejection well as we see later on hen he gets himself into all sorts of trouble.

Now last we saw Luna and Sam things were looking pretty bleak for them but apparently someone found them because first we see them tonight they are being rushed through a hospital corridor oh and can I just say that whilst I understand they can’t use real nurses etc could they please at least PRETEND they are actually providing medical treatment.  Worst example of giving an injection ever.  My 4 year old god-daughter could have given a more convincing performance.  So Luna is yelling for Emma, Sam is trying to get off his stretcher to get to Luna, and we skip over to see little puppy wolf Emma at her grandmother Martha’s door.  Smart puppy!!!

Sookie and Alcide obviously made it back to Sookie’s house with our next scene showing Alcide waking up in a bed that is WAY too small for him and surrounded by fluffy pink covers.  Hilarious!  He heads downstairs to find Sookie sitting at the table drinking coffee.  As he goes to get his own cup he gets flashbacks of the night before but only leading up to him and Sookie in the bedroom.  As the glamouring prevents him from knowing what happens next he has to ask if they ended up sleeping together.  Sookie explains that they didn’t but that a lot of other stuff did happen.  When she reaches to touch his hand he pulls back in disgust but has no idea why.  Sookie quickly figures it out and after swearing about Eric grabs his hand and “forces” all his memories back.  Now seeing as the night before when she had to do that with Doug she wasn’t even sure she could so it she seems to have very quickly mastered that technique and gives Alcide all his memories back in just a quick second. Hmmmm not very convincing if you ask me.  Surely it should be much harder messing around in a werewolf head than in a human’s?  Regardless Alcide remembers all and is seriously pissed off, starts bitching about wolves and Russell and V  and storms out leaving Sookie to say she is going to stay there and slip into a coma.  Oh get over it already Sookie!! What happened to spunky Book Sookie from last week?  That didn’t last long *sigh*!

Over at the hospital Sam and Luna are causing plenty of trouble for the poor nurse trying to take care of them.  As they are trying to work out who would want to kill shifters Martha comes in with Emma and they all come to an uneasy truce as Martha promises to keep Emma safe while they try to find out what is going on.  Sam teams up with Andy to try and discover what is going on and Sam obviously discharges himself from the hospital as the next thing we know they are off on a trip at the “Stake House”.

Andy goes in first and tries to get some information from the same crazy guy that hit on Sookie when she went to get the silver “Febreeze” spray things.  As Andy is questioning him Sam comes in and starts wandering around the shop and arouses a lot of suspicion from the guy behind the counter who bends down to supposedly get some bullets to show Andy but is in fact going for a gun.  Sam shoots him with a nearby crossbow saying that he “smelled him go into survival mode” and Andy is grateful that Sam saved his life.  Sam makes it clear that the clerk is one of the guys that was involved in the shooting but nobody is going to get any info out of him now.

Lafayette is visiting Ruby Jean having received a call that she had had a seizure.  Ruby explains about her vist from Jesus and as I suspected last week Jesus’ grandfather is behind it all.  Ruby Jean is so fantastic in this scene.  I adore her.  I hope we get to see a bit more of her this season! She tells Lafayette that she doesn’t know how she knows what she knows but she always has and she has always seen things that she doesn’t even know what they are.  And that is it for them for this week but previews show there is more Jesus news next week!

Next we head to Merlotte’s where Sookie has obviously decided to go to work after all.  She is having a nice little bitch about men with Arlene and Holly (who isn’t really joining in except to point out that Andy is different *rolls eyes*) when Jason comes in to tell her about their parents and the magic fairy club where he saw Hadley.  At first Sookie thinks Jason is back on the V but she soon realizes he is telling her the truth and with her bad memories of the fairy world so she decides that they need to go and rescue Hadley and Hunter from the evil fairy clutches!

While we are here we might as well deal with the whole Terry / Ifrit thing going on.  That can be summed up very quickly as is a very dull story so far.  After the smoke monster killed their friend Patrick actually sees it come after them and is now a believer.  After a road trip during which Terry throws himself out the moving car, and a whole lot of useless discussion they decide they are both damned and that the monster is coming for them and all they love.  Terry comes to see Arlene to tell her goodbye and she thinks he has gone off his meds and suggests he checks himself in for treatment.  Terry insists that if he stays they are all in danger including her and the kids so she tells him if he really believes that he has to go.  So he does.  Bored of this story already!!!!

Talking of stories I am bored of Alcide goes off to see the pack now that he knows they are involved with Russell again.  Turns out not all the wolves know but JD (Martha’s partner) is the ringleader and was the wolf that attacked Alcide at the insane asylum.  Seems he has taken over the role of packmaster but Alcide has come to put an end to it.  He challenges JD and JD lets him know he needs a second.  The girl who captured Sam originally stands as Alcide’s second so at some point int he future there will obviously be a fight but it isn’t tonight. Alcide ends up leaving  soooooooo we will see what happens there next week I guess.

Eric and Bill have been taken back to Authority headquarters where all the council is waiting for them (minus Roman) and they get to have their iStakes removed.  Salome has been busy interrogating Russell apparently and where she has been on my list as a “maybe” for releasing Russell and turning Steve for me she just rose right to the top in this scene. As Salome tries to leave to go back to “silver Russell” Roman walks in and brings her back with him and he has a very expensive bottle of blood with him. An 18th Century Austrian Hemophiliac bottle of blood which he is the only one to drink from despite offering it around.  Roman is rabbiting on about how wonderful it all is and says that he now knows that Bill and Eric are with him.  Bill jumps right on board but Eric very carefully words his answers without giving in to Roman’s every whim.  So glad our viking is back! As Roman says he really is too cool for school!  As Salome tries to leave again Roman tells her not to bother.  He doesn’t care about anymore of Russell’s lies and he will be executing him tonight.  And then you see on Salome’s face, even though she tries to hide it, she is up to no good.  Roman sadly is too caught up in his own self-approval and just agrees to let Salome go and silver him before bringing him up to be executed but tells her to fit him with an iStake. So off she goes and Eric asks for permission to see Nora and admits that she is his sister. Roman agrees (he really is in a good mood) as long as Eric is back for the execution.

Outside Fangtasia we get to see the trouble Hoyt has bought upon himself.  He is being drained by a random vamp who says his heart is slowing right down but Hoyt doesn’t care.  As he is probably about to die a van pulls up and those crazy men in the president masks appear and shoot the vamp right through the heart causing him to explode all over Hoyt!  Now the interesting part, these people seem to know Hoyt.  I am guessing they are the rednecks from Merlottes that were so rude to Jason at the beginning of the season when they were all having lunch there. Now how much blood do you think it would take to “turn” someone? Hoyt was dying and he just swallowed some vamp blood ….. wonder what will happen there.  Probably nothing. Just me and my over active brain again …. but thought I would mention it anyway.

Meanwhile Jason has taken Sookie to the big empty field to try and find the Fairy night club.  As they wander around Sookie can “hear” that something is there but can’t see it until suddenly she disappears inside.  Jason is yelling for her when she pops back out and drags him in too.  I have to say I think I could quite happily go and hang out at this place with its amazing dancers and crazy outfits everywhere.  Not quite Fangtasia but as Pam would say it would do in a pinch!  Once inside Sookie quickly finds Hadley and then gets hugged by Claude who she doesn’t remember from helping her escape Fae at the beginning of season 4 but he remembers her.  He explains that they have adapted their looks to this reality’s idea of beauty. At Hadley’s insistence he explains their version of the truth of what happened to Sookie’s parents.  Apparently a vampire was drawn to their car on the bridge by a blood spotted band-aid in the back of the car which of course was Sookie’s fairy blood.  We have no idea who that vampire is and Sookie doesn’t want to hear any of it and tries to blast Claude with her microwave fingers only to discover they are sputtering and on the fritz.  The rest of the club is unamused by her attack and a whole bunch of them turn their fairy light rays on her! Wonder what Fairy on Fairy action does.  Guess we will have to wait until next week to find out.

Eric has finally got his wish and he gets to see his sister Nora who seems to be ignoring everything as she prays over and over to Lilith.  Hmmmm can we please have back sexy Nora from episode 1? I miss her! As Nora is chanting Salome walks past with Russell and guards and tells her that they are about to execute him.  This seems to break Nora’s spell and she is suddenly very happy although still not making a whole lot of sense.  Eric does manage to get out of her that she wasn’t the one to free Eric but then I think by now we have all worked out who it actually was. Right?

In the meeting room Roman is trying to conduct a nice orderly execution but Russell is having none of that.  Oh Russell I have missed you! To shut him up Roman activates the iStake and … NOTHING HAPPENS!!!! Mwahahahaha oh Roman you got played! Russell jumps up and quick as a flash pins Roman to the table and is above him holding a stake. Roman is strong but not strong enough and Russell plunges the stake into him!! A single tear flows down Salome’s cheek and everyone else just looks kind of shocked and after a close up of a very surprised Roman’s distorting face, Russell’s face splattered with blood, and then we are left for the week with a final image of Nora…. Arm’s stretched wide as she kneels on the floor saying “praise her!”.

Now here is what I think.  I do not think Roman is dead.  He was a very old vamp and should, by Alan Ball’s own rules, have exploded in a big goo gush. But he didn’t.  Instead we saw a weird distorting face and just a small amount of blood.  I think that weird blood that he drank earlier is going to have saved him somehow.  Now I may be wrong, as Alan Ball hasn’t hesitated to change the rules as it suits him but I really don’t think they would have signed on Christopher Meloni for a 5 episode arc .. well we will see (Although according to the last video on HBO Go Roman is gone … but I don’t always trust those either lol).

I have also been trying to work out how Salome was able to find Russell and I have decided I think he was her maker!  The age would fit (Russell is over 3000 years old so plenty of time for him to have sired a biblical character.  That would explain how she was able to find him if he never actually released her.  Wonder how that will play out in the weeks to come.

Overall I think this was one of my favorite episodes so far.  Of course I adore having Russell back but also I enjoyed seeing Eric back to the viking I adored from Season 1.  Let’s hope he stays that way. If they could  just do away with the whole iFrit thing and bring back Book Sookie from last week things would really be on a roll!!! …..


Memorable Lines From Hopeless

  • Russell – “You’re just what the Dr ordered my twee fairy vixen”
  • Pam – “Made me proud – Proud the way a human is proud of a well-trained dog.”
  • Russell – “You idiots …. you are no better than humans with your absurd magical thinking … there is no Lilith!!”
  • Russell – “You may as well be praying to leprechauns or unicorns or the mother fucking Kardasians!!!”
  • Hoyt – “I am exercising my constitutional right to be a dirty fangbanger!”
  • Eric – “Lilith can fucking blow me!”
  • Arlene – “I’m not Sookie, I can’t read your mind”
  • Russell – “I want to gorge on human blood, not because some fucking bible tells me to but because I like it! It’s fun! It makes my dick hard!”
  • Russell – “Peace is for Pussies!!!! ”

HBO Go – Extras

  • 00.43 – Russell’s Last Drink
  • 01.29 – Dances With Wolves (Video)
  • 01.39 – Fatal Attraction
  • 01.49 – Fatal Attraction
  • 01.59 – Fatal Attraction
  • 03.01 – Now Playing : Broken Bones performed by Acumen Nation
  • 03.16 – Vamp Girl Fight (Video)
  • 04.10 – Looking For Approval (Video)
  • 06.17 – True Secret : The Morgue
  • 08.40 – Bill and Sookie’s Goodbye (Video)
  • 08.53 – Risky Business (Video)
  • 09.45 – True Story : Fangbanger Style
  • 11.20 – Hoyt’s Breaking Point (Video)
  • 12.58 – True Trivia : Traitors In Our Midst
  • 13.03  – True Trivia : Traitors In Our Midst
  • 14.31 – Jason’s New Purpose (Video)
  • 16.39 – Alpha Wolf
  • 19.55 – Now Playing : Partners in Crime performed by Doozy
  • 22.33 – Ruby Jean and Jesus
  • 24.09 – Scared Stiff (Video)
  • 24.14 – Now Playing : Say Goodnight performed by Five2
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  • 25.34 – Relive Supernatural Disasters (Video)
  • 27.15 – Picking On Sam (Video)
  • 31.24 – Vampire Bubbly
  • 33.20 – Another Side Of Roman (Video)
  • 34.35 – Ancient Loyalty (Video)
  • 36.45 – Now Playing : Reaching For Salvation performed by Sugaray
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  • 50.49 – The Fall Of Roman (Video)

4 responses to “True Blood Season 5 Ep 6 Hopeless Synopsis / Review V””V

  1. Even though i’m not a harsh judge as I used to be, when comparing it with the books . . . I don’t know, this season has just been somewhat boring for me. I think my hype and excitement for True Blood has officially keeled over. I’m just not feeling it as much as I used to. As much as I love Eric, and Russel, this season is just getting more and more boring for me. Heck, if it wasn’t set to record on my DVR, I would forget to watch it. I have several times already. Also, I think Meloni should have stayed on SVU, I’d be Stabler over Roman any day, he has more charisma and personality. And now that Sookie’s spunk is gone and she is back to her blah blah boring self, I could really care less what happens to her.

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