True Blood Season 7 Ep 7 – “May Be The Last” Synopsis/Review … MAJOR SPOILERS! V””V

Well my fellow True Blood Fans here we are again ……The beginning of the end ….. The final season …. and here I am again so  let the spoilers and snarking begin!  For those of you new to the me for the True Blood season )…  let me start with my normal disclaimer …. BLAH BLAH BLAH … my spoiler reviews are long, detailed and opinionated.  I speculate, bitch and generally focus on the points that I want to and for the most part I skip over a lot that doesn’t interest me.   My favorite lines are listed at the bottom, assuming I found any … as the seasons have progressed the numerous gems have started to feel more like trying to find needles in a haystack  (feel free to tell me any you liked that I didn’t use) and sometimes I add in random musings just because! Oh and let me start by saying this week was (for me) yet another week of filler, which when they are only giving us 10 episodes is a bit weak for me!  They hooked me this season with that one great episode and I thought here we go and have since been holding on with exciting looking previews that quite simply don’t deliver!!

Right then everybody ready because here we go!   Honestly this week can be split up into a few little blocks of what’s happening and then a couple extra bits thrown in and so that is how I am going to break this down.

Let’s start off this week the way True Blood did (and the only real story line people are actually invested in at this point) with Eric, Pam, and the crazy corporation crew at Amber’s house. They already have Amber strapped down with silver chains and are taking it in turns to try and get information out of her about her sister and how she was cured.  Now hang on a second ….. wouldn’t the FIRST thing you tried as a vamp be drinking the blood of a cured person (vamp)?  I mean seriously!! You know she was infected, and now she’s not ….. would that not occur to anyone to at least give it a try???  Well apparently not.  Fear, reasoning, and then bribing seem to be the go to efforts and when all of those fail Eric loses his temper, hallucinates Sarah, and then stakes Amber … all before the opening credits.  Well then there goes that plan.  Crazy cowboy corporation guy though we find out as the episode goes on does in fact have a plan!  Now that they know Sarah is a cure he knows the government will help find her and then they can synthesize her blood and sell a cure as “New Blood”.  Awesome!  Eric looks none to convinced as killing her is still top of his bucket list but even he appears to see the value in the plan and reluctantly agrees.  Not sure anyone in the room is convinced that they are actually working together but that is the plan .. for now.

Later (when they find Sarah) it is made to look like the corporation is going to betray Eric, leaving him and Pam behind while they go to deal with Sarah (who they track down using government surveillance and find her at the Light Of Day Institute of all places)  but SURPRISE. At the end of the episode they are outside at night waiting and they all go off hunting together.  Of course we don’t actually SEE them get to Sarah…. that is all saved for NEXT WEEK Grrrrrrrr.

Talking of Sarah she has a fairly interesting episode.  As mentioned she has gone to the LODI to hide and she has some interesting flashbacks and hallucinations that include Jason lecturing her about how Death is coming in the form of Eric, and then later Steve Newlin and her little Guru friend debating the benefits of dying a Christian versus a Buddhist.  Honestly? These little interactions were sadly one of the highlights of tonight’s episode.  Yup really not a lot going on.  Well she is all set to get hers next week …… we can hope at least!

One of the of the other main stories is the kidnapping of Adelyn and Wade last week by crazy Violet.  Sadly other than Andy and Holly running around all episode trying to find them not a whole lot happens until the very end.  Andy does remember that Adelyn has had Jessica’s blood and so calls her to see if anything bad has happened that she has sensed which for 90% of the episode Adelyn is having a great time.  Violet has taken them off to a house and locked them in a room for the day to have some “fun” complete with a litany of sex toys that these kids have no idea what to do with.  We also learn that Violet used to enjoy having sex with her brother too.  Hmmmm OK then.  But the main story is they are away from everyone, Violet goes to sleep for the day leaving them alone, and nothing other than them having sex happens until the very very end when Violet makes it clear that she is about to torture Adelyn and Jessica finally senses her fear and heads off to the rescue….. but again we have to wait for next week!! Do you see a pattern forming here??? *rolls eyes*

In other news there are 2 minor stories floating around in the background. Hoyt is back in town and he is not alone.  He has his pretty new blonde girlfriend Bridget with him who works with him in Alaska.  Their first stop is Bellefleurs (which Hoyt obviously thought was Merlotte’s) and Arlene calls Jason because Hoyt obviously doesn’t remember him.  Jason comes down and he is definitely interested in Bridget who pretty much does everything short of throw herself at him.  UGH really Jason?? Aren’t you back with Jessica now you have to want Hoyt’s girlfriend AGAIN? This seemed pretty pointless to me unless they are going to have the repeat circumstances somehow trigger his memories?  There was a nice moment where Jason lied and told Hoyt that Maxine died as one of the good guys and not a crazy townsperson and that he had dealt with the person responsible. Hmmmmm OK?  Not quite sure where this is all going but again it was introduced … to be dealt with later. 

And then we have Arlene and her dreams of Keith (who we learn is 515) and her obvious attraction to him despite in her dreams explaining to him that she is NOT a fangbanger and then having sex with him on the pool table.  OK. Whatever.   Arlene’s main job this week is waxing lyrical with Sam who is dealing with Nicole’s ultimatum and it is unsure what he wants to do.  Arlene and him sit and drink and try and help Sam decide what is important to him.  It looks like Sam is getting ready to leave but we also see that this discussion has left Arlene feeling very depressed and in fact feels so bad that at the end Keith comes to visit her as soon as it gets dark because “that kind of pain can be dangerous”.  We learn that Arlene has Hep V (which anyone of us could have pretty much figured out from all the biting etc that happened at Fangtastia) and so Keith, being completely delightful, says that they can just dance. Awwwwwww!!! It was actually rather sweet.

So on to the final main story which of course is Bill and his Hep V that is spreading faster than on anyone else.  But Sookie is not giving up.  She has a plan and that plan involves finding Dr Ludwig … remember her? (Season 2 Maenad scratch ……) Well she gets her to the house and hear several times that Dr Ludwig isn’t scared of anything blah blah blah and we also learn that she has treated another vamp / fae infection but in that case it was a full fae and not a half and it was quicker but not this quick so Sookie isn’t responsible for the super fast progression?  Or maybe she is because when Dr Ludwig finds out that Niall is her relative she freaks out and leaves.  Now you would expect this to have some sort of relevance to things but it really doesn’t.  Sookie manages to get hold of Niall to see if he can help her.  Other than eating some spaghetti, letting her know that he could have prevented her from infecting Bill because he is always watching and yes he know ….  and then showing Sookie a flashback with Bill’s wife giving birth to their daughter and explaining the miracle of birth that happens every day his visit seems pretty pointless.  He lets us know that he doesn’t like Bill for Sookie and never has and that his magic can’t help with anything.  Well then that clears that up.  Really?? Why?? Oh time filler ….. because seriously there was NO other reason for it at all that I can see! 

The episode ends with Sookie running over to Bill’s in her white dress, very reminiscent of the first time they were together, and she tells Bill that she will stay with him until the end.  Of course this ends up with them having sex in front of the fire and we get to see a very unwelcome sight of Naked Bill covered in Hep V Veins.  UGH well thank you very much True Blood.  Naked Bill at the best of times is bad enough but really??? BLAH!!!!   Even better his fangs pop out and he is obviously debating biting her and well all know THAT would be a bad idea …. Really Bill??? Look where the last bite got you!! He decides against it and sticks to the sex.  Wonderful and dull!!! 

And now we wait until next week which again looks promising but at this point who the hell knows because after all LAST WEEK … THIS WEEK’S looked promising and what an overall fail that was!!!  The big question remains who will make it to the end?? Only thing for sure is that Sunday at 9 I WILL be watching and Monday I will be back here to share my thoughts!




Main Cast Death Count This Episode

None (Although Amber died …. I suppose that should get a mention)

Main Cast Death Count This Series 

Tara – – OK definitely Dead … Pam says she felt her die whilst in Morocco – that makes TB 1 – VLD -0 BLAH!
Maxine Fortenberry

Eric ep 7

My Favorite Lines From “May Be The Last”

  • Andy – “Even if they don’t want to answer teenagers can have a pavlovian response to a ringing cell phone”
  • Violet – “Your imagination is a muscle … use it or lose it! ”
  • Eric “You want Eric to be the fucking spokesman for your vampire Jenny Craig commercials”
  • Sookie – “There is a miracle waiting out there for Bill.  I just have to go out there and find it! ” 
  • Dr Ludwig– “Oooooh how very spooky – A cemetery …. shall we?? ”
  • Niall  – “I don’t like him for you!.”
  • Niall – “There is magic in the ordinary – Birth is a miracle, love is a miracle, death is a miracle, forgiveness is a miracle.”

True Blood Season 6 Ep 7 – “In The Evening” Synopsis/Review … MAJOR SPOILERS! V””V

Right then True Blood fans let the spoilers and snarking begin! For those of you new to the me for the True Blood season let me start with my normal disclaimer …. BLAH BLAH BLAH … my spoiler reviews are long, detailed and opinionated. I speculate, bitch and generally focus on the points that I want to. My favorite lines are listed at the bottom (feel free to tell me any you liked that I didn’t use) and sometimes I add in random musings just because!

Let me start by saying I apologize for the lateness of this week’s installment but life had other plans for me …. and well … that is enough of that. On with the show!!!

For me this week was a blend of absolutely amazing moments (featuring Eric) … mixed in with a ton of stuff I couldn’t care less about but I am assuming has relevance so am including it.

The episode starts off not with Sookie and her light display but with Eric, Nora and Willa and their escape plans.  Having just seen that they are putting Hep V in the Tru Blood supply Eric knows that things are about to get bad for the vamps inside.  With promises from Eric that he will be back for her Willa takes the Doctor’s coat from Nora and heads back to general population so that she can let Pam know what is going on while Eric escapes with Nora.  This is brilliant!!! Vamp Camp discovers a breech and goes into lock down and it is a battle of wills and some great thinking that allows Eric and Nora to escape on an outgoing Tru Blood truck.  Laying underneath with Eric supporting himself and Nora with one arm they almost make it when a guard comes by for one final sweep with a mirror under the truck before it leaves.   Oh this can’t be good … but quick as a flash, just as the guard sees him Eric grabs him, kills him, and then yells that the truck is good to go…. now hanging on to the guard’s body as well until safely away from the compound where he drops him like the trash he is …. then he cradles Nora close to him as the truck speeds off into the night unaware of the cargo stowing away underneath.  Eric is definitely top of my list this season!!  *sigh*  

Jason is still playing double agent and is running around acting as though he is helping when really he is just trying to free Jessica. Awwwww he is so cute…. for a human.  Meanwhile Willa actually manages to use the arm and coat and get to Pam, who is practicing her Yoga.  Pam is delightfully unimpressed that Eric sent the babyvamp to help save her but Willa stands her ground and explains the whole Tru Blood plan and why none of them can drink it.  Willa wants to save all the vamps (oh to be young) but Pam quickly dispels that idea as she explains to Willa (not because she doesn’t care … although I am sure that plays a part) that if everyone avoids drinking the Tru Blood they will know that the vamps are on to them.  Even Willa has to admit that makes sense so heads off, severed arm and all, to tell Jessica and Tara and get herself back into where she is supposed to be, neatly disposing of arm and coat down a convenient waste disposal shoot.

Eric and Nora make it to Bill’s and Eric makes an impassioned plea that if Bill is now God to please heal her.  Oh so touching!  Eric takes her up to Bill’s bedroom but it would seem the decision is not really up to Bill …. Nora is refusing to drink from Bill as she says it is Lillith’s blood and she would rather die.  *rolls eyes* … yes a little selfish considering how Eric is suffering but Bill is up on his high horse saying he will not refuse her dying wish so Eric orders him to leave.  HA!!! Sorry that really amused me ….. Eric ordering Billith out of his own bedroom.  Obviously at this point we know that Bill could destroy him but he doesn’t … he quietly leaves. Oh you know there will be more on this later.

In other areas Sarah Newlin is heading to the Governors mansion that she is pretending is her home, practicing some elocution lessons in the car (for those that want to play along at home …. lower your voice one octave and repeat … God is good).  As she pulls up to the house she realizes something is wrong as there are no guards and she finds the governors head right where Bill left it, on the edge of the statue.  She has a nice little conversation with the severed head assuring him that his death won’t be in vain and that they are all evil monsters and she will destroy them all because it is all part of God’s plan. 

Cut to the Governors office where Sarah is waiting as in walks the Senator (Remember him?  He was one of Lafayette’s clients) who is not doing very well with the sight of all the carnage.  Sarah has a plan! She wants to pretend that the Governor is still alive and have him fill in saying that Governor Burrell is in hiding because of threats and she will deal with all the vampire stuff. She tells the Senator to call in his “clean up crew” the same one he uses to cover up all his seedy stuff and leave no trace.  She suggests acid might be good and that they only have to do this for a short time because tainted Tru Blood is about to hit the shelves.  Oh this is not good.

Time for a trip to Fairy land where Sookie and Warlow/Ben are done frolicking and apparently their flashy light theatrics didn’t do anything other than for them.  So being that Warlow/Ben is several thousand years old and apparently hasn’t gotten laid recently he seems to think that this will make Sookie rethink her decision to marry him. Slutty Sookie has other plans though but does agree this was more than just sex … because it always is.  UGH this Warlow/Ben character / story / all of it … just not working for me!!! Bored Bored Bored!!! There is no chemistry there … I don’t find him sexy …. and did I mention .. I’M BORED!!! As Sookie goes to get up she “hears” Arlene crying in the “real world” cemetery and says she must go back for her …. but she will be back for him.  Blah Blah Blah …. BORED!!!!!!  Oh wait … she can’t work out how to get back … Ummmmmm what?  You were quick enough to zap yourself there …… but fear not … one line of instruction from her latest conquest and all is good.  Phew … was almost worried there for a minute *rolls eyes*.

So back Sookie goes where she finds Arlene laying on the floor on what I can only assume is supposed to be Terry’s grave?  OK I am totally confused.  What the hell kinda timeline is going on.  I would say that Sookie was lost in Fairy land for a while but that doesn’t make sense because the vampire story has only taken a day ……. but now Terry is buried? After he was shot ….. by an apparently unknown assailant …… so no investigation at all and he is in the ground??  Oh and she hasn’t told her kids? I am so lost.  If anyone can explain this please go right ahead.  Long boring drawn out story cut short …. because I really don’t care about it …. Sookie convinces Arlene to go home and tell her kids, Andy, Holly and Lafayette are there and it is decided that Sookie and Lala will head off to see what was in the safety deposit box.   Shocker it was an insurance policy … taken out 3 days earlier …. for 2 MILLION DOLLARS!!! OK what insurance company did you say that was … because there is no way Terry would qualify for that … in his state of mind!!! 

On to more stuff I couldn’t care less about, Sam calls Lafayette and discovers Terry is dead so decides he is going to head home.  He tells Nicole to call her mom (which she does) and they have some shifter shower sex (which Sam fans will enjoy as you get a nice shot of his naked ass) ….. and then she leaves, with mom, after giving Sam her home phone number.  YAWN!!

As we are dealing with yawnsville type stuff am going to add in here about Alcide … he drops his dad off and they have a little talk about how his dad isn’t a pack creature and how he thinks Alcide isn’t either.  But Alcide is still playing the asshole packmaster role and has to get back to his pack.  Hmmmmmm whatever.  Alcide annoys me at the best of times but this season he is driving me insane.  The writers need to just either kill him off or something but enough of this already!!.

Over at vamp camp Jessica is summoned up to a room and obviously she fears the worst but is shocked to find Jason there.  Not quite sure how Jason has managed to get himself in a room alone having only been there for a couple of days but hey it works.  He tells Jessica he is going to help her but Jessica says she is OK with it all but she would like to see the vampire James again so she can thank him and Jason, bless his heart, goes to get him.

James arrives and is as confused as to why he is there and is even more confused when Jessica gets Jason to leave them in the room alone.  Awwww I almost feel sorry for Jason.  He is so sweet. With Jason gone James and Jessica (wow that is a LOT of J’s) have a little heart to heart and we learn that James believes vampires choose whether to be good or not and that he feels he still has his soul.  We also learn that they broke one of his Fangs for not having sex with Jessica that day.  Now in S1, as a punishment, the Magister has them rip out a vamps fangs and says he can think about what he has done while he waits for them to come back in.  Now ….. they have never mentioned a timeline for that.  Hmmmmm ……. bones heal, almost immediately and teeth are bone but fangs are not ….. because they come in supernaturally?? Maybe???  I do wish they would define these rules!!!  Things like this bug the hell out of me!! I want answers!!! What about other teeth? If you knock them out do they replace?  We saw Russell’s teeth doing that and yet once regenerated his teeth were all fine.  Seriously I want to know.  Suggestions welcome….. so now I am completely off track.  Oh right yes James and Jessica ….. so they have their little heart to heart and Jess explains that they are all going to die soon and not to drink the Tru Blood.  So much for Pam’s idea of not spreading it around. Jess then explains that the one thing she wants is to have sex with a vampire because she has never done it.  It is actually a scene a lot more touching than it sounds there.  And finally we get some vamp sex .. not a lot …. you know there is not a lot of sex period AGAIN this season!!! Ooooh changing the subject a little James kinda looks like Johnny Depp in this scene so that is a bonus (thanks to my hubby for pointing that out)….. I really hope he sticks around.  Vamp Candy 😉

Back to the Compton mansion and Eric is once again begging Bill to save Nora.  He tells him that he believes. He will do anything.  Oh Eric …. it breaks my heart to see him so desperate.  Bill explains about his visions and Warlow and that he needs to get him and get his blood so that he can go to the vamp camp and Eric agrees that he will do anything, including go back to vamp camp if he will just give his blood to Nora.  Bill does so but sadly it is no good.  The blood does nothing and Nora does not look like she is long for this world.  Eric insists that Bill goes to get Warlow as his blood may work but Nora knows otherwise.  Eric won’t give up though and there is a touching look from Bill to Nora as it is clear that this is a final goodbye despite what Eric wants to believe.  This would be the time to get your kleenex ….. yes there is sadness to come.

Bill is actually heading off to find Sookie … her being the key to getting Warlow back and all.  Very convenient him being able to walk in the sun.  Sookie is with a very drunk Arlene who has told the kids now about Terry (still not getting that whole timeline) and Sookie has just discovered Andy’s daughter when in walks Bill.  Now Portia is there and helps hustle the kids upstairs but wasn’t Portia supposed to scream every time she saw Bill?  Well it was a “Bill” glamour … maybe it wore off (rather than the script writers forgetting …. why bring her back anyway … hmmmmm guessing there is going to be more on that coming ….).  Arlene is amusing as she at first thinks she is seeing him because she is totally wasted …. but she soon realizes that he is really there.  Bill wanders around handing out condolences to Arlene and then to Andy ….. hmmmm ok.  More dullness and implied threats about keeping his remaining daughter alive just as he is trying to keep Jessica alive.  Oh Bill, you were so much more interesting last week!  Sookie and Bill head outside to talk and Bill explains that she must bring Warlow back to help save the ones that she loves so she doesn’t really feel she has a choice.  Well he couldn’t stay in Fairy land forever.

At the Vamp Camp Pam is having fun with her psychiatrist friend and by fun I mean she has decided to play up the fact that he has a thing for her and makes every possible sexual innuendo possible and in case he was having any doubts spells out the fact that she used to be a whore in her human life and that it wasn’t a coincidence.  Turns out her plan is all about getting into general population and if she has to sleep with him for that to happen then so be it, Well Go Pam!!! Talk about taking one for the team!!!

Jason is also still in vamp camp but things are about to get bad for him as Sarah comes up to tell him she has a secret. Jason explains he couldn’t care but then she whispers that the Governor is dead before yelling to have him thrown in general population with the vampires.  Oh that isn’t good.  Quick as anything the guards whip out a knife to remove the ship in his arm and then he gets thrown in the same room Tara is in.  The female vampires swarm at the fresh blood thrown to them but Tara steps in front of him …. but not sure how much that is going to do as that pesky “1” vampire (Violet although I don’t think we have been told that yet) that helped before looks like she is about to claim the favor she feels owed as she calmly tells the room that he is “Hers”.

Alcide heads back to his pack and claims that Sam and the girl Nicole were dead and that he gave the pup (Emma) to Martha as it was the right thing to do.  Unfortunately for him the little slut that he has been banging followed him and knows it all to be a lie and calls him on it.  He starts to deny it but then she brings out Nicole and her mom.  Oops.  Things not looking good for Alcide right now.  Pack is MAD!! Wish I could say I cared.  But I don’t.  Guess we will find out what happens next week as we are left with lots of growling and the pack circling ….. shocker!

And now …. get your kleenex ready …… is the scene of the night.  Eric is begging Godric to save Nora as she lays dying with all her veins turning black. We get an amazing flashback to the time when Nora was made in London 1665 where the plague is running rampant. Eric, with his hair long and beautiful dressed in full era appropriate regalia and looking amazing (and reminding me of Lestat) is sent to retrieve the Lady Gainsborough for the King Charles II  who is infatuated with her and wants her to stop caring for the sick and tend to his needs in bed!   Eric finds her dying from the plague in a bed in a run down, makeshift hospital, and she refuses to leave saying that she would rather die where she lay than in the presence of the King as her death WILL be her own.  Eric sees how strong she is and decides he will take her to Godric so he can heal her.

Back to the present and the tears are flowing as Eric knows the end for Nora is near.  Oh it is like Godric all over again.  Even now that scene gets to me every single time. She looks at him and says that they will end as they begun. But there is no Godric to heal her this time and he wants to know who will comfort him in the centuries to come and Nora says Pamela and Willa.  Oh it is heartbreaking.  He takes her in his arms and sobs as he begs her not to leave him even as she is disintegrating in his arms leaving him holding just a mass of blood.  Poor Eric.  The whole scene is so amazingly done though I suggest you try and find it on YouTube if you watch nothing else.

And so this week ends …. with a distraught Eric who looks up from the blood to see Bill in the doorway and you know in that moment that the grief will manifest as anger and that I can’t wait to see!!!

Bring on the drama, Bring on the war!! Bring me more vamp stuff!!!!  I can’t believe already that we are down to just 3 more episodes.  The threat of a major character death still looms large and I say … PLEASE LET IT BE BILL lol



My Favorite Lines From “In The Evening”

  • Eric – “If you are God …. please heal her for me.”
  • Sarah – “I am not letting that Rhino with all his folksy bullshit step one foot in this office”
  • Jason – “You don’t have that stockholders syndrome do you?”
  • Nora – “My Death Will Be My Own”
  • Eric – “You will live life fully, and forever”
  • Nora – “And so we end as we begun”

True Blood Season 5 Ep 7 In The Beginning Synopsis / Review V””V

Greetings and Salutations fellow True Blood fans!!  So here we are at Episode 7 … over halfway done already *Sob*.  Now this week’s synopsis will be a little different mainly because I feel like writing it that way :D. That and I had to go back and watch the whole season again to make sure I had all the Lilith stuff straight in my head direct from the show and not mixed in with my own research on the subject.   I also felt that most of the other occurrences in this week’s show were almost all filler and thus shall be treated as such … with all of that summarized at the beginning and then all the good vampy stuff after that.  Sound good? Well if not you know how to leave the page! 

 (Am leaving this here ….. because the information is the same … just the layout is a little different this week ….For those you of new to my spoiler reviews there is a LOT of detail as some people read them from other countries that can’t get to see the episode yet.  I also list my favorite memorable lines at the bottom (feel free to tell me any you liked that I didn’t use), and new for this year as HBO Go has added online extras while you watch I have added in the time stamps for each of them : Listed after the memorable lines).

Right then here we go.  Just so that everyone isn’t wondering, at the beginning we find out that I was wrong and Roman has in fact met the True Death at the end of Russell’s stake and is now just a pile of GOO!  Nothing in that blood he had drunk did anything to help him and it was all just Alan Ball and extra effects because it was a dramatic moment.  Well OK then ….. Now that the cliffhanger is dealt with the rest of the vampy goodness will be at the end! So onto the rest of the happenings …..

Back in the fairy club Sookie was last seen getting zapped by a bunch of other fairies. Well it turns out they weren’t trying to hurt her but when we see her she is unconscious and they are testing her “luminescence” with Jason hovering around worrying about everything.  Turns out that because Sookie is only half fae her magic is finite and if she keeps using it she will lose all her powers altogether.  Info gathered she leaves and the rest of the episode about her is her getting advice (mainly from Sam) about whether she would be better off being “normal”.  Lots of debate and self searching about whether being different is a good or a bad thing and Sookie ends up at the end of the episode shooting her light rays into the sky like a random display of fireworks trying to get all of the “light” gone from inside her.  Hmmmmm still amazes me how much control she suddenly has over this.  What happened to it only working when she was in danger.  Whatever … I am over Sookie and her precious fairy vagina anyway!!!

Jason was visiting Jessica and gets irritated that she has been drinking a human and as he storms out of her house (not before she bites him and then him shooting Jessica in the head … .oh don’t worry she is fine … just a little angry) when he sees the “Fireworks” and is now heading over to stop her so we will see how that works out.  Wonder how they will get her recharged now the portals are closed to Fae … actually that was the first time I had wondered that because as I said … BORED!!!

Talking of bored we also have the whole “who is shooting the shifter” saga going on.  Sam is doing his “shifter” thing, rolling around on the floor and smelling stuff while Deputy Jones watches on wondering what the hell he is doing.  Sam manages to sniff out the box of masks that the shooters have been using confirming what we already knew that they were working with the guy from the Stake House.  The same guys that are currently hanging out with Hoyt (not as I suspected last week his friends from earlier in the season from the bar) and who have a nice little hate group going on that has a leader called Dragon that we are yet to meet.  Oh and Hoyt seems to have had no side effects from almost dying and getting soaked in vamp blood other than he is happy on board the hate train.  Whatever! He may change his mind when he finds out what the surprise for him is … not that we get to see this week but I am guessing it is going to be something to do with Jessica but not with all the guys …. because Sam just caught one of them working at the hospital.  Oops.  Maybe they should do a bit more research about shifters before they try to kill a couple and then turn up to work where they are being treated!! Stupid!!! Guess he will have to miss out on the whole surprise thing after all.

Oh and Andy takes a visit to go and see the ex Sheriff Bud Dearborn who is not interested in hearing anything that Andy says, or anything to do with police work.  He is busy having an affair and wants to just get in the hot tub.  Don’t really see the point of this at all so unless they are going to end up dead in the hot tub and it is being set up for that … I have no words.

Over with the wolves, Alcide is training for his Alpha fight with the V Addicted JD but his training seems to be more about flirting with his female second.  Ugh for a moment there I thought we were going to have to watch werewolf sex but we were saved by Martha walking in.  She refuses to believe that JD is on V but later in the show catches him trying to give it to Emma so now I am guessing she is going to be all about Alcide.  I will give her this … Martha certainly loves her granddaughter and really does seem to want what is best for her.  Ok enough about the wolves.  (Told you there was a lot of filler for this episode!)

Arlene is fussing over Terry being gone and is spending her work time watching their wedding video.  She is joined by Holly who reminds her that lots of things are not all they seem and that with all the things they have seen there is no reason to not believe in the iFrit that Terry is talking about. Meanwhile Terry and Patrick are out freezing in a field somewhere trying to avoid the whole iFrit thing which appears just to taunt them and then vanishes.  That is all  Terry needs and decides to shoot himself to be done with it. *Yawn*.  Patrick stops him saying that the kids wouldn’t want him to go out like that .  The only good thing about this video was that it was pretty funny and we got to see Jesus awwwwwww.

Talking of Jesus, Lafayette has gone to find the crazy grandpa Brujo  and finds himself tied up and his lips sewn up and about to become a sacrifice to give the magic back to crazy grandpa’s unborn child.  Luckily for Lafayette the unborn mother’s child is not too impressed by this whole idea and goes crazy stabbing crazy grandpa over and over until he is way past dead. She then calmly uses the knife to unpick the stitches holding Lala’s mouth closed … pick pick pick … well OK then!

Which reminds me, there is crazy up at Fangtasia and not in the normal way.  Tara is dancing on a pole much to Pam’s amusement (Pam with AWESOME hair this week can I add …. makes me want to go get the crimpers out!  Oh wait I can do one better …. CHECK OUT THIS HAIR lol)

But anyway the crazy involved was in fact Tara’s mother Lettie Mae who has come to let her daughter know what an embarrassment she is to her.  You have to be kidding right?  Well apparently not. Apparently Tara is now dead to her (big loss) but Tara lets her know that she will be seeing her again.  Poor Tara is not quite as tough as she makes out though as we see her confide to Pam in the office that it has made her sad and she rushes to Pam for a hug.  Pam is not quite sure how to deal with this so after a quick pat on the back tells her to get back on the pole.  Oh I love Pam!!!!

Now to the part that everyone has been waiting for. What is going on with the vampires? Well with Roman getting staked the remaining Authority members not clued in manage to sound the alarm and all hell breaks loose with vamps in special suits running around in near darkness showing us glimpses through their night vision.  Russell is on the attack but not killing anyone yet (although we do discover that he has secured Eric high up on a column with a silver bar).  They eventually snag Russell in a silver net but I get the feeling he almost let himself get caught.  It is obvious by now that there is a much bigger plan in place.

We see Eric and Bill back in the cells and they work out that obviously Russell wasn’t silvered but they are taking their time working out who it was.  First they try to blame Nora but work out she was incarcerated while Russell was being questioned, then they blame Molly because the iStake didn’t work but she is trying to work out why (and the fact that she was in a cell too should have been a big clue!) but it soon clicks into place when they are called up to see Nora and Salome, and a very happy Russell who is suddenly about forgive and move on.  Eric on the other hand is not moving on at all.  He is mad at Nora, mad at Russell, just plain mad in fact!

It becomes clear that as suspected Salome was behind Russell escaping but not as I suspected because she was his child.  It was all down to her following Eric and Bill the night they buried him.  Hmmm think my theory would have been better but Alan Ball hasn’t listened to me yet so it is unsurprising that he hasn’t started now.  It was all a big plan to get rid of Roman and Salome and Nora are convinced that this all comes from Lilith.  Russell just seems happy to go along with it but then we all know he is more than a little bit crazy and we love him for it.  Bill and Eric are not so convinced (really I expected Bill to jump right on that bandwagon) but for whatever reason this doesn’t get them killed but instead gets them an invitation to a special ceremony the next night.

This special ceremony turns out to be a lecture from Salome about how although the book says it is wrong to stake a guardian Lilith would forgive Russell because this guardian had turned his back on what was right.  Russell then jumps up to say how he takes back all the bad things he has said about Lilith and the religion (and let’s face it over the last couple of episodes that has been rather a lot) and he now loves and praises Lilith. The plan is that everyone will drink from the little vial of blood the Authority has been guarding for all these years which is supposedly the original blood of Lilith (although Roman was convinced it was symbolic).  Dieter is not on board with this calling it blasphemy and quickly earning himself a staking from Russell at which point no-one else seems to have any other objections.  As Eric tells Bill … it is vampire blood and we are vampires … it is not going to do anything……. Oh how wrong he was!!!!

The next thing we see is the crowd of vamps (which consists of Salome, Nora, Russell, Bill, Eric, Rosalyn, Kibwe, Nigel the baby eater, and Steve Newlin) tripping out and making their way down Main Street in New Orleans in what is possibly one of my favorite scenes.  The cast looks amazing and they are totally embracing their inner vamp, threatening a guy who makes the mistake of beeping his horn at them and letting him know that he is NOTHING!!!  Oh such fun!!!  This is the True Blood I want to watch!!!

The motley crew head into a bar where there is a karaoke style celebration going on.  Yes I know karaoke and celebration shouldn’t really be in the same sentence but whatever, things definitely improve when Russell gets up on stage to sing with her.  Someone in the crowd suddenly realizes who he is and that is all it takes for the chaos to begin. All the vamps zoom in and start killing everyone at the party!  Oh this is good!! Vampires finally being vampires but now here is where it all starts to get a little weird and I had to go back and watch the whole season to make sure I got all of this right before I started writing out my thoughts about it all.

So the vamps are all killing and feeding and there is blood everywhere and we get to see all the vamps suddenly look up as a single drop falls (apparently from nowhere) to the ground which ripples and forms a huge puddle of blood from which emerges a naked woman who can only be Lilith. In episode 3 they say “Lilith will rise from the blood” and I guess they meant this literally.  It would appear that the Sanguinista movement was in fact correct with their thoughts about what Lilith would want because she is apparently controlling all of the vampires in this feeding frenzy as she strolls through the bar in a way very reminiscent to me of Akasha in Queen Of The Damned.  All the vampires seem to be completely under her spell (love the look on Russell’s face as he obviously gladly submits to her “suggestion” but then suddenly Eric  is visited by Godric.  Maybe because Eric doesn’t believe in what he is doing, or maybe Godric really is still around in spirit from trying to guide him to make the right choices but either way we see Godric telling Eric this is wrong and that he has to help his sister because Nora thinks what she is doing is right. Now the interesting thing here for me was when Eric looks up again it seems that he can no longer see Lilith.  So is her manifestation actually there as we were first to believe, or is she in fact a hallucination from whatever that blood did.

Fascinating stuff!  I am not really sure where Alan Ball is going with all of this stuff but I for one am on board with the whole Sanguinista movement.  As for the rest of the storyline I am bored with them all already. Not really sure if even the writers know what their opinion is on the whole Lilith Deal.  Roman throughout his time did a politician style job of muddying the lines and then you have the extremists (Nora and Salome) and those that seem to be along for the ride because either it suits them (Russell) or perhaps they are just too weak and go where the power is (Rosalyn and Steve).  Over all I find that yet again they are trying to cram too many storylines in without giving the time that any of them deserve, not that I would like to see some of the other lines expanded, quite the opposite, I would like to do away with them all together.  Take us back to the early seasons where there were just a couple of things going on and go into them in-depth.  That would make for  a great deal of happy fans if you ask me!!!


Memorable Lines From In The Beginning

  • Eric – “The View From Up Here Is Spectacular!”
  • Jay-Bob – “Hate groups is about more than hate”
  • Lafayette – “I is what I is”
  • Alcide – “Your son doesn’t have a grave because you all ate him.”
  • Luna – “I’m a raving lunatic bitch!”
  • Jessica – “Yeah and I suppose you know every cow you’ve ever eaten.”
  • Steve – “I am like a tree in the wind, I am just so happy to be included.”
  • Eric – “Your heartbeat sounds like shit and your blood smells even worse.”
  • Russell – “Awwwww you should worry about you!”

HBO Go – Extras

  • 01.11 – Knock-Down, Drag-Out (Video)
  • 01.19 – Russell’s Insanity
  • 01.39 – Russell’s Insanity
  • 01.59 – Russell’s Insanity
  • 04.34 – Relive : Abnormal Life
  • 05.33 – TMI, Coroner Spencer
  • 07.19 – Hater Hideaway
  • 08.52 – Under Her Spell
  • 09.34 – Jessica’s Vlog : Confessions Of A Vampslut (Video)
  • 11.28 – A Deadly Seduction
  • 13.40 – Vampire Bling
  • 15.01 – Second Look : Alcide’s Pecs
  • 17.40 – True Secret : Were-pup Acting Notes
  • 20.41 – Destination Wedding
  • 22.08 – Fifth Times A Charm (Video)
  • 24.11 – True Trivia : Early Retirement
  • 24.16 – True Trivia : Early Retirement
  • 27.46 – Job Perks (Video)
  • 30,17 – One Of them (Video)
  • 30.36 – Evolution Of A Friendship (Video)
  • 30.41 – Now Playing : Nobody Nowhere performed by The Jezabels.
  • 33.30 – Vamp Religion (Video)
  • 35.21 – True Score : Body Count
  • 35.42 – Who Is Lilith (Video)
  • 36.19 – Tripping In New Orleans (Video)
  • 37.35 – Tweet All About It (Video)
  • 38.34 – Letting Go Of Lettie Mae (Video)
  • 38.43 – Mommy Track
  • 41.29 – True Score : Body Count
  • 45.09 – Now Playing : You Light Up My Life performed by Willie Aron and Joey Peters
  • 46.32 – True Score : Body Count
  • 48.59 – A Gun To Your Head (Video)
  • 49.14 – Emotional Consequences (Video)
  • 52.26 – Magic Powers (Video)
  • 53.49 – True Score : Body Count
  • 56.08 – Now Playing : In The Beginning performed by K’Naan

True Blood Season 4 Ep 7 – Cold Grey Light of Dawn SPOILER Note V””V

Blog Originally Posted in Vampire Loving Dorks  August 2011 – Reposting as Season 5 2012 Blogs will be here

So after last weeks episode ending with some interesting batches of action this weeks episode had a much slower almost fill in the gaps informative trend.

We start by seeing that Antonia has now totally taken over Marnie and she starts by having the traitor Katie killed when she comes to see what’s going on ….  but with no blood….. and then Antonia sends the guard off with a message for the king that sheeeessss baaaaackkkk (poltergeist anyone??? lol)

Next we skip over to where Pam has Tara and girlfriend totally trapped and is obviously about to kill both of them with no problems at all until a group of tourists turn up complete with video to ruin Pam’s plan.  They then have some debate over the fact that Pam may or not be a zombie much to Pam’s disgust and she has to settle for the threat that she will come and find Tara be it 10 minutes or whenever ….She is coming.

Flash over to Lafayette, Jesus, and crazy grandpa who claims he only wants to help.  Yup feel free to throw poisonous snakes at me anytime :S not!!

Back in Shreveport a totally ecstatic Debbie and a somewhat reluctant Alcide get initiated into the new pack.  This is obviously not going to be a happy night as Debbie agrees they can spend 5 minutes looking for Sookie just to make sure she’s safe …. and they find her safe alright … safe and sounds and nakedly linked with Eric lol so they tactfully head home where later in bed this causes some bedroom problems for Alcide and Debbie … awwwwwwww and they made such a great couple too :S ……I am sure it won’t be too long before Debbie is getting her satisfaction from the new creepy packmaster.

Necromancer controlled crazy vamp tries unsuccessfully to kill King Bill and unfortunately for him ends up as a pile of dust (what no exploding goo? ….. maybe something to do with the “resurrection” final words …. maybe he was now a zombie while controlled by her???)

Jason gets an unexpected visit from who he obviously expects to be Jessica but it turns out to be Hoyt who has obviously got some kind of clue that all his not happy in Jason land.  Claiming to be worried about Jason’s state of mind the talk starts with Jason’s problems but they drift over to the fact that all is not well with Hoyt and Jason and that Hoyt will do anything not to hurt Jessica because he needs her ..awwwwww

King Bill in the meantime is trying to explain to Jessica how dangerous this Antonia is and how she can make vampires walk out into the sun against their bidding.  Bill decides that all vampires need to be chained in silver when they go to ground.  Whilst they are not happy about it non of the other vamp sheriffs seem to have a better idea.

Nice break from the whole vamp drama for some naked Sookie and Eric action which has moved itself into the house and then we see them laying peacefully in the bed when Sookie realises she left her clothes in the woods … not that anyone seems to worried about that. This leads to a lovely discussion about ow Eric is worried Sookie won’t still want him when he gets his memories back because he will be so different again.  Sookie is hoping he will remember some of how he is now because she is obviously totally smitten with this Eric … oooohhhhh how will this all end u lol

Pam in the meantime is getting some treatment from Dr Ludwig.  It takes face and body peeling to a whole other level.  She explains that she is not a witch so cannot remove the curse but can remove the rotten outter skin and provide injections that will at least give her the appearance of the beauty that she had before.  Hmmmmmmmmmmm Pam looked as about as impressed as I would be lol

Sam has Tommy at the hospital getting treatment for what happened and at that point Sam is still on Tommy’s side.  This doesn’t last too long as Sam realises what exactly Tommy had ended up doing and yet again disowns him and throws him out on his own (hmmmm recurring pattern here)

King Bill brings over lots of silver chains to restrain Eric during the day to keep him “safe” from the sun and explains that all the vampires will be doing the same thing. Now here is my problem with this .. they are just draping the chains over the vamps … did it not occur to anyone to tie them down somehow???  Take a trip to the Home Depot and get a few locks to fix them to things??? They manages to work that out when they wanted to tie Russell to a pole??? Just my thought …….

Anyway while Eric gets his sleeping lesson from Bill Marnie/Antonia is out trying to convince Tara to join her band of crazy witch people which seems to be going pretty well.

So poor Jessica is getting chained … any idea why it has to be on naked skin??? Surely they could be just as effective over their clothes??? Do they have to be in pain??? Bill decides due to Jessica’s pain that they have enough chains on her .. they might regret that methinks ……

Pam is in her pretty pink lined coffin already looking slightly better as Ginger administers the healing injections and then covers her completely with a silver net and Eric is in Sookie’s Hidey Hole getting his chains lovingly places over him by Sookie … again no one seems to be tying any of them down…. must be reserved for King Bill and his matyrdom … note NEVER get stuck in Bill’s Kindom!!!

Tara and Antonia and anyone else they have gathered together go to the store and prepare for their magic to begin.

While that is going on, Jessica and Bill discuss love and how Hoyt and her are not working out. All the time suffering from the bleeds.  Jessica can’t understand why they don’t just go and kill this Antonia before it goes any further and decides that if they survive the day she will eat the witches face off.

It is after midday and Eric wants free and there are some soppy sentiments exchanged between Sookie and Eric and you can see how much Sookie has come to love him in such a short time and she will do anything to save him.  And Eric decides he doesn’t really want his memories back.  He thinks he will be quite happy how he is with her.

Meanwhile things are getting weird in Merlottes.  holly is having a weird kind of date with Andy (who is suffering from V withdrawal) and in the kitchen Lafayette is seeing the strange black woman who seems to be hovering around Arlene’s psycho baby… wonder when we are going to find out what is up with her and her pretty singing.

So Marnie/Antonia finally calls all her witches together and they start chanting away and Antonia floats up from the floor and the winds start to blow and you just know that things aren’t good.  Jason is over at Sookie’s house when it starts and whilst his first thoughts are of helping Eric he soon realises Jessica is just across the way.

All the vampires start going totally insane screaming about the sun and one of Maxine’s neighbours obviously didn’t get the message about the silver and she walks right on out into the sun to Maxine’s comment of I KNEW IT! lol

Jessica breaks free of her chains … oh good job Bill … and grabs the keys from one of the human guards and gets free and heads  for the front door.  All the time we see Jason running at full speed across the graveyard towards bill’s house knocking guards out-of-the-way as he does so …… with beautiful church music playing she throws open the front door and is flooded with the pure white  deadly rays of the sun ….. AND THEN IT ENDS!!! … Do you think this is it for poor young Jessica or will Jason get to her in time.  She is a baby vamp and so should take a while to burn if they stick to their own storylines …. Oh next Sunday needs to hurry up!!!!!!!


Memorable Lines From Cold Grey Light Of Dawn

Pam – “I am not a zombie!!!” – Tourist – “that’s is exactly what a zombie would say!!!”

Eric – “Once I know who I am – Everything I have done – I couldn’t possibly  be the same”

DR Ludwig – “I can make you look pretty again …. well at least how you looked before whatever that was”.

Jessica – “When we survive the day, I’m going to eat that fucking witch … starting with her face!!”.

(M V””V)