Movie References, Bloodlust, & A Severe Case Of Book A.D.D V””V

As you may (or may not) have noticed,  most of my posts lately have been either reviews on either books, or the latest episodes of True Blood. Whilst I love writing those I felt today I needed to come back to what my blog was originally for.  My weird and random thoughts and musings, normally leaning towards the darker, vampyric side of my life, always leading down some obscure pathway that lets everybody know I have totally lost the map.  For those that only come to read the reviews – feel free not to bother reading any further :D.

So apart from my quite obvious obsession with all things vampire, if it is supernatural based there is a good chance I will give it a try, be it movie, book, or TV show.  It was purely by chance that I happened upon the show “Lost Girl” which is all about the Fae.  Now these aren’t your typical “Tinkerbell” or even True Blood type fairies.  These have a whole sub-culture all their own and I adore it (except for the wolfie fae ….. wish they hadn’t picked him for the main lead *sigh* but then you can’t have everything!).  Now last night my favorite character Kenzi (who is actually human) went undercover at a high school and when she met a bunch of bitchy mean girls she addressed them as “Heather, Heather, and Heather”!  (Check out a bit about my love of this movie in an earlier blog Chaos Is What Killed The Dinosaurs Darling!!!! V””V) This amused me for the rest of the show as anyone who has read previous entries will know I have a little obsession with that 80’s movie.  It got me to thinking how often my husband and I reference obscure little 80’s movies (and some not so obscure) in our everyday life.  And the answer was pretty often.  Movies today, in my opinion, just don’t open themselves up to that one classic quote, the one line that will forever stay with you….or in my case the whole suitcase in my brain that is FULL to overflowing with references that only a select few will understand or care about.

Which brings me to the bloodlust section of today’s musings.  No there really wasn’t any kind of link there I know but that is where this journey is going.  Actually there is a minor link, as movies today seem to try to impress with the sheer amount of blood and gore that they can get into 90 minutes with none of the “fear” that can actually be caused by a bit of suspense.  OK I will admit that was a stretch but oh well.  Bloodlust has been on my mind this week partly because of the recent events in True Blood but also with the books I have been reading and the obvious correlation between bloodlust and plain old lust.  one of the original deadly sins. From Laurell K Hamilton and Jeaniene Frost to the more subtle innuendos from Lestat in Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, the connection, if you adore the vampires, is everywhere.

With erotica making a such a splash in the mainstream with the STILL ridiculously popular “Fifty Shades Of Grey” (Can ANYONE tell me what the deal is with that? … See previous musings … Fifty Shades Of Grey – My Thoughts – Warning Spoilers V””V, Pleasure, Pain, And The Fifty Shades Of My Darker Life V””V, and 50 Shades And My Seemingly Ever Increasing Desire To Lobotomize The Sheep!! V””V).  The only good thing to come out of it is Anne Rice has re-released her Sleeping Beauty trilogy so the world can actually see some real erotica …. let’s see how many of the sheep will actually read that.  My guess – probably NONE! Why? Because there aren’t a million people babbling on about how great it is.

Anyway back to where I was originally going before the ranting took the better of me, there is the obvious connection between the whole bloodlust from a vampire and lust in general (biting, blood, sex and death and a recurring theme in many places) but what about other forms of bloodlust.  Those say of a serial killer?  How many people out there watch a movie like Hannibal and think that it is romantic? Or going back to Heathers were desperately hoping that JD would succeed? Luckily for me, as I have mentioned on many occasions, I  have both a husband and a select group of friends that are not repulsed by my obvious, for want of a better term, true bloodlust.  Be it vampires or regular killers, movies, tv shows, or books, I write this knowing at least a few people out there will understand what I am trying to say.  They do not want to shine a light and take away all the darkness.  They understand that some of the most exciting things live there and do not want to be saved by true love, forgiveness, or any other of the salvation options that are all the rage.

And finally that brings me to my book A.D.D, although reading back over this it might be more accurate to call it just A.D.D in general as this is definitely one of the less focussed pieces I have written.  I think perhaps i left it too long and the thoughts in this crazy mass of firing neurons have just gone way out of control.  Pair that with an ever-increasing lack of sleep and you end up with this, severely crazy musings from a frazzled vampire obsessed mind.  Oh well so be it!

But back to the book thing.  Over the last 2 weeks I have noticed that at any one point I will have 2 or 3 books on the go.  Most unusual for me as I normally pick a book, read start to finish, and move on to the next one.  Now this is not actually all my fault as it started with me acquiring a couple of books on my Nook. One of my favorite pleasures is to read in the bath and with my propensity for dropping things, reading on the Nook is not an option and thus I started to have a “Nook read” and a “Bath read” which meant 2 books on the go at the same time.  Since then though things have gotten worse and I am like a magpie drawn to new shiny things.  It doesn’t matter what I am reading if another book catches my eye then I go straight to that.  Of course new books often have that effect anyway and with my wonderful husband earning $50 Barnes and Noble gift cards through work incentives the temptation is all to readily fulfilled.  The blame cannot solely lie there though as friends suggest things which I have to read immediately, I have a new book club that invited me called the “Booksluts” with their books of the month (Really could there be a more perfect name??) and then of course there is the library which I cannot possibly enter without checking out at least one book … and when they have 3 books right there on the shelf from the same series that I love … what is a girl to do?

Well for now this girl is going to pick up her latest purchase from yesterday and see what vampire adventures it leads her down …..



2 responses to “Movie References, Bloodlust, & A Severe Case Of Book A.D.D V””V

  1. I have never seen Hannibal as I was protesting the lack of Jodie Foster. I have been told by two very reliable sources (back to back mind you) that it is a must see due to it’s love story! I shall see it very soon!

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