Up From The Grave by Jeanine Frost– My Review and Thoughts (Warning MAJOR spoilers) V””V

Up From The Grave


Up From The Grave is the 7th and final installment in the Cat and Bones books in the Night Huntress series.  Now before the die hard fans start questioning those numbers and throwing around the fact that there are other short stories and other books set in this world (that really from a time line point of view you need to read to fully appreciate this series) let me point out that from Jeaniene Frost herself this is BOOK 7 and the FINAL chapter in what has been an amazing ride.

Having waited 2 years for this book to come out imagine my glee at getting my hands on it a couple of days early.  Anyone who knows me knows that I have no patience and so I have of course already finished it.  Now here is your warning to make an escape if you haven’t read it…. there are about to be some major spoilers.  Were I not the one writing this, I would have to had clicked and read it because I am a self confessed spoiler whore …. BUT I would have been sad that I did.

That being said , my husband is sick of hearing about it, none of my friends have access to read it … and I HAVE TO SHARE my thoughts  SOMEWHERE … so here it is. You have been warned and are now reading at your own risk.

Right there here we go ……. Let me start by saying  WOW what an amazing end to the series.  Jeaniene really did herself proud! Fans will not be disappointed  because as I sat here and read, totally absorbed until I reached the end … (which came a little faster than I expected because there are previews of ALL the formed books in the series at the end making you think there are valuable extra pages that aren’t actually relevant Grrrrrrrrr), I laughed, I nodded, I gasped …… it was a thrilling ride!

We FINALLY get to find out what the deal is with Madigan and although we all knew it was bad because Don didn’t want to share I don’t think anyone knew it was THIS bad.  He has a lab with lots of experimenting going on but he messed things up in a ROYAL fashion when he decided that he needed to kidnap not one of Cat’s old team …. but ALL of them.  Yes he takes Cooper, Juan and Tate and thinks that Cat isn’t going to notice.  Hmmmmmm STUPID!!!    It does make some very amazing rescue scenarios that start with what appears to be the death of Bones.  HUH Jeanine you didn’t fool me this time.  We have played the bones rotting away to nothing card before so I worked that one out! Oh and the mouse trick …… saw that one coming too 😀  Yes I am getting good at this.

What I didn’t see coming was that Cat has a daughter!! Yes you read that correctly … and guess what else .. there is a good chance that it is TATE’s … hmmmmm yes muse on that for a bit lol.   Of course I could explain that … but I won’t Mwahahahahaha.

All the favorites make an appearance (although some much briefer than others …. Vlad, Annette ……) Ian is brilliant (and a Trekkie … who knew) and his fans will LOVE the scenes he has in this ….. Spade and Denise play huge roles (well Denise more than Spade) Mencheres, Kira, Fabian and Marie are around ….  and even Timmie makes an appearance.   I was pleased that there was a real sense of closure whilst leaving the opportunity open for our main duo to come back if needed……. right now they are off on an island raising Katie the daughter from hell and as she was already executed, publicly, so that the Law Guardians, Ghouls, and pretty much everyone else that you wouldn’t want after you would leave them alone (she has her head cut off ……. but it wasn’t really her ……. if you can’t figure out who it actually was then pay better attention lol)…… and now they all have to stay out of sight possibly forever??? The child is growing though so we may even get her story sometime way down the line.  That will make interesting reading.

At the end of the day nobody important is lost, you don’t feel that this was a cliche end, and yet it feels right.  Jeaniene has been quoted as saying that she has known from the beginning where the end would take us and although from previous books I would never have guessed I think that she got it right.

Kudos for a brilliant end to a brilliant series!!

Mad about the spoilers? Guess you shouldn’t have read it … although trust me I could have posted more.   Have specific questions? Feel free to ask and I will answer in spoilerific detail 😀





Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost – My Review (Warning possible spoilers) V””V

As June 26th hit I was very excited for the much-anticipated release of Jeaniene Frost’s new novel!  Once Burned, whilst set in the Night Huntress World , is in fact the first book in a new “Night Prince” series about Vlad Tepes who many fans of the series, like myself, have come to know and love during previous Cat and Bones escapades.

With my fascination of all things vampyric it will probably not be much of a shock that reading all things Dracula related has often been a consuming passion but this isn’t Dracula as you know him, this is Vlad Tepes and he doesn’t appreciate you forgetting it.

Jeaniene Frost has woven yet another amazing book with a story that is such a page turner it makes you cringe to think you have to wait a whole year for the next installment.  She has managed to do what I thought would be impossible and find a woman worthy of Vlad’s devotion.  I never thought that anyone would be able to dream up a character comparable to Cat but Jeaniene has managed it.  Leila is feisty, and strong, and has powers so unusual that even Vlad has to stop and take notice.  I loved that she already had experience with vampires so that wasn’t an issue that had to be addressed, and the chemistry between them sparked as hot and bright as Vlad’s burning fingers.

Murder, mayhem, threats, and torture are just par for the course with a vampire novel but this has an edge to it that will keep you guessing with every turn of the page.  The passion is electric ,(in more ways than one), and the drama concludes with just enough of a cliffhanger to leave you wanting more without leaving you so frustrated that the book gets thrown across the room.

I would imagine that with a basic vampire based knowledge you could read this book as a stand alone but I guarantee that you will enjoy it a whole hell of a lot more if you read it AFTER reading the rest of the Night Huntress tales.




The Taming Of The Vampire V””V

Today’s musings are a culmination of many thoughts and discussions that I have had with my lovely Lauren. I simply want to know this …. what is with society and it’s obsession with taming, or fixing, vampires?

Looking around at vampire culture as it stands right now I am amazed at how widely appealing vampires seem to have become over the last few years, and then I look again and see that it is not vampires as I love them, but rather a pale imitation of the darkness I fell in love with. Many people may say that Twilight is to blame with its broad appeal to young and old, and the beautiful love story beneath it, although if you ask me Twilight itself can definitely be read from a darker angle and really it is a tale of obsession that ends with the human being turned into a vampire….. but to be honest I usually stick Twilight and all its connotations in a separate pocket marked “not bad story idea”, and keep it out of my vampyric thoughts.

Twilight, however, is not really to blame as this “fixing” issue has been around for many years.  Probably first really noticeable in the Buffy series with Angel (who was always so much more appealing as Angellus) and then Spike who was the quintessential “Bad Boy” vamp until he fell in love … and “died” to save the world …. YUCK!

Then of course with TV you have the latest 3 incarnations, True Blood, Being Human (2 versions) and The Vampire Diaries.  True Blood emerged 5 years ago on HBO and was different and gritty and even referred to as “vampire porn”.  What started out with really little more than a cult following has become a huge success over the last 5 years launching careers and Alan Ball trying to push the boundaries but sadly sometimes missing the mark as boundaries are being pushed just for the sake of pushing rather than with a purpose.  Do not get me wrong though I will be there, glued to the set on June 10th, along with several million other people, a statistic that I would have thought years ago would never be mentioned in the same sentence as a vampire show.

Then you have Being Human, a small UK show that (at least for the first 3 seasons) was dark, different, and in my opinion compulsive viewing.  Of course the USA had to copy it but the remake is a pale imitation of the original which is so often the case and this will no longer be mentioned.  Back to the UK version and you get to meet some “Real” vampires.  Ivan and Daisy who I adore and who love being vampires and all that it involves, they kill, they laugh, they fight, and they dote on each other.  They love the adventure that being a vampire brings and have no love lost for humans.  Then there is Mitchell, who at his best destroys a train full of people because he has been betrayed by a human. The rawness, the loss of control, the complete abandonment to their nature, THIS is what I want to see.  Oh and we can’t forget Lauren, my lovely Lauren who rips out the throat of a pretty young blond outside a pub … because she can!

Oh and a very brief mention to The Vampire Diaries, mainly because I don’t really watch it but in the clips I have seen at least Damon seems to enjoy being a vampire so props for that but at the end of the day it is a show aimed at teenagers, so sadly I feel it will never compel me to view.

And so we move to literature and the complete flooding in the marketplace right now of vampire based fiction.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love that there are so many options out there and yes I do read pretty much all of them, including the Young Adult books which often have some of the more interesting historical ideas. But when it comes down to it I want the darkness.  Give me Laurell K Hamilton and the darkness that lives in her head, Give me Jeaniene Frost and her vampires that embrace who they are, Give me Anne Rice and her beautiful brat prince, but please, please so not ask my vampires to change.

I do not want them “Fixed”, I do not want them “Tamed”, I want them DARK, and VIOLENT, and I don’t want them being sorry about it afterwards.  I don’t want them to pine for their humanity I want them to embrace the darkness that is in essence for me what a vampire is.

Am I wrong? In reality the point it mute as society will at least move on to new things when they tire of this “fad”.  I have already been told that “Zombies” are the new vampires.  Well then little sheep go chase a zombie, although what you are going to find sexy in that is way beyond me.  Perhaps you are just looking for something to kill? Perhaps in fact society is darker in its thoughts than I am ….. now THAT is something to be scared of lol ….


A Passion, An Addiction, And A Total Distraction! V””V

Well then followers of the page … I was in the middle of writing up this weeks summary of One Foot in the Grave for the Night Huntress Series page on Facebook when I was totally distracted by a discussion on another page I belong to about Being Human (the UK version).

The discussion started with somebody saying how they had put in Season 1 to get some screen grabs and then gotten totally distracted and ended up watching the whole thing. Which I totally understood having stopped everything just because a certain episode was on the television.  So everything was fine and then the comments started about how the show should have stayed more towards the light and that they took the “easy route” making the vampire blood thirsty.

And that was all it took to get me going.  I am always on the look out for “Wrong” opinions I can correct … be it the latest episode of True Blood (followers of mine will know that I LOVE to obsess about that), or a discussion about the history of vampires and where the legends began (Of theories there are many), What the vampire rules are (depending of course on author, legend or show), or the differences from books to TV/Movies .. I DO love to share my thoughts whether people want to hear them or not! 

Now why you may ask is this important and I have to confess in the grand scheme of things it probably isn’t but like a woman with a purpose, not understood by many I might add, off I went with a few little “thoughts” of my own.

What do they expect vampires to be like?  If they paid attention they would be aware that even as early as their happy Season 1 the vampire in question (John Mitchell) had a very dark and dangerous path having killed too many people to list before settling down to play “house” for a while.  The friendship he shared with George the dog, I mean Werewolf, was not something born out of Mitchell never having been a “bad vampire”.  Quite the opposite in fact.  It was the darkness he knew was inside him that allowed him to appreciate the smaller things in life – like watching the Real Hustle for example.

They argued that with the desecration of human life in the Box Tunnel 20 Episode they gave in to people’s expectations of what a vampire should be. Hmmmm let’s think for a minute … the humans ATTACKED his coven, KILLED one of his best friends, he was betrayed by a woman he cared about who was only using him from the very beginning, so what was he supposed to do? Sit back and say awwwww stupid humans??? WHY would ANYONE tolerate that yet alone a creature born from darkness that has been trying to justify the mistakes humans make only to have it thrown in his face?

No he does what any predator would do if you backed them into a corner and then just kept poking at them with a stick.  HE ATTACKED!!!!  He attacked, and he killed, and if you ask me, he should have been allowed to get away with it and to this day I believe that had the actor playing him not already given notice that he would be leaving they would not have gone in the direction that they did in Season 3.

Of course the big question is why does this bother me?  Why can I not just look at it and say well they are wrong but so be it.  Well ever since Dracula and then the Anne Rice novels I have been in love with the darkness that is the vampire.  I read everything, watch everything, and have done since long before the “Trendy” vampire was introduced.  My vampires are dangerous, obsessive creatures and killing is but a part of their lives whether they choose to acknowledge it or not. With over 20 years of  an adoration that has done nothing but grow and expand as time has passed (and it continues to do so ), why do people suddenly want vampires to be light and goodness.  Isn’t this really a complete contradiction of all that the true fans love?

And with that I will leave it, rant over, thoughts shared and now I wait for my true love to return to me, a man who adores me despite my over whelming obsession, who’s daily absence makes me long even more for the night as I know that then he will be by my side.




Halfway To The Grave by Jeaniene Frost Summary (MAJOR SPOILERS!!) V””V

Jeaniene Frost is perhaps my favorite vampire author at this time and as such I was recently invited to help manage a Facebook page dedicated to the Night Huntress Series where each week we are picking one of the books to focus on and what better place to start than the beginning.

Meet Cat, a one of a kind half-vampire half-human who hates the undead with a vengeance and sees it as her personal mission to remove as many of them as she can from the world or she will die trying.  She does pretty well until she meets Bones. Gorgeous, English, but more importantly a master vampire who could literally eat her for breakfast …. if he so desired…. luckily for her he has other things on his mind.

After a failed “seduction and stake” mission Cat finds herself captured by Bones and chained in his cave whilst he desperately tries to find out who hired her, convinced that another master vampire is behind her string of killings but he is wrong.  The fact that she has been killing those that Bones himself has been after for information is nothing more than a cosmic coincidence …. a coincidence that Bones plans to use to keep Cat close, while he trains her, helps her, and works on his plan to make her fall in love with him the way he did with her the moment she tried to fight him.

For 5 weeks Bones takes Cat through a training regime that a top class marine would be hard pressed to keep up with all the time hiding some of the things that he can really do and as much as Cat hates it she has to admit she is getting better.  Faster, sharper, and more aware of everything including how attractive Bones really is ….. if only he wasn’t a vampire …. oh and those “perk me up blood chasers” .. yes she could do without those too.  Step by step Bones shows her more of the world he comes from … a world that Cat really half belongs too, a world she thought she understood but now realizes she had barely scratched the surface of. Weaknesses, Strengths, she learns them all …. and most of all how to use her heartbeat to her advantage ….. yes they will never see her coming!

Training includes a little trip to the graveyard where we learn that even Half-vampires can see ghosts, and talk with them, and get drunk for them if that’s what it takes to get needed information.  We also learn that ghosts and full vampires don’t get on because the spirits are jealous that vampires are “dead” too but can affect the world around them.  Pay attention here folks as later in the series this little piece of information becomes very important.  Poor Cat also learns that whilst she can drink “normal” alcohol until the cows come home this Moonshine that Bones gave her to share with the alcoholic ghost (who incidentally cops a ghostly feel) can get her well and truly drunk. We learn that a drunk Cat is a much more agreeable Cat and she starts to see what us as readers have known all along … that Bones is one yummy vampire!!!!!

And that isn’t all Bones teaches her. In order for her to be better “Bait” he decides she needs a makeover in both the looks and the mannerisms department and we get a first class introduction to all the bad things Bones knows how to do … and that is just when he is TALKING!! Unsurprisingly even Cat cannot resist such a detailed description (all under the pretense of training of course) of all the things his mouth can do even if it does take her brain a moment to put the description together .. when she does it is enough to make her fall off her chair .. literally!!!! The images are so vivid that hours later in the bath his words come back to haunt her in such a way she ends up almost killing herself falling out the tub.  Can you IMAGINE what is going to happen when he actually puts his hands on her!!! Fire will fly… for the readers too!!!

After her near death tub experience we get to meet Justina (Cat’s mother whom she lives with together with her grandparents). Now Justina is a piece of work if ever you meet one. She knows Cat is different and all she wants is vampires exterminated.  All of them. Forever. Yes she is not going to like the feelings that Cat is discovering she has for Bones one little bit! Poor Cat is torn between what she has always been lead to believe .. all vampires are bad, demons, out for the kill, just looking for their next meal …. and what Bones is showing her … that when he looks at her his hunger is for something else entirely.

Friday comes and it is supposed to be Cat’s first “job” for Bones, off to the club to apprehend a vampire named “Sergio” who has a penchant for underage girls and Cat seems to be just his ideal target.  It takes her less than 20 minutes to get him to leave the club with her but her training has gone a little better than expected and Sergio is ready for more than a little talking.  Lucky for Cat, Bones in on hand to save the day and manages to get the information he is after before letting Cat go in for the kill.  One thing to learn … listen VERY carefull to how Bones words things ….. he could have been a lawyer with his careful clever talk!

With the help of a friend the body (and the car they ended up with) quickly get disposed of but this means a little trip in the back of a van for Cat and Bones which give them time to …. talk!  And yes talking is what they do with Bones managing to get a few personal details out of Cat in return for the story of his being turned and we learn a lot about why Cat is so skittish about men or should I say boys because her first was a nasty little boy who deserves everything he has coming to him … and oh yes he gets what he has earned!!!!!

Returning home a little confused Cat knows she has to return for her “job” with Bones the next night but what she has no idea is that Bones is planning to take her on a date .. let her have a night of fun and dancing that she has never experienced before but it takes a couple of guys slipping her a “roofie” in her drink to let herself really let go and things get very hot and heavy on the dance floor.  Don’t you just love a guy that can dance!! Damn makes me want to go dancing!!! Sadly just as things are getting interesting Bones see’s the one guy he is after and the fun ends as the pair have to go to work. *Sigh* …. Damn vampires can have the worst timing can’t they??? So Hennessey (Or the vampire that ruined a perfectly good opportunity as I like to call him) has been causing all sorts of trouble around town and he thinks he is going to add Cat to his “collection” and with some stupid human’s having slipped some stuff into her drinks he almost succeeds ….. turns out what Hennessey is really running is a “Meals on Wheels” delivery type service for vampires which is why so many girls have been disappearing.  Oh and those pesky police reports that can get in the way … just send a vampire over to glamour any relatives into thinking the girls left on their own.  Perfect!!!!

Luckily for Cat before Hennessey can drain her dry she triggers her special James Bond style watch and Bones swoops in to save her …. again ….. sadly having to sacrifice getting Hennessey to do so but he did take his shirt off so that works for me :D.  After reviving poor Cat with his blood Bones (minus his shirt) takes her home where she eventually wakes up in  his arms and immediately jumps to the wrong conclusions!  Bones, understandably is not amused but even he can’t fight this ever-growing attraction despite Cat saying all the wrong things they end up naked …. facing each other …. and they KISS!!!! But Cat the loses her mind and leaves … seriously WHAT ARE YOU THINKING WOMAN!!!!!

So we spend the next few pages minus Bones as goes to college and tries to do “normal” (substitute boring) things to take her mind off the very sexy Bones.  Cat being Cat can’t even do that properly and ends up as a target for one of Hennessey’s on campus human spies (who has no idea who Cat is) … and their planned night out turns out to be a trap and poor Cat ends up killing the bitch spy.  Now personally I wouldn’t be shedding any tears but Cat is mortified and of course calls Bones for help and this is why I love him …. he doesn’t waste time asking who, how, or why, he just wants to know where and once again comes to the rescue and takes her home … and YES we finally get to see a little of what Bones is capable of!! Damn that man knows how to make a girl happy …. and let me tell you these few pages are just a GLIMPSE of what is to come!!!!

Of course Cat being Cat wakes up mortified and runs out without time for even a “see you later” and rushes home to be greeted by looks of shock from her mother and grandparents as she is COVERED IN HICKEYS!!!! Oh that amused the hell out of me!! Yes Cat good luck explaining that one!! And that is her cue to get her own place and she moves into a little apartment just a short distance from college. Hmmm probably should have done that BEFORE coming home covered in hickeys!! So although she manages to arrange a new place to live she hasn’t had the chance to move before Bones pays a surprise visit to her house.  Reason enough for any girl to panic (or faint with delight….) but when her grandparents answer the door a quick flash of his green eyes and he has them believing he is a nice girl taking Cat off to bible camp.  Hmmmmm all the green eyeing in the WORLD would not be able to get me to see him as a girl but OK then whatever works ……

So the spontaneous visit turned out to be because Bones had a lead on Hennessey which required a trip to Charlotte and a new club … but same old game.  Cat making great bait and catching their “target” who lead them straight to a meals on wheels stop-gate house where they manage to kill the bad guys, get info on Hennessey AND save a human all in one foul swoop.  Human saved (but traumatized) they take her to “an old Friend” of Bones called Tara who turns out to be another rescue case which has Cat asking all sorts of questions and putting her foot firmly in her mouth on more than one occasion but after they return to their hotel we get to see how destroyed a hotel can get having sex with a vampire *grins* and we learn that Bones has no intention of ever letting Cat go ….. and if she runs he will come and find her.  Oh that gives me chills every time I read it!!!

Returning home Bones leaves Cat to move into her new apartment but it doesn’t take Bones long to come and visit and catch up on things where they left off *sigh* but he won’t “sleep there” as he feels too exposed which leaves Cat all alone the next morning to meet her neighbour who mistakenly knock on her door at 9.30!! Way too early for night bird Cat but his intentions are good bringing coffee and supplies thinking Cat is a normal new college girl.  They bond over coffee and drooling exploits and Cat finally feels she has made a friend and is very relaxed as she heads up to visit Bones in his cave.

Her relaxation is short-lived as she approaches to a new energy … a vampire but not bones.  fear floods her as she panics that something bad has happened so she successfully ambushes a dark-haired vampire that turns out to be Spade (aka Charles) Bones’ best friend and has come with information .. not with threats. Shame that the info he brings comes in the form of a perky little latina brunette Francesca, who would like to get more than her hands on Bones….. hmm I wouldn’t like her much either! But I have to say it is great to see it bring out Cat’s inner possessive vamp side and makes for some nasty action in a stairwell which is always a bonus.  On a serious note though Francesca is risking a lot by betraying her sire like this but she has come to realise that even death would be preferable to the “life” she has right now and as a plus we get a little lesson in vampire history and politics.

Shortly after this we get a lesson in Bones … and I think this is the moment that I realized how much I adored him  His undying love for Cat that comes above everything including their mission when Cat’s first ever boyfriend, Danny, who almost ruined her for all men appeared at the club and came face to face with Bones.  I love how Bones just wanted to kill him there on the spot and how he made him suffer while glamouring him so he couldn’t scream.  Is it wrong that I adored every second of it even as Cat was begging him to stop (don’t ask me why) and love that it led to a reenactment of their first night together too *sigh*.

With them leaving the club that night a couple of weeks go by with no success and so Cat and Bones get to spend some quality time together until they are surprised by a sudden visit by … no not Hennessey …. JUSTINA!!! Yes the mother from Hell turns up uninvited and Cat puts Bones IN THE CLOSET to hide him.  Oh you KNOW that this isn’t going to be good!! and sure enough it isn’t.  Sadly once Cat manages to chase her mother off Bones decides that he is going to leave to give her time to think …… stupid Cat …. what is there to THINK about??? Really!!!! *rolls eyes*.

Well Cat gets chance to roll around in her own stupid guilt for a while and when she finally comes to her senses to call Bones she finds he is already on his was having received an emergency call from Francesca … she has been found out.  You know that this isn’t going to end well.  So Cat and Bones reunited scour everywhere they can think of for her but it is too late.  Hennessey has found her and introduced her to the true death leaving her decomposing body in a place that Bones would be sure to find it.  The only upside to this is that there is so much raw emotion flowing around you KNOW that their reunion is going to end up with sex and we all know there is nothing better than the “needing to know you are still alive” sex right up to Cat FINALLY letting Bones drink her blood!! About damn time!!!!

With all right in the Cat and Bones love life you know that this is the cue for everything to start going wrong with everything else.  Firstly her family.  After a phone call with her crazy mother that ends up with Justina having to go because “someone is at the door” to Cat getting a knock at her door from the police!!! Danny has given them a tip-off and this is causing a whole new world of problems.  See she should have just let Bones kill him and none of this would have happened!!!! At least Cat manages not to let them in to see her arsenal of knives and other weapons and she manages to keep her head long enough for them to leave and to go out shopping and leading them on a wild goose chase for a couple of hours before running to Bones … the one person who can really help her.

Sadly by the time she gets to Bones it is already too late for her grandparents as Bones rushes her back to her home where she finds them slaughtered and her mom missing.  Just when it looks like things can’t get any worse the police turn up AGAIN!! Forcing Cat to “pin” them with silver blades so she can escape with Bones so they can work out how to rescue her Mom.

As they have to wait to continue their chase (due to a cryptic message that the crazy killers left inside one of Cat’s grandparents), they have some time for some frantic crisis sex and blood swapping … always a plus in my book even under these circumstances…… and then the REAL action begins.

Out numbered and out gunned Cat and Bones head to the bad guys layer to rescue Justina (Yes I probably wouldn’t either but she is Cat’s mother), and kill the bad guys by using their secret weapon …. calling the police. Yes you read that right, and no I am not talking about some special vampire police squad , I am talking about the regular old boys in blue.  Interesting, but apparently effective strategy!  Even as the weapons are flying the and the fighting is happening stupid Justina is STILL against Bones.  Honestly they should have taken this opportunity to just be done with her but they manage to save her and hang on long enough for the police to get there …. and arrest Cat and Bones takes off after the escaping bad guy sidekick Switch.

Turns out being arrested isn’t as good a plan as Cat thinks though as SURPRISE … some of the police are employed by the vampires and turns out this little meals on wheels gig goes all the way to the Governor!!! Cat manages to work this out in time to save her life … and sneaks into the Governor’s mansion … and kills him!! Go Cat!!! Sadly she then can’t explain everything away and so ends up arrested … and in a hospital handcuffed to a bed.

This is where things get interesting … yes I know we are almost at the end but stay with me… you are going to want to know this.  So poor Cat is handcuffed to the bed when in walks a very official FBI looking team (Don and Tate) … and they know all about Vampires!!! Yes that’s right!!! They say the V word!! Now that is enough to even get Cat’s attention!! Enough that she frees herself to avoid getting shot (Don’s idea of testing a theory) and breaks his knee!! Hey he deserved it. Cat is still not on board though until they bring in Justina .. yes that woman gets in EVERYWHERE!!! And despite EVERYTHING that Bones has done it becomes clear that Justina has no intention of accepting him any time soon leaving Cat with the only option of going with the FBI to work with them in an underworld group of agents keeping things secret from humans. Well that doesn’t sound like a good plan to me.

Luckily Bones agrees with me and as they try to leave the hospital he stops the car (by standing right in front of it) and then throws it off to one side (almost killing all the agents) and rescuing Cat and her mother (who REALLY doesn’t want to be rescued) and they all escape off into the sunset to visit a ghoul called Rodney. (More about ghouls and their rules another time … just know that they are a sister race to vampires and they eat people ….. yup that about sums that up). And you would think that that was that ….. right?  Bad guys killed …. Cat and Bones together ….. all should be good … but you are not allowing for Justina *sigh* and Cat makes a decision that quite honestly I hate her for at the end of the book.

After a wonderful night with Bones she sends him off with Rodney for a little while as she sets up her plan …. she calls Don, plants a fake dead vampire … and leaves with the evil Justina and just a note for Bones hoping he understands …. oh it breaks my heart …. how can you leave him …. After everything he did you LEAVE him!!!! Oh it’s just wrong … WRONG .. heartbreaking and WRONG!!!!!!!! Her final words to him … We have play the cards we’re dealt … to fight the battles we can win ….. but if you ask me by choosing Justina … Cat just LOST!!!


Start With Jeaniene Frost, Add A Dash Of True Blood, And Finish With A Pinch Vampire Law……. V””V

 Lots of things have been going on in my crazy vampire filled life since my last posting,  from starting a sister, “TimeLine” banner making site for the Vampire Loving Dorks Facebook page, to watching reruns of True Blood, and scouring the web for spoilers and teasers as June approaches with Season 5 (AND the exciting release of Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost – We finally get to read Vlad’s story), to harassing my friend Mish’s boyfriend who is fast learning that vampires are not just a part of fictional adventures but feature heavily in some people’s everyday life.  Add to that running a family and breaking in a new puppy it is safe to say insanity has reigned here for the last month or so.

Well now I’m back with thoughts and so many things to say that I will try to keep things organized but I make no promises.  After all I don’t call it vampyric musings for nothing.  The posts go where my vampire obsessed mind takes them.  So with that in mind let us begin with Jeaniene Frost (Who actually posted on my Vampire Loving Dorks Site yesterday …… yes all the moderators were more than a little thrilled to say the very least …. picture very girlish squeals, some general screaming and immediate texting and that will give you the idea).  Jeaniene is probably my all time favorite Vampire novelist (and no not just because she took the time to post on my site).  Don’t get me wrong I adore too many writers to list them all here, from Anne Rice to Bram Stoker, Kerrelyn Sparks to John Polidori, and pretty much ANYTHING vampyric in between, but there is something about Jeaniene’s vampires and their world that has captured me and is holding me hostage with little chance of escape.

On a daily basis I will make at least one reference to her version of vampire rules, laws, hierarchy, or adventures.  My friends that I introduce the books to call me Sire and we refer to the Master hierarchy frequently referred to in the books. A little strange perhaps but as I have stated before I am beyond addicted, often skirting the line between reality and fantasy, with darkness surrounding me like a cloak, lurking around every corner, so deeply a part of me that sometimes I am amazed that any light escapes.

With that I am going to jump to a slightly different obsession which whilst not as prevalent as it was a couple of years ago it still occupies a large amount of my thinking time as I try to work out what plot twists are going to occur, and reading far too much into actions and objects that often pan into nothing.  I am of course talking about the TV show True Blood. As June comes closer and little clips start leaking out I start trying to guess what will be happening.  How the cliff hangers from last season will be resolved.  How the questions that I have been mulling over for the last year will finally be answered. I look forward to the heated discussions with my husband, who just loves to bait me with his adoration of Bill Compton, who is, quite possibly the most useless vampire ever created in my opinion!  As I re-watched Season 2 recently it was clearer than ever that as vampires go he is pretty near the bottom of the pyramid.  I think so little of him that I even missed a complete error when Bill referred to Hoyt when talking to Jessica.

Now to many people this would not be a big deal but I scour this show looking for inconsistencies, signs that may or may not mean something in the larger scheme of things. I have read numerous books devoted to the philosophy and deeper meaning in the show from the colors that people wear, to a step by step break down of possible meanings in the credits. Apparently I am not alone as my lovely Lauren informed me that there is a blog (unfortunately she couldn’t remember the link), where they analyze everything that is shot stating that sometimes furniture is deliberately misplaced when you are supposed to be seeing things through Bill’s eyes as his regard for these things “Human” are really non-existent except for Sookie.

 My husband noticed the quite blatant name mistake so how did I, after watching this episode too many times to even count, fail to catch it?  Well my answer is this.  I care so little for what Bill says I tend to pretty much tune him out, but now I find myself wondering, was this a deliberate mistake thrown in there to show how little regard Bill has for humans that he can’t be bothered to learn a name?  With a vampire’s superior memory surely this would not be likely? Or is it that Stephen Moyer just got it wrong with filming and the directors, like me, didn’t catch it because they didn’t care … or they did catch it and just said leave it for the obsessives to make something out of *sigh*.  Either way, now that I know, it is bugging me!

Talking of things that bug me,  I wish they would leave Eric Northman alone!  As I have been watching from the beginning we have seen the stong, enigmatic, viking vampire slowly devolve into a pussy whipped poor imitation of himself.  His voice has lost its detached, bored quality as he looked with contempt on the world around him having lived for a 1000 years and seen a multitude of changes.  Some have argued it was the loss of his maker in the show that started the decline but I am not convinced.  Even at the beginning of Season 3 while he is “entertaining” in his basement remnants of the original Eric are clearly visible, but by the end of Season 4 you can hardly see them.  Now you would think with my hatred of Bill Compton, my general annoyance by Sookie (not discussed but I assure you I am with Pam having had more than enough of her), my dislike of Eric’s humanized attitude, and don’t even get me started on the Weres, that I would not be looking forward to the new Season.  But you would be wrong!  I can’t wait!  I am anxiously waiting for Sunday as HBO has promised the first sneak peek to be shown before Game Of Thrones. So I will be glued to the set for that and then will watch over and over looking for clues that probably mean nothing, but I will be amused and desperately waiting and hoping that we get another new one next week.

Which brings me nicely to the final part of today’s musings. The pinch of Vampire Law. As I mentioned earlier we have been having fun tormenting Mish’s boyfriend who had no idea how deep our little vampire addiction went and lead to the little sign made at the end of the blog. A reflection of the rules as discussed by Jeaniene Frost in her Night Huntress Series and their Spin Off Novels.  Little did he know, to use Annette’s classic words, that he would be a “Fang Toy Boy” if we so chose and as we pointed out to his poor confused self that under said law I could call him my property should the notion take me.  Oh to tell him that he should have read the vampire small print before starting his relationship was hilarious.  To give him credit he was amused by the whole thing …. however, he may change his mind if he really knew how seriously we take this  ………

Remember “There is only one way to fight, and that’s dirty. Clean gentlemanly fighting will get you nowhere but dead, and fast. Take every cheap shot, every low blow, absolutely kick people when they’re down, and maybe you’ll be the one who walks away.” (Bones – Halfway To The Grave)


Rules Adapted From Jeaniene Frost’s One Foot In The Grave – A Cat And Bones Novel