With today’s musings on Facebook I decided that it was appropriate to reblog this due to my Technology Slayer title V””V


Let me start by saying to those that read my vampyric musings, I thank you.  Today’s thoughts may be a little different from the normal as not counting the sarcasm, the vampire references, OK never mind it seems that on second thoughts whilst I have different thoughts flying through my little insomniac head the general feel will be the same.

So on with the show.  As you can see from the heading sleep deprivation and my mind lead to some very interesting connections. Luckily for me I am blessed with a wonderful husband, a few amazing friends both old and new, and a family that includes a father that REALLY understands far more than you would ever expect from an English gent.

Perhaps the title to this blog should have been reversed as the darkness inside seems to be getting top billing but when I reversed it, I found it…

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