True Blood Season 6 Ep 7 – “In The Evening” Synopsis/Review … MAJOR SPOILERS! V””V

Right then True Blood fans let the spoilers and snarking begin! For those of you new to the me for the True Blood season let me start with my normal disclaimer …. BLAH BLAH BLAH … my spoiler reviews are long, detailed and opinionated. I speculate, bitch and generally focus on the points that I want to. My favorite lines are listed at the bottom (feel free to tell me any you liked that I didn’t use) and sometimes I add in random musings just because!

Let me start by saying I apologize for the lateness of this week’s installment but life had other plans for me …. and well … that is enough of that. On with the show!!!

For me this week was a blend of absolutely amazing moments (featuring Eric) … mixed in with a ton of stuff I couldn’t care less about but I am assuming has relevance so am including it.

The episode starts off not with Sookie and her light display but with Eric, Nora and Willa and their escape plans.  Having just seen that they are putting Hep V in the Tru Blood supply Eric knows that things are about to get bad for the vamps inside.  With promises from Eric that he will be back for her Willa takes the Doctor’s coat from Nora and heads back to general population so that she can let Pam know what is going on while Eric escapes with Nora.  This is brilliant!!! Vamp Camp discovers a breech and goes into lock down and it is a battle of wills and some great thinking that allows Eric and Nora to escape on an outgoing Tru Blood truck.  Laying underneath with Eric supporting himself and Nora with one arm they almost make it when a guard comes by for one final sweep with a mirror under the truck before it leaves.   Oh this can’t be good … but quick as a flash, just as the guard sees him Eric grabs him, kills him, and then yells that the truck is good to go…. now hanging on to the guard’s body as well until safely away from the compound where he drops him like the trash he is …. then he cradles Nora close to him as the truck speeds off into the night unaware of the cargo stowing away underneath.  Eric is definitely top of my list this season!!  *sigh*  

Jason is still playing double agent and is running around acting as though he is helping when really he is just trying to free Jessica. Awwwww he is so cute…. for a human.  Meanwhile Willa actually manages to use the arm and coat and get to Pam, who is practicing her Yoga.  Pam is delightfully unimpressed that Eric sent the babyvamp to help save her but Willa stands her ground and explains the whole Tru Blood plan and why none of them can drink it.  Willa wants to save all the vamps (oh to be young) but Pam quickly dispels that idea as she explains to Willa (not because she doesn’t care … although I am sure that plays a part) that if everyone avoids drinking the Tru Blood they will know that the vamps are on to them.  Even Willa has to admit that makes sense so heads off, severed arm and all, to tell Jessica and Tara and get herself back into where she is supposed to be, neatly disposing of arm and coat down a convenient waste disposal shoot.

Eric and Nora make it to Bill’s and Eric makes an impassioned plea that if Bill is now God to please heal her.  Oh so touching!  Eric takes her up to Bill’s bedroom but it would seem the decision is not really up to Bill …. Nora is refusing to drink from Bill as she says it is Lillith’s blood and she would rather die.  *rolls eyes* … yes a little selfish considering how Eric is suffering but Bill is up on his high horse saying he will not refuse her dying wish so Eric orders him to leave.  HA!!! Sorry that really amused me ….. Eric ordering Billith out of his own bedroom.  Obviously at this point we know that Bill could destroy him but he doesn’t … he quietly leaves. Oh you know there will be more on this later.

In other areas Sarah Newlin is heading to the Governors mansion that she is pretending is her home, practicing some elocution lessons in the car (for those that want to play along at home …. lower your voice one octave and repeat … God is good).  As she pulls up to the house she realizes something is wrong as there are no guards and she finds the governors head right where Bill left it, on the edge of the statue.  She has a nice little conversation with the severed head assuring him that his death won’t be in vain and that they are all evil monsters and she will destroy them all because it is all part of God’s plan. 

Cut to the Governors office where Sarah is waiting as in walks the Senator (Remember him?  He was one of Lafayette’s clients) who is not doing very well with the sight of all the carnage.  Sarah has a plan! She wants to pretend that the Governor is still alive and have him fill in saying that Governor Burrell is in hiding because of threats and she will deal with all the vampire stuff. She tells the Senator to call in his “clean up crew” the same one he uses to cover up all his seedy stuff and leave no trace.  She suggests acid might be good and that they only have to do this for a short time because tainted Tru Blood is about to hit the shelves.  Oh this is not good.

Time for a trip to Fairy land where Sookie and Warlow/Ben are done frolicking and apparently their flashy light theatrics didn’t do anything other than for them.  So being that Warlow/Ben is several thousand years old and apparently hasn’t gotten laid recently he seems to think that this will make Sookie rethink her decision to marry him. Slutty Sookie has other plans though but does agree this was more than just sex … because it always is.  UGH this Warlow/Ben character / story / all of it … just not working for me!!! Bored Bored Bored!!! There is no chemistry there … I don’t find him sexy …. and did I mention .. I’M BORED!!! As Sookie goes to get up she “hears” Arlene crying in the “real world” cemetery and says she must go back for her …. but she will be back for him.  Blah Blah Blah …. BORED!!!!!!  Oh wait … she can’t work out how to get back … Ummmmmm what?  You were quick enough to zap yourself there …… but fear not … one line of instruction from her latest conquest and all is good.  Phew … was almost worried there for a minute *rolls eyes*.

So back Sookie goes where she finds Arlene laying on the floor on what I can only assume is supposed to be Terry’s grave?  OK I am totally confused.  What the hell kinda timeline is going on.  I would say that Sookie was lost in Fairy land for a while but that doesn’t make sense because the vampire story has only taken a day ……. but now Terry is buried? After he was shot ….. by an apparently unknown assailant …… so no investigation at all and he is in the ground??  Oh and she hasn’t told her kids? I am so lost.  If anyone can explain this please go right ahead.  Long boring drawn out story cut short …. because I really don’t care about it …. Sookie convinces Arlene to go home and tell her kids, Andy, Holly and Lafayette are there and it is decided that Sookie and Lala will head off to see what was in the safety deposit box.   Shocker it was an insurance policy … taken out 3 days earlier …. for 2 MILLION DOLLARS!!! OK what insurance company did you say that was … because there is no way Terry would qualify for that … in his state of mind!!! 

On to more stuff I couldn’t care less about, Sam calls Lafayette and discovers Terry is dead so decides he is going to head home.  He tells Nicole to call her mom (which she does) and they have some shifter shower sex (which Sam fans will enjoy as you get a nice shot of his naked ass) ….. and then she leaves, with mom, after giving Sam her home phone number.  YAWN!!

As we are dealing with yawnsville type stuff am going to add in here about Alcide … he drops his dad off and they have a little talk about how his dad isn’t a pack creature and how he thinks Alcide isn’t either.  But Alcide is still playing the asshole packmaster role and has to get back to his pack.  Hmmmmmm whatever.  Alcide annoys me at the best of times but this season he is driving me insane.  The writers need to just either kill him off or something but enough of this already!!.

Over at vamp camp Jessica is summoned up to a room and obviously she fears the worst but is shocked to find Jason there.  Not quite sure how Jason has managed to get himself in a room alone having only been there for a couple of days but hey it works.  He tells Jessica he is going to help her but Jessica says she is OK with it all but she would like to see the vampire James again so she can thank him and Jason, bless his heart, goes to get him.

James arrives and is as confused as to why he is there and is even more confused when Jessica gets Jason to leave them in the room alone.  Awwww I almost feel sorry for Jason.  He is so sweet. With Jason gone James and Jessica (wow that is a LOT of J’s) have a little heart to heart and we learn that James believes vampires choose whether to be good or not and that he feels he still has his soul.  We also learn that they broke one of his Fangs for not having sex with Jessica that day.  Now in S1, as a punishment, the Magister has them rip out a vamps fangs and says he can think about what he has done while he waits for them to come back in.  Now ….. they have never mentioned a timeline for that.  Hmmmmm ……. bones heal, almost immediately and teeth are bone but fangs are not ….. because they come in supernaturally?? Maybe???  I do wish they would define these rules!!!  Things like this bug the hell out of me!! I want answers!!! What about other teeth? If you knock them out do they replace?  We saw Russell’s teeth doing that and yet once regenerated his teeth were all fine.  Seriously I want to know.  Suggestions welcome….. so now I am completely off track.  Oh right yes James and Jessica ….. so they have their little heart to heart and Jess explains that they are all going to die soon and not to drink the Tru Blood.  So much for Pam’s idea of not spreading it around. Jess then explains that the one thing she wants is to have sex with a vampire because she has never done it.  It is actually a scene a lot more touching than it sounds there.  And finally we get some vamp sex .. not a lot …. you know there is not a lot of sex period AGAIN this season!!! Ooooh changing the subject a little James kinda looks like Johnny Depp in this scene so that is a bonus (thanks to my hubby for pointing that out)….. I really hope he sticks around.  Vamp Candy 😉

Back to the Compton mansion and Eric is once again begging Bill to save Nora.  He tells him that he believes. He will do anything.  Oh Eric …. it breaks my heart to see him so desperate.  Bill explains about his visions and Warlow and that he needs to get him and get his blood so that he can go to the vamp camp and Eric agrees that he will do anything, including go back to vamp camp if he will just give his blood to Nora.  Bill does so but sadly it is no good.  The blood does nothing and Nora does not look like she is long for this world.  Eric insists that Bill goes to get Warlow as his blood may work but Nora knows otherwise.  Eric won’t give up though and there is a touching look from Bill to Nora as it is clear that this is a final goodbye despite what Eric wants to believe.  This would be the time to get your kleenex ….. yes there is sadness to come.

Bill is actually heading off to find Sookie … her being the key to getting Warlow back and all.  Very convenient him being able to walk in the sun.  Sookie is with a very drunk Arlene who has told the kids now about Terry (still not getting that whole timeline) and Sookie has just discovered Andy’s daughter when in walks Bill.  Now Portia is there and helps hustle the kids upstairs but wasn’t Portia supposed to scream every time she saw Bill?  Well it was a “Bill” glamour … maybe it wore off (rather than the script writers forgetting …. why bring her back anyway … hmmmmm guessing there is going to be more on that coming ….).  Arlene is amusing as she at first thinks she is seeing him because she is totally wasted …. but she soon realizes that he is really there.  Bill wanders around handing out condolences to Arlene and then to Andy ….. hmmmm ok.  More dullness and implied threats about keeping his remaining daughter alive just as he is trying to keep Jessica alive.  Oh Bill, you were so much more interesting last week!  Sookie and Bill head outside to talk and Bill explains that she must bring Warlow back to help save the ones that she loves so she doesn’t really feel she has a choice.  Well he couldn’t stay in Fairy land forever.

At the Vamp Camp Pam is having fun with her psychiatrist friend and by fun I mean she has decided to play up the fact that he has a thing for her and makes every possible sexual innuendo possible and in case he was having any doubts spells out the fact that she used to be a whore in her human life and that it wasn’t a coincidence.  Turns out her plan is all about getting into general population and if she has to sleep with him for that to happen then so be it, Well Go Pam!!! Talk about taking one for the team!!!

Jason is also still in vamp camp but things are about to get bad for him as Sarah comes up to tell him she has a secret. Jason explains he couldn’t care but then she whispers that the Governor is dead before yelling to have him thrown in general population with the vampires.  Oh that isn’t good.  Quick as anything the guards whip out a knife to remove the ship in his arm and then he gets thrown in the same room Tara is in.  The female vampires swarm at the fresh blood thrown to them but Tara steps in front of him …. but not sure how much that is going to do as that pesky “1” vampire (Violet although I don’t think we have been told that yet) that helped before looks like she is about to claim the favor she feels owed as she calmly tells the room that he is “Hers”.

Alcide heads back to his pack and claims that Sam and the girl Nicole were dead and that he gave the pup (Emma) to Martha as it was the right thing to do.  Unfortunately for him the little slut that he has been banging followed him and knows it all to be a lie and calls him on it.  He starts to deny it but then she brings out Nicole and her mom.  Oops.  Things not looking good for Alcide right now.  Pack is MAD!! Wish I could say I cared.  But I don’t.  Guess we will find out what happens next week as we are left with lots of growling and the pack circling ….. shocker!

And now …. get your kleenex ready …… is the scene of the night.  Eric is begging Godric to save Nora as she lays dying with all her veins turning black. We get an amazing flashback to the time when Nora was made in London 1665 where the plague is running rampant. Eric, with his hair long and beautiful dressed in full era appropriate regalia and looking amazing (and reminding me of Lestat) is sent to retrieve the Lady Gainsborough for the King Charles II  who is infatuated with her and wants her to stop caring for the sick and tend to his needs in bed!   Eric finds her dying from the plague in a bed in a run down, makeshift hospital, and she refuses to leave saying that she would rather die where she lay than in the presence of the King as her death WILL be her own.  Eric sees how strong she is and decides he will take her to Godric so he can heal her.

Back to the present and the tears are flowing as Eric knows the end for Nora is near.  Oh it is like Godric all over again.  Even now that scene gets to me every single time. She looks at him and says that they will end as they begun. But there is no Godric to heal her this time and he wants to know who will comfort him in the centuries to come and Nora says Pamela and Willa.  Oh it is heartbreaking.  He takes her in his arms and sobs as he begs her not to leave him even as she is disintegrating in his arms leaving him holding just a mass of blood.  Poor Eric.  The whole scene is so amazingly done though I suggest you try and find it on YouTube if you watch nothing else.

And so this week ends …. with a distraught Eric who looks up from the blood to see Bill in the doorway and you know in that moment that the grief will manifest as anger and that I can’t wait to see!!!

Bring on the drama, Bring on the war!! Bring me more vamp stuff!!!!  I can’t believe already that we are down to just 3 more episodes.  The threat of a major character death still looms large and I say … PLEASE LET IT BE BILL lol



My Favorite Lines From “In The Evening”

  • Eric – “If you are God …. please heal her for me.”
  • Sarah – “I am not letting that Rhino with all his folksy bullshit step one foot in this office”
  • Jason – “You don’t have that stockholders syndrome do you?”
  • Nora – “My Death Will Be My Own”
  • Eric – “You will live life fully, and forever”
  • Nora – “And so we end as we begun”

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