Chaos And My So Called Life ….. V””V

Wow where has the time gone.  No my vampire loving readers I have not abandoned my blog, but the real world and various commitments therein seem to have taken over, and before I knew it 2 months have gone by and I haven’t been in here.  That does not mean that there are any less crazy vampyric based musings floating around in this place that calls itself my brain but the general insanity that permeates my day-to-day existence has not granted me the ability to get in here and share those musings with you (or with myself if everyone has now disappeared).

So let me start by saying my absence from here did allow everyone on here to escape my crazy political rants which usually ended up with me saying how much more sense a vampire hierarchical society makes.  Of course if you screw up under their rule you are dead … but hey the rules are the rules and you know them before you start so that seems pretty fair.  The strong rise to the top, the weaker are protected, and everyone knows where they stand.  Doesn’t that sound like a much better idea.  Of course not everyone could be a part of this because we would still need food but hey natural order of things and all that!

Which brings me to the lack of order of things on Television.  I am finding vampire television rather lacking at the moment.  I am not a big Vampire Diaries fan (I only watch it when my daughter has it on), True Blood is on Hiatus (and not sure how that is going to be when it comes back with rumors flying thick and fast about 6 being the final season and who knows what they are going to do with “Billith” and the insane fairy thing), and Being Human just doesn’t work for me without Mitchell *Sigh*!   I have had limited success with vampire movies with Lincoln Vampire Hunter being a surprising hit in this house with the portrayal of vampires being very pleasing to me and the idea of Vampires having a hand in the Civil war …. genius.  Of course to counter that we had the epic fail that was Dark Shadows …… I am not even going there.  That was just kind of a nothing 2 hours spent.

And then there is my so-called regular life.  When you try to fit in children with Cheerleading, plays, football games, and about 300 other commitments, running vampire pages, promoting and editing books, etc etc etc you suddenly wish that you had access to a TARDIS to create a couple of extra non fixed time points!

Until then just know that I have plans and those plans include getting back in here …. but this was just a quick visit for any fans still hovering to let you know I am still around …… I am still obsessed and full of future musings …. I just need to master the time space continuum and all will be good!!