Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost – My Review (Warning possible spoilers) V””V

As June 26th hit I was very excited for the much-anticipated release of Jeaniene Frost’s new novel!  Once Burned, whilst set in the Night Huntress World , is in fact the first book in a new “Night Prince” series about Vlad Tepes who many fans of the series, like myself, have come to know and love during previous Cat and Bones escapades.

With my fascination of all things vampyric it will probably not be much of a shock that reading all things Dracula related has often been a consuming passion but this isn’t Dracula as you know him, this is Vlad Tepes and he doesn’t appreciate you forgetting it.

Jeaniene Frost has woven yet another amazing book with a story that is such a page turner it makes you cringe to think you have to wait a whole year for the next installment.  She has managed to do what I thought would be impossible and find a woman worthy of Vlad’s devotion.  I never thought that anyone would be able to dream up a character comparable to Cat but Jeaniene has managed it.  Leila is feisty, and strong, and has powers so unusual that even Vlad has to stop and take notice.  I loved that she already had experience with vampires so that wasn’t an issue that had to be addressed, and the chemistry between them sparked as hot and bright as Vlad’s burning fingers.

Murder, mayhem, threats, and torture are just par for the course with a vampire novel but this has an edge to it that will keep you guessing with every turn of the page.  The passion is electric ,(in more ways than one), and the drama concludes with just enough of a cliffhanger to leave you wanting more without leaving you so frustrated that the book gets thrown across the room.

I would imagine that with a basic vampire based knowledge you could read this book as a stand alone but I guarantee that you will enjoy it a whole hell of a lot more if you read it AFTER reading the rest of the Night Huntress tales.





Start With Jeaniene Frost, Add A Dash Of True Blood, And Finish With A Pinch Vampire Law……. V””V

 Lots of things have been going on in my crazy vampire filled life since my last posting,  from starting a sister, “TimeLine” banner making site for the Vampire Loving Dorks Facebook page, to watching reruns of True Blood, and scouring the web for spoilers and teasers as June approaches with Season 5 (AND the exciting release of Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost – We finally get to read Vlad’s story), to harassing my friend Mish’s boyfriend who is fast learning that vampires are not just a part of fictional adventures but feature heavily in some people’s everyday life.  Add to that running a family and breaking in a new puppy it is safe to say insanity has reigned here for the last month or so.

Well now I’m back with thoughts and so many things to say that I will try to keep things organized but I make no promises.  After all I don’t call it vampyric musings for nothing.  The posts go where my vampire obsessed mind takes them.  So with that in mind let us begin with Jeaniene Frost (Who actually posted on my Vampire Loving Dorks Site yesterday …… yes all the moderators were more than a little thrilled to say the very least …. picture very girlish squeals, some general screaming and immediate texting and that will give you the idea).  Jeaniene is probably my all time favorite Vampire novelist (and no not just because she took the time to post on my site).  Don’t get me wrong I adore too many writers to list them all here, from Anne Rice to Bram Stoker, Kerrelyn Sparks to John Polidori, and pretty much ANYTHING vampyric in between, but there is something about Jeaniene’s vampires and their world that has captured me and is holding me hostage with little chance of escape.

On a daily basis I will make at least one reference to her version of vampire rules, laws, hierarchy, or adventures.  My friends that I introduce the books to call me Sire and we refer to the Master hierarchy frequently referred to in the books. A little strange perhaps but as I have stated before I am beyond addicted, often skirting the line between reality and fantasy, with darkness surrounding me like a cloak, lurking around every corner, so deeply a part of me that sometimes I am amazed that any light escapes.

With that I am going to jump to a slightly different obsession which whilst not as prevalent as it was a couple of years ago it still occupies a large amount of my thinking time as I try to work out what plot twists are going to occur, and reading far too much into actions and objects that often pan into nothing.  I am of course talking about the TV show True Blood. As June comes closer and little clips start leaking out I start trying to guess what will be happening.  How the cliff hangers from last season will be resolved.  How the questions that I have been mulling over for the last year will finally be answered. I look forward to the heated discussions with my husband, who just loves to bait me with his adoration of Bill Compton, who is, quite possibly the most useless vampire ever created in my opinion!  As I re-watched Season 2 recently it was clearer than ever that as vampires go he is pretty near the bottom of the pyramid.  I think so little of him that I even missed a complete error when Bill referred to Hoyt when talking to Jessica.

Now to many people this would not be a big deal but I scour this show looking for inconsistencies, signs that may or may not mean something in the larger scheme of things. I have read numerous books devoted to the philosophy and deeper meaning in the show from the colors that people wear, to a step by step break down of possible meanings in the credits. Apparently I am not alone as my lovely Lauren informed me that there is a blog (unfortunately she couldn’t remember the link), where they analyze everything that is shot stating that sometimes furniture is deliberately misplaced when you are supposed to be seeing things through Bill’s eyes as his regard for these things “Human” are really non-existent except for Sookie.

 My husband noticed the quite blatant name mistake so how did I, after watching this episode too many times to even count, fail to catch it?  Well my answer is this.  I care so little for what Bill says I tend to pretty much tune him out, but now I find myself wondering, was this a deliberate mistake thrown in there to show how little regard Bill has for humans that he can’t be bothered to learn a name?  With a vampire’s superior memory surely this would not be likely? Or is it that Stephen Moyer just got it wrong with filming and the directors, like me, didn’t catch it because they didn’t care … or they did catch it and just said leave it for the obsessives to make something out of *sigh*.  Either way, now that I know, it is bugging me!

Talking of things that bug me,  I wish they would leave Eric Northman alone!  As I have been watching from the beginning we have seen the stong, enigmatic, viking vampire slowly devolve into a pussy whipped poor imitation of himself.  His voice has lost its detached, bored quality as he looked with contempt on the world around him having lived for a 1000 years and seen a multitude of changes.  Some have argued it was the loss of his maker in the show that started the decline but I am not convinced.  Even at the beginning of Season 3 while he is “entertaining” in his basement remnants of the original Eric are clearly visible, but by the end of Season 4 you can hardly see them.  Now you would think with my hatred of Bill Compton, my general annoyance by Sookie (not discussed but I assure you I am with Pam having had more than enough of her), my dislike of Eric’s humanized attitude, and don’t even get me started on the Weres, that I would not be looking forward to the new Season.  But you would be wrong!  I can’t wait!  I am anxiously waiting for Sunday as HBO has promised the first sneak peek to be shown before Game Of Thrones. So I will be glued to the set for that and then will watch over and over looking for clues that probably mean nothing, but I will be amused and desperately waiting and hoping that we get another new one next week.

Which brings me nicely to the final part of today’s musings. The pinch of Vampire Law. As I mentioned earlier we have been having fun tormenting Mish’s boyfriend who had no idea how deep our little vampire addiction went and lead to the little sign made at the end of the blog. A reflection of the rules as discussed by Jeaniene Frost in her Night Huntress Series and their Spin Off Novels.  Little did he know, to use Annette’s classic words, that he would be a “Fang Toy Boy” if we so chose and as we pointed out to his poor confused self that under said law I could call him my property should the notion take me.  Oh to tell him that he should have read the vampire small print before starting his relationship was hilarious.  To give him credit he was amused by the whole thing …. however, he may change his mind if he really knew how seriously we take this  ………

Remember “There is only one way to fight, and that’s dirty. Clean gentlemanly fighting will get you nowhere but dead, and fast. Take every cheap shot, every low blow, absolutely kick people when they’re down, and maybe you’ll be the one who walks away.” (Bones – Halfway To The Grave)


Rules Adapted From Jeaniene Frost’s One Foot In The Grave – A Cat And Bones Novel