True Blood Season 5 Ep 11 Sunset Synopsis / Review V””V

So here we are at episode 11 (Yes majorly late this week as the finale is tomorrow but hey better late than never) and is it me or has this season gone by even faster than normal without anything really happening? I have a horrible feeling that Alan Ball’s final contribution is going to be a whole lot of unanswered questions and worse cliffhangers than normal to give us a major fangover until next year!!!  Oh yes normal disclaimer about my spoiler reviews and the length and detail they go into which I am assuming by now you all know it … and if not well you will soon find out. My favorite memorable lines are listed at the bottom (feel free to tell me any you liked that I didn’t use), and  new for this year HBO Go added online extras time stamps for each of them : Listed after the memorable lines).

This week starts with Bill slipping deeper into his religious madness.  He now thinks that Lilith is talking to him telling him that he is the chosen one because only one can lead. She tells him to drink all the blood that is left in the little vial.  Bill at this point is not totally convinced which is probably a good thing seeing as he is totally delusional already.  An overdose of crazy juice does not sound like a good plan to me!

While Bill is all caught up in his little insanity, Nora on the other hand is starting to finally realize that things may not all be perfect in the garden of Lilith.  Salome comes to let her know that a General is coming to talk to them and Nora puts on a good act but we get to see that her conviction is slipping.  She heads off to tell the others about the visit and ends up in Eric’s room where we finally get to see some Eric / Nora action!! Not nearly enough though in my opinion.  The moment is slightly marred by her begging for forgiveness and asking what they are going to do but still those two together are hot! Oh and we get to see that Eric indeed was faking it last week.  Not surprised about that at all!

Jessica also knows that things aren’t right and tries to use Bill’s phone to contact Jason to warn him that Russell and Steve are out there.  Unfortunately Bill catches her and gives her a lecture about how humans mean nothing and are just food.  Jessica tries to convince Bill that she has been reading the book and wants to make Jason a vampire but Bill asks her flat out if she is trying to manipulate him.  He turns things around and sends guards with Jessica to make her turn Jason.  Ooops!! That didn’t turn out quite how Jessica planned.

So Jessica is being whisked off to turn Jason while Bill and the rest of the “New Authority Chancellors” (including Eric) have their meeting with General Cavanaugh (head of security for the United States). The General is not a happy camper having been trying to get hold of Roman to work out what the hell is going on.  He knows that the vampires bombed their own Tru Blood factories and he wants to know why. He lets them know that the arrangement with Roman is now not working and that the Pentagon has been having talks about how to eradicate all the vampires from the Earth.  The vampires let them know that Roman is no more and that there is a new regime but the General is not worried.  He has video of Russell and Steve’s little escapade killing 22 college guys and warns that he will show it to the world.  He reminds them that they assured the world and the president himself that Russell was dead and right now the only thing standing between the vampires and war with the humans is him.  Eric is smart and seizes his opportunity and snaps the Generals neck pretending that it was a spur of the moment impulse but his motives soon become clear when he suggests that he and Nora go out on a glamouring campaign to cover all the problems up.  Annoyingly Bill knows Eric too well and whilst he lets them go he insists they take a guard detail with them.

Off they head and we see them in the back of the car while the 2 guards are in the front.  Eric asks if he can change the radio station and when they agree he leans forward and expertly stakes them both at once leaving a lovely goo splattered car.  Eric and Nora have a moment outside the car where Nora rips off her Lilith pendant and throws it to the floor commenting that they will be coming for them.  Eric looks at her and then they both shoot up into the air.  Hmmmmmm wonder if Nora will survive the finale? Poor Eric will be devastated if she doesn’t and I have to say I far prefer him with her rather than Sookie!  Sookie is just no end of trouble!

Back in Bon Temps Jason arrives home to find Jessica (complete with guards) waiting for him.  She tries to get the message across that something is wrong but Jason being Jason is not too quick on the uptake.  Next thing we know we see Jessica biting him and then they are in the ground and the guards are burying them.  Shock moment …. did Jessica actually turn him??? Nope! Turns out that somehow she manages to let Jason know what is going on and has faked the whole thing because she says NOW and Jason sits up and shoots the 2 guards.  2 piles of instant vamp goo and one very confused Jason.  Jessica explains that Russell and Steve are coming for Sookie and that Bill and Eric have gone mad with vamp religion and that she is sorry.  Poor Jessica really was trying to do the right thing. Looks like these two are just never going to work.  Such a shame.

Over at Fangtasia Pam and Tara are cleaning up the aftermath of killing the asshole Sheriff Elijah (and good riddance) and Tara is getting a quick lesson in the laws of the vampires which obviously Pam has failed to share until now.  Tara is very unimpressed by the whole idea of the Authority but Pam lets her know that in this case at least fear would be a good thing.  Pam orders her not to ever speak about what happened with Elijah again.  You know that this is not going to be good.  Even as Tara was saying how all traces of Elijah are gone I could see blood splattered on the book on the deskAs they leave the office Jessica comes in begging Pam to hide her.  Pam’s first response is No but Jessica has an ace up her sleeve.  She knows where Eric is and no matter how bad things are Pam still wants Eric back and so Pam orders Tara to get Jessica’s coffin out of storage.

At the Authority headquarters we see Luna and Sam scampering around as mice although they have no idea where they are.  You know I still can’t believe NONE of the vamps can smell that there are two shapeshifters running around in there no matter how quickly they keep shifting back to their mice personas.  Can I add here that I am really sick of seeing Luna’s boobs?  She definitely does not have any sex appeal for me at all and the last few episodes every other scene we see her in she is naked.

Crazy as things are getting we haven’t seen anything yet as we head over to the Fae nightclub where Sookie is about to meet the Elder Fae who apparently is the oldest fairy to have escaped through the portals before they closed.  Now the hope is that this Elder can give Sookie some help with regard to the whole Warlow problem but they warn Sookie that the Elder has been so many places over so much time that she has trouble focussing. That is a vast understatement.  This Elder is completely crazy! Throwing out random questions about popular culture in between her cognitive moments as she dances around the stage with some weird African style movements.  I am sure this looked like a much better idea when they wrote it out because the reality of it was another one of those “Giant Egg” moments from Season 2.  Bizarre in the extreme and really just not working on any level.  The main outcome seems to be that as long as the fairies hold on to their light they will be OK.  Right in the middle of it Jason interrupts and freaks the Elder out by letting her know that Russell is alive.  Apparently even with all her eons of knowledge this was not part of it.  Sookie, however, already knows all about Russell and as the fairies all freak out she explains that they need to fight because Russell is not going to stop coming for them.  Surprisingly the crazy Elder fae agrees even though Morella thinks it is suicide. Jason and Sookie go outside and we hear that they have a plan.  We don’t get to know what the plan is yet but we now know they have one although Jason is all for not following the plan and just killing Russell on sight.  Not quite sure how he would plan on doing that what with Russell being a 3000 year old vampire and all but hey good luck with that!

With daytime hitting  we get a scene with Holly and Andy at Merlottes and Holly making her kids apologize for the naked Andy Facebook picture.  Andy gives them a nice speech about how he will be there for Holly as long as she will have him.  Well we all know that this is going to go wrong when that pregnant fairy pops up to show herself which doesn’t take long.  Andy is back at the bar at lunch time and is talking with Arlene and Terry when Morella pops in much to the shock of Arlene who quickly surmises that Andy is responsible.  Andy is not happy with the situation and goes into the office to try and convince Morella that he wants to be with Holly but silly Andy made the light pact last season.  Oh we all knew that that was going to be a bad idea that would come back to haunt him and although it has taken almost all season here it is! Now Morella is demanding that he honor the pact to protect her and their baby or she claims it will be an act of war. 

We get to see what Alcide has been up to which is basically not a lot.  He is at his dad’s and he appears to be  just smashing the ground for no good reason.  The Packmaster of Jackson shows up to let them know that there has been a huge increase in what appear to be newborn vamp attacks and to have a little dig at Alcide’s dad.  We learn, after the packmaster leaves, that the reason that Alcide’s dad is no longer in the pack is he stole money from them obviously to support his gambling addiction.  The whole Alcide storyline just seems a little redundant at this point.  I am assuming at some point he is going to be going back to fight to take the other pack back? You know personally I could just pass on the whole werewolf storyline completely but if they insist on having it in there they need to get moving with it! When night falls we get to see Alcide deal with some of the pesky babyvamps who are attacking his neighbours.  Apparently someone forgot to give the babyvamps all the info because one of them seems really surprised that when they die they turn to goo.Alcide gets in a little over his head and it is his dad to the rescue. Hmmmm wonder if that means his dad is going to come back with him when he goes to fight the packmaster in Shreveport. 

Back to Fangtasia with Pam giving Jessica and Tara a lesson on nests and how it seems that this Lilith’s blood is causing nest behaviour but on steroids.  Pam for me has definitely been a stand out this season even more than usual.  Her one liners and sarcasm have been through the roof and I LOVE it! As Pam goes up to work in the bar Jessica notices that maybe Tara likes Pam in more than a friend kinda way.  They have a cute little bonding moment and Tara says she will try to bring Jessica a Fangbanger later.  Hilarious. Up in the bar with Tara working and Pam surveying from Eric’s throne things are about to take a turn for the worst as Rosalyn comes in.  It turns out that she was Sheriff Elijah’s maker. Uh oh! She tells Tara she can smell his blood on her but Pam steps up and says that she killed him and immediately gets arrested.  Jessica has crept upstairs and is lurking around when Rosalyn smells her and now Jessica is caught too.  See this is what annoys me with the whole smelling thing …… Rosalyn can smell Jessica but couldn’t notice not one but TWO shifters?  Ridiculous!!!!!!

Back to the vampire headquarters and Lilith is still trying to get Bill to drink the rest of her blood and she almost has him convinced.  He goes to the little chamber but finds Kibwe already there, crying, saying that Lilith appeared to him.  Bill is not impressed and puts and end to Kibwe by removing his head! Hmmmmmm looks like Lilith is really up to no good. At this rate there won’t be ANY of the Authority members left for the finale.  Deep down in the cells Luna and Sam are exploring and they find cage after cage of humans (who are surprised as anything when 2 mice become human) which is obviously the equivalent of the Authority pantry.  At the end of all these cages they find Emma, still in cub form but just as they do two guards appear and question why Luna and Sam aren’t locked up.  They quickly start to rectify that when another guard appears stating that Chancellor Compton has requested his breakfast.  Sam volunteers to go saying he would rather get it over with and tells Luna to do whatever she needs to.  As Sam is being taken to Bill there is one of the funniest scenes of the season in my opinion with Pam being escorted down to the cells and they pass each other and question what they are each doing there.  Even better Sam tells Pam to help Luna but Pam has no clue who Luna is.  Nice to see that they are keeping track of who knows who!

Bill gets paged up to the main lobby to see Jessica and poor Jessica tries to reason with Bill but Bill has completely lost the plot and ends up slapping Jessica so hard that she goes flying across the room.  Now Bill always gets on my nerves but this is totally ridiculous.  Someone needs to teach him a lesson and fast!  Let’s hope that Eric has a plan for next week!

While all this is going on Salome gets a visit from Lilith who tells her that SHE is the chosen one and to go and drink the blood.  Now I am betting that Salome isn’t going to have any problem with that at all and will head there just as fast as her vampire legs will carry her.  Guess we will see what happens with that next week too.

Jason is waiting on Sookie’s porch complete with shotgun and Russell appears out of nowhere and disarms him. Steve then appears and they make, as Russell calls it, a hunk sandwich with Jason in the middle.  A little glamouring later and Jason is happily leading the two vampires to the Fae club to see Sookie.  It is hilarious when they get to the field to see Russell and Steve zipping around like crazy because they can smell all the fairies but of course they can’t see the club.  Eventually Russell gets frustrated and hold Jason hostage threatening to tear him apart unless Sookie comes out.  We get to see inside the club where we learn that the plan was apparently for Jason to bring Russell there for the fairies to fight but suddenly the Elder Fae has a different idea.  She is going to go outside to fight him by herself.  Oh you know that is a BAD plan!  Whilst she manages to zap Steve when she tries to zap Russell and banish him he moves Jason in front of him and then before she can strike again Russell zips around and drains her dry.  Told you it was a bad plan.  Even worse now Russell is full of fairy blood he can see the club and that is where we end this week with Russell drunk and looking at a whole room full of fairies!!

And so with the finale fast approaching and rumors that it will be more blood filled than ever it is time to ask who will survive to see season 6. Alan Ball has apparently written this final episode of the season which is only fitting as he wrote the script for the very first episode too.  I am guessing that there are going to be way more questions than we get answers on Sunday and we will yet again be left with almost a year of speculation.  My prediction is that they are setting this up for the Fae war that is mentioned in the books and I am thinking that season 6 will probably have the Shifters coming out as well.  As for who will survive I would say that the only definites would be Sookie, Eric, Bill and Sam.  I am going to say Jason, Pam and Tara will probably make it too but everyone else is probably fair game especially after killing Roman off after so few episodes.  I am pretty sure Salome and Rosalyn will be definite casualties and Nora and Luna may be there too.  I am really hoping that Russell and Steve make it but sadly I have a feeling they may not which would be a terrible waste. They have been amazing this season and I would love to keep them around.  I would love some answers as to what is really going on with all the Lilith stuff but I think that is going to be just left floating around as a we will never know.  *Sigh*



Memorable Lines From Sunset

  • Pam – “Since when did I become a halfway house for wayward baby vamps?”
  • Sookie – “I know you have trouble with frequencies, but there’s a creepy vampire ghost air monster who killed my parents and now he’s coming to get me.”
  • Arlene – “You gotta know that person’s gonna be there for you through thick and thin, cuz you never know when some Iraqi ghost lady is gonna curse your entire family.”
  • Pam – “I find most vampires as irritating as most humans.”
  • Pam – “Maybe later we can braid each others hair and talk about boys”
  • Tara – “Shes a lotta bark …. and a lotta bite”
  • Russell – “I actually met him (Jesus) … He was a boring hippie who stank of patchouli!”
  • Russell – “Impressive … you are Turbo charged”

HBO Go – Extras

  • 02.09 – The Evolution Of Bill
  • 02.19 – The Evolution Of Bill
  • 02.29 – The Evolution Of Bill
  • 05.11 – Seductive Reasoning (Video)
  • 06.31 – Holy Roller (Video)
  • 08.12 – Jess Grows Up (Video)
  • 10.10 – Make Up Sex (Video)
  • 11.38 – Living A Lie (Video)
  • 12.40 – True Trivia : General Cavanaugh
  • 12.45 – True Trivia : General Cavanaugh
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  • 15.09 – Pricey Takeout
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  • 19.33 – Jason’s Shit List (Video)
  • 19.41 – Babies Having Babies (Video)
  • 20.34 – Emotional Volume (Video)
  • 21.20 – Relive (Very) Random Act Of Kindness (Video)
  • 21.55 – True Score : Goo Counter
  • 22.25 – A Complicated Victory (Video)
  • 23.37 – True Trivia : The Elder
  • 23.42 – True Trivia : The Elder
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  • 26.06 – Now Playing : Cars, Bars, and Guitars performed by The Go Getters
  • 29.21 – Now PLaying : Little Girl Wandered Off performed by Derrick Stout
  • 32.23 – Now Playing : Rodeo Queen performed by Gayle Lynn
  • 33.35 – A Promise is a Promise
  • 35.08 – Nest Behavior
  • 35.27 – True Faith (Video)
  • 36.24 – Just A Crush (Video)
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  • 48.59 – Spin Off Show (Video)
  • 49.04 – Now Playing : Sunset performed by Stevie Wonder

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