Tick Tock Goes The Clock ……..V””V

Tick Tock Goes The Clock ….. Echoes Through Silence Here On My Blog ……

OK so maybe that was a little dramatic but yes it has been quiet around here lately. Not because I have run out of things to muse about, followers of my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/VampireLovingDorks) can vouch for that, but because I have been distracted by things that have interrupted the semi rational streaming that is required to make my blog ramblings make at least a semblance of sense.

That was the plan anyway …. a rational ordering of my near insanity, but it looks like even time cannot help there as now that I am typing so many things are flying through that where to start is confounding me.  I was going to talk about my little obsession with “The Following” (which is not vampire related at all, but definitely appeals to my darker nature), but I have decided that “Joe” deserves a blog all to himself and so that can wait.

True Blood Season 6 Trailer

Instead I am going to take that ticking clock metaphor and run with it … and talk about the upcoming season 6 of True Blood.  With the air date just 6 weeks away the videos are starting to be shown (like the one above) but with only 10 episodes this season, Alan Ball having jumped ship and the new crew failure to maintain a Show Runner while filming (no real reason has been given for the switch) and now the ominous “Beginning Of The End” statements, people are beginning to question if this could be it for our beloved vampire show.

Add into that talk that they will kill off Eric I have to say I doubt True Blood will survive that. I have tried to rationalize all the options but I think in my heart this may be it.  For some I know they will be glad to see it leave as the story has gone more than a little off the rails in the last few seasons, but I will be sad.  Even now, watching the clip below I am excited.  I want my Sunday night fix and I am counting down the days until I can get it.  So bring on the Drama, bring on the Crazy, bring on the WTF plotlines …. but most of all BRING ME MY TRUE BLOOD!!!

Waiting Sucks!





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