*Sigh* No True Blood Sunday And Already Bad News About Season 6 V””V

So it hasn’t even been a week and already I am lamenting the lack of True Blood Sunday and decided to go hunting on the net to see if anyone else has come up with some different theories regarding the finale etc …… And what did I find?  Nothing Good!! In fact there is an interview with Alan Ball (Click Here To Read It All) informing us that Season 6 will only have 10 episodes. 10 EPISODES!!! As if the 12 that we currently have isn’t a short enough season now we are getting it cut by 2.  Alan states that accommodating Anna by starting filming in January with the birth of her children due in November, and economics are to blame.  It has to beg the question has this recent season of True Blood lost some of its fan base and so they feel the money is not there?

It has seemed to me that whilst people have complained there is more spin-off merchandise than ever and I certainly see plenty of buzz about it everywhere.  The Cliffhanger end definitely seemed to turn around even many of the fans that felt that this season was a little lack lusterThe demise of Russell at Eric’s hand completing that circle and the reincarnation of Billith has left us with numerous questions as to where the writers can possibly plan on taking us next not to mention the mysterious Warlow and our new knowledge that at least some of the older vamps have knowledge of him.

And much as I would like to ignore them we can’t forget that Luna changed on National TV so will this be the time for the shifters to be outed? That would be an actual throw back to the books after a season where there was pretty much no correlation at all (Although I did find it amusing that they changed the book cover to Book 5 to reflect the tv show *Rolls eyes*)  Of course at this point whether or not she even survives is still a question to be answered, one that Alan Ball was not going to address.  He was, however, happy to let us know that Steve Newlin will definitely be around and that makes me happy. He was a huge source of amusement this season.

So Vampire religion gone nuts, the possible outing of the shifters, and the mysterious contract that ties Sookie to Warlow all seem to be the main focus leading towards season 6.  Then for sub stories we have Andy and his 4 fae babies and of course Jason and his parental hallucinations causing him to go all vampire slayer. Not sure where Lafayette is going to fit in with all of this but let’s hope he keeps the pizzazz that he now seems to have back.  Eric is finally getting to be the hero to Bill’s more villainous tendencies and Sookie is the damsel needing to be saved yet again.

The only thing that I know for sure is next year can’t come fast enough for me!! 10 Episodes or not Waiting Sucks and this fangover is the worst and it hasn’t even been a week!

Roll On Summer 2013 …….



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