True Blood Season 6 Ep 2 – “The Sun” Synopsis/Review … MAJOR SPOILERS! V””V

Right then True Blood fans let the spoilers and snarking begin!  For those of you new to the me for the True Blood season let me start with my normal disclaimer …. BLAH BLAH BLAH … my spoiler reviews are long, detailed and opinionated.  I speculate, bitch and generally focus on the points that I want to.  My favorite lines are listed at the bottom (feel free to tell me any you liked that I didn’t use) and sometimes I add in random musings just because!

After last week’s episode I was back riding high on the whole True Blood saga with high hopes for this season but last night’s episode 2 just didn’t work for me.  Don’t get me wrong I am not ready to write this season off yet but honestly I think they had a WHOLE lot of information that they know we are going to need later in the season and just piled it all into this episode with not a lot of anything actually happening. 

 So where shall we start ….

Well how about with the whole “Warlow” mystery as that is where this week’s episode starts off.  We see Warlow coming through a ?rip in the fabric of dimensions on the bridge where the Stackhouse parents were killed and Sookie having some weird dreams.  Contrary to my thoughts last week Rutger Hauer’s character is not going to be a double casting and he reveals to Jason that he is in fact Niall the Fairy Great Grandfather and that he wants to stop Warlow.  He shows that he has the same “light” powers (x about 100) that Sookie has and we get to see him give Sookie a lesson that will allow her to “enhance” her power for one big KILL SHOT that will finish Warlow but then will get rid of all her Fae powers forever.  There is a fair amount of Niall / Jason stuff this week that is mildly amusing but really it was just an excuse to get across information that we are going to need later on.  Over all YAWN!

Over at Fangtasia Tara is not doing well having been shot with what appeared to be a Tazer last week when the bar was raided and Tara couldn’t keep her big mouth shut.  Eric and Nora arrive and Eric manages to discover that she was in fact shot with a silver bullet which then continually releases UV into the vamp. Hmmm not a pleasant way to go.  Guess the General wasn’t kidding last year when he said he was developing new weapons.  No one is happy in that camp, Pam and Nora just keep bickering  and Eric after agreeing that war with humans is just the way it is going to be sends Nora off to go back through the book of Lilith to try and find ANYTHING that could help destroy Bill despite her many complaints that there is nothing there.

We do get to see Nora discover a prophecy about the people leading the god into the sun.  She has little heart to heart with Pam basically telling her that Eric did everything for Pam’s own good and that he does love her.  Yes well we all knew that anyway.  She then takes off saying she will be back.  In the meantime Pam’s human (we assume she means ginger) has left half a carton of blood for them. Well that is new … cartons of blood now?  Oh well I guess they had to find some explanation.  Personally I like Jessica’s solution better (coming up in a minute).

Talking of the Vampire God – Billith continues to be losing it this week as after his “visit” from the invading Lilith clones he is now having visions of the torture of vampires.  What we don’t realise at this point is that he is actually getting visions of what is about to come.  Despite Jessica’s protests he basically shuts down and goes pretty much catatonic (hmmmmmm almost an improvement personality wise there) and goes for a little “dream” visit with the actual Lilith who tells him that things are starting.  Yes very helpful and cryptic. 

Jessica has this great idea to fix it and calls the equivalent of “Vamp Meals On Wheels” so that Bill will feed.  Well this “meal” got a lot more than she bargained for when the (still unmoving) Bill summons some sort of weird power, causes her body to contort in an absolutely ridiculous fashion and then basically repel all the blood from her body from her mouth into his before collapsing dead much to the screams of fear from Jessica cowering in the corner.  Not really sure what the point of this was other than some “new special effects” but it didn’t really hold any interest for me at all.  Then again not a lot that Bill does seems to anyway lol.

Day breaks and Arlene is busy running Merlottes and bitching at Sookie for forgetting her shift.  Before Sookie can get there Patrick’s wife (remember the one they killed because of the whole pointless iFritt story last year) who is looking for her husband.  Arlene takes charge telling the pregnant wife that yep Patrick is a jerk and he is gone and she just needs to get on with it because me suck and she should know!  Yet another plot point that I am guessing is going to just keep on popping up this season but at this point is kinda pointless.

Before Sookie can make it to the bar she finds a man (Ben)  who has been attacked by vampires.  We quickly find out that he is in fact part fairy like her and this is obviously the love interest that has been rumored for Sookie this season.  Sookie being Sookie of course takes him home and fixes him up.  Yet more filler setting up for later in the season but she does send him off to the big field where the secret fairy club is from last year where apparently he will be safe.  Only good thing about that was we got a quick peek of Andy and his little faerie brood as he is wandering around with them yelling for Morella to come and help him with them (with no success yet).

Sam has left Lafayette looking after Emma while he checks in to work and he gets confronted by someone with a whole lot of knowledge about shifters and weres and whats going on.  She wants Sam to come out and tell the whole story to the world and help the supernatural creatures all come out and work together.  Again more setting up for the season.  Poor Sam is not having a good episode because after a day of this he goes home only to find that although Emma and Lafayette have been safe all day once he gets home Alcide and the pack are waiting to take Emma back with them.  Hmmmmm Alcide has turned all power happy it seems.  He actually goes along with this injuring Lafayette and Sam in order to run off with that poor little wolf girl.  Not that I really care about all the shifter / were politics but this seems a big deviation for Alcide’s character. Maybe that V messed him up more than we figured.

Talking of messed up we get to see what Eric’s plan is.  He is going to disguise himself as a reporter and go and have a little chat with Governor Burrell.  Hmmmm not bad as ideas go and it looks like it is going to work.  After some pointless chit chat Eric gets down to the vampire stuff and tries to glamour the Governor and fix everything up.  Notice I said try?  Well it turns out the government has been very busy and they now have contact lenses to protect against glamouring.  Very inconvenient.  Maybe Jason should get a pair lol.  So Eric is captured and about to be hauled off for “examination” somewhere obviously not very pleasant but there is one thing they obviously didn’t know.  Vampires Fly!! And Eric takes off safely to the skies … for now anyway and puts into action part 2.   He appears at the Governor’s daughter’s window (the same daughter that is not too impressed with her Daddy’s little lockdown campaign for her at the moment) and he just waits for her to take out those lenses and glamours his way into her bedroom.  Love it!!

So like I said lots of set up for good things to come but nothing really exciting going on this week.  I was a little disappointed but then the previews for next week look brilliant so roll on Sunday because Waiting Sucks!!!




Favorite Lines From ” The Sun” (not many this week … it was a little dry for me)

  • Nora: I am so sorry that your little bar was robbed and that you’re scared but Eric and I have to deal with a little matter of killing a vampire God”
  • Eric – “If The Humans Want War – We Will Give Them War!”
  • Arlene – “Sometimes life is just a shit-sandwich”.
  • Arlene – “Sugar this is Bon Temps. Down here ‘organic’ means you play the fancy piano at church”





True Blood Season 6 Ep 1 – “Who Are You Really” Synopsis/Review … MAJOR SPOILERS! V””V

Well my fellow True Blood Fans here we are again …… and here I am again .. and let the spoilers and snarking begin!  For those of you new to the me for the True Blood season let me start with my normal disclaimer …. BLAH BLAH BLAH … my spoiler reviews are long, detailed and opinionated.  I speculate, bitch and generally focus on the points that I want to.   My favorite lines are listed at the bottom (feel free to tell me any you liked that I didn’t use) and sometimes I add in random musings just because!

Still with me? Right there here we go!!  At the end of Season 5 we were left we several cliffhangers (for a full reminder click here), some of which we actually get resolved in the premiere.  Awesome!! So much more gratifying than the whole dragged out stuff … well for me anyway.

At the end of S5 we saw Bill die and dissolve onto to reform from the pile of Goo.  then we saw it from Eric and Sookie’s perspective but S6 starts us with the views through Billith’s eyes.  Eric and Sookie are making a run for it and Billith seems to have gone a little insane and is more interested than tearing through wires and destroying everything than actually chasing them.  Sparks are flying and it obviously isn’t going to be long before the whole building blows up.

Sam, Luna and Emma are escaping in the other direction but remember I said Luna didn’t look too good at the end of S5 … well she dies … or at least we are lead to believe she is dead and Sam runs off with Emma after promising he will keep them safe.  Hmmmmm I don’t know something just felt off about that.  As much as I felt it was her last skin walk when she was Steve Newlin this just felt weird.  Maybe I am reading too much into it … but having a vamp just kick at her and say “it’s dead” seemed a little overkill.  Sam makes it back to Merlottes with Emma where he finds Lafayette waiting and learns that Luna’s transformation has been all over the news.  Lafayette is just awesome. He takes poor Emma off to eat something fried, dipped in sugar, then fried again and promises not to tell anyone he saw them there.

 But I digress from the vamps ….. 

With that chaos continuing in another part of the Authority headquarters we get to see the crazy group of vamps (plus Jason) trying to get past all the guards that don’t quite seem to realize that all the authority members are gone and it is just total anarchy at this point.  The funniest thing though is not Jason (who is still on his I HATE FANGS kick) trying to work with the vamps but rather Pam who is not on board with Nora being in charge.  Seems that she has no idea who Nora …. hmmmm Guess Eric never mentioned he had a sister.  The “rag-tag bag of fuck ups” (Nora’s name for them) manage to escape only to have Pam and Jason want to return for Sookie and Eric but Nora is having none of it.  Luckily for her Eric and Sookie arrive in a van so they can all pile in.  Poor Jessica is missing Bill but as they start to drive off he appears, naked, blood covered, and walking through the flaming remains of the building.  Rather than heading for the van he takes straight up into the sky like a “Naked Evil Superman” (NICE JASON!!)

With the van racing away Nora and Pam just cannot get on and Eric has to pull over so they can sort things out.  Pam lets her feelings known and is in full Pam form with her descriptions of Eric’s annoying sister.  Eric sadly is not in the mood and sends her away where she ends up crying on the beach *sigh* … Stay Feisty Pam!!!   Eric talks to Nora wanting info from the book of Lilith but Nora is as clueless as to what could be going on. Apparently Lilith worshiping didn’t include what to do if a worshiper drinks all the sacred blood and goes off the rails but it does mention Warlow … apparently he is Lilith’s progeny …… Ooooh that can’t be good.  Poor Eric is totally lost with all the Warlow stuff and is a little irritated when Nora points out that even Jason seems to know more than him on the subject.  There is a showdown with Nora, Eric, Tara, Pam and Sookie all against Jason who obviously can’t win so he takes off.

Jessica is freaking out because she still thinks it is “Bill” and doesn’t want him hurt … a fact that should change when Bill starts using his suped up powers to “call” his child back to him.  Eric tries to stop Jessica and it almost ends up killing her.  Literally her heart is nearly ripped from her chest so they have no option other than let her heed his call … and of course Sookie goes with her.  Eric and Nora take to the sky leaving Pam with orders to take Tara to Fangtasia (which Pam is not amused about).

So let’s take a (very) quick break from the vamps to update you on the wolves.  At the end of last season (with the help of some V) Alcide makes pack master.  We get to see them celebrating (and munching on the old packmaster .. Mmmmm yummy *shudders* …. and then as usual there is lots of howling, and growling, and the required getting naked and going for a run.  Alcide seems to be enjoying himself although to me he looks ridiculous. Even worse the only sex scene this week was one with him, his new head bitch, and some other naked wolf chick.  YAWN!!  Ugh werewolf sex just doesn’t work for me.  I want naked vamps!!!

Continuing with the break let’s just cram all the non vamp stuff in here.  Remember Andy and his babies?  Yes well he is not coping so well. Totally overwhelmed by it all he needs a pep talk from Arlene as to how all new parents feel this way and he needs to start helping out.  You get to see how Terry has become very much into a father role (so far from when we first met him … although I kinda miss the old crazy Terry) .. and you think maybe Andy will be able to do this with a little support….. but SURPRISE ….. suddenly after all the baby scenes and Andy laying down for a well deserved nap on the couch you here the pitter patter of little feet running around and then “Hello Daddy” as four walking talking toddler girls are right there.  Wow those Fae babies grow fast.  Not sure where they are going with this but it sure beats the whole watch Andy deal with babies thing.

Staying on the non vamp stuff for just a touch longer, we know from trailers there is going to be a lot of political implications this season and they start this week.  With True Blood being in short supply Governor Burell has taken things into his own hands.  He is basically declaring war against the vamps.  No vampires out after dark, all vampire businesses to be closed down and taken back over by the State, and he urges all people that can to load up with wooden bullets. (Side note … love the touch of people in the crowd with Light Of Day Institute shirts).  Interestingly enough later in the show we see him meeting with Ms Suzuki who is in charge of  the Tru Blood company and offer her the free use of a bottling plant to get Tru Blood up and running again like a government bailout but with no publicity or strings attached. Hmmmm you know that THAT is not going to end well.  He says it is for money but we all know there has to be more than that.  Hmmmm doesn’t that zombie show have an evil governor? (Not really sure as I don’t watch it …. zombies you know … not a fan) … but I guess we will see there this is heading.

Remember Jason took off? Well he ends up getting picked up by Rutger Hauer’s new character who is obviously not quite human but poor Jason is not quite on the ball (although he does get his gun ready).  This new character was originally listed as being Macklin and then he is in the credits as Niall (who book lovers will know is a great-grandfather type fae character) but then when Jason is talking about Warlow he says that no one will be able to keep Warlow from Sookie … who do you think I am … and he vanishes.  Very strange.  Guess we will be waiting for more news on that too but it certainly isn’t going to put Jason any closer to wanting to help the vamps.

Jessica and Sookie make it to Bill’s house where they find Bill looking pretty normal and sitting on a chair on the porch.  Eric and Nora fly down and attack which ends with Eric being held by the throat looking as though Bill is about to kill him when Sookie STAKES BILL!! Yep stake right through the heart and ……. NOTHING.  Bill just looks mildly irritated and pulls it out.  Everyone is completely surprised but no-one (including Bill) seems to have any idea what these new powers are.  Jessica is scared but chooses to stay with Bill rather than leave with Sookie and there are lots of vamps growling at each other before Nora, Eric and Sookie finally leave Jessica and Bill to it.  Kinda bored with the vamps growling and snarling already.  Bit too wolfy for me.

Eric takes Sookie home and after a touching moment where Eric wishes she could be the fun girl in the white dresses he remembers to well writes, in blood, the house back over to her and then with tears the bitch RESCINDS his invitation.  How rude is that!  Outside Nora sees that Eric is in love with Sookie, something that she can’t understand and something that Eric makes quite clear is not up for discussion and neither is involving Sookie!

Pam and Tara make it back to the club and they have an argument because Tara wants to try and take Eric’s place and for just a moment it looks like Tara may have the upper hand.  WHAT??? Oh no just a moment there and Pam is back to her snappy self putting Tara back in her place.  Sadly only just in time for some kind of Swat club to swarm in and take Fangtasia under the governor’s new laws.  Tara tries to fight back but it hit with what seems to be some kind of vamp stun gun? Hmmm guess we will learn what the Green dots mean in the weeks to come.  Over all not looking good for Pam 😦

Back at Bill’s Jessica is in bed and they have a nice maker / progeny chat and we get to see that Bill has a whole bunch of new powers including freezing things in mid air.  Hmmmm he is trying to act as though he is trying to cope with the new powers the best he can but something is definitely off.  I guess we will see where these powers go.  Bill goes downstairs and is sitting reading a book when suddenly he starts getting flashes of visions and then BAM 3 Lilith type creatures in the corners of his room and they all rush inside him …. and it ends ..

UGH ….. and now we wait until next week!!!  I certainly enjoyed the premiere and love that everything other than the vamps had a back seat for the most part and I think we are in for one hell of a ride.  I say BRING IT ON!! 😀



Favorite Lines From Who Are You Really

  • Pam – “Excuse me Bitch Sergent who the HELL are you and why are you telling us what the fuck to do”
  • Pam – “Honey I don’t know about the world but I am about to end your face!”
  • Pam – “I Hate the beach … fish piss and sand in your cooch”
  • Jason – “I am sick of you bloodsuckers brain raping me against my will”
  • Eric – “Apparently our siblings don’t get along …. the only reason yours is still alive is out of courtesy to you”
  • Arlene – “When you stick Mr Happy inside someone’s hoo ha without a raincoat on babies come out!”
  • Lafayette – “Wrong Place At The Wrong Fucking Time Outta Be My Middle Fucking Name”
  • Pam – “Honey, this isn’t going to be some epic fucking love story .. you can never replace Eric and you never will”
  • Eric – “Nora, My darling Sister …… Don’t stir this pot!”

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True Blood Season 6 … What’s Going On?? V””V

Is this the beginning of the end?  The first main promotional trailer for True Blood season 6 had those very words in the voiceover fuelling speculation that Season 6 make be the final installment in the much-loved HBO show about vampires.  With rumors flying thick and fast since the announcement that there would only be 10 episodes this season the feeling seemed to be in general this would be it, a feeling that HBO has been quick to dismiss but I am not so sure and here are my reasons why ……..

Let’s start with where is all the promotion this year? I know I am not the only one that has noticed that it is conspicuous by its absence. In pervious years the prior season has been airing in the Sunday’s before leading up to the premiere and fans have tuned in desperate for the glimpses that they show for the upcoming season at the end.  This year?? Nothing! Yes they are airing it at random times but there are no “Extras”.  Season 5 just went up onto HBO on demand with little to no announcement about it.

Where are all the promos and sneak peeks?  This year we have had 2 promo videos with clips and one “Blood Will Spill” clip with a bottle of Tru Blood smashing to the floor. Which brings me nicely to the fact that they have discontinued the Tru Blood soft drink that you could buy in the identical replica bottles.  Now had they made a big deal of this, linking it to the “shortage” on the show with the factories being destroyed I would think this was a very clever promotional move leading up to a huge demand when they make it available again.  This doesn’t seem to the case.  It seems that they have decided it is just not profitable and thus no longer selling it. In fact I only found this out when I went to get some and as it was no longer being sold in Hot Topic or FYE I checked the HBO site to discover that you cannot get it anywhere. Hmmmmmm,

Talking about sneak peeks…  we have had 2. TWO! We are 11 days out now and there is next to nothing being pushed.  Independent fan  sites are doing more to hype the upcoming season than HBO.  Do they not realise by now that devout fans LIVE for those little sneak peeks. Almost always out of context we love to dissect and debate possible connotations and read far more into it than the writers actually mean.

We have had 2 posters (well the Blood Will Spill picture and then one proper poster of a screaming vampire that looks a lot like Bill) and that is it.  I mean if nothing else you would think that HBO would take advantage of the fact that people buy the posters. Want to make more money for less work …. print them in a limited number! But no! Instead everything is fading away.

Outside sites such as Klout and GetGlue have also in the past been a huge part of the promotion process with fans vying for top spots as True Blood influencers and “checking in” to get limited edition stickers.  As of right now Klout has confirmed with me, and I quote from their email “The True Blood program has long since ended and HBO does not have plans to do another program at this time” so there will be no Klout True Blood goodies this year. (Last year top influencers were able to get Free Season 4 Blu-Ray DVD’s before they released, A True Blood Comic Con gift bag, A Signed True Blood Comic, and a Lilith Pendant … definitely decent swag).  GetGlue had a whole series of stickers leading up Season 5 with limited time check ins for a whole variety of things from when Promo videos released to favorite death moments.  This year we haven’t even got a “Coming Soon” Sticker yet.

So does this mean HBO is keeping it all “In House”? I would like to say yes but even their promotions have been few and far between.  They did host a signed giveaway for Season 5 DVD’s with a “Create The Book Of Lilith” promotion (mainly on twitter) and they have a “Support the vamps” thing going right now (Which other than getting your picture retweeted doesn’t seem to have any perks) but neither has been particularly well publicized.

It makes me question how influential Alan Ball may have been in all the promotional considerations.  With him gone and a new show runner in place (actually a second new show runner with the original one leaving halfway through the filming of S6)  everything has faded away …. coincidence? Or just the sad signs that this show has had its day and like the vamps will be going to ground …. maybe for good …..


***POST POSTING EDIT …… FROM TRUE BLOOD’s OFFICIAL TWITTER @TrueBloodHBO – Follow us here all day on 6/16 before #TrueBlood: Live From the Set to learn how you may become a #TopTruebie, featured on @HBO.

So at least they are doing something on the premiere I guess ……***