True Blood Season 6 Ep 2 – “The Sun” Synopsis/Review … MAJOR SPOILERS! V””V

Right then True Blood fans let the spoilers and snarking begin!  For those of you new to the me for the True Blood season let me start with my normal disclaimer …. BLAH BLAH BLAH … my spoiler reviews are long, detailed and opinionated.  I speculate, bitch and generally focus on the points that I want to.  My favorite lines are listed at the bottom (feel free to tell me any you liked that I didn’t use) and sometimes I add in random musings just because!

After last week’s episode I was back riding high on the whole True Blood saga with high hopes for this season but last night’s episode 2 just didn’t work for me.  Don’t get me wrong I am not ready to write this season off yet but honestly I think they had a WHOLE lot of information that they know we are going to need later in the season and just piled it all into this episode with not a lot of anything actually happening. 

 So where shall we start ….

Well how about with the whole “Warlow” mystery as that is where this week’s episode starts off.  We see Warlow coming through a ?rip in the fabric of dimensions on the bridge where the Stackhouse parents were killed and Sookie having some weird dreams.  Contrary to my thoughts last week Rutger Hauer’s character is not going to be a double casting and he reveals to Jason that he is in fact Niall the Fairy Great Grandfather and that he wants to stop Warlow.  He shows that he has the same “light” powers (x about 100) that Sookie has and we get to see him give Sookie a lesson that will allow her to “enhance” her power for one big KILL SHOT that will finish Warlow but then will get rid of all her Fae powers forever.  There is a fair amount of Niall / Jason stuff this week that is mildly amusing but really it was just an excuse to get across information that we are going to need later on.  Over all YAWN!

Over at Fangtasia Tara is not doing well having been shot with what appeared to be a Tazer last week when the bar was raided and Tara couldn’t keep her big mouth shut.  Eric and Nora arrive and Eric manages to discover that she was in fact shot with a silver bullet which then continually releases UV into the vamp. Hmmm not a pleasant way to go.  Guess the General wasn’t kidding last year when he said he was developing new weapons.  No one is happy in that camp, Pam and Nora just keep bickering  and Eric after agreeing that war with humans is just the way it is going to be sends Nora off to go back through the book of Lilith to try and find ANYTHING that could help destroy Bill despite her many complaints that there is nothing there.

We do get to see Nora discover a prophecy about the people leading the god into the sun.  She has little heart to heart with Pam basically telling her that Eric did everything for Pam’s own good and that he does love her.  Yes well we all knew that anyway.  She then takes off saying she will be back.  In the meantime Pam’s human (we assume she means ginger) has left half a carton of blood for them. Well that is new … cartons of blood now?  Oh well I guess they had to find some explanation.  Personally I like Jessica’s solution better (coming up in a minute).

Talking of the Vampire God – Billith continues to be losing it this week as after his “visit” from the invading Lilith clones he is now having visions of the torture of vampires.  What we don’t realise at this point is that he is actually getting visions of what is about to come.  Despite Jessica’s protests he basically shuts down and goes pretty much catatonic (hmmmmmm almost an improvement personality wise there) and goes for a little “dream” visit with the actual Lilith who tells him that things are starting.  Yes very helpful and cryptic. 

Jessica has this great idea to fix it and calls the equivalent of “Vamp Meals On Wheels” so that Bill will feed.  Well this “meal” got a lot more than she bargained for when the (still unmoving) Bill summons some sort of weird power, causes her body to contort in an absolutely ridiculous fashion and then basically repel all the blood from her body from her mouth into his before collapsing dead much to the screams of fear from Jessica cowering in the corner.  Not really sure what the point of this was other than some “new special effects” but it didn’t really hold any interest for me at all.  Then again not a lot that Bill does seems to anyway lol.

Day breaks and Arlene is busy running Merlottes and bitching at Sookie for forgetting her shift.  Before Sookie can get there Patrick’s wife (remember the one they killed because of the whole pointless iFritt story last year) who is looking for her husband.  Arlene takes charge telling the pregnant wife that yep Patrick is a jerk and he is gone and she just needs to get on with it because me suck and she should know!  Yet another plot point that I am guessing is going to just keep on popping up this season but at this point is kinda pointless.

Before Sookie can make it to the bar she finds a man (Ben)  who has been attacked by vampires.  We quickly find out that he is in fact part fairy like her and this is obviously the love interest that has been rumored for Sookie this season.  Sookie being Sookie of course takes him home and fixes him up.  Yet more filler setting up for later in the season but she does send him off to the big field where the secret fairy club is from last year where apparently he will be safe.  Only good thing about that was we got a quick peek of Andy and his little faerie brood as he is wandering around with them yelling for Morella to come and help him with them (with no success yet).

Sam has left Lafayette looking after Emma while he checks in to work and he gets confronted by someone with a whole lot of knowledge about shifters and weres and whats going on.  She wants Sam to come out and tell the whole story to the world and help the supernatural creatures all come out and work together.  Again more setting up for the season.  Poor Sam is not having a good episode because after a day of this he goes home only to find that although Emma and Lafayette have been safe all day once he gets home Alcide and the pack are waiting to take Emma back with them.  Hmmmmm Alcide has turned all power happy it seems.  He actually goes along with this injuring Lafayette and Sam in order to run off with that poor little wolf girl.  Not that I really care about all the shifter / were politics but this seems a big deviation for Alcide’s character. Maybe that V messed him up more than we figured.

Talking of messed up we get to see what Eric’s plan is.  He is going to disguise himself as a reporter and go and have a little chat with Governor Burrell.  Hmmmm not bad as ideas go and it looks like it is going to work.  After some pointless chit chat Eric gets down to the vampire stuff and tries to glamour the Governor and fix everything up.  Notice I said try?  Well it turns out the government has been very busy and they now have contact lenses to protect against glamouring.  Very inconvenient.  Maybe Jason should get a pair lol.  So Eric is captured and about to be hauled off for “examination” somewhere obviously not very pleasant but there is one thing they obviously didn’t know.  Vampires Fly!! And Eric takes off safely to the skies … for now anyway and puts into action part 2.   He appears at the Governor’s daughter’s window (the same daughter that is not too impressed with her Daddy’s little lockdown campaign for her at the moment) and he just waits for her to take out those lenses and glamours his way into her bedroom.  Love it!!

So like I said lots of set up for good things to come but nothing really exciting going on this week.  I was a little disappointed but then the previews for next week look brilliant so roll on Sunday because Waiting Sucks!!!




Favorite Lines From ” The Sun” (not many this week … it was a little dry for me)

  • Nora: I am so sorry that your little bar was robbed and that you’re scared but Eric and I have to deal with a little matter of killing a vampire God”
  • Eric – “If The Humans Want War – We Will Give Them War!”
  • Arlene – “Sometimes life is just a shit-sandwich”.
  • Arlene – “Sugar this is Bon Temps. Down here ‘organic’ means you play the fancy piano at church”





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