True Blood Season 7 Ep 4 – “Death Is Not The End” Synopsis/Review … MAJOR SPOILERS! V””V

Well my fellow True Blood Fans here we are again ……The beginning of the end ….. The final season ….  and here I am again so  let the spoilers and snarking begin!  For those of you new to the me for the True Blood season )…  let me start with my normal disclaimer …. BLAH BLAH BLAH … my spoiler reviews are long, detailed and opinionated.  I speculate, bitch and generally focus on the points that I want to and for the most part I skip over a lot that doesn’t interest me.   My favorite lines are listed at the bottom, assuming I found any … as the seasons have progressed the numerous gems have started to feel more like trying to find needles in a haystack  (feel free to tell me any you liked that I didn’t use) and sometimes I add in random musings just because!

Still with me? I warn you …. this is a long one ….. Right then here we go!! Wow can you believe we are on the 4th episode already? That means we are almost halfway through.  Not liking that.  Neither did I really care for the beginning of this week’s episode, which was of course dealing with the big death last week.  We have Sookie calling Jackson to tell him his son is dead and then (far more moving) we have Jason calling Hoyt to tell him that Maxine has passed.  Poor Hoyt …. and poor Jason <3.  They did a really good job here what with Jason having grown up with Hoyt but Jessica’s glamour still working its vampire magic. Awwwwwww. Wonder what will happen when he comes back to Bon Temps.  I guess we will see ……… After the phone call Jason has decided he is done with everything but Sookie gives him the “Man Up” speech because Andy is gone (to look after Holly) and so he is all that is left.  Well who would have thought THAT would have been the case 6 seasons ago???  ***Opening Credits ….. I still love this song ………***

As with most episodes, by far the best thing in it were the moments with Eric and Pam and in particular the flashbacks.  I am loving getting more of their history together, especially when it involves 80’s and 90’s flashbacks.  Oh the memories …. but I digress ….. We start on a plane with Eric and Pam heading to Baton Rouge because Pam has decided that is where Sarah is likely to have reached out.  Eric is not amused by this and stops feeding on the lovely Air Hostess to demand they go to Shreveport to get Willa.   Eric and Pam are so great with the way they play off each other but Eric lets it slip that he is dying which Victoria (pretty Air Hostess) is unamused about as she is now going to lose her job.  I know it’s wrong but I LOVE that neither Eric nor Pam care one bit!! YES!!! This is the Eric and Pam we want to see.  The looks they share, their chemistry is just awesome…..  I love them!  

We now get the first of several flashbacks but as they are all related and are BY FAR the best bit of this entire episode I am going to put them all together …. because honestly? I want to lol.

Remember last week Pam and Eric got taken by the Yokomoto corporation after they dispensed with Sylvie back in 1986?  Well this flashback picks up right after that with Pam and Eric being “released” in Shreveport in a parking lot that will look very familiar to all the fans.  Yes this is where they get Fangtasia. But wait …… it is not the Fangtasia we know and love …. it is …. a VIDEO RENTAL STORE lmao!!! Complete with extra porn section in the basement!!!   Oh Pam is so disgusted by the whole thing it is hilarious!! We get to meet The Magister (remember him) and we learn that he made Eric Sheriff (Something Eric actually looks rather pleased about) because he wants to be able to keep an eye on him.  They learn that this punishment (running the store) is basically a forever thing at this point and when The Magsiter tosses Pam the keys she ignores them as they smack her in the chest and fall to the floor.  Oh it was so well done!! Bravo!!!  Now pay attention here …. The Magister throws out that there is an abandoned, walled up tunnel behind the basement …… FULL OF HISTORY he says ….. but that will be VERY important later.   ****OK mini side rant here ….. do we have different writers doing the flashback things?  They are so awesome with the details and the remembering things, and adding in little “extras” …. where is that in the MAIN show??? Hmmmmmm??? Continuity has just LEFT THE BUILDING with pretty much everything else…….. UGH OK I’m done for the moment … back to the flashbacks …..****

We jump to 1996 and poor Pam is STILL stuck working in that horrid little video store which is now upgrading to DVDs.   In walks a nerdy looking brunette with a list of obscure vampire movies she wants to watch.  Pam is actually impressed and the selections and half listens as the girl goes on and on about the course she is taking about monsters being misunderstood.   Suddenly out walks Eric …. in full 90’s boy band style ….with the background music of “I would die for you” …..  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!! And then I realize …. IT’S GINGER!!!! HA!!!! Without the blonde hair and minus the screaming I didn’t see it at first….. and well she just about dies …. right there on the spot.  Jaw on the floor …. ummmmm yes that might have been my reaction too …. WOW …. ummmmm where was I ……. oh yes so Ginger meets Eric and decides she wants to work there … and well the rest is history ….. actually we get a little more history …. and I LOVE it!!

Fast forward to 2006 and the vamps are coming out of the coffin and we see Ginger (looking much more like the Ginger we all know) getting out of a hearse, with a big chair, and heading into the video shop where they are still working.   Pam is waiting for her and is unamused by the chair until Ginger lays out the whole plan for Fangtasia, right down to Eric sitting up on the throne we all know and love.  Pam loves the idea …. and totally steals is – glamouring Ginger into thinking it was Pam’s idea in the first place.  Awesome!!!!!   Flash forward to Eric and Pam back on the plane and Eric is smiling and lovingly calls Pam a Bitch ….. but she says “but you still love me” ….. and he looks at her and just says “always”.  Awwwwwwww ❤ such a look. Just perfect!!!  I’m telling you I would watch a whole series just about these too!!!! FANGTASTIC!!!! 

Right then back to the rest of what is going on …….. Sookie, Jason, and Sam head over to see Andy and Holly and find Coby and Lisa who Sookie decides to go talk to.  Lisa is moaning that everyone is treating them like they are stupid but they know things are wrong.  After a heart to heart with the (now not so little) kids Sookie promises that she will bring their Mom back.  UGH Stupid Sookie!!! You know better than to make promises like that! Especially with the kill count this season.   Anyway Sookie knows that Holly knows what happened and that it was just glamoured away so Sookie heads in to fix that. Remember her little trick with the Black Eyes back in Season 2? Yup she can MAKE you remember and she does just that with Holly.  Oh it isn’t pretty and leaves Holly a snivelling mess for poor Andy to deal with but they don’t have time for that!! Sookie does leave him with a piece of advice ….”We like to be held”…. well OK then!!!  So they know where the survivors are and they have a plan! Well Sookie has a plan …. she is going to Bills …. in the middle of the day ….. Jason and Sam …. they have to go tell Rosie that Kevin is dead.

Staying with Jason and Sam for a moment, Sam has a little melt down and thinks he is going to go to Fangtasia now and rescue Nicole (STUPID SAM!!!!!) but Jason manages to stop him (by threatening to shoot him in the head) and they eventually get to Rosie’s and she is not happy to see them and even less happy with the news.  She makes them promise that they will avenge Kevin which, of course, they promise to do.

Over at Bill’s house Jessica and James are fighting over the fact that Jessica isn’t healing because she isn’t eating.  Apparently it has been months.  Hmmmmm they do like to change how long these vamps can go without feeding.  James goes to get Bill and Bill tries to convince her but is not doing a very good job.  Sookie turns up in the middle of it all and decides that Jessica can feed off of her.  Jessica isn’t amused because as she points out Sookie is a fairy but Sookie says she trusts her.   Sookie gets Bill and James to leave and then lays one of the best guilt trips on Jessica that I have heard in ages.  Basically Sookie doesn’t care what is going on with Jessica and her life but she needs help and Sookie has been good to Jessica so Jessica needs to suck it up and help her!   Amazingly THIS WORKS but she won’t feed off Sookie and so they send for James’s human … the wonderful Lafayette!!!! 

This leads to a wonderful scene! Nelson Ellis is OUTSTANDING this week with just the right amount of sass, sympathy, and use of the word “Hookah” to convince Jessica that he is a bad person too.  He misses Jesus and it is OK not to be perfect and not to forgive yourself but you have to keep going.   Add to that the looks that James and Lala share and yes I will admit it. My heart melted.  Awwwww <3.  Sorry Jessica I am routing for them to hook up….. the sooner the better. 

Sookie is plotting with Bill but he points out that generally the vampires around are not really going to be invested in going to a fight at Fangtasia with the H Vamps.  They have everything to lose and nothing to gain.  When asked why he is going he explains it is because he owes Sookie everything.  You know Bill …… when you act like season 1 Bill you aren’t so bad after all.  So Sookie decides Bill needs to eat ……because he needs to be at his strongest to fight ……. but  you know personally I think Sookie just wanted a good bite.  Obviously missing it having been with a wolf for 6 months.  Guessing a wolf bite wouldn’t be so appealing lol

So night has fallen and the troops have gathered to plan their attack.  Hmmmm troops might be a tad optimistic sounding as we have Sookie, Bill, Jason, Sam, Jessica, James, Violet, and 2 of James’s band mates (also vamps) Michael and Keith. Jason tries to give a rousing speech but compares it to Normandy and obviously doesn’t get much response as Normandy left beaches stained with allied blood ….. but fear not!! Eric and Pam have arrived.  Obviously looking for Willa (well on the pretense of looking for Willa) and Pam bitches that Sookie is there.  Glad to see that they are at least consistent with that but Eric does listen and “calls” Willa.  Eric, however, obviously still loves Sookie and takes a moment alone with her to discover what trouble she has gotten herself into this time.  He is appropriately disgusted about her “wolf” relationship but drops it when he sees she is hurting.  The time between them is touching and you can see how much Eric still cares and it would seem Sookie does too.  Perhaps the triangle is about to come back.  I was sure the writers were heading towards Sookie and Bill ….. but who knows.  Hmmmmmm need to ponder that. Also need to ponder the lack of Eric or Pam making any kind of negative comment to Jason about Sarah being alive.   Pam may secretly be grateful at this point as it is fueling Eric’s will to live …. but Eric … he looked pissed last week.  I can’t believe there wouldn’t even be a passing jibe??? Ugh!  Damn Writers!

Willa arrives and is not a happy babyvamp.   She wants to talk about her abandonment NOW!!! But Eric has other plans and uses the old fail safe “as you maker I command you” trick and later it is 😀

So off to battle they go …. the crew above with the additions of Eric, Pam, and Willa but Eric actually has a plan.  Remember that bricked up tunnel?  Well they are going to bust in and rescue the prisoners that way!!  Awesome!!! Except when they get there Eric has pretty much lost all his strength and after a pitiful few attempts Bill smashes down the wall in one punch …. ummmmm NO!!!!!!! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!! UGH!!! That is SO WRONG!!! On SOOOOOOO many levels wrong!!!! So let me ask you this? If H Vamps are so weak even in the early stages (he is level 1) and HE has just FED well and recently …… why the hell are the other vamps any problem at all?? You have a shifter and a bunch of healthy vamps?  What the hell writers???? Make your mind up!!!! STUPID!!!!!

Anyway Sam goes in first (as a rat) and transforms and freaks Arlene and Jane (which is mildly amusing …. although I would have had Arlene making a comment about Sam being naked ….. but maybe that is me being a perv) ……. so prisoners found Sam lets them know that vamps are coming in to rescue them and they need to TRUST them.  The 3 prisoners are not too amused but seriously at this point what choice do they have? Well as Sam scurries back off as a rat it would seem that they might be too late for one of them because here comes an H Vamp and he is hungry!!  Back at the tunnel entrance it is decided that Pam and Bill will go rescue the humans (because Eric is so week) but by the time they get there Arlene is already upstairs about to be eaten.   The other 2 saved Bill decides to go after Arlene but Pam gives him a couple of words of advice …… not to try too hard to be a hero .. because she says it is never going to happen with Sookie the way he wants … not tonight …. not ever.  Hmmmmmm foreshadowing?  Certainly interesting to say the least. 

But Bill is not the only one with a plan.  Eric has decided to go through the front door, claiming he needs asylum and he brings his own human (no prizes for guessing who that is …..) Now apparently despite their apparent apathy previously, these H Vamps do have a thing for fairy blood after all ….. not that they know what it is but it is Sookie smelling so good that tempts them to let him in.   Arlene is close to death on the table and Eric is trying to buy time with the crazy H Vamps who amazingly enough all seem together enough to hold it together for this little chit chat.  Come on cavalry where are you??

Oh wait …. unexpected help? Problems? Ummmm a bit of both really as the remainder of the “Wanna be Justice League Crew” (Wanna be Mayor, Kenya, Rosie, annoying mouthy girl, and another guy along with a few others ) pull in to the parking lot armed with a Molotov cocktail. FIRE!!!! Just as our hero team is coming up the back way.  Well all hell erupts.  As the vamps go flying out the front door a bunch are picked off by the “Wanna Be League” all armed with guns and wooden bullets until a few break through to kill most of the humans off (yup none of you will be missed).   This gives the other vamps time to get out the back way and we get to see a matrix style, all hell break loose battle between the vamps and it seems that all the H Vamps get killed off and our team escapes unscathed.

That being said Sookie is trapped inside a burning Fangtasia with a dying Arlene and Eric unable to help as his infected blood (I’m assuming) is no good for healing.  She tells him to get a “Healthy” vamp.  Now why he doesn’t just “Call” Willa is anybody’s guess …… but he doesn’t …. instead he’s about to leave when Bill appears and stakes a rogue H Vamp by ripping off one of the handles from behind the bar (Season 1 Longshadow anyone????).  Pam comes in with a fire extinguisher and deals with the fire issue and gets a wonderful look from Eric (I am telling you this week was just full of them) and then she hears them outside about to throw in another flaming bottle and rushes out, snatches the bottle and sets the guy on fire.  Awesome!! 

Bill is about to give Arlene his blood when he feels Jessica in trouble so leaves to help her and Eric comes to the rescue bringing Keith.  Now Arlene is seeing Terry and hearing Terry (although for a moment Terry is the evil H Vamp but Jason shoots that one … well done Jason)  and for a moment I really thought that Arlene was about to be the next victim of this season’s slaughter run as we get to see Terry too but he tells Arlene to stay and she starts to come round.  Now she shares a little look with Keith the vampire.  Hmmmmmmm is that going to be something I wonder.  Lots to think on this episode.

We end with it being confirmed that all the H Vamps are in fact goo.  And judging by the number of bodies it looks like all the “Wanna be Justice League” are dead too with the main cast notables being Kenya and Rosie.  Pam is shouting for Eric and for a moment you wonder if perhaps he is one of the goo piles and we missed it ….. but fear not.  Eric is in a car eating Rosie.   Well Rosie there were worse ways you could have died.  Eric returns to the bar and shares a beautiful look with Sookie ….. and the credits roll …… 

And now we wait until next week!!!  Only 6 installments left…. but already things seem to be wrapping up faster than I would have expected so I am hoping they will focus on the hunt for Sarah and hopefully a cure for Eric?!  Who will make it to the end?? Only thing for sure is that Sunday at 9 I WILL be watching!


Main Cast Death Count This Episode


Main Cast Death Count This Series 

Tara – – OK definitely Dead … Pam says she felt her die whilst in Morocco – that makes TB 1 – VLD -0 BLAH!
Maxine Fortenberry

Eric 90s

My Favorite Lines From “Death Is Not The End”

  • Jackson – ”He loved the fuck out of you Sookie”
  • Pam – “I’m sorry …. did we fuck and I blocked it out”
  • Eric- “Welcome to our shithole”
  • Bill – “I Owe You Everything”
  • Lafayette – “Step aside Hookah ….. give a real hookah a shot”
  • Pam – “Ginger – look at yourself and look at me …. who has better taste?”
  • Ginger – “Eric Northman is nothing if he isn’t fucking  sex on a throne” 
  • Eric – “Pam tells me you wrote a book where you claim no longer to be an asshole …. is it true?”
  • Pam – “She’s like a fucking fungus that just won’t go away”
  • Eric – “You will not drink her blood …. you will sip it … like a nice glass of barbaresco”

True Blood Season 6 Ep 4 – “At Last” Synopsis/Review … MAJOR SPOILERS! V””V

Right then True Blood fans let the spoilers and snarking begin! For those of you new to the me for the True Blood season let me start with my normal disclaimer …. BLAH BLAH BLAH … my spoiler reviews are long, detailed and opinionated. I speculate, bitch and generally focus on the points that I want to. My favorite lines are listed at the bottom (feel free to tell me any you liked that I didn’t use) and sometimes I add in random musings just because!

So this week starts with Jason being carried in by Ben and looking not too good at all.  He is still definitely on my radar for “not going to survive this season”.  As Ben lays him on the couch Sookie muses that they need vampire blood but with no vampires easily on hand for a change she goes to call an ambulance instead.  But wait … it is vampire blood to the rescue and looks like Jason is going to be OK.  So let’s do a quick head count as to who is in the house with Sookie …. we have ….. Sookie, Jason, Ben …. and Niall outside with Nora.  So did Nora decide to help….. nope she is busy arguing with Niall about Warlow being the only one that can deal with Lilith because he is the progeny before deciding he just smells tooo good to eat causing her to get zapped off to the road to be promptly shot with those evil bullets and  picked up by the LAVTF (Louisiana Vampire Task Force .. pay attention they are going to come up again) to be whisked off to the mystery detention camp.

OK then I know what you are thinking … Bill comes back to apologize and helps out?  Wrong ……. it’s BEN to the rescue.  Yes VAMPIRE BEN!!  Well technically Vampire /Fairy hybrid Ben?  I know I know damn rules keep on changing.  Well I KNEW something was up with him but must confess I didn’t see this coming.  And obviously he wants it kept hidden because when Sookie comes back and Jason is all healed they claim he must have not have been as bad as they thought .. Hmmmmmmmmmm

Ben “appears the hero” and he and Sookie have a little moment before he leaves because Niall is not happy that he helped Jason instead of playing capture the vamp.  Bet he would be even MORE unhappy if he knew HOW Ben was helping!

After everyone leaves and we get treated to Jason doing pull ups on the door frame “Arrow Style” , Sookie starts to realize something is wrong and she goes down to where Jason had been on the couch and finds just a couple of drops of blood …. funky weird blood like from the fairy club ….. Ooooohhhhhh Wait WHAT?  So Ben is Warlow?  Huh? Oh now I’m confused and that is never a good thing.  At this point I would normally question what the hell Alan Ball is thinking ….. but he isn’t around now so I will have to just say congratulations on continuing the ONE thing from Alan Ball we wanted to lose!!! BLAH!!!!!

But Wait …. we all know what vamp blood means … sexy dreams!!!!  And this is no exception. We get a very weird Ben / Jason type dream involving shaving and lots of innuendo and sexy music.  Enough that my husband was cringing and saying NOT JASON!!! lol.

Over at the werewolf pack (yes I couldn’t care less either but I have to assume at some point something here will be relevent and believe it or not there are actually Alcide fans out there) … Alcide is being a total ass about everything.  This PackMaster crap has really gone to his head.  Not only did they kill off the rest of those Supe fans last week but now they want to hunt down the one with the crazy hair (Nicole) that got away (helped by Sam … still say he should have left her).  Add to this they discover that Sam managed to get Emma and it becomes full scale “get your hunt on”. Yawn!! Wolves are so boring!

In the meantime Sam is taking Emma through the woods trying to get as far ahead of them as they can and being totally slowed down by Nicole.  My husband bought up a great point .. why didn’t Sam just shift into a horse and carry them? Which amused the hell out of me until Lafayette was suddenly right there with the car (and as unamused about having saved Nicole as I was) and they all get in and drive off.

Ginger is busy doing her best impersonation of “Eric will be right with you” on the phone with Governor Burrell and then as the place gets stormed Ginger does what she does best and SCREAM!!! She does stop to remember that she is glamoured and meant to tell the Governor that Eric will be right with him because the knots are hard.  Oh Ginger is so messed up.  Even the Governor can see she has been glamoured way more times than she should (remember Season 1 ….. how many glamours ago was that and Pam and Eric were almost worried about her) and he thinks they will have “fun” with her at the camp. Wanna bet that it isn’t our idea of fun??

Eric and Pam are of course looking for Tara who took off with Willa without permission.  Did Tara forget all the vamp powers so it didn’t work out too well as Pam just summoned her.  When Tara doesn’t want to tell them where she took Willa Pam is about to use the trusty “As Your Maker” command but Tara starts screaming.  Well enough with that already! So Eric slams her to the ground and gets the info the old fashioned way.  Have I mentioned that I am loving this seasons Eric? With Willa’s location eric takes off to deal with her leaving Pam irritated that he was mean to Tara.  Wish they would sort the whole Pam / Eric dynamic out.  This is the one thing that really isn’t working for me *sigh*.

Back at the Bellefleur house the fairy girls 1,2,3 and 4 still don’t have names and are now reminding Terry of the little thing he really wants to forget. That he killed Patrick.  PLEASE do not let this be a lead up to Terry going off the rails … again …… dull dull dull ….. but I can’t really see why else this is going to keep popping up.  Someone find a vamp to glamour him already!! PLEASE!!  Anyway fairy girls are sent to bed and there is a cute moment with Andy telling him he is glad he is their dad (awwwwwwww) … but then he shuts the door, the lights go off, and suddenly they are 18!!! UGH!!  I have to say the whole scene was hilarious with the girls comparing boobs and then deciding they need to sneak out and party and the ONLY access to clothes they have is Arlene’s closet!!! TOO FUNNY!!! But seriously they make so much noise, and Andy is supposed to be a cop, on alert, AND a new dad, and NOONE notices as they leave … WITH the Sheriff’s car?  That they just somehow know how to drive? Oh well … let the fun and games begin.  We all know that they are going to get captured by Bill for his crazy experiments …. and they do.

Actually Jessica convinces Bill to let her “abduct” them from the liquor store (nice to see they have the original clerk there .. I got a kick out of that!) ….. and she does a good job convincing them to come party with her … even though she smells funny cos she’s dead.  Oh we know this won’t end well.

So they get back to Bill’s and one of the little fairy girls hits on Bill .. ewwwwwww yes it’s gross.  Bill is more interested in his little history toy that they use when they don’t want to bite people.  Really? Who came up with that?  It just draws blood and stores it in little vials after being strapped on their wrist.  Honestly, it just seemed kinda stupid. And to think that these girls would be hitting on Bill?  RIDICULOUS!!  Once Bill has the blood he takes it to his captured scientist down in the lab and tells him he needs to replicate the fairy blood.  Hmmmmm Failure is not an option!!  Should probably have sounded threatening … to me it just sounded funny!!! But it worked and science guy goes off to work.

And it is on to my favorite part of this week’s episode.  Now I am sure that there are going to be a LOT of fans out there that hated it but I DON’T CARE!!!  Eric gets to where Willa is and finds that she was waiting for him.  Apparently Tara is so stupid she didn’t even glamour her to stay put *sigh* (Tara is SO annoying).  Eric and Willa have a flirty little conversation and Eric is just so charming.  Oh how could anyone resist ….. actually why would anyone WANT to resist lol…. and he carries her off in her flowing white dress (how symbolic) and digs their grave and they jump in.  The music plays, and Eric takes off his shirt and lays down with her *sigh*. She is scared and excited and he just looks at her and says Death is not the end……. is it going to hurt ….. not the way I do it … and fangs come down.  Oh HELL yes!! Now THIS is the True Blood I like to watch.  YAY for vampire Eric!!! 😀  All of you that are out there bitching can just keep it to yourself.  My FAV scene of the season SO FAR!! BY FAR!!!   Anyway where was I …. got distracted there for a bit … got to love the rewind option 😉 …… soooooo fangs down and he leans in for the bite … .although half of the blood in typical true blood feeding style runs everywhere (They should take a couple of lessons from Claudia .. not a drop spilled – FIRST FEEDING …. just saying …) ….. And as Willa lays there dying .. blood running into the ground ….. Eric lets her know that everything her father put in her is now leaving and it is going to be replaced by a millennium of wisdom, honor, and life.  Hmmmmm I always said I wanted Pam as my maker …. I may have changed my mind …..

Then in typical true blood fashion it is daytime and we are with Nicole, Alcide and Emma and Lala.  Nicole plans on limping away with her nasty bite on her leg but Sam convinces her that that would basically just kill her.  Same sends Lafayette away in the car after thanking him for his help and then I had to laugh because Sam turns into a horse!!! TOO FUNNY!!! I actually had to slap my husband at this point because of his earlier comment because seriously how hilarious is that!!!!  Awesome!!!!!   A short time later Alcide and his pack of crazy turn up and are irritated they haven’t caught them yet.  Alcide goes all packmaster crazy with his orders and decides just 2 of them will track Sam and the others can go back.  Oh Why are pack politics so boring? And why is Alcide still being such an asshole.  You know the V has had to have worn off by now!  Guess we can call that packmaster Fever? Hmmm on second thought who cares ….. Oh Later we get to see Sam and Nicole in a hotel room and they are obviously going to get it on.  Which is just stupid!  They were just talking about Luna dying in his arms and he turns to another.  UGH .. enough with the damn shifters and crap!! so I just threw this in with this bit because they are all boring me. Show me the vamps!!!

All over town daytime plans are continuing.  Sookie knows something is up with Ben so does the obvious thing and goes and invites him for dinner.  Actually she does have a plan …. and not just the whole Slutty Sookie thing which she does bring back into play …. Slutty Sookie is not so much fun this season though I have to say ….. but hey it could be worse … she could be going after Alcide!   Jason has a little heart to heart with Niall and Niall “sees” his sexy dream with Ben and works out that everything is wrong so they decide to go after him (without Sookie knowing of course. There can be no kind of useful communication in this show ever … I think it’s a rule when then write the scripts!)

Andy has finally realised that the kids are missing and puts out a crazy APB for 4 caucasian females between 4 and 7 feet tall, between 60 and 260lbs and between the ages of 10 and 50.  Poor Andy …. how would you be able to describe the kids that change that fast?  Terry tries to rationalize that they are just out having fun but as Andy says it isn’t really safe out there right now and well things aren’t going to get better any time soon.

As Sookie shops (and leaves messages telling Jason to keep himself and Niall OUT for the evening), Jason and Niall decide to go hunt down Warlow / Ben / whatever he is.  They find him .. about to take a shower ….. and they go in with Jason armed with a Shot Gun and Niall with his Light Ball.  Sadly Ben is ready for them and he glamours Jason while he makes it clear he is about to do away with Niall.  Poor Jason 😦  He has been mind messed with almost as much as Ginger.  That can’t be good for him.  So Jason leaves (with no memory of what is going on) and Ben starts draining Niall (A mouthful at a time and spitting it out … not quite sure what is up with that). On a side note can I add I really wish they had chosen someone more charismatic to play this Ben / Warlow character.  He just isn’t working for me at all!!!  Just fry him already!  Anyway he takes Niall off to the bridge, not dead, and throws him through the weird portal that keeps appearing there.  Very strange! Is Niall gone for good?  Did they do a Roman and bring him in just to get rid of a big name so fast? Something tells me no … but we will see.

Night falls and Bill is working with his little scientist friend to try and sort out the fairy blood but of course it isn’t that easy.  When Mr Scientist realises that there are other prisoners (ie the fairies) upstairs he says he won’t help which results in Bill floating him around the ceiling until he agrees.   Silly scientist doesn’t seemed to have worked out quite how much trouble he is in.  Probably still thinking about Jessica in last week’s school girl outfit lol.  Sadly for Bill, upstairs the fairies had decided they had had enough and wanted to leave and got way too close to Jessica when she tried to stop them and so she ate them all.  Yep she ate 4 fairies …. but instead of being high she is crying and sobbing and sorry in a corner hoping they aren’t dead. Hmmmmmmm that isn’t right.  Eric is 1000 years old and drains one fairy and is drunk as a skunk and hilarious ….. Jessica, still basically a baby vamp drinks 4 and is just sad?  Hope they plan on explaining THAT next week!!

Andy finally tracks down his cop car and goes to the liquor store where the girls met up with Jessica and Jason realises that the clerk was glamoured and Andy suddenly realises his little vamp daughters are in danger.  But he may be too late …… Did they actually bring them in just to kill them off??  Guess we will see next week ……

With night falling of course Willa has risen and Eric, being the awesome maker that he is has a fresh person on hand to pay to feed her.  Like take out :D.  Love the symbolism of the pure white dress now bloody and filthy as she wanders around with her new vampires senses although she is rather crude when she asks if they are going to fuck and hunt.  Eric luckily has other plans.  He is sending her back to her father so he can see that vampires are not monsters and that they were once human.  He explains over her protests that she is only the second vampire he has made in over 1000 years and he did not choose this likely but when reasoning fails he just uses the whole “As Your Maker I command You” trick and off she goes.  I do love that!!

Talking of Eric’s children, his other child Pam is trying to deal with Tara who is being a pain in the ass as usual and her bitching ends up getting Pam caught by the LAVTF.  UGH I HATE Tara!! And I am irritated with Pam because she keeps letting Tara influence her. I want the old Pam and Eric back!!!!!! Anyway now the LAVTF have Steve, Pam, and Nora that we know of.  Oh this isn’t good.

Their leader, Governor Burrell is at his home with Sarah Newlin and apparently he is “With” Sarah.   YUCK!! Did not need that image thank you oh so much HBO!  Well Sarah is about to talk to the Governor about something very important when they are interrupted by guards who have the new vampire Willa with them.  The Governor sends the guards out … yes not too smart… and Willa tries to explain that it is still her.  Sadly this all kinda goes to hell when she smells the wound on his hand and goes right for his throat but Sarah shoots her before she can do any real damage and says she needs to get sent off to camp.  Hmmmmm now I wonder was this Eric’s plan? She is after all a newborn? Or did he think with his blood in her and a good feeding that she would be able to control herself?  Perhaps his plan is to get her into the camp so he can track her and find where it is?  Guess we will have to wait and see.

Sookie is all ready for her date with Ben / Warlow who is late …. and who has had his food laced with silver.  Good plan Sookie but apparently either you gave him the wrong plate or you can add dealing with silver to his walk in the sun abilities.  Isn’t it great when they can just make up rules as they go along?  Maybe they read the last book after all lol.  Sookie is babbling on about Bill, and liars, and what Ben really wants and for a moment I almost thought she believed that Ben was wanting to be with her ….. especially when she started taking her clothes off.  But apparently slutty Sookie is not as stupid as we all thought and she traps him on the couch with her sparkly light ball that she has been practicing and the final words … Get off Me Or Die Warlow!!!!

And now we wait!!! UGH!!!  And Waiting SUCKS!!!! This season is definitely my favorite for a long time and I want it to be Sunday NOW!!!!



My Favorite Lines From  “ At Last”

  • Arlene – “Uncle Terry has a very active imagination and it is rude to snoop around in it”
  • Andy – “It’s time for bed … you ain’t slept since you were 3”
  • Bill – “Failure Is Not An Option”
  • Eric – “So Much Courage, So Little Experience”
  • Eric – “Death Is Not The End”
  • Jason – “Even though you’re a fairy …. you’re kind of a straight fairy right?”


True Blood Season 5 Ep 4 We’ll Meet Again Synopsis / Review V””V

Well my fellow True Blood Fans, Firstly let me apologize AGAIN for the delay in this weeks posting.  Life here has been a little hectic with it being the 4th of July week (not that I personally celebrate) and my husband being home ….. But I am here now and ready to go with Episode 4, We’ll Meet Again! (For those you of new to my spoiler reviews there is a LOT of detail as some people read them from other countries that can’t get to see the episode yet.  I also list my favorite memorable lines at the bottom (feel free to tell me any you liked that I didn’t use), and new for this year as HBO Go has added online extras while you watch I have added in the time stamps for each of them : Listed after the memorable lines)

At the end of last week’s episode we had Tara trying to cook herself to death on a tanning bed and we saw Pam being very unimpressed by everything going on.  that doesn’t stop her from rushing down to the tanning parlor to save Tara through making very good use of her “maker” powers to overcome Tara’s desire to do herself in.  Even as she issues the order she is dripping with sarcasm and I love it!  Pam this season is her best so far and as many of you know I have been Team Pam from the beginning!

Back in Shreveport and Bill and Eric have been released by the Authority to go and search for Russell and as they quite accurately remember the list of suspects is rather short with only 4 of them (that we know of) being aware of Russell’s burial spot.  So they head to the most logical (in their eyes) person on the list Pam, and they take up residence in Fangtastia to await her return. When she does she is none to happy that everything is locked up as she yells at Ginger that they are still meant to be open!!!!   She quickly changes her tune when she walks in to see Eric there although recovers quickly to say that she doesn’t expect an apology and they should just forget all about it … let Bygones be bygones .. and bi girls be bi girls …. LOVE PAM!!! (Did I say that already??)  Especially love Pam’s face when she sees Bill and can barely force out a civil “Hi” and then has to explain that Tara is now hers and congratulations on being a Grandfather 😀

Tara leaves with Bill to go to the office so Pam and Eric can chat and we get to see a little more into how Tara is dealing with everything.  Is it me or has her accent become ridiculous since she became a vampire? Bill tries to empathize (Yawn) but Tara points out she can’t do it again anyway because Pam played the maker card and for once I agree with her … I am surprised they don’t use that more often.  I do however, see it becoming a theme with Pam and Tara.  Maybe Bill should have tried it a few more times with babyvamp Jessica in the beginning when she was such a brat.  As the parent of a teenager I can assure you if I had that available it would be used CONTINUOUSLY!!

While Tara and Bill have their little conflab in the office Eric is out in the main bar trying to extract information out of Pam about whether she was involved with freeing Russell.  Poor Pam is devastated that Eric would suspect her like that and begs him to release her if that is what he really thinks.  I agree!! Trusting Bill and a werewolf over Pam?  Not kewl Eric … and honestly not really very true to the character if you ask me.  Too much has been put into this whole Eric / Sookie thing for me.  It rang much truer when he was all for ignoring Sookie’s cries and looking out for himself.  Him and Pam, even by show criteria have been together over 100 years with nothing but loyalty and devotion from Pam.  Even when she fired the Rocket Launcher she was really only looking out for Eric’s interests and getting back to this episode Eric obviously sees this because the next thing after Pam’s outburst is Eric entering the office telling Bill that Pam is not the one. Bill questions whether it could be Nora but Eric claims he didn’t tell anyone anything.  They bounce around the only other obvious one (Jessica) but decide ultimately they will have to go to ground and cast the net wider tomorrow.

At Authority headquarters Roman is in bed watching Nora’s torture with Salome prancing around in her negligee again.  (She is really irritating if you ask me).  Roman has decided that Salome will be the one to try to break Nora as he is sure there are other traitors in their midst.  Nora agrees claiming that everyone breaks eventually.  True to their word they are keeping tabs on Bill and Eric with their little iStakes ap and annoying bratty child vamp is commenting that they are just hanging around at Fangtasia.  That little brat needs a time out!  Sorry but he is probably the most annoying of all the Authority members with Rosalyn the Redhead right after him!  There is some pointless banter about what is really going on with everything, did they in fact kill Russell, is news of his possible escape out? blah blah blah no one cares.  They switch to spying on Nora who is praying to Lilith and gets UV rayed for her prayers.  Dull Dull Dull.  Honestly at this point unless they are going to give us some USEFUL information as far as I am concerned they can just skip the Authority scenes altogether … they are just eating into perfectly good story time!

Over in Bon Temps Sookie has decided after her little run in with Alcide that she has to tell the truth and heads straight to poor Jason’s house to lay it all on him.  You can tell that all Jason really wants to do is put his fingers in his ears and say “NO NO NO Can’t hear you” but Sookie refuses to get the message and just continues to confess anyway.  Having kind of been in a similar situation before (Remember Eggs??) Jason is actually pretty calm about the whole thing and tells Sookie to go home and act normal and he will sort things out. I am really impressed at how much Jason has matured over the last 4 years and in a very believable way.  Jason is most shocked about the fact that Tara is a vampire and Jessica overhears the same thing and she looks non too impressed by this fact … but I have to give her credit …. actually no I don’t … not yet anyway …. will give her credit a bit later when that scene comes up :D.

Daytime comes and Andy is at work (although not working, he is having some annoying phone flirting with Holly …. yes another storyline I am pretty much done with lol) but he gets interrupted by the corrupt Mayor who wants to take Andy and Jason out to celebrate their corruption (the letting off of his son’s speeding ticket) at a very secret club that he goes to.

At Merlotte’s Sam older shifter friends have come to pay a visit.  It seems with Luna and Sam on the outs they want Sam to come back and come running with them.  You know that something is up but it doesn’t become clear until much later on.  Sam agrees to go meet with them but I am betting that he wishes he hadn’t.  With all that going on we flip over to Sookie who is hearing how everyone is not impressed that she saved Tara by turning her into a vampire and one of the loudest voices in her head comes from Arlene and poor Sookie can’t take it so runs to Sam’s office to cry.  She may have wished that she ran straight out into the parking lot because Lafayette pulls up and when he see’s Sookie’s car he casts some seriously bad Demon mojo on it causing far more reaction than we ever even saw in Christine.  This car looks SERIOUSLY possessed ….. and you KNOW that isn’t going to be good.

Alcide is at that very moment over confessing all to Debbie’s parents. And when I say all I mean his version of all. He has very cleverly managed to come up with a story to cover all the bases without implicating Sookie at all.  he blames it all on Marcus who as Alcide has killed him already is not exactly likely to come back and correct him.  Saying that with all the ghostly goings on lately there are no guarantees.  Alcide and the Pelts have a good cry yada yada yada I really could care less!!! Alcide needs to read the rules on what Abjured means!!! Bored of this whole story!!  The only good thing to come out of this is when Andy and Jason are talking about it before they go out to the bar and Andy is worrying that he is missing something and it is Jessica to the rescue glamouring Andy into forgetting ALL about all of it.  Oh she has turned out so well (No thanks to Bill)!!!

Sookie has decided she has had enough for the day and leaves in her possessed car.  She takes off down the road and soon finds out that her ugly little yellow car now has a mind of its own!  Picking up speed at an alarming rate and becoming impossible to control (it sounds like the car may fall apart at any moment!) she finds herself at close to 80 miles an hour and heading for a tree so Sookie bails.  Now Mr Ball I don’t care HOW good your stunt people are there is no way that someone is going to jump out of a car going that fast and land with just a couple of scrapes and bruises!! It may be better for your story but that doesn’t mean it can happen! Did Sookie develop some extra Fairy power to help her here?  i don’t think she has had any vamp blood recently to account for it?  Hmmmmm?? Just wondering!! Anyway Sookie is alive if not happy and heads home to do what anyone would do after a day like that …. Get absolutely blind DRUNK!!!

Off on another stretch of road Terry and Patrick are off on their road trip to find the crazy person and we get a series of flashbacks to give us some idea as to what happened in the past to set all of this into action.  A combination of drink and drugs and bad choices end up in a gun fight that shouldn’t have happened and a whole lot of dead people that could have been avoided.  It all started with a bad decision from the guy that they are obviously tracking down.  This turns out to in fact be the case when they find his little hide away which looks like someone expecting the end of the world.  What Terry and Patrick didn’t expect, although in hindsight they probably should have given the clues, was that crazy guy was waiting for them with a gun … and now they are hostages.  Oh great, so no one knows where they are, or what they are up to …. this does not look good!

Night falls and Pam is looking at Tara sleep when Eric comes to talk to her and gives us one of the most moving scenes to date.  Eric tells Pam that he has to release her so that if anything happens to him their bloodline will go on.  It is so touching, and so sad.  Pam know’s that what he is saying is right but it doesn’t make it any easier for her but as always she will do whatever he wishes.  They hold each other and Eric tells her that she is still his child as he was the child of Godric and whatever happens their blood will thrive.  Poor Pam, Poor Eric, oh makes my heart break!

At Bill’s mansion Jessica and Bill are tearing the place up looking for possible bugs although Jessica would love to know what they are supposed to be looking for.  In between moments Jessica says Bill should go see Sookie as Sookie is not coping with things and is falling apart.  Bill is no amused and stresses that Jessica should really take care of herself first.  Bill then takes credit for having raised Jessica well …. but I still go back and agree with her very early statement about him being the WORST MAKER EVER!!!  

At vampire Authority headquarters Nora is being tortured yet again and seems to be holding up pretty well until Roman brings out the iStake ap on his phone and threatens to end both Eric and Bill with no warning to them.  That is all it takes for Nora to confess that there is indeed more traitors within the Authority.  We don’t get to hear what she says but it is not looking good for one of the others!  They head to their little meeting room and we get a little lecture about the Judus tree and betrayals. Roman is wandering around and you know that someone is going to be in a whole lot of trouble very shortly.  Alan Ball keeps us guessing with the focus shifting between the various authority members all of whom look as though they are feeling a little guilty about something but he finally settles on the annoying child vamp and shows him the video that has been leaked, by the child himself, of him feeding on humans and saying some very anti Authority type things.  Annoying little brat that he is he responds in much the same way a child would trying to argue his way out of things but Roman has had enough and one little “Pop” with the stake and the child vamp is gone for good.  Hmmm maybe Roman has a touch of potential after all.  At least this is the last week we will have to deal with the brat!

Sookie meanwhile has been steadily working her way through all available liquor in the house and has gotten herself well and truly wasted and we get to hear a very interesting rendition of the Pina Colada song with new lyrics courtesy of Sookie herself.  She is interrupted by a phone call from a concerned Lafayette who has found her car wrapped around a pole “like a giant banana split”.  She assures Lafayette that she is OK when there is a knock at the door.  In her drunken state she at first thinks it is Lafayette but it turns out to be Alcide.  Alcide confesses that he has cleaned up all of her mess because he didn’t want her to go to jail. Sookie suddenly seems a lot more sober than she should be after all she has ingested but she seeks to rectify that by drinking some more with Alcide for company.

So they drink, Sookie creates some awful sounding cocktails and then they kiss.  Oh shock horror .. NOT!.  Everyone knew it was coming it was just a matter of when.  Then only blessing is we didn’t have to see TOO much of it … well this week anyway!  Oh and Bill and Eric show up outside just in time to see this going on.  You would think Alcide would be able to sense that they had company but either he really sucks as a werewolf or he was way too distracted, after all he has only had Debbie up until now and we all saw how that went.  Bill’s plan now seems to be let’s get Sookie to help find Russell whether she wants to or not.  Wonder if he would have felt that way if he HADN’T seen her making out with Alcide.

Quick flash over to Sam who is meeting his shifter friends from earlier ….. only he finds them dead, both shot in the head while sitting at the table eating and waiting for him.  Uh oh .. you know that will be trouble in the weeks to come!

Pam is dealing with Tara and her eating disorder over at Fangtasia.  Now remember when Jessica was having issues (Of course that was Bill’s fault for not letting her drink from humans, obviously Pam has no such issues) …. well Bill could have solved things very easily by just commanding her to drink! and that is exactly what Pam does.  When Tara doesn’t want to feed Pam threatens to use it and then does what every good parent knows you have to … Follow’s through and Tara is soon happily (or unhappily) feeding from the donor. We get a great monologue from Pam while Tara devours her dinner (breakfast?).  Pam is by far stealing the show this season!

Night also brings And and Jason’s big night out with the Mayor.  I have to say I was unsurprised when they were blindfolded and taken to a secret fairy club (which could have passed for something out of Cirque Du Soleil).  I was surprised to see Hadley there who was giving Jason a lot more information than the surrounding dancer fairies seemed happy with and Andy got to see his one night stand from last season. Hmmm wonder what is going on with that.  Hey Claude said last week he had 16 sisters … wonder if she is one of them.  Anyway upstart to all this was Jason learned that maybe vampires were responsible for killing his parents .. hmmmmm not convinced on that, and that Hadley is there in some kind of “hide the Fae from the vampires scheme” because of Hunter her son.  She urges Jason to get Sookie to come there too but Jason and Andy end up in a fight and getting their asses thrown out through the shimmering light into the big open field with no signs that they can get back in but before they can even assess that fact 2 fairies appear and blast them with light just like Sookie’s microwave fingers.  And that is where it ends!!

So what does this light mean for Andy and Jason?? (My guess would be that it is supposed to wipe their memories but not really sure)

How far did Sookie and Alcide get to consummating their relationship, and do we really care (I don’t), and can we avoid any sexy scenes with him in it … PLEASE …. ugh he just does nothing for me at all.  I am totally not a “Furvert!” lol

And finally …. will we EVER get to see Russell!!!!!  They have been dragging this out now long enough.  no more Authority .. WE WANT RUSSELL!!!

Until next week my fellow trubies ….. when I will try and be a bit more on time with this …. but no promises lol


Memorable Lines From We’ll Meet Again

  • Pam – “Let Bygones be Bygones …. Bi Girls be Bi Girls”
  • Tara – “Pam went all ‘As Your Maker I Command You’ on me which is a car I am surprised you all don’t play more often”
  • Eric – “You are my one progeny, my one legacy, I need you to live when I’m gone”
  • Bill – “As prescribed by the one true vampire Authority i am the King of Louisiana until I meet the True Death …. or until they change their mind”
  • Jessica – “So I had a few friends over … no one got eaten, no one got drained!”
  • Sookie – “Bar’s Open … and it’s Fruity!”
  • Pam – “Do it or I’ll say it”
  • Sookie – “The whole world hates me .. but they can just go bite me .. those that haven’t already!”

HBO Go – Extras

  • 00.51 – Pam The Parent (Video)
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