Zombies Are The New Vampires? V””V

Over the years many movies featuring these undead creatures have populated the big screen with hits such as Night Of The Living Dead, The Evil Dead, Dawn Of The Dead moving forward to the more recent takes on it such as Zombieland, Shaun Of  The Dead, and of course the Resident Evil series spawned from the video game by the same name so it was no surprise that with the success of shows such as True Blood and the Vampire Diaries that they would make the move to the small screen with the hit show The Walking Dead.

Now for me there has never been any appeal in the Zombie genre at all.  I mean really? Be they infected with a virus, created by scientific experiments, or created by some form of magic one thing remains the same.  They are basically animated, usually rotting, corpses with no real thought process, unable to feel pain, and difficult to stop.  Obviously, as with the vampire genre there are many variations on the theme and the rules vary depending on the writer but where as Vampires are often portrayed as sexy and magnetic (even if they just use this ability to lure victims) the same can definitely not be said about Zombies.

But the rules have just been changed.  Warm Bodies has taken the Zombie and totally rewritten the rules.  They have a teen character that can FEEL!  Now having not read the book or seen the movie I don’t pretend to know the reason or the logic behind this but suddenly this is putting a whole new spin on the Zombie genre.

Teenage girls are falling in love with a Zombie! Of course for the die-hard Vampire fans such as myself this wouldn’t be an issue but as I have made many observations about the Vampire trend and where that was heading I must confess I find this a little intriguing.  Even a year ago I would never have put any credence in Zombies replacing Vampires and the fad for the masses but now who knows?   Perhaps this will indeed be the start of Vampires and their real fans retreating back into the shadows where we lived for so many years.  It will be interesting to see where exactly this leads.  While Vampires have always had their hunters, they have always had their advocates too.  This is the first time (that I am aware of at least) that suddenly Zombies are not just the hunted but are being perceived as victims?  How will this impact the Zombie Apocalypse? Will people be less anxious to attack first and ask questions never? Will years of conditioning that there are no thinking Zombies remain prevalent?

All questions that in the grand scheme of things have no impact on anything other than the fact that the thoughts in my head often refuse to turn off and tend to focus on more of the bizarre.  TV Show “The Deadliest Warrior” surmised that should if come down to a battle between the two species the Vampires would win …. but would this change with the new information factored in? A Zombie capable of thought?

Me? I am sticking with my Vampires. They have held my heart for the last 25 years and will continue to do so forever. My thoughts for the zombies …. we have ample sharp weaponry in this house to deal with that problem!



Vampires vs Zombies

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