True Blood Season 7, News, Thoughts, and Spoilers!! V””V

So I am sure since Sunday’s episode many of you, like me, have been scouring the web to see if you can get any news on True Blood Season 7.  Well finally an interview with Brian Buckner (Current HBO True Blood Showrunner) has been released and so I thought I would share my thoughts and feelings about it.  (*Original Interview is linked at the bottom of the page*)

Firstly the thing that most people want to know.  Is Eric dead?  Well Brian is saying he is definitely not gone.  Whilst he refuses to admit outright that he will be fine he does say he has no intention of removing him from our screens.  I don’t think for many of us this is going to be a big revelation.  The whole scene was so ani-climatic that my husband, barely looked across to see if I was bothered.  Now you have to realise that various points in the True Blood saga certain scenes turn me to a blubbering wreck, and not just the first time through either.  Godric meeting the sun, Eric releasing Pam, and now this season Nora dying in Eric’s arms …. all guaranteed sob fests.  This scene barely had me raising an eyebrow.  I had already written several escape scenarios for him even before HBO was able to post the 6 months jump ahead sign. (Some of these are discussed in more detail in my finale recap – HERE ).  Basically Eric will be fine, and will be back, and I am pretty sure Pam will be with him.

With that out the way let us move on to the whole Hep V thing.  Now here is where I have a HUGE issue with Brian and it makes me wish Alan Ball would come back.  Do you remember back in the good old days of Season 1 where there were SO MANY hidden meanings that many of them wouldn’t become clear until later? There were even books written that you could, if you were obsessive enough, work out what was going to happen to each character based on the color of their clothes!!!  One of the best things about this show was that you could either just watch it, and take the entertainment at face value, or for people like me, you could hunt for the hidden meanings, look for the extra layers, and find many like-minded people to banter ideas around with.  Apparently we are taking our ideas a little too far for them, there is no conspiracy with Lettae Mae being out to poison Tara …. bloggers like myself cooked that one up all by ourselves.  Well can you blame us?  As drama and cliffhangers go we weren’t really given much to work with.

Now many such people, myself included, have been very upset this season by the blatant “flaunting” of the rules and it almost seemed as if, at times, they were just making it up to suit the storyline in that moment. Well  it turns out THEY WERE!!! ….. and I quote “In seasons past – I’m not going to point to any one of them – we took some massive swings, not knowing where we were going. That’s the nature  of what we do. In this case, I don’t believe we bit off more than we can chew“.  Well that explains a lot then.  All the times we were asking where the thought process was for things ….. turns out there just wasn’t one.  Throw it out there and we will deal with it as and when we can …. if we have to change a few things that we already said … well so be it.   WOW! Totally sold out then!! That to me just really sums up how the writers feel about this show that we love.  A show that was so different when it aired that it caught the attention of vampire lovers all over the world, a show that now have become so mainstream for the most part that I have heard Vampire Diaries be described as more entertaining for the real vampire fans.  We stick with it, we moan, but secretly we are all hoping that they will take a turn back to earlier seasons, maybe open one of the books that the show was inspired from (just not the newest one … for the love of Cain leave that one WELL alone) ….. or as I suggested on the post I got the information from …. LET ME AT IT!!!!!! V””V
MY answer to the ORIGINAL post listed below ….I think many bloggers would like to offer their services to the writers. I am especially disgusted to read that they “hadn’t thought this Hep V thing through”.  It is actually one of my complaints this week that they need to come up with a proper set of rules for this.  I miss the  old S1 True Blood where everything DID have a meaning and it was only in re-watching, possibly a couple of seasons later, that the clues that  were there became clear.  THAT was clever writing!  None of this “throw  something on screen and see where it goes”.  Supernatural lovers generally like the rules to be adhered to.  We are pretty adaptable as  to what is acceptable (for the most part) between shows and books as  long as the writers STICK TO THEM.  Continuity!  With so many fans it really shouldn’t be hard.  Give a couple of them a chance to read through the scripts (with non disclosures signed obviously).  I assure you it would result in a far better season of TV! V””V

Information obtained from Brian Bucker’s Interview with Michael Ausiello. Read original interview  HERE


True Blood Season 6 Ep 4 – “At Last” Synopsis/Review … MAJOR SPOILERS! V””V

Right then True Blood fans let the spoilers and snarking begin! For those of you new to the me for the True Blood season let me start with my normal disclaimer …. BLAH BLAH BLAH … my spoiler reviews are long, detailed and opinionated. I speculate, bitch and generally focus on the points that I want to. My favorite lines are listed at the bottom (feel free to tell me any you liked that I didn’t use) and sometimes I add in random musings just because!

So this week starts with Jason being carried in by Ben and looking not too good at all.  He is still definitely on my radar for “not going to survive this season”.  As Ben lays him on the couch Sookie muses that they need vampire blood but with no vampires easily on hand for a change she goes to call an ambulance instead.  But wait … it is vampire blood to the rescue and looks like Jason is going to be OK.  So let’s do a quick head count as to who is in the house with Sookie …. we have ….. Sookie, Jason, Ben …. and Niall outside with Nora.  So did Nora decide to help….. nope she is busy arguing with Niall about Warlow being the only one that can deal with Lilith because he is the progeny before deciding he just smells tooo good to eat causing her to get zapped off to the road to be promptly shot with those evil bullets and  picked up by the LAVTF (Louisiana Vampire Task Force .. pay attention they are going to come up again) to be whisked off to the mystery detention camp.

OK then I know what you are thinking … Bill comes back to apologize and helps out?  Wrong ……. it’s BEN to the rescue.  Yes VAMPIRE BEN!!  Well technically Vampire /Fairy hybrid Ben?  I know I know damn rules keep on changing.  Well I KNEW something was up with him but must confess I didn’t see this coming.  And obviously he wants it kept hidden because when Sookie comes back and Jason is all healed they claim he must have not have been as bad as they thought .. Hmmmmmmmmmm

Ben “appears the hero” and he and Sookie have a little moment before he leaves because Niall is not happy that he helped Jason instead of playing capture the vamp.  Bet he would be even MORE unhappy if he knew HOW Ben was helping!

After everyone leaves and we get treated to Jason doing pull ups on the door frame “Arrow Style” , Sookie starts to realize something is wrong and she goes down to where Jason had been on the couch and finds just a couple of drops of blood …. funky weird blood like from the fairy club ….. Ooooohhhhhh Wait WHAT?  So Ben is Warlow?  Huh? Oh now I’m confused and that is never a good thing.  At this point I would normally question what the hell Alan Ball is thinking ….. but he isn’t around now so I will have to just say congratulations on continuing the ONE thing from Alan Ball we wanted to lose!!! BLAH!!!!!

But Wait …. we all know what vamp blood means … sexy dreams!!!!  And this is no exception. We get a very weird Ben / Jason type dream involving shaving and lots of innuendo and sexy music.  Enough that my husband was cringing and saying NOT JASON!!! lol.

Over at the werewolf pack (yes I couldn’t care less either but I have to assume at some point something here will be relevent and believe it or not there are actually Alcide fans out there) … Alcide is being a total ass about everything.  This PackMaster crap has really gone to his head.  Not only did they kill off the rest of those Supe fans last week but now they want to hunt down the one with the crazy hair (Nicole) that got away (helped by Sam … still say he should have left her).  Add to this they discover that Sam managed to get Emma and it becomes full scale “get your hunt on”. Yawn!! Wolves are so boring!

In the meantime Sam is taking Emma through the woods trying to get as far ahead of them as they can and being totally slowed down by Nicole.  My husband bought up a great point .. why didn’t Sam just shift into a horse and carry them? Which amused the hell out of me until Lafayette was suddenly right there with the car (and as unamused about having saved Nicole as I was) and they all get in and drive off.

Ginger is busy doing her best impersonation of “Eric will be right with you” on the phone with Governor Burrell and then as the place gets stormed Ginger does what she does best and SCREAM!!! She does stop to remember that she is glamoured and meant to tell the Governor that Eric will be right with him because the knots are hard.  Oh Ginger is so messed up.  Even the Governor can see she has been glamoured way more times than she should (remember Season 1 ….. how many glamours ago was that and Pam and Eric were almost worried about her) and he thinks they will have “fun” with her at the camp. Wanna bet that it isn’t our idea of fun??

Eric and Pam are of course looking for Tara who took off with Willa without permission.  Did Tara forget all the vamp powers so it didn’t work out too well as Pam just summoned her.  When Tara doesn’t want to tell them where she took Willa Pam is about to use the trusty “As Your Maker” command but Tara starts screaming.  Well enough with that already! So Eric slams her to the ground and gets the info the old fashioned way.  Have I mentioned that I am loving this seasons Eric? With Willa’s location eric takes off to deal with her leaving Pam irritated that he was mean to Tara.  Wish they would sort the whole Pam / Eric dynamic out.  This is the one thing that really isn’t working for me *sigh*.

Back at the Bellefleur house the fairy girls 1,2,3 and 4 still don’t have names and are now reminding Terry of the little thing he really wants to forget. That he killed Patrick.  PLEASE do not let this be a lead up to Terry going off the rails … again …… dull dull dull ….. but I can’t really see why else this is going to keep popping up.  Someone find a vamp to glamour him already!! PLEASE!!  Anyway fairy girls are sent to bed and there is a cute moment with Andy telling him he is glad he is their dad (awwwwwwww) … but then he shuts the door, the lights go off, and suddenly they are 18!!! UGH!!  I have to say the whole scene was hilarious with the girls comparing boobs and then deciding they need to sneak out and party and the ONLY access to clothes they have is Arlene’s closet!!! TOO FUNNY!!! But seriously they make so much noise, and Andy is supposed to be a cop, on alert, AND a new dad, and NOONE notices as they leave … WITH the Sheriff’s car?  That they just somehow know how to drive? Oh well … let the fun and games begin.  We all know that they are going to get captured by Bill for his crazy experiments …. and they do.

Actually Jessica convinces Bill to let her “abduct” them from the liquor store (nice to see they have the original clerk there .. I got a kick out of that!) ….. and she does a good job convincing them to come party with her … even though she smells funny cos she’s dead.  Oh we know this won’t end well.

So they get back to Bill’s and one of the little fairy girls hits on Bill .. ewwwwwww yes it’s gross.  Bill is more interested in his little history toy that they use when they don’t want to bite people.  Really? Who came up with that?  It just draws blood and stores it in little vials after being strapped on their wrist.  Honestly, it just seemed kinda stupid. And to think that these girls would be hitting on Bill?  RIDICULOUS!!  Once Bill has the blood he takes it to his captured scientist down in the lab and tells him he needs to replicate the fairy blood.  Hmmmmm Failure is not an option!!  Should probably have sounded threatening … to me it just sounded funny!!! But it worked and science guy goes off to work.

And it is on to my favorite part of this week’s episode.  Now I am sure that there are going to be a LOT of fans out there that hated it but I DON’T CARE!!!  Eric gets to where Willa is and finds that she was waiting for him.  Apparently Tara is so stupid she didn’t even glamour her to stay put *sigh* (Tara is SO annoying).  Eric and Willa have a flirty little conversation and Eric is just so charming.  Oh how could anyone resist ….. actually why would anyone WANT to resist lol…. and he carries her off in her flowing white dress (how symbolic) and digs their grave and they jump in.  The music plays, and Eric takes off his shirt and lays down with her *sigh*. She is scared and excited and he just looks at her and says Death is not the end……. is it going to hurt ….. not the way I do it … and fangs come down.  Oh HELL yes!! Now THIS is the True Blood I like to watch.  YAY for vampire Eric!!! 😀  All of you that are out there bitching can just keep it to yourself.  My FAV scene of the season SO FAR!! BY FAR!!!   Anyway where was I …. got distracted there for a bit … got to love the rewind option 😉 …… soooooo fangs down and he leans in for the bite … .although half of the blood in typical true blood feeding style runs everywhere (They should take a couple of lessons from Claudia .. not a drop spilled – FIRST FEEDING …. just saying …) ….. And as Willa lays there dying .. blood running into the ground ….. Eric lets her know that everything her father put in her is now leaving and it is going to be replaced by a millennium of wisdom, honor, and life.  Hmmmmm I always said I wanted Pam as my maker …. I may have changed my mind …..

Then in typical true blood fashion it is daytime and we are with Nicole, Alcide and Emma and Lala.  Nicole plans on limping away with her nasty bite on her leg but Sam convinces her that that would basically just kill her.  Same sends Lafayette away in the car after thanking him for his help and then I had to laugh because Sam turns into a horse!!! TOO FUNNY!!! I actually had to slap my husband at this point because of his earlier comment because seriously how hilarious is that!!!!  Awesome!!!!!   A short time later Alcide and his pack of crazy turn up and are irritated they haven’t caught them yet.  Alcide goes all packmaster crazy with his orders and decides just 2 of them will track Sam and the others can go back.  Oh Why are pack politics so boring? And why is Alcide still being such an asshole.  You know the V has had to have worn off by now!  Guess we can call that packmaster Fever? Hmmm on second thought who cares ….. Oh Later we get to see Sam and Nicole in a hotel room and they are obviously going to get it on.  Which is just stupid!  They were just talking about Luna dying in his arms and he turns to another.  UGH .. enough with the damn shifters and crap!! so I just threw this in with this bit because they are all boring me. Show me the vamps!!!

All over town daytime plans are continuing.  Sookie knows something is up with Ben so does the obvious thing and goes and invites him for dinner.  Actually she does have a plan …. and not just the whole Slutty Sookie thing which she does bring back into play …. Slutty Sookie is not so much fun this season though I have to say ….. but hey it could be worse … she could be going after Alcide!   Jason has a little heart to heart with Niall and Niall “sees” his sexy dream with Ben and works out that everything is wrong so they decide to go after him (without Sookie knowing of course. There can be no kind of useful communication in this show ever … I think it’s a rule when then write the scripts!)

Andy has finally realised that the kids are missing and puts out a crazy APB for 4 caucasian females between 4 and 7 feet tall, between 60 and 260lbs and between the ages of 10 and 50.  Poor Andy …. how would you be able to describe the kids that change that fast?  Terry tries to rationalize that they are just out having fun but as Andy says it isn’t really safe out there right now and well things aren’t going to get better any time soon.

As Sookie shops (and leaves messages telling Jason to keep himself and Niall OUT for the evening), Jason and Niall decide to go hunt down Warlow / Ben / whatever he is.  They find him .. about to take a shower ….. and they go in with Jason armed with a Shot Gun and Niall with his Light Ball.  Sadly Ben is ready for them and he glamours Jason while he makes it clear he is about to do away with Niall.  Poor Jason 😦  He has been mind messed with almost as much as Ginger.  That can’t be good for him.  So Jason leaves (with no memory of what is going on) and Ben starts draining Niall (A mouthful at a time and spitting it out … not quite sure what is up with that). On a side note can I add I really wish they had chosen someone more charismatic to play this Ben / Warlow character.  He just isn’t working for me at all!!!  Just fry him already!  Anyway he takes Niall off to the bridge, not dead, and throws him through the weird portal that keeps appearing there.  Very strange! Is Niall gone for good?  Did they do a Roman and bring him in just to get rid of a big name so fast? Something tells me no … but we will see.

Night falls and Bill is working with his little scientist friend to try and sort out the fairy blood but of course it isn’t that easy.  When Mr Scientist realises that there are other prisoners (ie the fairies) upstairs he says he won’t help which results in Bill floating him around the ceiling until he agrees.   Silly scientist doesn’t seemed to have worked out quite how much trouble he is in.  Probably still thinking about Jessica in last week’s school girl outfit lol.  Sadly for Bill, upstairs the fairies had decided they had had enough and wanted to leave and got way too close to Jessica when she tried to stop them and so she ate them all.  Yep she ate 4 fairies …. but instead of being high she is crying and sobbing and sorry in a corner hoping they aren’t dead. Hmmmmmmm that isn’t right.  Eric is 1000 years old and drains one fairy and is drunk as a skunk and hilarious ….. Jessica, still basically a baby vamp drinks 4 and is just sad?  Hope they plan on explaining THAT next week!!

Andy finally tracks down his cop car and goes to the liquor store where the girls met up with Jessica and Jason realises that the clerk was glamoured and Andy suddenly realises his little vamp daughters are in danger.  But he may be too late …… Did they actually bring them in just to kill them off??  Guess we will see next week ……

With night falling of course Willa has risen and Eric, being the awesome maker that he is has a fresh person on hand to pay to feed her.  Like take out :D.  Love the symbolism of the pure white dress now bloody and filthy as she wanders around with her new vampires senses although she is rather crude when she asks if they are going to fuck and hunt.  Eric luckily has other plans.  He is sending her back to her father so he can see that vampires are not monsters and that they were once human.  He explains over her protests that she is only the second vampire he has made in over 1000 years and he did not choose this likely but when reasoning fails he just uses the whole “As Your Maker I command You” trick and off she goes.  I do love that!!

Talking of Eric’s children, his other child Pam is trying to deal with Tara who is being a pain in the ass as usual and her bitching ends up getting Pam caught by the LAVTF.  UGH I HATE Tara!! And I am irritated with Pam because she keeps letting Tara influence her. I want the old Pam and Eric back!!!!!! Anyway now the LAVTF have Steve, Pam, and Nora that we know of.  Oh this isn’t good.

Their leader, Governor Burrell is at his home with Sarah Newlin and apparently he is “With” Sarah.   YUCK!! Did not need that image thank you oh so much HBO!  Well Sarah is about to talk to the Governor about something very important when they are interrupted by guards who have the new vampire Willa with them.  The Governor sends the guards out … yes not too smart… and Willa tries to explain that it is still her.  Sadly this all kinda goes to hell when she smells the wound on his hand and goes right for his throat but Sarah shoots her before she can do any real damage and says she needs to get sent off to camp.  Hmmmmm now I wonder was this Eric’s plan? She is after all a newborn? Or did he think with his blood in her and a good feeding that she would be able to control herself?  Perhaps his plan is to get her into the camp so he can track her and find where it is?  Guess we will have to wait and see.

Sookie is all ready for her date with Ben / Warlow who is late …. and who has had his food laced with silver.  Good plan Sookie but apparently either you gave him the wrong plate or you can add dealing with silver to his walk in the sun abilities.  Isn’t it great when they can just make up rules as they go along?  Maybe they read the last book after all lol.  Sookie is babbling on about Bill, and liars, and what Ben really wants and for a moment I almost thought she believed that Ben was wanting to be with her ….. especially when she started taking her clothes off.  But apparently slutty Sookie is not as stupid as we all thought and she traps him on the couch with her sparkly light ball that she has been practicing and the final words … Get off Me Or Die Warlow!!!!

And now we wait!!! UGH!!!  And Waiting SUCKS!!!! This season is definitely my favorite for a long time and I want it to be Sunday NOW!!!!



My Favorite Lines From  “ At Last”

  • Arlene – “Uncle Terry has a very active imagination and it is rude to snoop around in it”
  • Andy – “It’s time for bed … you ain’t slept since you were 3”
  • Bill – “Failure Is Not An Option”
  • Eric – “So Much Courage, So Little Experience”
  • Eric – “Death Is Not The End”
  • Jason – “Even though you’re a fairy …. you’re kind of a straight fairy right?”


True Blood Season 6 … What’s Going On?? V””V

Is this the beginning of the end?  The first main promotional trailer for True Blood season 6 had those very words in the voiceover fuelling speculation that Season 6 make be the final installment in the much-loved HBO show about vampires.  With rumors flying thick and fast since the announcement that there would only be 10 episodes this season the feeling seemed to be in general this would be it, a feeling that HBO has been quick to dismiss but I am not so sure and here are my reasons why ……..

Let’s start with where is all the promotion this year? I know I am not the only one that has noticed that it is conspicuous by its absence. In pervious years the prior season has been airing in the Sunday’s before leading up to the premiere and fans have tuned in desperate for the glimpses that they show for the upcoming season at the end.  This year?? Nothing! Yes they are airing it at random times but there are no “Extras”.  Season 5 just went up onto HBO on demand with little to no announcement about it.

Where are all the promos and sneak peeks?  This year we have had 2 promo videos with clips and one “Blood Will Spill” clip with a bottle of Tru Blood smashing to the floor. Which brings me nicely to the fact that they have discontinued the Tru Blood soft drink that you could buy in the identical replica bottles.  Now had they made a big deal of this, linking it to the “shortage” on the show with the factories being destroyed I would think this was a very clever promotional move leading up to a huge demand when they make it available again.  This doesn’t seem to the case.  It seems that they have decided it is just not profitable and thus no longer selling it. In fact I only found this out when I went to get some and as it was no longer being sold in Hot Topic or FYE I checked the HBO site to discover that you cannot get it anywhere. Hmmmmmm,

Talking about sneak peeks…  we have had 2. TWO! We are 11 days out now and there is next to nothing being pushed.  Independent fan  sites are doing more to hype the upcoming season than HBO.  Do they not realise by now that devout fans LIVE for those little sneak peeks. Almost always out of context we love to dissect and debate possible connotations and read far more into it than the writers actually mean.

We have had 2 posters (well the Blood Will Spill picture and then one proper poster of a screaming vampire that looks a lot like Bill) and that is it.  I mean if nothing else you would think that HBO would take advantage of the fact that people buy the posters. Want to make more money for less work …. print them in a limited number! But no! Instead everything is fading away.

Outside sites such as Klout and GetGlue have also in the past been a huge part of the promotion process with fans vying for top spots as True Blood influencers and “checking in” to get limited edition stickers.  As of right now Klout has confirmed with me, and I quote from their email “The True Blood program has long since ended and HBO does not have plans to do another program at this time” so there will be no Klout True Blood goodies this year. (Last year top influencers were able to get Free Season 4 Blu-Ray DVD’s before they released, A True Blood Comic Con gift bag, A Signed True Blood Comic, and a Lilith Pendant … definitely decent swag).  GetGlue had a whole series of stickers leading up Season 5 with limited time check ins for a whole variety of things from when Promo videos released to favorite death moments.  This year we haven’t even got a “Coming Soon” Sticker yet.

So does this mean HBO is keeping it all “In House”? I would like to say yes but even their promotions have been few and far between.  They did host a signed giveaway for Season 5 DVD’s with a “Create The Book Of Lilith” promotion (mainly on twitter) and they have a “Support the vamps” thing going right now (Which other than getting your picture retweeted doesn’t seem to have any perks) but neither has been particularly well publicized.

It makes me question how influential Alan Ball may have been in all the promotional considerations.  With him gone and a new show runner in place (actually a second new show runner with the original one leaving halfway through the filming of S6)  everything has faded away …. coincidence? Or just the sad signs that this show has had its day and like the vamps will be going to ground …. maybe for good …..


***POST POSTING EDIT …… FROM TRUE BLOOD’s OFFICIAL TWITTER @TrueBloodHBO – Follow us here all day on 6/16 before #TrueBlood: Live From the Set to learn how you may become a #TopTruebie, featured on @HBO.

So at least they are doing something on the premiere I guess ……***


Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris – My Review (Warning MAJOR spoilers) V””V

As many of you know that read my review of Deadlocked last year, I was not overly impressed with where this series has been heading and I felt that Charlaine Harris was writing to fulfil her contract and not because she had any love left for these characters at all.

With that being said let me start the review of the final book in the Sookie series with these words ……. I have nothing personally against Charlaine Harris nor do I wish her any harm.  Charlaine fans are being very vocal about the fact that they feel the harsh reviews and bad comments are “Eric” fans lashing out because they hated the ending and that is why they are bashing the book.  Let me be VERY clear about this.  I respect the right of EVERY author to tell the story they want to tell whether I agree with where they want to take it or not.  This review IS NOT based on the fact that Eric and Sookie did not end up together (oh hush I say right in the title MAJOR SPOILERS), but is based on the fact that this book was bad on what I consider many fundamental levels. 

Still with me??  Then let my review (which yes is going to contain a LOT of complaining) begin ……

In fact let’s begin at the very beginning with the question of “what on Earth is going on?”.  When I started reading I actually had to close the copy and make sure that I was reading the right book.  For 12 books, and however many short stories, the adventures of Sookie Stackhouse have always been told from her perspective.  That was Alan Ball’s main argument for making such drastic changes in the show True Blood, because holding an audience on-screen from one person’s point of view didn’t hold for enough growth, but in the books it worked…. well for the most part anyway.  We have learned to expect Sookie getting distracted by completely irrelevant details in the middle of a sentence and to me it made her more human, more relatable, more accessible.  Now suddenly book 13 is starting with 2 men selling their souls to a devil ….. wait WHAT??? A devil?? (Note A devil, not THE devil, there is a distinction).  We have to meet a new “supe” right when everything is supposed to be getting tied up in a nice fat bow and completed?

I think perhaps more annoying is that whilst you quickly find out who these people are, (Amelia’s father Copley and his sidekick Tyrese) in the grand scheme of things this is all just filler that although provides information later in the book is really (in my opinion) an irrelevant storyline that opens the door to many more questions than it ends up answering.  My biggest problem is the introduction of “A Devil” and the new rules that we don’t discover until much farther through the story.  For example, according to Charlaine Harris a person who sells his soul to a devil is now like “a void”.  They cannot have their thoughts read by anyone.  They do not produce an “absence” for a mind reader like a vampire does, in fact they are completely unique in that way.  Magic has to be specifically crafted to include them, vampires cannot compel them and here is my biggest issue, apparently NOONE seems to know ANYTHING about this. REALLY??? When you look back over the sort of places these books cater around, the number of vampires that have lived for a millenia (and let’s face it they aren’t hanging around with the cream of society), they have NEVER come across someone who has sold their soul before?  I am sorry but NO WAY!!!

This is pure and simple sloppy, lazy, writing!  Whether written by her (or a ghost writer which despite claims to the opposite I am not completely convinced about for reasons I will discuss later) the fact is this is just NOT a part of the great and wonderful Sookie Stackhouse universe.  Fans have invested countless hours, not to mention hundreds of hard-earned dollars, into this world only to have the rules completely changed because it is convenient.  That is unacceptable! Where are her editors? I mean the continuity issues have been discussed ad nauseam so this is nothing new but really? Not one person involved with this project could take 2 seconds to stop and say this is completely RIDICULOUS! She claims to have known how this was going to end from a couple of books in … surely this was not part of her plan?  No of course it wasn’t … this was a panic based attempt to try to bring some new excitement because now we don’t have the Fairies to be causing mischief anymore …… oh wait we do …..

Yes that’s right.  The whole Fairy being closed off to the humans should have actually had the loophole, unless we need to bring a psycho Fairy back for a crazy plot twist.  Apparently it wasn’t enough to bring back 2 other characters to confuse matters a little bit we have to bring back Claude too.  Turns out he is behind the mischief (insert mayhem and murder) that Steven Newlin and Johan Glassport are getting up to.  Yes Charlaine Harris manages to bring back, or at least mention pretty much every character introduced in this book I am assuming as her way of wrapping everything up.  Even better we discover at the end that Niall, in his supposed wisdom, is the one that made it possible obviously not able to think that maybe, JUST MAYBE, an insane vindictive Fairy once again trapped outside of his home may decide that torturing and killing the person he believes responsible for his fate would be the go to plan.  Oh and I know let me leave a note growing out of a rose-bush to explain that “oops that might not have been the best idea” AFTER everything is all said and done.

So with several plots unfolding, the reader’s perspective getting switched around (sometimes chronologically and sometimes not) I suppose that is one way of making you pay attention.   Perhaps that was the real plan.  If we throw in enough “HUH” moments maybe people won’t notice that this doesn’t hold together at all.  Which brings me to the whole “Ghost Writer” question mark that I hold.

I have, over the years, read pretty much everything that Charlaine Harris has penned and some parts of this book just felt really “off”.  Even within the book you have Sookie blatantly dropping the “F” word, something I don’t remember reading in ANY previous installments, and just when I think OK well she is going through rather a lot, I guess a little swearing may be in her character’s writing, we get a scene where instead of actually swearing so that readers can see what she is saying, instead we get, that she thought a very bad word, and then said that word out loud a number of times, to which Sam commented that he had never heard her curse like that before. THAT to me is what I expect in these books.  The inconsistent manner in which she was writing this times makes me ask was it all her? Obviously she is over her love for these characters and just wants this whole saga to be done.  I can understand that but we, the fans, did not sign a contract to write them, and as I am sure she has enjoyed the fee a little effort would be appreciated.

While I am on the subject of not caring let me add this.  In my review of Deadlocked I voiced my annoyance over the release of the short story in Home Improvement (Undead Edition) about Tara and how the timeline was skewed because it was about remodelling her house AFTER she had the babies then when Deadlocked came out she was still pregnant.  Well now in Dead Ever After she is setting up the events that WILL take place in the short story AFTER this is all done.  Just one problem there Charlaine ….. SAM AND SOOKIE ARE NOW TOGETHER AND THEY AREN’T IN YOUR STORY!  The chronology SUCKS!  Has NOONE else noticed this?  Where are the editors? The Proofreaders?  I can see not wanting to let on when this was released that Sam and Sookie would be together … well here is a plan .. you claim to have known what was going to happen … RELEASE THIS AFTER so THEY COULD BE A COUPLE IN IT!!!   Still like this makes me so angry!!!

As does choosing stupid names.  As an author one of the things you have pretty much complete control over is the name of your character …… so WHY would you call them AN?  Do you have any idea as a read how infuriating it is to read a sentence such as “An and I worked hard.” … I have to read it twice because I am thinking HUH … that doesn’t make sense .. then I remember it’s the name of the other barmaid *sigh*.

Back to the story and really it is just a matter of what happens to everyone now.  As I mentioned pretty much every character mentioned that hadn’t already been killed off we have some sort of resolution for.  The vampires are almost completely absent from the books and what little is mentioned other than Pam is rather annoying and so to finish up my rant based review let me tell you how it goes …….

Eric, as you had probably already gathered, does not end up with Sookie. He ends up agreeing to spend 200 years in Oklahoma as consort to Freyja with a couple of conditions of his own.  He leaves his child Karin (possibly one of the most boring vampires to cross the pages of the books) to guard Sookie for a year, no vampire is ever to harm Sookie in any way blah blah blah and Sookie is never to go to Oklahoma.  He confesses that he always wanted to turn Sookie and he gets in a last little mischief trying to make it hard for Sam and Sookie which honestly was probably the most Eric type thing he has done in a few books.  I was glad to see a spark of the old Eric and hope that Charlaine leaves him alone because she should have stopped writing about him books ago because what she has written has not been about the Eric we, the book fans loved.  Am I irritated that they didn’t get their happy ever after? Honestly I am somewhat on the fence about it.  Perhaps it is just my general lack of interest in the series in general that has made it this way but hey at least she didn’t end up with Bill!

Bill, who other than a brief kiss (Praise Cain she didn’t have them hook up again) and a couple of other visits was pretty much as absent as the other vamps, we are left with the impression may have some fun with Eric’s child Karin who is left to guard Sookie for a year in the woods.  I can honestly say I don’t care.  Charlaine Harris should have stuck to her guns and killed him off like she planned instead of following the money trail.

Pam, again, has little mention in this book but what she does is pretty Pamish.  She heals Sookie at one point and in the end she gets to be Sheriff and run Fangtasia.  She is smart, loyal, and lets us know that she wouldn’t mind meeting up with Sookie occasionally because as she so eloquently says she would probably miss her if she wasn’t around.

Amelia and Bob are back together and help out a bit (although honestly Amelia helped cause some of the problems in the first place) and although Bob gets injured when Tyrese goes insane, he lives (unlike Tyrese), and they go off into the sunset.

Barry the Bellboy is back and all grown up and has a few little adventures (badly written) which apparently allow him to go and talk to anyone without proper reasons or fake credentials? Less said about that the better.  He ends up recuperating with Sam’s mother.  Yes you read that right but it is too dull for me to care enough to go into details.

Jason grows up even more in this book and as well as being there for his sister he ends up marrying Michele so that all works out for the best. 

Tara has her babies and is a lot less annoying in this book and we end with plans for the events that take place in the short story in Home Improvement.  Oh don’t get me started on that again.

We get to see Arlene murdered (her own fault), Claude (and all the other bad guys killed), Cops possessed, Andy being an almost good guy,  Alcide happy with a new wolf, Quinn making an effort with his Tiger baby mamma, Terry happy and married, can you tell that all of this is just boring and stupid to me at this point?

OK on to the slightly more interesting stuff.  Sam!  Sam is not coping very well at the beginning of the book at his literal return from the dead.  He goes from there to acting very weird around Sookie and we aren’t quite sure why.  To be honest he treats her like dirt and as I knew from the spoilers that they end up together (what can I say I will always be a spoiler whore) I wondered for a while how Charlaine would write around this. Turns out she will just blame Eric and then Sam and Sookie can get it on for the only brief sexy scene in the book …. and brief it was …. but still more action than the last book …. even if it was shifter sex.

Perhaps the only redeeming characters in the book for me were Diantha and Mr Cataliades.  I love their way of dealing with things and their general interactions with the human world.  We learn that Cataliades is in fact related to Barry the Bellboy, a fact that Barry never discovers and Cataliades wants kept secret but that is OK.  They provide entertainment where seriously much is lacking.

And I think my fans that really I have said all I care too. I am sure that people will disagree with what I have chosen to include and leave out, I am sure that many will disagree, but that is OK.  These are my opinions and I stand behind them!

Another reviewer on Goodreads stated that we should be thanking Charlaine for giving us a new word.  In future the desecration of a much loves series can be described as having been “Harrised” and throughout the literary world people will know what they are referring to.  I like that.  It works!!!


Dead Ever After

Tick Tock Goes The Clock ……..V””V

Tick Tock Goes The Clock ….. Echoes Through Silence Here On My Blog ……

OK so maybe that was a little dramatic but yes it has been quiet around here lately. Not because I have run out of things to muse about, followers of my Facebook page ( can vouch for that, but because I have been distracted by things that have interrupted the semi rational streaming that is required to make my blog ramblings make at least a semblance of sense.

That was the plan anyway …. a rational ordering of my near insanity, but it looks like even time cannot help there as now that I am typing so many things are flying through that where to start is confounding me.  I was going to talk about my little obsession with “The Following” (which is not vampire related at all, but definitely appeals to my darker nature), but I have decided that “Joe” deserves a blog all to himself and so that can wait.

True Blood Season 6 Trailer

Instead I am going to take that ticking clock metaphor and run with it … and talk about the upcoming season 6 of True Blood.  With the air date just 6 weeks away the videos are starting to be shown (like the one above) but with only 10 episodes this season, Alan Ball having jumped ship and the new crew failure to maintain a Show Runner while filming (no real reason has been given for the switch) and now the ominous “Beginning Of The End” statements, people are beginning to question if this could be it for our beloved vampire show.

Add into that talk that they will kill off Eric I have to say I doubt True Blood will survive that. I have tried to rationalize all the options but I think in my heart this may be it.  For some I know they will be glad to see it leave as the story has gone more than a little off the rails in the last few seasons, but I will be sad.  Even now, watching the clip below I am excited.  I want my Sunday night fix and I am counting down the days until I can get it.  So bring on the Drama, bring on the Crazy, bring on the WTF plotlines …. but most of all BRING ME MY TRUE BLOOD!!!

Waiting Sucks!




Fandom, Labels, and Social Media’s effects on TV …….. V””V

Greetings and Salutations to those that have been reading my random musings. I apologize for the fact that they have been rather absent as of late but life outside of my little blog world has been insane and thus my writing time has been impacted.  Not that I am complaining, just explaining for anyone that may be wondering, or not, so be it.

With that being said I awoke this morning with the urge to write about the names that people like to throw out that are supposed to be insulting but to me I wear them as a mark of pride.  Often I have been asked it I know what a “Dork” is and why I chose that as the basis for my blog, page, and various other sites.  Well the reason is simple.  I know if you “Google” it the descriptions that are thrown up but to me it is the label that was thrown at me many times as an attempt to hurt me, or undermine what I think, obviously from people who have no idea who they are talking to. As if their little comments have any real impact on anything let alone going to change how I view things. The real decisive factor for me is that when I head over to the place I love about one of my many obsessions my husband will look at me with such love and just utter one word “Dork!”

There is no judging there.  He has long accepted all my weird and wonderful obsessions and how passionate I am about them but at that point I know that he is no longer interested (or following) my most recent train of thought about a book or a show and I am talking to myself.  This of course doesn’t mean that I stop, but I do stop getting any kind of intelligent responses to my ramblings. But I ask you this … in what other house would a teenager start a detailed discussion about the genetics of Fae breeding that not only did the whole family weigh in on but our extended Facebook world too?  Add to that this wasn’t even considered unusual as discussions about the supernatural in general are so common place here that even my father (who is in his 70’s) often joins in and offers wonderfully dry insights. 

Now many shows and movie franchises have “labels” for their fan bases (or rather the fans have labelled themselves and it has caught on) and I will openly admit I belong to many of those so carry many titles.  Trubie. Whovian, Browncoat, Grimmster are four that immediately spring to mind.  What does amuse me though are the wannabees that jump in and “claim” the title when their level of devotion flits from one to the next like a moth to a flame.  Attaching themselves to whatever is trendy at the time and then moving on.  Whilst I find this strange  I don’t feel the need to harass them about it as I see so many other so called “devoted” fans do. That newbie that knows nothing today and asks questions could be tomorrow’s most emphatic fan thus if an interest seems genuine I will endeavour to answer questions if I can but I can’t help but notice more often than not it is just a passing fad. 

I think perhaps the saddest thing is that these passing  fanbases can really change the direction of the show and not always in a good way.  The shows lose the rawness and the cult factor that true fans fell for in the first place.  Other shows have managed to keep that cult feeling mainly because they were cancelled.  When Joss Whedon’s Firefly survived only one season fans were devastated (myself included).  Their uprising enabled a movie to be made (something previously unheard of .. a movie from a cancelled tv show? seriously?) and the movie was amazing but we never got our show back.  Ten years later we still mourn what could have been. Browncoats unite!!

With Social Media allowing shows such huge interaction with fans these days the voices from the crowd are getting louder and louder and sometimes, I feel, drowning out the original creative influences that gave us the shows to begin with.  In some cases it is great when our favorite guest stars become regular characters but so often it seems that they end up changing the story to accommodate what was obviously not meant to be and the focus becomes blurred. 

So what do you think? Should fans get to have such an influence or should the writers isolate themselves from what is going on in the fan community.  Of course the money makers are so convinced that “pleasing” everyone is the way to go that more often than not no one ends up happy.  Even the shows that “claim” they ignore what the fans are screaming about (yes Mr. Ball I am talking about you) in my opinion have totally sold out but this is not news.  I have complained about it on many a True Blood rant, but then still can’t stop watching.  My obsessions crave their fixes, I am lost to the realm of fantasy that I choose to immerse myself in …….

So pick your label ….. Dork, Geek, Freak, Nerd, Trubie, Whovian, Grimmster, Browncoat, and more.  I am and always will be each and every one of them and you know what? I am just fine with that!



*Sigh* No True Blood Sunday And Already Bad News About Season 6 V””V

So it hasn’t even been a week and already I am lamenting the lack of True Blood Sunday and decided to go hunting on the net to see if anyone else has come up with some different theories regarding the finale etc …… And what did I find?  Nothing Good!! In fact there is an interview with Alan Ball (Click Here To Read It All) informing us that Season 6 will only have 10 episodes. 10 EPISODES!!! As if the 12 that we currently have isn’t a short enough season now we are getting it cut by 2.  Alan states that accommodating Anna by starting filming in January with the birth of her children due in November, and economics are to blame.  It has to beg the question has this recent season of True Blood lost some of its fan base and so they feel the money is not there?

It has seemed to me that whilst people have complained there is more spin-off merchandise than ever and I certainly see plenty of buzz about it everywhere.  The Cliffhanger end definitely seemed to turn around even many of the fans that felt that this season was a little lack lusterThe demise of Russell at Eric’s hand completing that circle and the reincarnation of Billith has left us with numerous questions as to where the writers can possibly plan on taking us next not to mention the mysterious Warlow and our new knowledge that at least some of the older vamps have knowledge of him.

And much as I would like to ignore them we can’t forget that Luna changed on National TV so will this be the time for the shifters to be outed? That would be an actual throw back to the books after a season where there was pretty much no correlation at all (Although I did find it amusing that they changed the book cover to Book 5 to reflect the tv show *Rolls eyes*)  Of course at this point whether or not she even survives is still a question to be answered, one that Alan Ball was not going to address.  He was, however, happy to let us know that Steve Newlin will definitely be around and that makes me happy. He was a huge source of amusement this season.

So Vampire religion gone nuts, the possible outing of the shifters, and the mysterious contract that ties Sookie to Warlow all seem to be the main focus leading towards season 6.  Then for sub stories we have Andy and his 4 fae babies and of course Jason and his parental hallucinations causing him to go all vampire slayer. Not sure where Lafayette is going to fit in with all of this but let’s hope he keeps the pizzazz that he now seems to have back.  Eric is finally getting to be the hero to Bill’s more villainous tendencies and Sookie is the damsel needing to be saved yet again.

The only thing that I know for sure is next year can’t come fast enough for me!! 10 Episodes or not Waiting Sucks and this fangover is the worst and it hasn’t even been a week!

Roll On Summer 2013 …….