True Blood Season 7, News, Thoughts, and Spoilers!! V””V

So I am sure since Sunday’s episode many of you, like me, have been scouring the web to see if you can get any news on True Blood Season 7.  Well finally an interview with Brian Buckner (Current HBO True Blood Showrunner) has been released and so I thought I would share my thoughts and feelings about it.  (*Original Interview is linked at the bottom of the page*)

Firstly the thing that most people want to know.  Is Eric dead?  Well Brian is saying he is definitely not gone.  Whilst he refuses to admit outright that he will be fine he does say he has no intention of removing him from our screens.  I don’t think for many of us this is going to be a big revelation.  The whole scene was so ani-climatic that my husband, barely looked across to see if I was bothered.  Now you have to realise that various points in the True Blood saga certain scenes turn me to a blubbering wreck, and not just the first time through either.  Godric meeting the sun, Eric releasing Pam, and now this season Nora dying in Eric’s arms …. all guaranteed sob fests.  This scene barely had me raising an eyebrow.  I had already written several escape scenarios for him even before HBO was able to post the 6 months jump ahead sign. (Some of these are discussed in more detail in my finale recap – HERE ).  Basically Eric will be fine, and will be back, and I am pretty sure Pam will be with him.

With that out the way let us move on to the whole Hep V thing.  Now here is where I have a HUGE issue with Brian and it makes me wish Alan Ball would come back.  Do you remember back in the good old days of Season 1 where there were SO MANY hidden meanings that many of them wouldn’t become clear until later? There were even books written that you could, if you were obsessive enough, work out what was going to happen to each character based on the color of their clothes!!!  One of the best things about this show was that you could either just watch it, and take the entertainment at face value, or for people like me, you could hunt for the hidden meanings, look for the extra layers, and find many like-minded people to banter ideas around with.  Apparently we are taking our ideas a little too far for them, there is no conspiracy with Lettae Mae being out to poison Tara …. bloggers like myself cooked that one up all by ourselves.  Well can you blame us?  As drama and cliffhangers go we weren’t really given much to work with.

Now many such people, myself included, have been very upset this season by the blatant “flaunting” of the rules and it almost seemed as if, at times, they were just making it up to suit the storyline in that moment. Well  it turns out THEY WERE!!! ….. and I quote “In seasons past – I’m not going to point to any one of them – we took some massive swings, not knowing where we were going. That’s the nature  of what we do. In this case, I don’t believe we bit off more than we can chew“.  Well that explains a lot then.  All the times we were asking where the thought process was for things ….. turns out there just wasn’t one.  Throw it out there and we will deal with it as and when we can …. if we have to change a few things that we already said … well so be it.   WOW! Totally sold out then!! That to me just really sums up how the writers feel about this show that we love.  A show that was so different when it aired that it caught the attention of vampire lovers all over the world, a show that now have become so mainstream for the most part that I have heard Vampire Diaries be described as more entertaining for the real vampire fans.  We stick with it, we moan, but secretly we are all hoping that they will take a turn back to earlier seasons, maybe open one of the books that the show was inspired from (just not the newest one … for the love of Cain leave that one WELL alone) ….. or as I suggested on the post I got the information from …. LET ME AT IT!!!!!! V””V
MY answer to the ORIGINAL post listed below ….I think many bloggers would like to offer their services to the writers. I am especially disgusted to read that they “hadn’t thought this Hep V thing through”.  It is actually one of my complaints this week that they need to come up with a proper set of rules for this.  I miss the  old S1 True Blood where everything DID have a meaning and it was only in re-watching, possibly a couple of seasons later, that the clues that  were there became clear.  THAT was clever writing!  None of this “throw  something on screen and see where it goes”.  Supernatural lovers generally like the rules to be adhered to.  We are pretty adaptable as  to what is acceptable (for the most part) between shows and books as  long as the writers STICK TO THEM.  Continuity!  With so many fans it really shouldn’t be hard.  Give a couple of them a chance to read through the scripts (with non disclosures signed obviously).  I assure you it would result in a far better season of TV! V””V

Information obtained from Brian Bucker’s Interview with Michael Ausiello. Read original interview  HERE


True Blood Season 6 Ep 10 (Finale) – “Radioactive” Synopsis/Review … MAJOR SPOILERS! V””V

Right then True Blood fans let the spoilers and snarking begin! For those of you new to the me for the True Blood season let me start with my normal disclaimer …. BLAH BLAH BLAH … my spoiler reviews are long, detailed and opinionated. I speculate, bitch and generally focus on the points that I want to. My favorite lines are listed at the bottom (feel free to tell me any you liked that I didn’t use) and sometimes I add in random musings just because!

So here we are! It feels this season barely started and yet this is finale week.  And what a finale episode it was … and I DON’T mean that in a good way.  Actually fans of the show must have been asking themselves if “that was it???”.  Where was the carnage, the death count, the shocking cliffhangers?  Where was the feeling that an hour couldn’t have passed already because we still had so much left to watch ……. Nope there will be none of that.  Instead you will be treated to a kind of confused first forty minutes  sort of wrapping up a couple of things and making you roll your eyes …… one moment that I am sure many fans gasped at (I barely raised an eyebrow) and then the remaining time with a 6 month time jump to the future, a TON of WTF questions …. and a real desire for me to throw myself down on my knees and beg Alan Ball to come back because all is forgiven…… Well maybe not … but it was close.

OK on with the show. We start this week with Sookie watched the dirt be thrown onto Terry’s now buried body and Alcide coming up to her to ask if she needs a ride.  Hmmmmmm Alcide in a NASTY looking wig I might add …. remember Eric in S1 .. yes THAT bad.  Now wait I don’t remember that from last week …. I mean I KNOW I don’t pay much attention to Alcide when he is on the screen but I am pretty sure that monstrosity would not have escaped comment.   Well anyway they are all flirty and off they go “for a walk” and a little chat about how Jason will be OK because he is a survivor and he will show up.  Ugh Sookie and Alcide .. really??  That should have ended with her throwing up all over him in Season 4!!!   Luckily before we can dwell too much on that all the day walking, high as a kite vampires come dancing through the graveyard heading to Bill’s house.  This apparently means they all have to throw their clothes off and have sex wherever they can.  Pointless True Blood style nudity as boring as most of the things have been this season.   As Sookie spots Jason (with his new BFF Violet she heads over to see what is going on even though Alcide tells her it isn’t a good idea.  Hmmmmmm It’s OK Alcide …. the scriptwriters seem to have forgotten how great Sookie smells to vamps this season so she should be safe.

Roll the opening credits and we come back to some 20’s music (complete with dancing vampires) when someone has the great idea that they should do a TARGET run for croquet and volleyball.   Jason in the meantime is getting well and truly feasted on by Violet and has decided that he does want to have sex with her now but oh she is not going to make it that easy for him.  Instead she gives him her blood.  Oh yes that is the same *rolls eyes*.  Sookie appears and after a minor freak out from the over jealous Violet, Jason explains that Sookie is his sister so Violet promptly kisses her.  Hmmmmm OK.    Violet leaves them to talk and Jason spills how he thinks he feels for Violet the way Sookie felt for Bill ……. slight turn around there Jason.  Sookie is in her anti vamp mode though and basically tells Jason to watch his back.  Their little meeting is interrupted by a hug from Pam who, obviously still high, tells Sookie she is actually glad to see her .. Tara joins in, and admits that she is high but with the magical blood thinks she will never be able to hate Bill again.  I am with Sookie on this on …. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

Sookie heads back to the Fairy plane where Warlow has been busy getting ready for Sookie’s wedding / turning / whatever ceremony, which apparently involves a maypole and some fancy light work to create 2 rings from 1.  Hmmmm OK well I guess it is a fairy thing but it doesn’t matter because Sookie is now having second thoughts.  Of course she is.  Everyone is saved now! Sadly for her Warlow is over 5000 years old and it not impressed with her not wanting to keep her word.  No problem just give her a quick back-handed smack, tie her to a tree and hold her prisoner.  Yep that will change her mind *rolls eyes … MEN*.

Over in the “real world” … can we still call it that when the vampires are daywalking and in this case playing volleyball?…. Very Twilight!!!  Well here we are and Violet is not enjoying the chemistry between Jason and Jessica and makes her presence known during a volleyball game by slamming the ball hard enough to knock her to the ground.  Towards the woods Pam is watching but Tara can see something is wrong.  She heads over and Pam tells her that her buzz has worn off and she is off to look for Eric….. with a parting remark to take care of Willa she too takes off up into the sky.  Well at least at this point we know Eric is still alive because Willa hasn’t felt his demise.    Bill is another one being mopey but without good reason.  He is sad because all his Billith Mojo is gone and he is back to regular, boring Bill Compton.  That’s OK Bill ….. you didn’t do half as much fun stuff with all that power as you could have so this is what you get!   Jessica comes in to console him and makes him realize that he needs to go save Sookie from the deal he basically forced her into.  *Yawn* …. on the plus side maybe Warlow will be so mad he kills Bill.  We can hope!!!

Bill decides he is actually going to listen and goes to Jason so he can work out what they can do.  Bill has worked out that the only way to get there will be to ask Adelyn to help get them there, Oh yes Andy is going to want to see them …. and so it is decided Jason and Violet will go there while Bill releases his pet scientist complete with a full glamouring and a huge bag full of money.  NICE!!!    Jason and Violet arrive at Andy’s house and when Andy realizes that Violet is a vampire he freaks a little bit and tries to get Adelyn upstairs but Adelyn hears that they are trying to save Sookie and she wants to help. After all she is the only one that is anything like her.   With a bit of convincing from Adelyn, Andy is not happy but he agrees and him and Jason load up with all the fun anti vamp stuff they can find.  Guess Jason raided the LVTF before he left lol.

On the Fairy plane Warlow, with Sookie tied to the tree, (after all can’t have Sookie going through with her threat to throw all her light away … then she won’t be special) is trying to convince her that what he is doing is right.  Now you may wonder what the hell he is waiting for but it turns out that it needs to be night on the regular plane for him to do the whole turning part of the process.  Well that is lucky for Sookie because the cavalry is on the way.  Sadly the cavalry can’t quite work out how to get there ….. after all Adelyn is only 2 weeks old and not too good with the whole light power thing …. but when Violet hears that fear seems to be a good motivator for fairies she has it covered and POOF Jason, Andy, Adelyn, Jessica and Bill are now all in Fairy land just as Sookie is about to be drained. 

Bill tackles Warlow as Violet frees Sookie and hands her to Jason, looking very pleased with herself I might add.  They are all ready to go but Bill is still fighting with Warlow.  Bill insists that they leave and PRAISE CAIN they actually do!!! Oh could this be the big death?  Is Bill going to die??? PLEASE LET THIS BE IT!!!! ……. Nope! Instead Warlow decides to follow them back and Bill hitches a ride by clinging to his ankle as he pops out of there *sigh*

On the regular plane they motley crew have all headed back to Sookie’s house and they hide Adelyn in Eric’s old Cubby while Violet heals Sookie upstairs using her blood and Andy stands guard out front. So I know what you are thinking … here we go!!! Here comes the carnage, the drama, all the great things that True Blood finale’s are known for. But you would be wrong.  Warlow just seems to be content with knocking everyone around with his “light” and they throwing them down into the cubby (the location of which he got from glamouring Jason) and then heads up to get Sookie …. who is hiding in the bathroom!!  Bill tries to make a last-ditch effort but now he isn’t Billith he can’t get in through the door .. HA!!! Awesome!!! Back to Sookie and her perfect horror movie cliché *rolls eyes* of hiding in the bathroom and I would like to think that Sookie remembered that there was another portal in there but sadly I think that was more luck than judgement but as Warlow comes to get her Niall appears (remember him) through a crack in the weird bathroom portal (seriously I don’t think I would ever take a shower again) and grabs him.  But it isn’t enough …. luckily though Adelyn has magic light and has freed everyone from the Cubby so Jason comes to the rescue!! YAY Go Jason!! And Warlow is staked which apparently WILL kill him and he is dead because he falls to a pile of goo that becomes red glitter on the bathroom floor and we get to see all the “light” come out of all the vampires that have drunk his blood.

And now the … not so shocker ….. we see Eric sunbathing nude in Sweden reading a book, up a mountain, in the middle of nowhere, when the magic blood leaves his body.  We see his skin turn red and he catches on fire and falls to his knees screaming.  Oh I am sure there were Eric fans everywhere that were screaming at their TV at this point but not me.  If this is the end, and I sincerely hope it isn’t, it lacked ALL the drama that these amazing moments have.  Godric, Nora, even Pam getting released, these moments grabbed my heart and squeezed it in an unrelenting vise like grip.  This just had me saying UGH!  Perhaps they thought this was going to be the last season and this would have been a great did he make it ending if it had ended there I suppose (personally last week with him flying up into the sun would have been better for me but anyway) …… but here are my reasons why I think Eric is still alive.  Firstly … no goo!! Rule number 1 is without goo a vamp is still viable…. after Bill last season even THAT isn’t always a guarantee.  Secondly Pam went off to find him.  We don’t see her for the rest of the episode, even in the 6 months later skip ahead (during which there is no mention made by Tara or Willa or ANYONE of Eric or Pam).   Thirdly …. if all else fails he could bury himself in the snow.  Any vampire chronicles reader knows that self preservation kicks in above all other instincts when a vampire can’t think straight and thus he would bury himself in the snow until night.  I could go on but you get my drift.   If this was the shocker consider me unshocked.   Seriously the Jessica fake killing Hoyt had a far bigger impact and that wasn’t even really happening!!!

The screen goes black … and we all think is that it??? wait … there are still 20 minutes left … this can’t be the end????

And it isn’t! We come back to a note that says 6 months later …. and a news report talking about Hep V and how they don’t understand the outbreak and Bill being interviewed about his autobiographical telling of all the events that happened called “And God Bled”.  Wow Bill you really are a mainstreamer! We get to see Sookie at home watching said news item and in walks Alcide, complete with short haircut and obviously living there.  Oh this explains the bad wig.  Obviously at the time of filming originally they didn’t know they were going to get picked up for a new season and they must have had to go back, film an add on to the graveside scene to try and explain why Sookie and Alcide are a couple.  Wonderful.  At least that explains that bit then.    So they are playing happy families and Bill is rabbiting on about how 1/8th of the vampire population is infected with Hep V.  Now excuse me for one second here ….. I want to know what the Hep V rules are?? Because quite frankly I don’t think the writers have figured it out yet.  All the vampires from the camp would be dead (I am assuming …one maker was laying there dying last week and it had only been a couple of days) and vampires are very GOOD at self preservation.  If they thought there was anything like this going on they would be out there just slaughtering any possible contamination and the healthy 7/8ths could carry on.  they destroyed most of the contaminate True Blood (we still don’t quite know what was with the Honolulu but last week … maybe that will provide answers in S7?)  To me this all seems like a HUGE stretch that 6 months later this could be the result ….. even for Bon Temps??? Hmmmmmmmm

OK enough sidetracking with my speculations and on to the rest of the not very exciting finale.  We get to see that Jason is still with Violet and despite giving her insane amounts of very satisfying oral sex he still isn’t getting laid and Violet shows no signs of changing that rule any time soon.  Poor Jason. He has even created her an amazing basement style light tight room for her to stay in but no deal for him. Well as she said she did warn him that she wasn’t going to make it easy.

This is nothing compared to the main other storyline that they are obviously setting up for next season.  No one trusts the government (shocker) and everyone is turning to the church for help and guidance and we get to see that Sam and Reverend Daniels of all people have teamed up to try and protect the good people (well people anyway) of Bon Temps.  At first it is unclear what is going on other than everyone is in the church getting their blood tested.  Weird.  Sadly it soon becomes clear what is going on.  They want all the humans to be tested to see if they are carriers for Hep V.  All the humans that aren’t they are asking to team up with “healthy” vampires and become their feeders in exchange for protection. Ummmmm OK then.  Even weirder Arlene is throwing a big party at “Bellefleur’s  Bar and Grill” (we can only assume Arlene used the insurance money to buy Merlottes) where they can all mingle with the vampires and try to find a pairing once they get their results back.  Ridiculous!  Andy seems to be the only one that won’t buy in because after all he doesn’t want any vamp anywhere near Adelyn and who can blame him (Adelyn who by the way seems to have not ages at all in the 6 months … guess the fast growing is over).

The idea is that the roaming packs of rabid Hep V infected vampires are roaming from small town to small town picking them all off.  Now it is not clear if they are killing or turning but either way it doesn’t sound good.  Seriously though if the “healthy” vamps can team up and protect a human why can’t they just team up and go slaughter the infected ones?  Doesn’t make any sense to me at all!

At the “mixer” we get to see that James the vampire Jessica fell in love with at vamp camp is apparently a singer.  And not a bad one either. Yep he is no Lestat but he pulls off the rocker look.  (Side note OK a whole alligator on the grill with Lemon Slices .. HA ….. too funny).   Alcide and Sookie get negative results but both have no interest in becoming vamp food.   Tara and Willa are together and not finding anyone to their liking when Lettie Mae comes over and wants to talk.  Eventually Tara agrees and off they go so Lettie Mae can give a big sob story about how she was never there are a mother to feed her child and wants to feed her now.  UGH there is time you are never getting back.  Now Tara agrees and we see her feed but you have to ask has Lettie Mae really done a 180 on her vampire feelings or did she get her results and is she infected?  Yes I know I am a sceptic but this whole storyline has irritated me since Season1 …. Lettie Mae should have been killed off ages ago, not married off to Reverend Daniels and then dragged out all the way through season 6!  Guess we will have to wait until next year to get answers about that.

Jessica takes off to tell Andy that she will protect him regardless of anything because she feels she owes him.  Can’t argue with that and Andy does manage not to shoot her but does slam the door in her face leaving her out front guarding the Bellefleur house.

The  season ends with Bill coming over to talk to Alcide and Sookie and a very amusing exchange.  Alcide feels Sookie doesn’t need vampire protection but Bill disagrees telling Alcide that he  can growl all he wants he can’t protect her like a vampire.   One of the few times that Bill actually amused me!! Definitely wouldn’t think one wolf could protect from a pack of rabid vampires but then I wouldn’t think one regular vamp could either. Bill and Alcide sniff the air and look worried ……   The camera pans back and we see what Bill and Alcide smelled ….  a group of about 5 obviously infected vampires heading towards the party , that doubles as more emerge from the woods, and then doubles again until we see a swarm just heading towards the humans….. one of which looks suspiciously like the vampire we saw destroying the truck in Honolulu last week.  Perhaps that is the tie in?   Who knows!!! One thing is for sure I don’t want my vampires turned into a rabid pack of zombies!

With no real kill count to deal with I guess the big questions are just is Eric alive (already posted my thoughts on that), is Lettie Mae infected (guess we will have to wait and see) and are the writers going to work out a cohesive set of rules for this Hep V thing? They have a few months to get something together … if all else fails email me! I will work it out for you!!!!

Until then the fangover will begin along with the wait …. and I think we all agree Waiting SUCKS!!!



My Favorite Lines From “Radioactive”

  • Sookie – “Forever is a rare thing in this world … no matter what vampires say”
  • Jessica – “Bill Compton Would Have Walked Through Fire To Save Her!!!”
  • Warlow – “You really are a danger whore!”
  • Bill – “I WAS a God”
  • Bill – “You can growl all you want Bright Eyes it doesn’t change the truth”
  • Sookie – “Even at your best I could never really trust you”

True Blood Season 6 Ep 9 – “Life Matters” Synopsis/Review … MAJOR SPOILERS! V””V

Right then True Blood fans let the spoilers and snarking begin! For those of you new to the me for the True Blood season let me start with my normal disclaimer …. BLAH BLAH BLAH … my spoiler reviews are long, detailed and opinionated. I speculate, bitch and generally focus on the points that I want to. My favorite lines are listed at the bottom (feel free to tell me any you liked that I didn’t use) and sometimes I add in random musings just because!

So here we are! It feels like this season barely started and already this is the penultimate episode. Really this week was split into 2 sections (although it jumped back and forth A LOT between the 2 in the episode) so for my convenience I am going to split the review up that way too.  And yes I saved the better bit for the second half so if (like me) you are totally over the whole Terry and his funeral drama feel free to skip ahead.

For those that want to know everything … here we go.  Tonight we say goodbye to Terry with a funeral that takes up about 1/2 the show.  Now don’t get me wrong, I loved Terry! Well earlier versions of Terry.  This season’s Terry was a lot on the annoying side for me.  I miss the Terry that kept Felix the Armadillo under his bed! I think having him shot the way he was to kill off a major character was a little bit of a cop-out and they have certainly milked it for all it was worth.  That being said there were some great moments during the funeral, especially the flashbacks that were really well filmed and had the raw quality to them that was so evident in earlier seasons (a quality that honestly I miss). 

Sookie leaves her Fairy haven to be there (just popping in like she does with no one noticing) …. and Alcide is there to hit on her. Hmmmmm still not quite sure why he felt the need to attend, guess with the whole pack debacle dealt with, for now at least, they had to find some way to put him in there and show that he is back to being a good guy.  Well Praise Cain for that because (and these are words I never thought I would be writing) he was even MORE annoying this season being Alcide the Asshole!!  He does provide some eye candy for Mrs Fortenbury and Jane Bodehouse though which amused me and we got an update on Hoyt (who has a girlfriend who apparently is ugly as sin but still better than being a red-headed bloodsucker).  Made me think of the Sam Scrunchie comment from Season 2. Definite amusement factor.  Adding to the amusement was a pretty constant string of insults coming from the (new) Caroline Bellefleur.  Delightfully inappropriate throughout.

The Reverend Daniels in there (complete with Lettie Mae who hasn’t changed one bit) and he gives the service in his quiet preachy way. He opens the door for various people to come up and talk and with each one we get a flashback of a poignant moment in their history with Terry.  Andy goes first with his (slightly predictable) looks at when Terry was holed up in fort Bellefleur after the war. Nothing really new here.  Sam is next and the flashbacks with him were well done.  It really has a “season 1” feel to it which I appreciated. 

Lafayette is up next and he is wonderful as usual.  I especially loved his outfit, the suit, the fedora, and the looooong false lashes. His speech was perhaps one of my favorite parts of the funeral complete with another Season 1 esque flashback and Terry being shown how Lafayette shakes it when he cooks.  Brilliant!  Moments like this show how well the writers know the characters … which actually makes it MORE annoying when they get it wrong!!!  If they have writers that can show us this … they should be able to not make so many other screw ups!!!  They do make up for it though with a boring interlude from Portia *yawn*.  We could have done without that!  PLUS no interesting flashback so double blah on that!

It should be Arlene’s turn but Sookie “hears” that she isn’t ready to say goodbye yet and so we get Sookie up there instead.  She takes that moment to tell them all she is a telepath (which I am pretty sure most of them knew as NO real reaction to that announcement at all but hey Sookie way to try to make it all about you) … and we get a real touching flashback to Terry first seeing Arlene on his first day at work.  They did an amazing job of recreating an almost exact scene from the very first episode which I am sure that many fans like me would appreciate and it was lovely closure for Arlene.  Very well handled but still taking away from what I really wanted to see .. the vamps!!!

Finally it is Arlene’s turn and she gives a moving speech and we get another flashback to when Mickey was born (side track for a moment and this baby looks  YOUNGER in this funeral episode that he was 2 SEASONS AGO!!!( ….. and we see Terry being wonderful and for a moment I am sad that he ended like this.  Then I remember that he was annoying this season and this story has been dragging on sooooooo enough already!!   Finally Reverend Daniels says everyone has spoken but Big John steps up and he is going to sing.  ( you would recognize him if you saw him … he worked in the kitchen with Terry). So he sings and everyone is moved .. and it is kinda touching (when you watch it this bit is actually overlaid with the whole Jason and Sarah bit … but hey I decided to write it this way .. so you are going to have to deal with it lol).  So song over we get the marine gun salute, the guns are fired, the flag is folded, the funeral is over.  Goodbye Terry.  Your crazy antics from earlier seasons will be missed.

And  now onto the vamps!!  At the end of last week Bill and Sookie had hopped to Fairy Land where they found Warlow drained (by Eric) but obviously still alive (he wasn’t a pile of goo) and this week we see that Bill is not big on the sympathy vote and still wants Warlow (who can’t even sit up) to keep up the bargain Sookie made and come help save the vampires stuck at vamp camp about to meet the sun.  Sookie points out that Bill is supposed to be the king of all the vampires and he needs to go sort out his own vampire mess and then decides she needs to gnaw on her own arm so that Warlow can feed (you would have though by now she would carry a knife for just sort a situation), which of course makes Bill’s fans pop out, which irritates Sookie even more.  Well Sookie he is a vampire – what do you expect.  Bill, couldn’t care less and as soon as Warlow has had a couple of mouthfuls of blood gets whisked up by Bill wanting to leave with him but he can’t. Ooops Bill you forgot that you need a fairy to get in and out of there … unless you are Eric apparently … no we aren’t getting a proper answer to that question from last week, but all is well as Sookie zaps him with her magic Fairy light and he bounces on his ass right back to the graveyard but not before she reminds him that Eric has more or Warlow’s blood pulsing through him than Warlow right now so he can go find him!

Talking of Eric, he is very much enjoying being able to walk in the sun and takes the opportunity to completely tear up all the guards outside of vamp camp (but Bill is not far behind him ).  Sadly we only get to see before and after shots *sigh* ……. no actual Eric doing the damage, but we can imagine (and I did :D).  With limbs in hand (well he wasn’t sure which arm had the chip in) he goes into the camp and starts making his way through with his first stop being at Doctor Oberlark’s office.  Remember him? He was the creator of Hep V and the stupid human that enjoyed injecting the lethal dose into Nora as he forced Eric to watch. Think he might be regretting that decision right about now and Eric approaches him and rips his balls off!! Quite literally!  Now the web has been filled with titillating spoilers about how this week we would get to see “Eric” and a “Naked Penis” in the same shot … and we do … sadly it is not Eric’s but the Doctor’s that has been tossed to one side as the Doctor lies there bleeding out. (Note to special effects team … whilst I appreciate a good blood shot ….. there is no way he could stay conscious with that much blood pooled around him … I am not even sure a body HOLDS as much blood as seen there … but I appreciate the effort).  Eric leaves him bleeding to death after pointing out he will be back in 10 minutes to make sure he has bled off.  Luckily (or unluckily) for Doctor Oberlark he doesn’t have to wait that long as Bill comes in and stomps on his head like the giant cockroach that he is!

Eric continues his jaunt around the prison, and it really is a jaunt, dancing into the room he just unlocked to free the male vamps in one of the general population quarters, humming to himself as he digs the computer chip out of the dead guard’s arm.  I ADORE this Eric.  The vampire out for vengeance with no regard for human life, the humans that have wronged him, the humans that thought he could be tamed. Covered in blood and oozing with danger! Brilliant!! If the whole show could have been like this I would have been thrilled.  He even takes a moment to console one lonely vampire who does not flee with the others because his maker is in one of the morgue type coolers.  The maker is infected with Hep V and we can see he doesn’t have long to live as the black evilness is coursing through his veins but Eric knows that feeling and quietly points out that the opportunity for vengeance is available.  *sigh* …. Love it!

As Bill is slightly behind Eric he goes off on a different pathway around the prison in his hunt for our favorite viking  vampire, seeing as he does that the vampires have opted for a literal eye for an eye revenge routine rather than a simple kill all the humans  variation.  We see variations of pretty much all the tortures we have seen inflicted on the vampires the past few weeks now being done to the humans, from the pulling of teeth, to the running in the giant hamster wheel (almost naked of course) to a therapy session with our not so favorite shrink.  As Bill searches he prooves once again that even as the all powerful Billith he is rather stupid and useless.  He asks a roaming vampire about Eric and is told that Eric set them free but the vampire refuses to elaborate saying so many hallways ….. and Bill just leaves it.  UGH Bill .. you have enough power to make Eric float around the ceiling like a giant helium balloon but you can’t make a simple number 3 vamp give you information?  USELESS!!

With Bill wandering in the opposite direction, Eric has made his way to Female Gen Pop 001 where, after freeing the room, he finds Jason pretty drained and laying, shirtless on a bench.  Amazing scene between these 2 characters which ends with Jason being healed by Eric (mainly because Jason can show him around) and Eric promising him some awesome dreams !! Oh I hope we get to see the dreams next season (although I am sure my husband is hoping EQUALLY as hard that we DON’T lol). With the newly healed Jason as his guide they head off down the corridors (with Jason high fiving all the dead guards on the way) and we see Sarah Newlin emerge from beneath a pile of bodies after they pass.  Now SURELY Eric would have heard the heartbeat and known someone was not only alive but (apparently) not injured in the least?? Was he so focussed he didn’t care? Or is this just another oversight to enable the plot twist that they wanted *sigh*.  Either way Sarah is alive and you know that won’t be good.

Heading a long Eric must have gone in a complete circle and now be behind Bill because he comes across the room where Pam’s favorite psychiatrist is having his own tortuous therapy session.  Eric dismisses the vampire torturers and has his own little chat.  The Doctor is scared and so he should be.  Eric is cold and calculating and awesome as he tells the Doctor he forgot to ask how he was going to die.  Things are about to get worse for him though because sensing the end is close he decides that taunting Eric is the best way to go.  Even Jason knows that this is not a smart move but Eric hears the truth in the words so whips out the guys “anti glamour” contact lenses and makes him tell all.  Then instead of killing him decides that it would be better for Pam to have the honor. See I LOVE that!!! Brilliant bit of writing there from the team!!!  As they continue down the halls (now with psychiatrist in hand) there is a piercing scream that all fans would recognise.  Sure enough Eric grins and says the same thing … and heads to find Ginger!!!

Bill, in the meantime, remembers what Sookie said about all of Warlow’s blood coursing through Eric’s veins and realizes that HE has Warlow’s blood too so grabs a guard and rushes off to find the White Room with a guard that he picks up on the way. 

With Bill rushing to the rescue inside, we get to see that Sarah escaping was a bad thing as she heads up the side of the building to the roof and we all just know it is the roof of the room that the vampires are in.  Sure enough we see her opening the roof to let the sun in to the vampires below …. but Bill has gotten there first and they are all feasting on him as the sunlight hits … well all except Steve who apparently only got a mouthful.  Hmmmmmmm dramatic as this is … why not just open the door Bill so they could all LEAVE??? *rolls eyes* .. STUPID!!! (The music is rather awesome though)

Eric finally catches up complete with Jason,  psychiatrist and Ginger … but they are in the observation room and Eric rushes around to catch Steve who is starting to panic.  Bill says to let Steve feed but Eric is having none of it and holds him into the sun to burn … just as Sarah leans over to look down at what she expects to be a room full of burning vampires.  Instead she just gets to see the one burn, her ex husband… who looks right at her and says ….. I love you .. JASON STACKHOUSE!!! Damn if that isn’t a smack in the face!! Eric and Pam share a beautiful moment as they look at each other and Eric tells Pam he saved the psychiatrist for her. Awwwwww great to see these 2 back on the right track!

The vampires are all high and dancing in the sunshine filled room (hmmmm yes could have done without that) … when Jason realises that Sarah is still alive and rushes off to take care of it.He catches her in the parking lot and has a gun to her throat but can’t bring himself to pull the trigger and ends up letting her go.  Oh Jason you know that is going to come back to haunt you!!

Bill is left on the floor … pretty much drained to the point of death (sadly not actually there) while the vampires all go to play outside and smash-up all the bottles of Tru Blood and apparently at the same time in Honolulu a vampire appears at what seems to be a Tru Blood delivery and we see the driver killed too. Hmmmmm wonder why Honolulu… guess we will find out next week.  Anyway Lilith’s little bitches appear and tell Bill it is time for him to go with them.  GO BILL GO!!! PLEASE GO!!!!

Eric is outside with the other high happy vampires but he is not looking so happy.  We see him go to where Nora was infected with the Hep V while he was caged and we see him go from mad to what looks like resigned.  Ohhhh go back to being mad Eric …. you still have a lot of humans you can kill!!! (and a whole pack of wolves over in Shreveport if you are really looking for something to do …. what …. just a suggestion … damn writers don’t listen to me anyway!!)

Jessica is also losing her happy thoughts as she realises Bill isn’t with them and she rushes back in (complete with James in tow) and finds Bill almost dead apparently talking to himself (Jessica can’t see the Lilith bitches).  James realises that Bill needs blood to survive and feeds him, which apparently is enough for the Lilith clones to leave and Bill to come back to the land of the living (unliving???)  *sigh* … either way Bill doesn’t die.  Damn it Bill could you not have just gone with them!!!

Bill walks out to a round of applause from the vampires he saved but you know from the music something is wrong….. although it is not for Bill that the music is playing … it is for Eric.   Pam turns and looks across the parking lot as everyone is leaving and it is just her and Eric … and she just says one line …. “Don’t You Dare Leave Me” …. and Eric is gone ….. straight up towards the sun leaving us to believe that he has decided to end it… and that is where they end the episode.

I can’t believe we only have one more episode left this season although I am curious what they are going to do with the finale.  This episode had a finale feel to it (had it been any other show) but I can only assume with season 7 confirmed they are going to spend next week setting things up for a tortuous cliffhanger to make us wait for a year.

I did appreciate the nod to Anne Rice’s Lestat, be it intentional or not for those avid vampire readers like me.  It gives me hope that Eric will survive this as Lestat did before him.  I think if they really wanted to kill him off they would have had this as the finale ending.  Certainly would have had us buzzing with the will he / won’t he make it questions for the next 10 months!!

Waiting SUCKS!!!




My Favorite Lines From “Life Matters”

  • Sookie – “Eric took our deal and fucked it in the ass!!”
  • Eric – “I’ll be back in 10 minutes to make sure you bled out”.
  • Eric – “Go on, Go kill your captors”
  • Eric – “You’re free …. go forth and kill the humans”
  • Terry – “I don’t like work …… or people”
  • Steve – “I love you Jason Stackhouse!!!”

True Blood Season 6 Ep 8 – “Dead Meat” Synopsis/Review … MAJOR SPOILERS! V””V

Right then True Blood fans let the spoilers and snarking begin! For those of you new to the me for the True Blood season let me start with my normal disclaimer …. BLAH BLAH BLAH … my spoiler reviews are long, detailed and opinionated. I speculate, bitch and generally focus on the points that I want to. My favorite lines are listed at the bottom (feel free to tell me any you liked that I didn’t use) and sometimes I add in random musings just because!

I am going to start by saying I think this was, perhaps, my least favorite episode so far this season.  For me there was way to much Shifter stuff, Pack problems, Terry trauma, and Fairy fuss!! Overall I found it to be rather dull, especially considering the teaser that we got to see last week, but hope that there is at least some kind of reason for this stuff and possibly an excuse …… I mean explanation from some pretty GLARING continuity errors!!!

We start this week very briefly seeing Eric dealing with Nora’s death and by dealing I mean basically saying screw you Billith I am not helping you or your stupid cause. You failed to save Nora so now I will do my own thing even if you float me around the ceiling like a kite and act like you are a big bad vampire at the end of the day you are just Bill and you are weak!  And Bill proves him right and ends up letting him go.  One of the better moments of this week’s episode but sadly over before the opening credits roll with Bill “slamming” (worst door slam ever)  the door behind Eric as he takes off into the night.   Now at this point hopes are high that Eric is going to be bad and vengeance driven this episode but sadly we see very little of him other than now and his reappearance at the end.  Hey at least I am warning you now … I sat through the whole episode to learn this!

Credits done and we go to Alcide and his little pack dilemma.  Yes I know I don’t really care either but hey it was in there.  So Rikki has Nicole and Mom all tied up and presents them to Alcide as very much not dead and then when Alcide reminds her that he is in fact packmaster Rikki challenges him to a fight … to the death. She even manages to get a couple of seconds … the little bitch that they had the three way with and … ummmmmm well a very strange looking blonde reminding me yet again why wolves are just not my thing.   Stupid fight where Alcide kicks both their asses (yep the girls cheat) and whilst I would normally be completely against any man hitting a woman … Rikki really did ask for it … and she is a wolf … and oh yes I don’t care but PLEASE get this story over with.  So they fight and Rikki loses but we don’t actually know whether Alcide kills her or not.  Well OK we do because it’s Alcide .. and even asshole Alcide that has been around this season won’t be doing that.

Over at Vamp Camp Willa wants to try and save Jason from being Violet’s chew toy but Tara talks her out of it. At least Tara seems to have a handle on the whole vamp hierarchy now …. or maybe it is just the jail hierarchy that she has the hang of.  Either way it was a smart decision on her part.  Violet has decided that Jason is “hers” and apparently this to her means forever. A concept Jason is not too thrilled about but hey at least she isn’t going to be passing him around for favors so bonus for him.  Honestly I am bored with her already. Even her whole I am a real medieval catholic with real values speech was just annoying.  The only amusing part was when Pam asked to talk to her while she was feeding (in what appeared to be a morgue drawer???… no idea why THAT was in the general population room) but that amusement was down to Pam’s attitude and not hers.  Overall I hope she dies because otherwise I see another long drawn out Crystal time situation occurring and we certainly don’t need that cropping up again!

Back in Bon Temps Sookie is at the graveyard and yet again seems to have a complete handle on what she can do with her powers right down to telepathically talking to Warlow (I am dropping the Ben bit)  before she returns to Fairy land (which this week seems to have sparkly things everywhere almost like icicles you hang on a Christmas tree everywhere) and ties him back to the gravestone with some vines.  You know if he has enough control to make the decision to do that …. and then she is going to feed him when she gets there anyway …. why bother with the tieing him up in the first place.  Oh wait I got it …. you didn’t tie him up before you left last time because it wasn’t needed for the story … but this week it is so just tie him up and leave him that way ….. indefinitely.  Yep GREAT plan *rolls eyes*.    Anyway I am jumping ahead a bit … so they are there and Warlow makes a nice point that Bill is a liar and so just because he says he won’t kill Warlow after he saves the vamps doesn’t mean it is true and he is going to want a little more assurance, so if he helps the vamps Sookie has to become his fairy vampire princess bride.  Sounds fair enough to me! But Sookie needs time to think about it and zaps herself back to Bon Temps where Eric is waiting, hiding behind a tree, and sees her just appear.  Once she leaves Eric goes to the spot she just came from and waves his arm around obviously trying to sense what is there.  Whether Eric can tell or not is unsure but Warlow certainly can as the whole realm he is in suddenly goes dark.  Interesting ……. OK not really … it is exactly what happened when Bill was near in season 4 with the whole fairy thing.  At least time doesn’t seem to be distorted now … or maybe the writers just forgot that part……Oooooh maybe Warlow can control it … what??? They are making up new rules every single week with no regard to what has happened before!!! Almost as bad as the last Sookie book!!! (Hey they make a reference to it in a bit so why can’t I).

Back to Vamp Camp and Jessica and James are basking in the afterglow of their little fling last week. They really are kinda cute together. James is by far the most interesting new vampire for me this season although even he annoys me this week. I guess when Jason got escorted off they were just left in the room and no one thought to check.  Well OK then. But it doesn’t last long as just as they are about to have a little more fun the guards burst in….. of course no one questions how they happened to be there just split them up and take them back.  In the hallway they meet Pam who is leaving the psychiatrists office having exchanged sex (which she describes as Oozy but productive) for her release back into general population.

She arrives just in time for the big announcement.  Tru Blood is now available for all and they will all be getting their own bottle.  Obviously those in the know are not too thrilled about this and don’t drink but sadly those in the know include James ….. who can’t keep it to himself and takes pity on the poor Steve Newlin (who almost gets bullied out of his bottle anyway until the guards intervene) and tells him not to drink it either.  UGH James you stupid stupid boy!! What are you thinking? We all know this is going to end badly … and it does!!! When Sarah finds out that certain vamps aren’t drinking the their spiked drinks she immediately asks if Steve is one of them and then tortures him by having him run on a giant hamster wheel under the threat of UV light.  Steve, being the spineless cry baby that he is soon gives up all he knows and that he got the info from James without ever being touched by evil UV rays. So pathetic. He is SUCH a 4!!!!  With the new info Sarah comes up with a new plan.  All those that refuse to drink will be escorted to the white room, which we soon see is the room from Bill’s visions, the room where they all meet the sun.  This is not good.  We get to see Steve and James put in there and Steve sobbing and crying to Sarah …. yep because that is going to help Steve!  We don’t, however get to see what happens to them until later.

In the meantime Sam has returned to Merlottes and is greeted by Alcide who lets him know that he has returned Nicole and her Mom who were kidnapped by the crazy Rikki.  Looks like Alcide is back to the old Alcide and no more pack for him.  Yep knew he wouldn’t kill Rikki.  Shame .. she totally deserved it.  So Alcide heads off to drink in the bar while Nicole and her Mom have a drink with Sam in his trailer.  Yes all very dull ….. Nicole’s mom doesn’t feel safe (sensible woman) but she still goes off to bed.  Nicole and Sam have a moment outside and he starts smelling her hair ….. OK you know that means something shifter based and sure enough when he is in the bar talking to Alcide (yep they are all friendly again) Alcide mentions it and it becomes quite obvious that Nicole is pregnant.  YAWN!!!!! What happened to Luna being the love of his life?  It has been just a few days and yet he is all ready to move on with everything.  Damn shifters!

Moving on to more stuff that I am totally done with … the whole Terry mess.  Arlene is nicely hung over but Lafayette has a nice plate of greasy breakfast for her (and it looks GOOD … I love fried bread …. not something I have seen much of since moving from England ….. my husband was trying to insist that Lafayette had in fact made Grilled Cheese but I know I was right .. and it was breakfast …. yes I know totally off topic but still more interesting to me than this storyline) …… So yes Lafayette made breakfast and then broke the news about the life insurance.  Adelyn was listening in to Arlene’s head and hears that all is not good in there with lots of guilt to go around including some thrown the young fairy’s way as she needs to stop being in people’s head.  This gives the cue for both of them to storm off unhappy (very important for later that Adelyn be alone).

I am going to wrap all the Terry from this week up here because … well honestly not a lot of it makes sense … I mean last week I was moaning that Arlene seemed to have buried him already … this week we go to the funeral home to plan things.  And it is all a little ridiculous.  Old Mrs Bellefleur is there (now I am assuming it is meant to be Caroline????… yep checked the credits .. it is but they got a new actress… and she is NOT as good) and she wants a full 21 gun salute because that is how they do things which I agree with Arlene is in rather bad taste in this case.  Arlene goes outside but eventually calms down and the funeral is set and even though she worked out who shot him Andy convinces her that if she presses him to investigate the life insurance won’t pay out so better to just pretend nobody knows anything.  So bored with this whole thing.  Seriously .. OVER IT!

Sookie visits Bill, in the daylight, and they have a little chat in which Bill basically tells her to hurry up and just do it already and he doesn’t care about her little issues and that the deal sounds quite fair which comes as a bit of a shock to little Miss Sookie who was obviously expecting a little more sympathy. But we all know she is going to do it .. but first a little stop via Merlottes where she successfully manages to interrupt Sam trying to get Nicole to stay (it wasn’t hard he asked she said yes but Mom was not amused) and whisk Sam off to his office where she shows him her little light ball and then drops the bom that she always thought they would end up together.  Way to mess with the guy Sookie!! (And yes totally ripped from the last book!!!). Sam, to his credit, is not in the mood for this Sookie drama and so poor Sookie runs off and we get  an agonizing hour (well actually it is more like 5 minutes but seriously when watching it it FELT like an hour) of Sookie talking to her parents’ gravestones and then painstakingly getting ready, leaving a voicemail for Jason (Niall is missing, Terry is dead, the funeral is in the morning I will save you a seat, sorry to leave this in a voicemail), until she eventually arranges to meet Bill that evening.

In other day time romps, Holly has called her sons and had them go and take Adelyn out for the day (complete with a big bottle of booze … I am betting Holly didn’t count on that one) and off they go to get drunk.  Skip ahead to the night and one brother is pretty much passed out while the other decides to get hot and heavy with the young fairy.  All is going well (especially for the brother that manages to get Adelyn’s top off) until Eric appears.  Pulling her top on as she goes Adelyn takes off running while Eric glamours the 2 brothers in to forgetting that he was ever there and (with a smirk) forgetting that Adelyn was ever there too even though it means for the one brother he has to forget he managed to get a girls top off … he even apologizes for taking that memory away.  With the boys safely glamoured Eric is free to take off after the fairy girl and with his speed he catches her (and drinks from her quite deeply) but as we see her running down the road only to be picked up by Andy we know that he doesn’t kill her.

Back to vamp camp and the best Sarah Newlin scene ever!!!  Sarah is slowly unravelling as everyone is asking for the Governor but it is when the Tru Blood exec turns up and forces her way despite Sarah’s best “we are both strong women plea” in to the camp that everything really gets good … I mean goes wrong. With Sarah chasing the exec wildly through the corridors the exec soon realises there is something very wrong going on in that place with screams that she needs to inform the FDA….. oh honey that is the least of your problems right now!!! Sarah chasing her down in ridiculously high heels is awesome and the fighting is pretty good too. So glad they decided not to go for the typical girl fight, hair pulling etc, but Sarah finally gets the exec to the ground and starts slamming her head into a metal grate … right about the male general population room who rush to lick the blood that is pouring from the execs head to their floor below.  To finish things off, Sarah grabs the exec’s ridiculous high heel leopard print shoes and slams it into her head screaming DIE DIE DIE … and when she does … Sarah sinks back and thanks Jesus.  In a not so good episode this was definitely a highlight and very unexpected.  Not good for Sarah and her crazy vamp camp but great viewing pleasure.

While all that is going on my the male general population area back in the female area Violet is called out for not drinking her Tru Blood.  Her excuse that Jason is keeping her fed doesn’t wash with the guards but as Violet is yet to know about the Tru Blood problem she is quite happy to go get hers …. until Tara opens her big mouth and says that by Violet drinking that their Jason problem will sort itself out.  Of course Violet hears and so wants to know why they aren’t drinking it and so the result is Violet, Jessica, Tara, Willa and Pam all end up in the white room where we see that Steve and James are in fact still alive … but Jessica recognizes the room and realizes that is where they are all going to meet the sun as seen in Bill’s vision.  Even Pam looks worried!

So quick Time Out here before I get to the finale part (where I will have even more questions) …… I want to talk about Hep V for a minute ….. now I know Nora got a nice big syringe worth straight into the veins but she then lasted less than 48 hours but she was 600 years old AND was boosted with Bill’s blood.  So why are NONE of the vamps, even the weakest level 4’s showing ANY symptoms yet?  Doesn’t make sense to me.  Surely they would at least look a little sluggish?  Hmmmmm doesn’t quite add up for me.  Probably just an oversight although even in upcoming previews we are not seeing any signs of the virus spreading through the system.  *sigh*.  Does anyone else ponder these things??

OK back to the show and Sookie is once again in full command of her Fairy powers and tells Bill to hold her hands so she can transport them both to Fairy Land where Warlow is waiting. Hmmmmm OK.  Sadly for them when they get there they see Warlow is still tied to the gravestone but definitely not looking too well…. he has been completely drained … but we know he isn’t dead as he is a vampire and not a pile of goo.   Sookie has no idea what happened but Bill just says one word …. ERIC!!!! and roll credits … and show an awesome preview for next week ……

Now here is my problem …… The whole drinking fairy rules seem to have changed.  In Season 4 when Eric drank a fairy he got nicely, and very amusingly drunk …… Jessica drank 4 fairies … and kinda sorta got high (she was a miserable drunk / high though) and nowhere near the level that Eric did … now is this because she drank baby fairies?  We know that Sookie’s blood tastes great and allows temporary day walks but no drunk feeling …. because well we assume she is part fairy?? So what is the deal here?  How did Eric get into Fairy land?? Just because he drank some fairy blood??? If that is the case Bill drunk Warlow’s blood which is obviously far stronger, AND we already know gave him a connection to him and yet Bill couldn’t find his way there but Eric could?  Dear writers can you just make up a set of rules and stick to them?  That would be much appreciated and would save me having to mull over these things for a ridiculously looooooong time and not come up with any answers BECAUSE YOU KEEP CHANGING THINGS!!!!

That being said I want it to be Sunday now …. because WAITING SUCKS!!!!!



My Favorite Lines From “Dead Meat”

  • Pam –  “yes from everything I know about her she seems like the sharing type!”
  • Andy  – “You aren’t even 2 weeks old so no I will not get you some coffee”
  • Bill – “It seems really quite fair …. he would be doing us a rather large favor”
  • Nicole’s Mom – “May I ask how old YOU are Silver Fox”
    Andy – ” I am trying to decide if it’s going to be more uncomfortable for me in here or out there”
  • Sarah – “DIE DIE DIE …… thank you Jesus”
  • Sookie – “Destiny is too much of a bitch to keep fighting”

True Blood Season 6 Ep 7 – “In The Evening” Synopsis/Review … MAJOR SPOILERS! V””V

Right then True Blood fans let the spoilers and snarking begin! For those of you new to the me for the True Blood season let me start with my normal disclaimer …. BLAH BLAH BLAH … my spoiler reviews are long, detailed and opinionated. I speculate, bitch and generally focus on the points that I want to. My favorite lines are listed at the bottom (feel free to tell me any you liked that I didn’t use) and sometimes I add in random musings just because!

Let me start by saying I apologize for the lateness of this week’s installment but life had other plans for me …. and well … that is enough of that. On with the show!!!

For me this week was a blend of absolutely amazing moments (featuring Eric) … mixed in with a ton of stuff I couldn’t care less about but I am assuming has relevance so am including it.

The episode starts off not with Sookie and her light display but with Eric, Nora and Willa and their escape plans.  Having just seen that they are putting Hep V in the Tru Blood supply Eric knows that things are about to get bad for the vamps inside.  With promises from Eric that he will be back for her Willa takes the Doctor’s coat from Nora and heads back to general population so that she can let Pam know what is going on while Eric escapes with Nora.  This is brilliant!!! Vamp Camp discovers a breech and goes into lock down and it is a battle of wills and some great thinking that allows Eric and Nora to escape on an outgoing Tru Blood truck.  Laying underneath with Eric supporting himself and Nora with one arm they almost make it when a guard comes by for one final sweep with a mirror under the truck before it leaves.   Oh this can’t be good … but quick as a flash, just as the guard sees him Eric grabs him, kills him, and then yells that the truck is good to go…. now hanging on to the guard’s body as well until safely away from the compound where he drops him like the trash he is …. then he cradles Nora close to him as the truck speeds off into the night unaware of the cargo stowing away underneath.  Eric is definitely top of my list this season!!  *sigh*  

Jason is still playing double agent and is running around acting as though he is helping when really he is just trying to free Jessica. Awwwww he is so cute…. for a human.  Meanwhile Willa actually manages to use the arm and coat and get to Pam, who is practicing her Yoga.  Pam is delightfully unimpressed that Eric sent the babyvamp to help save her but Willa stands her ground and explains the whole Tru Blood plan and why none of them can drink it.  Willa wants to save all the vamps (oh to be young) but Pam quickly dispels that idea as she explains to Willa (not because she doesn’t care … although I am sure that plays a part) that if everyone avoids drinking the Tru Blood they will know that the vamps are on to them.  Even Willa has to admit that makes sense so heads off, severed arm and all, to tell Jessica and Tara and get herself back into where she is supposed to be, neatly disposing of arm and coat down a convenient waste disposal shoot.

Eric and Nora make it to Bill’s and Eric makes an impassioned plea that if Bill is now God to please heal her.  Oh so touching!  Eric takes her up to Bill’s bedroom but it would seem the decision is not really up to Bill …. Nora is refusing to drink from Bill as she says it is Lillith’s blood and she would rather die.  *rolls eyes* … yes a little selfish considering how Eric is suffering but Bill is up on his high horse saying he will not refuse her dying wish so Eric orders him to leave.  HA!!! Sorry that really amused me ….. Eric ordering Billith out of his own bedroom.  Obviously at this point we know that Bill could destroy him but he doesn’t … he quietly leaves. Oh you know there will be more on this later.

In other areas Sarah Newlin is heading to the Governors mansion that she is pretending is her home, practicing some elocution lessons in the car (for those that want to play along at home …. lower your voice one octave and repeat … God is good).  As she pulls up to the house she realizes something is wrong as there are no guards and she finds the governors head right where Bill left it, on the edge of the statue.  She has a nice little conversation with the severed head assuring him that his death won’t be in vain and that they are all evil monsters and she will destroy them all because it is all part of God’s plan. 

Cut to the Governors office where Sarah is waiting as in walks the Senator (Remember him?  He was one of Lafayette’s clients) who is not doing very well with the sight of all the carnage.  Sarah has a plan! She wants to pretend that the Governor is still alive and have him fill in saying that Governor Burrell is in hiding because of threats and she will deal with all the vampire stuff. She tells the Senator to call in his “clean up crew” the same one he uses to cover up all his seedy stuff and leave no trace.  She suggests acid might be good and that they only have to do this for a short time because tainted Tru Blood is about to hit the shelves.  Oh this is not good.

Time for a trip to Fairy land where Sookie and Warlow/Ben are done frolicking and apparently their flashy light theatrics didn’t do anything other than for them.  So being that Warlow/Ben is several thousand years old and apparently hasn’t gotten laid recently he seems to think that this will make Sookie rethink her decision to marry him. Slutty Sookie has other plans though but does agree this was more than just sex … because it always is.  UGH this Warlow/Ben character / story / all of it … just not working for me!!! Bored Bored Bored!!! There is no chemistry there … I don’t find him sexy …. and did I mention .. I’M BORED!!! As Sookie goes to get up she “hears” Arlene crying in the “real world” cemetery and says she must go back for her …. but she will be back for him.  Blah Blah Blah …. BORED!!!!!!  Oh wait … she can’t work out how to get back … Ummmmmm what?  You were quick enough to zap yourself there …… but fear not … one line of instruction from her latest conquest and all is good.  Phew … was almost worried there for a minute *rolls eyes*.

So back Sookie goes where she finds Arlene laying on the floor on what I can only assume is supposed to be Terry’s grave?  OK I am totally confused.  What the hell kinda timeline is going on.  I would say that Sookie was lost in Fairy land for a while but that doesn’t make sense because the vampire story has only taken a day ……. but now Terry is buried? After he was shot ….. by an apparently unknown assailant …… so no investigation at all and he is in the ground??  Oh and she hasn’t told her kids? I am so lost.  If anyone can explain this please go right ahead.  Long boring drawn out story cut short …. because I really don’t care about it …. Sookie convinces Arlene to go home and tell her kids, Andy, Holly and Lafayette are there and it is decided that Sookie and Lala will head off to see what was in the safety deposit box.   Shocker it was an insurance policy … taken out 3 days earlier …. for 2 MILLION DOLLARS!!! OK what insurance company did you say that was … because there is no way Terry would qualify for that … in his state of mind!!! 

On to more stuff I couldn’t care less about, Sam calls Lafayette and discovers Terry is dead so decides he is going to head home.  He tells Nicole to call her mom (which she does) and they have some shifter shower sex (which Sam fans will enjoy as you get a nice shot of his naked ass) ….. and then she leaves, with mom, after giving Sam her home phone number.  YAWN!!

As we are dealing with yawnsville type stuff am going to add in here about Alcide … he drops his dad off and they have a little talk about how his dad isn’t a pack creature and how he thinks Alcide isn’t either.  But Alcide is still playing the asshole packmaster role and has to get back to his pack.  Hmmmmmm whatever.  Alcide annoys me at the best of times but this season he is driving me insane.  The writers need to just either kill him off or something but enough of this already!!.

Over at vamp camp Jessica is summoned up to a room and obviously she fears the worst but is shocked to find Jason there.  Not quite sure how Jason has managed to get himself in a room alone having only been there for a couple of days but hey it works.  He tells Jessica he is going to help her but Jessica says she is OK with it all but she would like to see the vampire James again so she can thank him and Jason, bless his heart, goes to get him.

James arrives and is as confused as to why he is there and is even more confused when Jessica gets Jason to leave them in the room alone.  Awwww I almost feel sorry for Jason.  He is so sweet. With Jason gone James and Jessica (wow that is a LOT of J’s) have a little heart to heart and we learn that James believes vampires choose whether to be good or not and that he feels he still has his soul.  We also learn that they broke one of his Fangs for not having sex with Jessica that day.  Now in S1, as a punishment, the Magister has them rip out a vamps fangs and says he can think about what he has done while he waits for them to come back in.  Now ….. they have never mentioned a timeline for that.  Hmmmmm ……. bones heal, almost immediately and teeth are bone but fangs are not ….. because they come in supernaturally?? Maybe???  I do wish they would define these rules!!!  Things like this bug the hell out of me!! I want answers!!! What about other teeth? If you knock them out do they replace?  We saw Russell’s teeth doing that and yet once regenerated his teeth were all fine.  Seriously I want to know.  Suggestions welcome….. so now I am completely off track.  Oh right yes James and Jessica ….. so they have their little heart to heart and Jess explains that they are all going to die soon and not to drink the Tru Blood.  So much for Pam’s idea of not spreading it around. Jess then explains that the one thing she wants is to have sex with a vampire because she has never done it.  It is actually a scene a lot more touching than it sounds there.  And finally we get some vamp sex .. not a lot …. you know there is not a lot of sex period AGAIN this season!!! Ooooh changing the subject a little James kinda looks like Johnny Depp in this scene so that is a bonus (thanks to my hubby for pointing that out)….. I really hope he sticks around.  Vamp Candy 😉

Back to the Compton mansion and Eric is once again begging Bill to save Nora.  He tells him that he believes. He will do anything.  Oh Eric …. it breaks my heart to see him so desperate.  Bill explains about his visions and Warlow and that he needs to get him and get his blood so that he can go to the vamp camp and Eric agrees that he will do anything, including go back to vamp camp if he will just give his blood to Nora.  Bill does so but sadly it is no good.  The blood does nothing and Nora does not look like she is long for this world.  Eric insists that Bill goes to get Warlow as his blood may work but Nora knows otherwise.  Eric won’t give up though and there is a touching look from Bill to Nora as it is clear that this is a final goodbye despite what Eric wants to believe.  This would be the time to get your kleenex ….. yes there is sadness to come.

Bill is actually heading off to find Sookie … her being the key to getting Warlow back and all.  Very convenient him being able to walk in the sun.  Sookie is with a very drunk Arlene who has told the kids now about Terry (still not getting that whole timeline) and Sookie has just discovered Andy’s daughter when in walks Bill.  Now Portia is there and helps hustle the kids upstairs but wasn’t Portia supposed to scream every time she saw Bill?  Well it was a “Bill” glamour … maybe it wore off (rather than the script writers forgetting …. why bring her back anyway … hmmmmm guessing there is going to be more on that coming ….).  Arlene is amusing as she at first thinks she is seeing him because she is totally wasted …. but she soon realizes that he is really there.  Bill wanders around handing out condolences to Arlene and then to Andy ….. hmmmm ok.  More dullness and implied threats about keeping his remaining daughter alive just as he is trying to keep Jessica alive.  Oh Bill, you were so much more interesting last week!  Sookie and Bill head outside to talk and Bill explains that she must bring Warlow back to help save the ones that she loves so she doesn’t really feel she has a choice.  Well he couldn’t stay in Fairy land forever.

At the Vamp Camp Pam is having fun with her psychiatrist friend and by fun I mean she has decided to play up the fact that he has a thing for her and makes every possible sexual innuendo possible and in case he was having any doubts spells out the fact that she used to be a whore in her human life and that it wasn’t a coincidence.  Turns out her plan is all about getting into general population and if she has to sleep with him for that to happen then so be it, Well Go Pam!!! Talk about taking one for the team!!!

Jason is also still in vamp camp but things are about to get bad for him as Sarah comes up to tell him she has a secret. Jason explains he couldn’t care but then she whispers that the Governor is dead before yelling to have him thrown in general population with the vampires.  Oh that isn’t good.  Quick as anything the guards whip out a knife to remove the ship in his arm and then he gets thrown in the same room Tara is in.  The female vampires swarm at the fresh blood thrown to them but Tara steps in front of him …. but not sure how much that is going to do as that pesky “1” vampire (Violet although I don’t think we have been told that yet) that helped before looks like she is about to claim the favor she feels owed as she calmly tells the room that he is “Hers”.

Alcide heads back to his pack and claims that Sam and the girl Nicole were dead and that he gave the pup (Emma) to Martha as it was the right thing to do.  Unfortunately for him the little slut that he has been banging followed him and knows it all to be a lie and calls him on it.  He starts to deny it but then she brings out Nicole and her mom.  Oops.  Things not looking good for Alcide right now.  Pack is MAD!! Wish I could say I cared.  But I don’t.  Guess we will find out what happens next week as we are left with lots of growling and the pack circling ….. shocker!

And now …. get your kleenex ready …… is the scene of the night.  Eric is begging Godric to save Nora as she lays dying with all her veins turning black. We get an amazing flashback to the time when Nora was made in London 1665 where the plague is running rampant. Eric, with his hair long and beautiful dressed in full era appropriate regalia and looking amazing (and reminding me of Lestat) is sent to retrieve the Lady Gainsborough for the King Charles II  who is infatuated with her and wants her to stop caring for the sick and tend to his needs in bed!   Eric finds her dying from the plague in a bed in a run down, makeshift hospital, and she refuses to leave saying that she would rather die where she lay than in the presence of the King as her death WILL be her own.  Eric sees how strong she is and decides he will take her to Godric so he can heal her.

Back to the present and the tears are flowing as Eric knows the end for Nora is near.  Oh it is like Godric all over again.  Even now that scene gets to me every single time. She looks at him and says that they will end as they begun. But there is no Godric to heal her this time and he wants to know who will comfort him in the centuries to come and Nora says Pamela and Willa.  Oh it is heartbreaking.  He takes her in his arms and sobs as he begs her not to leave him even as she is disintegrating in his arms leaving him holding just a mass of blood.  Poor Eric.  The whole scene is so amazingly done though I suggest you try and find it on YouTube if you watch nothing else.

And so this week ends …. with a distraught Eric who looks up from the blood to see Bill in the doorway and you know in that moment that the grief will manifest as anger and that I can’t wait to see!!!

Bring on the drama, Bring on the war!! Bring me more vamp stuff!!!!  I can’t believe already that we are down to just 3 more episodes.  The threat of a major character death still looms large and I say … PLEASE LET IT BE BILL lol



My Favorite Lines From “In The Evening”

  • Eric – “If you are God …. please heal her for me.”
  • Sarah – “I am not letting that Rhino with all his folksy bullshit step one foot in this office”
  • Jason – “You don’t have that stockholders syndrome do you?”
  • Nora – “My Death Will Be My Own”
  • Eric – “You will live life fully, and forever”
  • Nora – “And so we end as we begun”